Failed First Dates – Ep. 5 – Enter the Nemesis (The Movie Theatre Episode)

I kinda wish we would have gotten some popcorn. I can get some. Nah, I didn’t mean it like that. You don’t– Hush, m’lady. I shall return with a bountiful harvest of corn. Oh, how chivalrous of you, my liege. Hello, Jon Paul. Oh no. Oh yes. Chester? You work at the movie theater now? Why yes I do. But…this is my haven for my summer blockbuster escapism. Well now it’s MY haven. And I’m being paid to be in my haven. Ticket, please. The first guy ripped when I went in before, I just went for some popcorn– Then you would have a ticket stub. I think my date has that. Date!? HA! YOU’RE on a date? Yes! I am! I’m sorry sir, but this respectable cinema
chain cannot allow you to enter the theater without a ticket stub. Okay, are you still mad about the comic book? “The Sparrow…” This looks cool. That was a Limited Variant Cover of The Sparrow, Issue 100! I didn’t know that back then, man! It just looked cool. *gasp* “Looked coo–” *whine* I’M SORRY SIR, BUT I CANNOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE THEATER WITHOUT A TICKET STUB! Okay, come on man! My date probably just has it inside. You know what? We can go in together– Say you’re sorry. No. Say it. No! Then I’m not letting you into the theater! Well I’m going in anyway! *smack* *crash* You cannot pass. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Oh! I’m fainting! Security! This man is trying to enter without a ticket! Justice! No! Liberty! No! Freedom! Never! What the hell!? Robin! Yeah? Popcorn? No. Hehehehehe–


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