You know, when you’re just super surprised by your playing and you know, you… You play something that’s totally unexpected, that’s what just happened there. I I don’t know why I played that Guys, welcome to FAQ 111 One-One-One I mean, there’s so many things to talk about in this FAQ First of all, I’ve reached 400k subscribers What is K? I don’t know this past 100,000 has gone pretty pretty quick, I must say. It’s probably… I think at this point my channel has not been growing as quick as it’s doing right now Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? I don’t know. I think it’s a good thing To be completely honest this past year has been insane for me I just upped everything and you know, my wife is helping me out and I’ve just been able to kind of push the envelope a little bit on my youtube channel And the cool thing about this is that it shows I put in a lot of work into my channel And you know… I’m reaping the benefits of me working harder You know, it’s just nice to see that hard work pays off So guys, thank you so much for this. I’m at 402,000 subscribers right now Can’t wait to get to 500,000, half-a-million. That’s gonna be amazing I have to take off my pants or something for that occasion And also something I want to say… Usually I say this every time, I know, I’m kind of getting sick of saying it myself, but… When I pick these questions I sit through the latest FAQ video I read basically every question and every comment there is And I must say the amount of comments that are overly positive and people thanking me for what I’m doing… It’s really overwhelming. Thank you so much. I’m just seeing more and more and it makes me really happy So I just want to take a short a little moment and get back to you and say thank you for being so awesome It’s making my life a lot easier, so thank you so much for that I don’t have any coffee today, but I have this so let’s just get into it, Ola Tasting… …Shit So a real good thing about me having a YouTube thing is that I have friends as well And just not the paying kind You know, The paying ones are the ones that are the closest to my heart But then I also have, you know, regular friends… …that send me stuff. And this is Keto coffee ‘Bang, fuel your destiny’. It’s high-protein coffee, cookies and cream craze flavor Can’t wait to try this out During its way over to Sweden from the US… It’s been banged up a little bit So I’m not sure what to expect when I open this can I’m just not sure about if it’s gonna f***ing explode or what’s gonna happen, so I have this little cloth… …I’m gonna open it with, let’s hope for the best No, it’s fine Oh, I can smell it from here. It smells like absolute shit. Yeah, this is gonna be too sweet for me, but here it is. Thank you so much by the way, send me shit. Oh shit, that’s… Oh… Imagine like a ice-cold coffee cup with tons of sugar in it tons of milk And also, tastes of caramel That’s just not my thing man, but thank you so much for sending me shit Albert Benedek: “Hi Ola, any chance of coffee with Fredrik Thordendal?” Ok, I’m not gonna lie Coffee with Thordendal is probably the most requested Coffee with Ola interview that you wish for You know, I know the guys in the band in Meshuggah And you know, just by knowing Fredrik, I would imagine he would not like to make the interview So, I already knew this, but… Because it is the most wished for guest I actually asked him. And he did not want to do it. So there you go. I totally respect that and that’s just something the rest of the world has to live with. Okay? Good. Victor Anselmo: “When are you gonna talk about Dave Grohl being at Dime’s house when you were there?” Okay, so when I visited… So when I visited Dime’s house and the barbecue they have there For the past years Dave Grohl has been the barbecue guy there He’s been, you know, the meat and you know, serving everyone and… You know, he’s been there for a couple of years And he was there as well when I was there to check out the guitar vault over Dimebag’s place And we actually got introduced, Rita introduced us. It was pitch black outside We have on camera when we got introduced, but it was just audio because it was pitch black, so… I didn’t actually put that in the video, but I mean, we just said hi and like just, you know… small talk… And that was it basically I didn’t get a chance to say that he’s a big influence, because obviously he is a big influence because of you know, Nirvana. Nirvana there was just no opportunity, he was working… And I didn’t really have that much time in the world to hang around, which was unfortunate It was just like the night before me and Louise left back home And everyone was just super busy trying to prepare for this barbecue, so… It just didn’t pan out So that was really cool, me and Louise got introduced and we shook his hand and said, you know… Small talk. And obviously I had a shot, I had a black tooth grin with them later So that was cool Ethan Howells-Watt “Hey Ola, have you ever thought about adding a jam time or something of the sort at the end of your videos? “Would allow you to get some more playing time in, just a thought.” “Cheers from Toronto”. Okay. I mean, the thing with me jamming is that in every video that I do… You know, Will it Chug, Ola Testing Shit. I’m jamming, and it’s the same jamming riff every time. You know… Now this guitar is in drop, so I can’t really play the Ola riff. Brina Newman: “How’s your opiate addiction going?” Thank you so much. It’s going really well. Yeah You know, this just became a joke after people saw that my eyes were… You know affected by the lighting here and people think that I’m an opiate addict now. Which I… Yeah, I guess I am. K Brown: “Hey Ola, Travis Ryan recently mentioned you on Jamey Jasta’s podcast “I was hoping you could give us a little bit of your side of the story “of what went down between Cattle Decapitation and Six Feet Under. “Also, I was happy to hear that Travis said you were a solid guy.” It’s really cool, I actually checked out this podcast after seeing this question and basically it’s Jamey Jasta, you know, the singer for Hatebreed He has his own podcast, which is really cool and he had Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation on there if you don’t know about Cattle Decapitation, they’re an excellent death metal band And when I was in Six Feet Under, in 2013 we toured together with Cattle Decapitation. They were the support act for Six Feet Under And there was a little bit of a beef there happening between Ryan and Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under So let me start with saying I was not in this room when this happened but I heard about it afterwards and how it kind of progressed And basically there was a dispute between Chris and Ryan and I don’t know if Ryan was drunk, Chris elbowed him to the ground or whatever And basically now they hate each other. I think there was like an issue with merch or something like that. And then I think Chris made like a vegan joke on stage And that kind of sets Ryan on fire And just you know, he went up to Chris and called him out and… I think they just, you know, had like a drunk dispute or whatever Cattle Decapitation left the tour and… That was it basically, that was the drama. I was not in that room when it all happened. So I can’t really say what happened. So I so resulted of that, they still sort of have a beef going on Drama, you know… I love drama. It’s the best. We just continued the tour and Cattle Decapitation, They stopped basically, so… There you go. Well, it was nice to hear that. He said I was a solid guy, I really appreciate that. Or maybe he just meant that I had a hard-on, like all the time You know, being solid… But yeah, hopefully he thought that I was a, you know, straight-up cool guy So I hope yeah, that’s what I hope at least Even though I do have a hard-on all the time Mr. Slax “Hey Ola, I’m curious about your guitars. Are they the same ones that you play or are they different? “I mean, are they the same grade and quality that you play. “Absolutely love your guitars and videos. Tack så mycket.” Yes, you beautiful beautiful member. Thank you so much for this question. So is there a difference between the guitars that the artist plays, that I play and that you buy? Or that’s available through the website… and the answer is no, there’s not any difference at all. These are the same guitars that you will get from the online store. And same goes for the artists. We’re not making any special guitars or you know… Custom guitars in that sense. They just play the same guitar that we are offering on the website. So there’s not really… unless they do their own customization or anything like that, but… For instance the At the Gates guitar, that’s what they play. That’s what they play live. It’s the same f***ing guitar. And this guitar became very ‘poplar’, I must say. Even though it’s not poplar, it became very popular. Yeah, but… yeah a lot of people bought this guitar, I like that. Thank you so much. Tony M: “What are the songs playing in the background?” Ok, so… For the backgrounds of my youtube videos where I talk and there’s music in the background That’s usually Feared or my own solo material from Master of the Universe Basically because that music is whitelisted for me so I can put up my own music on YouTube and you know… No one’s gonna claim that because you know, I own the publishing rights and all that bullshit. So if you hear music in the background, it’s most likely Feared or Master of the Universe you’re hearing So there you go. RockWeb: “What do you think of Eric Calderone Erock311?” Okay, Eric is like one of the OG YouTube guys He’s been making you know covers of everything… …for a very very long time, like video games and theme songs and just you know… …Putting his own spin to it. And I think he’s absolutely awesome and amazing and I think the best part about him Even though I mean, He’s a great and insane guitar player But the best part about him… is that he has this smile that is very very contagious So if you watch him play, he’s smiling. You can’t keep yourself from smiling with him. I think that has become sort of like his thing and I think that’s super awesome for his channel. We made a video together for… Was it Beverly Hills or was it… I think it was. Flashdance So I’ll link it up here. You can check it out, I made a solo together with him, it was awesome. Thank you. Matt Sullivan: “Hey Ola, have you checked out Machine Head’s new single Do or Die yet? “And what do you think of them playing Burn my Eyes in its entirety this upcoming tour?” I did listen to the song and for me… The song is solid. I mean, it sounds like a good set of riffs, I would say. And the lyrics… I guess that’s where everyone kind of pisses on Machine Head because, you know, the lyrics on that song are supposed to be really cringey. But to be honest, I don’t f***ing care Personally, I don’t really listen that much to lyrics when I’m listening to songs I mean, if there’s a concept album I’m usually a little bit more interested in the lyrical theme And you know, what the story is about, but in a song like this, I just don’t care But yeah, he says a couple of those, you know, ‘Die motherf***er , die motherf***er’ and you know… Trying to be a little edgy, he sounds a little pissed off And you know watching… I follow his Instagram and he just, you know… He lashes out on a lot of the haters, which I don’t really understand why he’s doing, I mean… That’s a fight he can never win. I love that their doing Burn my Eyes album, because that’s one of my favorite albums Doing that whole album live is… I… That’s a really good move, I must say. And with the original members, Chris Kontos and Logan Mader And that’s a really good move. I’d love to go see that And also of course the new lineup with Vogg as well I mean listening to this song Do or Die. I think it sounds pretty good, I must say. Lyric-wise… If it’s cringey… what the f*** do I know? Have you read my lyrics, they’re cringey as f***. I’m not the guy to ask about that. Yeah, when they’re coming through town I really hope that I can get Robb for a Coffee with Ola. And also go catch them live of course, that would be amazing. So Robb, if you see this, please Come on my show, I would love to have you Mortemorphosis: “Hey Ola, thanks for the great content, watching all your stuff, I’m a very happy Solar owner. “Quick question, you showed a picture of the IK Multimedia AXE I/O. “I was hoping for a review/test to hear your opinion, but I haven’t seen anything related. “Did you drop it, was it so disappointing or what happened?” What happened? Alright, so what happened is then I’m actually using it a lot. But not as a main interface. I actually have it down here. I just have to dig it out. But right now I’m using it as a… Sort of like a streaming gateway for my Twitch. So I’m using my Apogee Ensemble to you know, create the the hard rock guitar sounds that I have here And then I route that out to the AXE I/O, which is my audio interface for my PC So everything gets mixed into this AXE I/O And that’s what you’re hearing on Twitch for instance, when I’m streaming on Twitch And so far so good. I like the AXE I/O. I wouldn’t mind it having more than two inputs, because it’s such a big unit. But there’s two XLR inputs at the back. But if you connect those, the front inputs are disabled, so… That itself I don’t like about it. I have not tried the amplifier out on it. Someday I will put it more through a test or something like that. But at some right now it’s just a… Yeah, just a pass-through interface basically. AstrarumAeterna “Hi Ola, do you watch PewDiePie? I’m a waman, please answer my question.” Face with a tongue sticking out. You know, I actually do watch PewDiePie I haven’t watched him in a good while though. I haven’t watched his whole Minecraft thing and you know I… Two years ago I was watching a lot of this stuff but you know, he’s just uploading content all the time, so I just haven’t followed anything If I have some downtime I can check out like a LWIAY or something like that But I don’t regularly watch them now, it’s just… But then again, I don’t really watch that much YouTube anyways, just saying. So there you go. Thank you. I watch a lot of Linus Tech Tips now. Even though I’m not really that interested in PC builds and stuff like that. They’re just really nerdy. I just like his videos and how they’re set up And he’s the only guy who can pull off like a advertisement mid video And it’s like… Oh, it’s ok. Which I guess is not okay, because he’s shoving advertisement in your face, just like me. Masti Seven: “Hi Ola, if you can answer this. “5 tips to make better videos on YouTube. Thanks a lot.” Excellent question. I love this. Okay, so 5 things, let’s start with… Continuity And with that I mean: how often you upload videos? I think it’s really important that you have a plan for your videos and try to upload… You know every week, or something like that. And just try and have content all the time. Basically every time you upload a video, it’s a new piece of news of you. So, having more of this… I mean, not maybe to the extent where PewDiePie uploads every day. I don’t know, maybe it works. I don’t know. I’ve never tried. I upload today like 3 or 4 videos every week. It’s working really good for me, maybe will work for you too. So number 2 is… I think… and this is something that a lot of people get wrong And that is to be yourself in your videos. And why I said that people get it wrong is that… It’s because that a lot of people… They aren’t themselves on YouTube they put on a character of themselves on YouTube And it becomes so clear… …When they start and act. It’s so obvious when they put on an act. Which makes it feel… doesn’t feel honest in a way. I think the only time where I really enjoy a YouTube channel is when people are themselves And if you’re a likable figure, that’s awesome, but… I think I appreciate someone that’s true himself more than anything else to be honest. So that’s tip number 2, tip number 3… …Would probably be to get a good set of lights in your room. I have this… What’s it again? F***ing hell… Aputure thing right here. which is really good, I just shove it into my face and it looks like I’m an opiate addict It’s really good, if you have a good lighting situation in your room… Your camera is not gonna add any noise reduction, your videos are gonna get sharper… You’re just gonna look a lot better And I think that it’s very important for a youtuber today But then again, at the end of day, tip number 4 What matters the most is the content Like, what are you doing? Is it good? Is it bad? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have the best lights in the world You still have to put out really good and original content out there on YouTube. Ok 5, just try to be original, try to find something that no one has done And I think the chance of you becoming a bigger youtuber will be higher if you find something that is new and original and that people haven’t seen before. So there you go. Those are my 5 tips. I think that if you really want to become a great youtuber you just have to jump headfirst into it And really commit to putting a lot of effort into the videos and you know… Just try and make your content as good as you can and I think it will pay off in the end Like I told you earlier in the video, you know… I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my videos, and I’ve seen an incredible growth this year It just shows that when I work harder It pays off a lot more so… Never underestimate passion, hard work and… Passion and hard work and commitment And passion So there you go. Great, Ola. So good with the words today SeriousSam “Q: why is it a problem to make left hand guitars? “And when you make one, you put it in one finish option: black. “Left-handed players are always complaining about that, because it’s like that. “I like Solar guitars and I like all the finishes, but I already have 3 black guitars. “It would be nice to have a pre-order option and wait for a month if needed. Thanks, cheers.” Okay, this is a very serious question that I take very serious Okay, it sounded like I was at being ironic there, but I’m not ironic Okay, so let me address this thing with left-handed guitar players. I mean, Solar Guitars is a very newly started brand We’re pretty small as a brand and when we started… I always had the idea that I wanted to offer left-handed guitars When I do, I want to make it right, I want to give the left-handed people, you know, the… Oh Ola… Racist, the left-handed people… So what I did is that I had a survey asking left-handed people what do they want if I would make a left-handed guitar And option 1 was color options and Evertune and stuff like that, so… What I did was that I released A 7 string red Solar A and a blue six string with an Evertune bridge Now, we released these two models And didn’t sell that many to be honest That’s okay. Then we released a 7 string black model. That sold a lot. I understand what you’re saying here, but you know, Solar Guitars is still a very small company We cannot offer every color, even for right-handed guitars, we just cannot offer everything in the world. You know, obviously I would love to be able to make any colors out there But it just also has to make sense, because at the end of day I need to sell guitars to be able to survive And that’s why we have the black now, because the black is selling The blue and the red did not sell So we’re gonna do more colors, but you just have to be patient with what I’m doing… And you know, have an understanding that we’re trying to grow safe and steadily with this brand Okay, Riff of the Day, because we were talking about Machine Head Let me do Davidian for you. I love that riff. Okay, slow… That’s easy, then harmonics, fifth fret. That’s a sick riff, it’s a classic song from a classic album And that song is one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan of Machine Head So that’s it. That was the last question. Thank you so much for watching this FAQ. If you have any questions put them in the comment section of this video And yeah, thank you See ya


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