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So.. Today’s the day we are going to see Fame the Musical.. At the Sunderland Empire with my mum and my grandma But first, I gotta get changed because, I don’t think this is… Appropriate for the theatre (~Yeah Idk Either~) Enjoy some Funky tunes while I zoom to Sunderland! So we’re going to the theatre now Say Hi.. MUM: Hi! R: And i’ll do some videos when I get in there Shop Dude: You can Certainly…. Shop: Brochure… and a keyring Some dude takes ‘this’ and causes distruction. ME: TY, TY I’ve got my programmes and keyring, Hi Grandma! G: Haii 🙂 *Fame Car Noises* It’s the interval now and so far it is absolutely amazing! Jorgie Porter is really good, um Keith Jack Mica Paris, and the rest of the cast are fantastic and, from where we are sat we can see the pianist, and he is flipping the pages really quickly in the music and it’s so far, really really good¬ I’m just heading back to our seats now See how many stairs there to get up to our seats right.. i’ll show you DS: Have you seen it before, Me: No, it’s my first time *Cast saying goodbye to other staff* DS: Great, Nice to see you DS: Taraa RF: Hi Lovely,

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