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“Let me go home, beloved.
Let me go home.” Dreams are sold differently
in different cities. Because the city and it’s monotonous
life needs the vision and color.. ..of a beautiful dream
to make itself big. A city like this, where a dream of becoming an
international super model.. l, Meghna Mathur dreamt and lived. The only difference was that my
dream was bigger than the city. Since you were tired of eating the
potato pancakes for breakfast.. I made radish pancakes today. Mother, this has a lot of butter.
– Have it. l told you I am on a diet. Having one won’t make a difference. Of course, it will. I am
trying to lose two kilos. l got my portfolio done. l was thinking of leaving
for Mumbai on Monday. Monday reminds me, l have
spoken to Mehra Associates. They have agreed on an
internship with them.. ..while you finish your chartered
accountants course. ln fact, you can start
with them from Monday. Papa, you didn’t hear me. l want to go to Mumbai.. to become a model. l don’t want to do an internship. Meghna, I’ve told you earlier also. Never mind. Listen, dreaming isn’t bad but.. But what father? Fulfill only your dreams? Can’t I have my own dream? l have decided.. l am going to Mumbai. ln that case there is nothing
left to discuss. Do as you wish.. ..but don’t expect anything from me. A little encouragement perhaps.. Encouragement for what? You have lost your mind after
winning a small beauty pageant. lt was my fault. Wants to be a model! Though I have spoken to
your uncle Baldev.. me as soon as you reach. Father.. Don’t worry. Everything
will be alright Love you.. You were much younger during
cousin Kuldeep’s wedding. Divya is very happy ever since
she learnt you were coming. Sister.. Mother was mentioning
that you want to model. lt will be great to watch
her on television. Divya.. Come Meghna, I will show
you to your room. Of course and be comfortable. Thank you. This is Divya’s room.. You will have to share it with her. Sure. lt’s a little small.. ..but you won’t be here for long. Maybe a month, until I get work. Alright, freshen up, till then
l will serve breakfast. Thank you. Okay, not today. Alright,
l’ll talk to you later. Hi.
– Hello gorgeous, welcome to Mumbai. No, no, darling. Lesson number one.. ..never kiss the cheeks, okay? l’m sorry I’m late but
what could l do. Vinay wouldn’t let me go. Now before you jump into any
conclusions, Vinay Khosla is my boss. You know the famous
Bollywood designer. This evening we have to
do fittings for Duggu.. You know last minute changes.
– Duggu? Duggu.. Hrithik. Anyway, enough of blabbering.
You tell me how you are. l’m okay. When I saw you in that silly beauty
contest in Chandigarh.. l just knew that you are
going to be a star. Thank you, Rohit. l’m here because you showed
confidence in me. Now everything is in your hands. Don’t worry, darling. I am your man. Do you have your pictures?
– Yes, of course! Okay, let me have a look. What’s the matter? Nothing. Nothing. Fine.
lnteresting, I’ll handle it, okay? Who are you looking for? Your casting agent. Here? Shomu, hot shot co-ordinator,
a Godmother to the newcomers. Don’t be too fussy. Have you ever travelled
by plane before? l’m sending you to
a foreign location. So what if the role is small? You will suffer one day. And Shweta, you have a two day job. No one gives more than 25,000
rupees for a Punjabi dance number. l would have done it,
if I were taller. Ma’am, you are being called inside. Who is it? Are you new? Are you from the north?
– Yes. What size are you? Small, medium, large? Listen, I am not interested. lt’s the client who wants to know. l was just about to call you. l’m sending a girl for the
catalogue. Check her out. What? What is your name? Meghna.. Meghna Mathur. Her name is Meghna Mathur. Bye. Okay, listen, You have
an audition tomorrow. B 409, Adarsh Nagar.
Be there at eleven o’clock. Take the number from this chick. Chick? An audition? Tomorrow? Yes, and listen if it works, l take a twenty per cent cut.
ls that clear? Okay. Stop here, I think
this is the place. How much is it? Fifteen rupees. Take this. l recently did two advertisements. What about you? l’m an airhostess. l got bored of serving people.. now I want to be a model. Do you have a problem with that? No.
– Then stop bothering me. lt is a soap commercial, isn’t it? Alright, I will be there. l am at Adarsh Nagar right now. l will be at Famous
studios in an hour. Okay, pal, l’ll be there, bye. New? Yes. Auditioning for the first time? How did you guess? Only novices walk around
with their portfolio. Seasoned models, like us, send it
in earlier or e-mail it to them. By the way, I’m Manav..
Manav Bhasin. – Hello. A veteran struggler.
Since nine months. And you?
– Who is Meghna Mathur? That’s me. Please, come in.
– Yes. All the best.
– Thank you. Saira Khan.. give me
your left profile.. Right profile.. Hi, l am Saira Khan. Age 22.. You can contact me on 98.. Hi.. my name is Meghna Mathur. My mobile number is 98201 31 1 39. Have patience, darling. You can’t be tired in just
three or four auditions. lt takes up to three hundred
auditions at times.. to finally get a break Now just relax, okay? Have your
coffee. It’s not easy, dear. Okay. I’ll call you later. One week is over.. Will you do a lingerie
advertisement? Shomu.. l have told you a million times,
lt’s lingerie not lin-guh-ree. The same thing. Will you do it? Shomu, just behave yourself, okay?
Meghna is a star. Meghna won’t do such
degrading commercials. Why are you getting angry? What is so degrading in
a lingerie advertisement? Haven’t you seen commercially
successful models in calendars? They wear whatever they are told. Attitude walks in before stardom. And you go to Bandra.
l’ll give you an address. Don’t take her seriously. She just talks nonsense
sometimes, okay? Look, just relax, darling.
l’ve got a surprise for you. We are going for a fashion show
tomorrow. – Fashion Show? That too Rahul Arora’s fashion show. Rahul Arora! I have only
seen him on tv. So tomorrow evening it is Rahul
Arora’s fashion show. Live! Love, I have told you so many times
not to keep your phone switched off. Because I get worried. You know, you are becoming
impossible now. Not the same thing again! l am not being possessive. l should at least know
where you are.. ..and what you’re up to. That’s nonsense and you
know it is not true. We’ve been together
since six months.. ..and I know you quite well. No, I don’t want to discuss it? Now what? Behave.. Come on, Rahul, just once. No.. – Please baby, say it.
Please, darling. Not right now. – Please, darling.
Please say it, once. Try to understand.
– Darling, please. Okay, I am hanging up the phone. One minute. We are meeting tonight,
aren’t we? – Yes. l’ll see you soon. Okay? Okay. Bye.
– Rahul.. Yes mother.. What can I say? The whole world is talking. Everyone is laughing at me. They say I don’t want
you to get married. Let them talk.
How does it affect us? How can I bear it? We can’t go against society. lt’s high time you got married. Your uncle Kishen from
London had called. He sent some pictures through email. Mom! l don’t want to see
any pictures of girls. At least look at them.
– Mom, please.. At least don’t bother me today. Tomorrow is my show and
l’m really nervous. “I know baby that you need me.” Oh Jassi, what are you doing? Look straight. Yes. That’s good. And turn. Make a note. Third sequence.
Dinaz is first. Girls, walk faster,
this isn’t a garden. Couturier, lets see it. Now listen quickly get ready for it.
We don’t have much time. And please, concentrate. Couturier, what is this? This is the show stopper outfit. lncrease the length of the slit. There are only three hours
left for the show. Please leave. Don’t stress me out. Please, quickly. Rahul, pay attention now okay?
We have a run through, alright? Yes, but where is Shonali? When is she ever punctual that
today will be an exception? She is your show stopper
and your favourite. Why aren’t we sitting in the front row?
lt’s absolutely empty. Are you nuts? That’s reserved
seating, darling. Just watch what happens
there in a while. Hi.. come on, Jack. Sir.. sir.. this is reserved, sir. Are you mad? hey Listen, if it is
not the first row here. l am leaving, okay? You know who I’am?
– Yes, sir. Now come on, speak to Rahul
and arrange for it fast. Okay, sir. Give me two minutes.
l’ll arrange it. Hello, J.P, I have a
situation out here. Relax, dude. Sweetie, this is my number, call me. Hi. Meghna..
– Yes? Look there. There in the front row, that’s
my boss Vinay Khosla. He is Rahul’s biggest rival.. ..and his most loyal audience. He doesn’t miss a single show. That guy? Don’t show point!
– I am sorry. – Very cheap. There, right hand corner.. That’s Ashish Suri..
Rahul’s boyfriend. He is so cute, isn’t he? l hate Rahul. Look, front row center.
That’s the fashion power list. She is Shelly Duggal, the editor
of a famous fashion magazine. And sitting to her left, there.. can you
see the lady in the animal print? Anisha Roy, the owner
of Profiles Agency. Every top model since the past
six years is from their agency. Oh, here come
Mr. and Mrs. Abhijeet Sareen. She is a hi-flying socialite,
but he.. he is the big daddy
of the fashion world. The owner of Panache. His brand is the biggest status
symbol in the fashion world. Everyone dances to his tunes.
Everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, can
you take your seats? The show is about to begin. “Charm. Charm.” “Charm.” “C’mon, sing with me!” Look my dear.
– Shonali Gulral. That’s right. The Diva. “Charm.” “The charm is of the body.” “This charm is famous.” “This charm is also a goal.” “Get lucky here.” “Charm. Charm.” “Charm. Charm.” “Charm. ” You bastard! l’m in the middle of the show.. l told you not to call me. That was Mohsin, isn’t it? How many times
you’ll break up and patch up?.. Oh, God knows. Shonali, your next change.
– Yes, l know that. “The fire in you.” “She walks in style.” “It lights up fire in love.” “Charm. Charm.” “It’s the charm.. ..of Fashion.” “Charm. Charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “Charm. Charm.”
“It’s the charm of fashion.” “This Charm.”
– “Go. Go.” – Wait.. Wait, let me see. “Charm. Charm.” Start dimming the lights.
Now ask them to stand back. “Charm. Charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” Ladies and gentlemen, put your
hands together for Rahul Arora! “Charm. Charm.” “Charm.” “Charm.” “Charm. Charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” l would like to thank Mr. Abhijeet Sareen.. ..and Panache India for showing
so much of confidence in me. And I look forward to this support. And what about your next collection? Well, you will have
to wait for it. Spoke to Manish, you’re on
for the Delhi show. Okay? Hi, Christine.
– Hi. – Hi. The show was fantastic.
– Yes. We just loved the music.
– Thank you. Christine, this is Meghna.
– Hi. – Hi. She is here to be a model. lsn’t she gorgeous?
– Yes, sure. You know, you really must use her. She’ll dazzle the ramp. Okay, send me your pictures. No. No. it’s okay.
– So cute, gotta go… Excuse me, girls. Hi. Hi, lmmi..
– Hi. You are looking great.
– Yes. Can l show you my photographs?
l have them with me now… Here. Okay.
– Okay. Excuse me. l agree you may not like the
pictures but you needn’t throw them. Attitude! Doesn’t come through
in your photographs. You need a good photographer, baby. Who would you go to if
you were in my place? Darling, I’d never be in your place! Kartik Suri, he’s your man. You know Rohit, Kartik is
very busy these days. Traveling, international photo
shoots, you know it. Okay, Come on, Sonu, look at her.
She is a star, you know that. What difference will
one photo shoot make? l’m sure if you put in
a word he will agree. Look, please. He charges 50,000 rupees, along
with make up and styling. And separate charges for costumes. Can she afford it? Of course. But Meghna.. Wait.
– Well then, 1 0,000 rupees advance. Will 7,000 rupees do for now? l only have that much
with me right now. But how did you.. Fine l’m making an appointment for.. ..the 20th of next month
at eight in the morning. lf you cancel you forfeit
the advance. Okay? That’s ok. Okay.
– Seven.. here is the advance. Manav, I told you earlier as well.. ..if you want to progress
in this industry.. have to compromise. Come on, do you think that
all the successful models.. ..found work just like that? They also had to compromise. l can’t do what others do. l want to be successful
on my own terms. Not like this. Well, suit yourself. Anyway, thank you for your time.
Have a good day. Hi Sunny, where are you? Hi, Mrs. Agarwal.. Rohit here, from Vinay
Khosla’s office, ma’am. Ma’am, I’m here with the
outfits for the trial. Yes, that’s right.
– Manav! Yes.
– Ma’am.. – Oh hi. Hi, how are you?
– Good, how are you? – Good. What are you doing here?
Did you have a meeting? Yes, kind of.. That’s what I came here for,
but it didn’t work out. Anyway.
– I’ll see you later. Okay, bye.
– Okay. Who is that?
– Just a friend.. model. You should have at least
introduced me to him. He’s quite hot.
– Rohit. Now what?
– Lunch. Enjoy, Meghna.
l only have mineral water. Especially when someone
else is paying the bill. But how can we eat out here,
it’s so expensive. Just relax, okay… Mrs. Agarwal is an NRl.
She is very rich. She told me to have lunch and
add the bill to her account. Shomu called today.
– What? – Yes. She said there is a
party at some hotel. lf I have to make contacts,
l must go. Should I go? -Of course,
you should go Meghna! Networking is very important. What fun! Lunch and dinner both
at a five star hotel. You are on a roll. “Hey baby!” Sorry. Hi, Janet here. Stop fooling around. The girls have been waiting
in the lobby since long. Listen, there are three girls.. of them is new. Just explain it to them.
Properly, okay? Yes, I’ll be there in five minutes. Sorry, Sameer, I have to go. Working, you know.
Love is not food of life… Sameer? Not Sameer, Janet, Sohail. Oh, it’s my fault. Sorry. Bye. Stay together, okay?
– Okay. Where is Bajaj? Hello Janet!
– Hello! Welcome to the party,
how are you? Very well. How are you doing?
– Come. Come. Come. Come. – Let me introduce
you to my friends. Sir.. Janet, meet Mr. lsan sultan..
– Hi. A young businessman from Oman. Hi.
– And sir, meet Ms. Janet. She is a very well-known
model from Mumbai. Hi.. very nice meeting you.
– Nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. Meet my friends, Shaheen.
– Hi. – The music video queen. The ‘Kanta laga’ type. She is Meghna. The famous super hit
Bollywood item girl. She is Anita, the famous calendar
girl. – Hello. Hi! One vodka with coconut
water on it.- Sure, madam. Vodka?
– No thank you, I don’t drink. Drink up.
lt’s free and imported too. Shomu said that I could
make some contacts here. Drink ma’am.
– Contacts? And that too here? Just smile and look pretty
for the photographs. And then our job is done.
That’s it! Thank you.
– Janet! – Yes Bajaj, coming. Good party, isn’t it?
Mukesh Tyagi. l run an Ad agency.
Talent Unlimited and you? Meghna Mathur.. You are a model, right? No, not as yet but hopefully.. Come on, you look professional. Send me some of your photographs. l suggest that you drop
in to my office. l I have good contacts..
perhaps I can help you. Sure.. – Do one thing,
this is my card and.. call me up on my mobile.
– Okay? Janet, Meet Mr.. Mukesh Tyagi. He runs
an Ad agency. Yes. Talent Unlimited. “Send me your pictures.” Or “drop into my office.” He says he has a lot of contacts. He has been doing the party rounds
since the past five years. Listen, fraud.. ..with those old lines, you won’t
catch any fish. Go from here. What’s the problem with
you small town girls? Anyone who speaks halfway decent
English, can get anywhere with you. Come on, let’s go. Janet, Reema, Meghna. Dolly, that’s your 1 5,000. I’ve
cut five for the advance. There are 1 0,000 in the packet.
– Okay, fine. And here’s your 1 8,000. Don’t ask for conveyance. We’ve got a party like this
after a month. Get it. And Meghna.. lt’s your first time so
l’m paying you 12,000. What are you looking at?
Here take it. Don’t want it? No.. but.. money? You’re paid for the work you did. Work? Didn’t you pose for the camera? People like having girls
at such parties. Mr. Bajaj is an event manager.. ..he contacts me for the models. lt’s like this.. ..pretty girls increase the glamour
quotient for such parties. High society calls this
eye candy, understood? Here take this. Here. And here, Reema. What’s this? Where have you been?
– What do I do? Don’t you want your money?
– What should I do? The world of glamour is strange.. are so desperate
to achieve success.. ..that the difference between what’s
right and wrong begins to blur. To be honest, there’s barely
any time to think about it. As the date for the portfolio
got closer.. hopes began to diminish. Meghna darling,
why are you so tense? Everything will work out, dear.
l promise. How is it possible, Rohit? Only six days to go
for the portfolio.. ..and I still don’t have the money. You know what he said.. lf I don’t pay the entire amount.. ..then l forfeit the advance. And I still have 30,000 to go. Meghna, if you don’t mind.. Shomu’s offer is still open. l don’t know. You could give it a try. lt’s worth a shot. Lingerie? “Beautiful lady.” “Drive me crazy.” “Beautiful lady.” Janet, show some more skin. l’ve shown enough for what
l’ve been paid. Get it? Fine, let’s get on with it. “Come on.” “Beautiful lady.” “Beautiful lady.”.. “You drive me crazy.” “You drive me crazy.”
“You drive me crazy.”.. Don’t feel shy. lt’s weird for the
first ten seconds.. ..after that, you will
get used to it. Come on madam. Take off your gown. There are other models
waiting for the shoot. Quickly, there are three more to go. Come on madam, make it quick. Just feel free, do not stress. Meghna, relax. Have some tea, you will
feel better. – No. Janet, your cheque.
– Thank you. Meghna, that’s yours. You remember
my commission, right? Yes, but Shomu are you sure this.. ..advertisement won’t
be released here? l told you that it won’t
get released here. This advertisement is only for Sri
Lanka and Bangladesh. Is that clear? Don’t worry. You’ve done the advertisement
now, so.. Just have a smoke and chill. Thanks. I don’t smoke. Meghna, don’t think so much. The lesser you think,
the more you will make. Thanks Janet. Oh yes. Tomorrow is your portfolio
shoot, isn’t it? Yes. – All the best. I know
you’ll rock. – Thanks. Okay guys, let’s get this done. Alright.. just look up a bit.
Relax, yes. Okay. Now look at me. Smile. Yes, nice. That’s good. Look at me and chin down.
Chin down. Chin down.
– Chin slightly down. Relax now. Okay. Do it again!
– Sorry. Smile.. yes. Much better. Okay, great.
Look at me. Smile nice…
Hold that. Hold that pose. Superb! Anisha, didn’t I mention that.. l haven’t seen a striking
impressive face recently. And I finally found one.
She is unbelievable. lrene.
– Yes, ma’am. Send in the Kartik girl, please.
– Okay. Meghna Mathur!
– That’s me! So you want to be a model? No ma’am. Super model. Ambitious. Do you know the city gets two
hundred girls everyday.. ..who aspire to be a model. l know. But.. how many of them.. ..get a chance to sit in front of you? Kartik was right, you have spunk.
– Thank you. But that will not suffice. What did you tell me your name was? Meghna..
– Yes, Meghna. Meghna, in the fashion industry.. ..even a little talent will do. But if you have the wrong attitude.. ..nothing will work. You have attitude. Use it with prudence or it will
be mistaken for arrogance. That won’t happen. Really! Yes. Won’t you be there to guide me? l like your confidence. What are you doing tomorrow? Nothing yet. Not good? Oh, horrible. Actually, I don’t know
a lot about wines. Don’t worry there are very
few over here who do. At least you are honest. Ross, two glasses of Merlot, please. Try this, you’ll like it.
– Okay. Still the same. You’ve either tried wine for.. ..the first time or had a lot of it. That’s why you can’t
tell the difference. By the way, I am Abhijeet Sareen.
– I know you, everybody knows you. l am Meghna Mathur.
– Now I know you. Want to try something
more interesting? Yes..
– Come, let’s go. – Okay. Come. Cheers. These models are so thin. l’ve heard they do drugs? l don’t know. Not all
of them, maybe a few. And guess what, Sheetal.. l heard that designer Varun
Ramani’s wife is.. having an affair with
her gym instructor. Do you know the latest?. Rajan Sodhi has hidden cameras
in his wife’s bedroom. And?
– And guess what, she got caught. What are you saying? l just don’t understand. How can
people get into such situations? Precisely. – They are doing.. Does she know this? lt was such an amazing experience. You seem quite intelligent.
so what’s this craze for modelling? You too are intelligent and are
also in the same business. So the comparison is with me.. lt’s not like that.. lt doesn’t matter. l judge people by their ambition. Really, so what do you think of me? You’ve hardly told me anything
about yourself.. What can I say?
Like thousands of girls.. l too want to be a successful model. But there’s a small difference.
– What’s that? That I’m better than the rest. That you are. Come, let’s go.
– Yes. You know you’re very lucky,
Meghna..- What? You’ve been meeting these people..
Kartik.. Sareen. The formula to this business is.. the right timing, knowing the right
people and the right publicity. l’ve thought about it. l will feature you in
Leena Mehta’s show. Really?
– It is a big show. – Yeah. Everything is happening so quickly.. ..don’t get overconfident. This is just the first step. Everything depends on what you
make of this opportunity. And, where you want to go from here. l know where I want to reach. Shona..
– Ritu? Why is she calling you? Shona my phone.. -You told
me she doesn’t call you. Shona, give me my phone.. – -Why did
you lie to me? – Leave my phone. Why is she calling you? You fool!
You lied to me? – She needs help. Shona, give me my phone.
– Why? – What are you doing? Are you the only
one who can help her? Shona.. – You fool, you are doing
it again. You are lying to me. Let me talk to her. l need to
talk to her. – Shona, leave it. Shona! You fool! l have a show tomorrow. Come on, Shona. l told you
there is nothing like that. She just needs help. This is my Avant-garde collection. lt’s completely different
from my earlier work. l mean, this collection is inspired
by my childhood memories. My mother, my grandmother! You will see influences
of those images. l don’t know how
it is going to be accepted, but it is
very special to me. What’s this? Made in Bangkok. At least she should have taken
off the label before the show. She gets it from the lndra
market in Bangkok.. and calls it her Avant-garde
collection. Some designer. l know.. – Darling, you are looking beautiful. Look here.. Be gentle, it hurts.
– Sorry. Salim, darling.
l am the show stopper. Come over for my make-up or
should I stop the show? Can l just finish her and come back?
– It is okay. Thank you. Yes, darling. You look sad. -Not at all. Would you like to go back? No. Let’s just do your make-up. Please, show me. Show me. Next.. next. This?
– Yeah. Print this. Okay.
– Thank you, bye. Okay, ma’am. No problem. Chandu, why are
you clicking a nobody? Fool, do you know how
big a socialite she is? Socialite? Once upon a time
she was a B-grade actress. Today she is a self proclaimed
socialite and designer. Are you kidding me? She is at every function
– weddings, parties, awards.. She doesn’t even spare baby showers. Baby shower?
– Yes, even baby showers. Delete her pictures. B-grade! Hi. – Oh hi!
– How are you? l am fine. What brings you here? Well, I came to meet Leena.
Networking, you know. l got to know that it
is your first show so.. l came to wish you luck.
– Thanks. All the best.
– Thank you. – And.. Don’t be nervous,
you’ll be just fine, okay? Pooja.. isn’t that
Madhur Bhandarkar? What’s he doing with Rita? He’s probably doing his research. He’s making a movie on fashion. He makes realistic films. He won’t even spare
the world of fashion. Now remember, I want a lot of drama. ls that clear? – Look at the clothes.
They are so dramatic. No expression. I just want you
to look straight, look strong.. smiles. Am I clear? Binal, walk tall and beautiful. Meghna.
– Yes. – This is a huge show for you. l want lots of attitude.
Do you understand that? Yes.. yes, absolutely.
– And Shonali.. Shonali. Yes, yes. I know, I am listening. Alright. Great. Okay girls, let’s
go out there and kill them. Are you ready?
Come on. Let’s go. Okay girls, come on.
Stand in a line. Come on, we are ready to
start the show. Come on. Yes, Okay, she is on. She is on. Shutup..
– Go Shonali, go. Please, go. “I shall give up my life.” “For your love, I shall give up my life.” “I shall give up my life.” “For your love, I shall
give up my life.” “Your Kohl enchants me.” “It’s the time to fall in love.” “I shall give up my life.” “For your love, I shall
give up my life.” “I shall give up my life.” “For your love, I shall
give up my life.” That was such an impressive show. And you were fantastic
as always, Shonali. Thank you so much. Panache is extremely proud of you. You know?…
You are the perfect face of Panache. We’ll have to extend your contract. Oh, come on Abhi,
stop discussing work. Shonali, join us for a drink. Come on..
– Yes, come on. Come on, let’s go.
– Okay. No. Really. Really.
– Wasn’t that amazing? She just walked on.
– Thank you. Darling, what a walk. You were fantastic, fabulous.
– Really? Yes.
– Thank you. Thank you so much. What grace.. what poise..
oh my God. l was so nervous.
– Janet Sequeira! Rahul Arora!
– Oh my God. How long it has been?
– Six years. Look at you. How much weight have you
lost since college? l had to diet to become a model. And dieting made me this slim. You and diet? Yes. – You know.. Rohit, right?
– Yes. You know.. when we were in college..
– Yes. During college she used to
carry a box of sugar candy. Excuse me.. Sugar candy? We all used to have
a big laugh at her. Shall I reveal your secrets? Wow, no secrets – Okay?. Besides I am very upset with you.
– Why? You are a model now and you
didn’t even bother to call. Rahul, you know this business. You are an A list designer and
l’m a struggling B list model. How could I call? You know it is not like that with
me, – Yes, I know. – right?. Give me a call.
– I will. Okay, by the way meet
my friend, Meghna. Hi.. – Nice meeting you.
– Rahul Arora. Yes, of course. I’ve heard..
– You were great on the ramp. Good confidence.
Good presence. Right? – Really. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– I will. Bye. – Bye. Wow …You know him?
– Yes. – You never told us. – Well.. Hi. – Hi Christine. Well done, Meghna. Such good confidence
in your first show.. ..I’m really impressed.
– Really? l am sure,
you’ll go a long way. Bye. Very well done.
– Oh my god Meghna darling? You will go a very long way. Can you imagine? After many trials and troubles
l reached a place.. ..where l could see my dream
taking shape clearly. Old relationships though
near seemed far away. And new relationships
started growing closer. This restaurant is really
posh, Meghna. We are going to get a huge bill. Just relax and order. Look at the prices.
– Its okay. Come on. Hey Rahul!
Janet! – How are you? How are you doing?
– Very well. Do you know, Meghna.. Manav..
– Hi. Rohit..
– Hi. Hi.. this is Ashish.
– Hi. – Hi. – Nice meeting you. – Hi. Why don’t you guys join us? Yes, sure. please. Sure. – Sure
– Okay. Excuse me.
– Yes. – Two chairs, please. Yes.
– Sure, sir. You haven’t changed a bit.
-Why do you say that? l was just being formal
and you are siiting seriously. Oh gosh.. – How rude.
– I can’t believe this. You know, throughout college,
l used to foot her canteen bills. So l thought it was
payback time today. To say..
– By the way.. lt’s Meghna’s treat.
– Yes. Oh, I am sorry.
– Yes, this is my treat. Come on, let’s order starters guys. Hi..
– Hi. Can l ask you something?
-Sure Do you have a brother
or cousin who looks.. ..just like you do. Sorry, bad luck. – No.. -Damn! Rahul was so funny.. Listen, you do know that.. the venue for tomorrows rehearsal
has changed, don’t you? – Really? lt’s Four Seasons now. Anyway, thanks for telling me.
– Oh no, not at all. Bye.
– Bye see you, take care. Bye.
– See you. Bye. Bye. Santosh.. lt’s two in the morning, Meghna. You’ve been coming in
late every night. You should be a little
more responsible. Even the neighbours are complaining. This can’t continue here. l’m sorry, aunt, but my job keeps me.. l know what it keeps you at. Divya brought this to show
us from the neighbors. What influence will it have on her? Meghna, we can’t let your career be.. ..a negative influence on Divya. l suggest you.. ..look for alternate accommodation. Santosh, it’s so late in the night.. She doesn’t need to
leave immediately. She can leave after
a couple of days. lt’s okay aunt.. l’ll leave right away. Janet.
– Hi, whats uo? Hi.. sorry to call you so late. What? l’m on my way to Goa.
Ya goa, l’m driving? Anything urgent, you okay? l can’t hear you.
– No. Nothing at all. Okay, yes.
– Okay. Bye. – Bye. l left home in a huff but
l didn’t know where to go. Janet is in Goa and Rohit
stays with his parents. l don’t know anyone else in Mumbai. l’m really sorry but.. There is no need for an explanation. l’m glad that you called. lt’s only for tonight. l’ll look for another
place tomorrow. Meghna, this is Mumbai. You may find God but
not accommodation. That too, a single woman.. ..a model, no way. Yes, there is one place though.. ..where you can share an apartment. Where?
– Here. Actually, I was looking
for a room mate. l don’t have regular work.. ..and the rent is too high. So, if you don’t mind.
We can share this apartment. But Manav, both of us.. the same apartment.. lt’s little odd no? Come on Meghna, this
isn’t Chandigarh. l mean, no one cares. Rent, provisions..
we’ll share the expenses. We can share everything.. ..but the bedrooms will
be separate, right? Of course! They will be separate,
you can be sure of that. Okay.
– Okay. Okay, great! Welcome home. Anisha, I’m sorry l had to call you. Where is Shonali? The entire unit has been
waiting for two hours.. ..there is no sign of her. This has become a habit. Please, help me. Please do
something now. – shit! Tony, give me two minutes. Shonali..
– She is in there. Shonali.. come out of there. Come out, right now! What’s your problem Anisha? The entire unit has been
waiting for two hours.. lt’s a big ad film shoot,
for heaven sake. And you are back to
this awful habit. You better buck up, Shonali. This is the third complaint. Our clients pay a lot
of money for your time. lt’s only because of my agency
and my reputation.. ..that’s the reason
you stand here today. lf you don’ take control
of yourself.. ..then there are several others who
are eager to replace you. Got it? Don’t worry..
– Megha, Gauri.. lf she misbehaves, call me up again. “Temptation next.”
“Temptation next.” No.. don’t argue Koko.
l know exactly.. ..what’s going to be good
on you, okay? Trust me. Vinay, isn’t this
a bit over the top? l mean.. just look at this. You are about to do Bobby
Chopra’s film in Europe. And today everything is about
looking glamorous. Okay? – Yeah, but. You guys do very realistic
films and.. Yeah, l mean, this is mainstream
cinema and you have to look hot. l am the only one who can make
you look hot. Okay? Period. l don’t know, Vinay. According to my character graph,
l mean.. – Dear, no.. Ranveer, just help me. Just look. Koko, the amount the producer
is spending on your European clothes.. ..exceeds the total budget
of this film production. So if you’re done arguing,
can we rehearse? The entire unit has been
waiting for two hours.. ..and a lot of people
work on daily wages. Daily Wages.
– Okay, Vinay, whatever. Come on, roll the camera. Its fine, l surrender. – Baby,
trust me. You’ll rock. Really? – You doubt Vinay
Khosla? Come on, baby. Come on, take it. Hey Manav, whom are you paired
with in Anamika’s show? l have been paired with Rajneesh. Not anymore. What do you mean? Now your entry is along with me. We open the show together now. Really? – Yeah
– But how come? Because our choreographer believes.. ..that we make a great pair. And I agree. “It’s special.” “It’s special.” “It’s an unusual feeling.” “Some distance, closeness.. ..keeps my loneliness away.” “Is it love?” “Is it trust? Maybe it’s love.” “This is blossoms.
This waiting..” “Maybe it’s love.” “It’s special.” “It’s an unusual feeling.” “Some distance, closeness.. ..keeps my loneliness away.” “Is it love?” “Is it trust? Maybe it’s love.” “This is blossoms. This waiting..” “Maybe it’s love.” “What to say?” “Show your heart someone
close to you.” “I had a condition.” “I feel I have won this lost round.” “This is impatient waiting..” “Maybe it’s love.” “It’s magic.” “Maybe it’s love.” “Maybe it’s love.”
“Maybe it’s love.” “Something is special.” “It’s an unusual feeling.” “Maybe it’s love.” Just see..
– Let me read. Forget what you are reading.
Just look at that. Please give me the phone. – No. Give me the phone.
– No way, please. Oh! – Forget your phone. Oh hi, Anisha. Where are you? At home. Sareen wants to see you immediately. Right now? No questions Meghna.
Please go over right now. Okay, I’ll go. Bye. Meghna, please come.
– Oh.. one second. Anisha told me.. I had to rush..
to come to see you.. in the office. l’ve brought my portfolio along.
l also have it on CD. Just in case
if you want to have a look. There’s no need for this. Would you like to be a show stopper? lt’s for Vinay Khosla. The show is in four days. You think you’ll be able to do it? Vinay Khosla?
– Yes. Oh my God, you mean
‘The Vinay Khosla?’ – That’s right. Yeah, of course. Thank you. For the first time,.. ..I don’t have a single Bollywood
star in the front row. – So sad. Half of them are doing shows and.. ..the other half are abroad.
– Oh what a pity? What’s happening with the
new girl? Is she ready? Just two minutes. – No, no. you
go and check. Go. Go! – Okay. l’ve got a very huge office. Ladies and gentlemen,
kindly take your seats. The show is about to begin. Darling, you look gorgeous. And you are biased. No, no Meghna. It goes over. But it looks
so much cooler here Rohit. Oh!. She is an absolute new girl.
And a show stopper? And handsome looks. Handsome
looks, okay? – Okay. l just hope she is good.
l just hope. – Okay. l am so stressed. I am so stressed.
This is not funny. – Relax. Sareen’s recommendation and all that. Anyway, I’ll just.. where is Rohit? Just you know..
– Where is Rohit? Meghna, you should.. because.. Meghna, I was telling you..
– Rohit. Oh what the.. who the hell
has done it like this? lt is supposed to go
above the head, no? Rohit..
– Yes.. – Duffer.. You know how particular I am. Actually.. It’s not his fault.
l told him. You? l thought that if.. Hold it. You thought? Darling,
you are a model. You don’t need to use
your brains, okay? Spare with the horror. Fix the damn thing, Rohit.
– Yes, sir. – Yes, sir. lt’s such an insignificant thing..
and why is he so rude? What did you say?
An insignificant thing? This is the show stopper outfit. Do you understand that? The media will be watching.
All of them. And even if you sell yourself, you
can’t afford this dress. Alright? And listen, l really
don’t care about.. ..your relationship with Sareen. l don’t want supermodel nonsense. My relationship with Sareen? You have no right to say that.
– Oh yeah? Really? l don’t have a right?
ln my show? Do you even know, who I am? Vinay Khosla.. and nobody
talks to me like that. Rohit, tell Christina I am
replacing this girl right now. Change the whole damn thing. Send four girls in the end.
Change the finale. I don’t care. And you! Out of this outfit
and leave! Out! But sir.. No.. no..
– What! – Nothing, sir. Come on, now all of
you get on with it. Come on, back to work. No wonder we models are
treated like hangers. Okay girls, listen. Quickly listen.
There’s been a change, alright? l want the last four girls
to end the sequence. The last four girls being
Geeta.. you right? What about that young girl?
– I don’t know about her. Thank you. Excuse me. Sir, there is a problem backstage.
l think you should come. Okay. Excuse me.
l’m sorry. Yeah sure. What the hell.
l got the whole show out here. Sir I know. – What’s the problem, Vinay?
– She’s arrogant. What did l do? ask him… Don’t believe me, then..
– Alright. – Sareen.. Meghna! Meghna, you still have those bangles..
We need them back.. l am sorry. I am sorry. l am really sorry about this.
– It’s okay. How could he think that l.. Calm down, Meghna. People say stuff when they’re angry. You could’ve controlled yourself. So it was my fault? Do you even know what he said? Listen, I know it
wasn’t your fault. Besides he is a veteran designer
and you are new model. Does that mean he can
say whatever he wants? So what if he is a reputed designer? l’m no cheap model either. Come on, I understand, Meghna. You’ll never understand. Tell me Anisha.. ..when is Shonali’s contract
up for renewal? There is time yet. Five months I think, why? Terminate her contract. Right now! But Sareen, we can’t do that. Why not? Panache is my company and
l can do whatever I want. But.. it’s a contract. l mean.. hasn’t expired as yet. Give Shonali full compensation.. fact give her a little more.. that there are no complaints. But..
– No questions. Just do it. But on what reason to give? Come on, Anisha. You are smart. You’ll think of some reason.
l am sure. l don’t understand,
why, Anisha? Why? l warned you a couple
of times earlier.. ..but you didn’t listen. Three official complaints! Ultimately professionalism counts. Come on Anisha,
l know this profession. Three complaints and l am out? lt’s not just that, Shonali. Your lifestyle.. ..your boyfriends.. ..your addiction and misbehaviour
at parties. lt’s affecting the brands,
especially Panache. This was bound to happen someday. Anyway.. l didn’t want to be unfair. The compensation is higher. lf there is anything that.. want to add to the termination
clause, go ahead. Just one question. Who has replaced me? Meghna Mathur. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
and my friends from the media. This is the moment we’ve
all been waiting for. Allow me to introduce to you,.. ..the sensational new face of
Panache.. Meghna Mathur. So glamorous. So nervous.
– I know. But he was so good..
– Excuse me. l am going to take her
away for a minute. Yes, sure. Sure.
– I’ll just be back. – Yes, sure. Hi.
– I want to introduce you to someone.. Allright. Avantika..
– Yes. – Meet Meghna Mathur. Hi! – This is Avantika Sareen.
– Oh hi. Hello. Nice to meet you.
– Lovely to meet you Meghna. All the very best and
welcome to Panache. Thank you, so much. ln no time my dreams
turned into reality.. ..and they reached the sky. My new image as a super
model everywhere.. ..gave me a new high. l felt like the whole world was
interested in no one but me. Knowing what l wear.. what
l eat.. what l think.. ..possibly made people think
that they know me. l too was lost in myself. But l.. I just had one obsession. What would be my next move
to attain more success.. What’s so different in the soup?
– I have no idea. On the salad. Hey guys.
– Hi. – I am really sorry. Hi..
– Hi. You are so late, baby. You knew
this dinner was planned, right? Yes, but the campaign is about to.. ..begin and you know
how it is. – I know.. l am sorry guys, I’ll be right back
from the loo in five minutes. – Okay. There she goes. Come, come.
Sit, sit. We’ll be here. Hi Shonali. Congratulations.. for Panache. Thanks, Shonali. Look, l hope you understand,
there’s nothing personal. l didn’t know that, its going to..
– Don’t worry. Neither did l.. lt’s this industry.. never know when the
designs are outdated. No thanks.
– Smart, but be careful. You’re still new. Everything feels good
in the beginning.. ..the novelty eventually wears out. l can see it in your eyes. You will neither recognise
yourself nor anyone else. Be very careful. Thanks Shonali, but I recognise.. Myself.. ..and others as well. We’ll see. lt’s really taking.. As l told you, Meghna, this
is just the beginning. Yes..
– See, how things go. Hi, Mr. Sareen..
– Nice to meet you. Our new face of
Panache, Meghna Mathur. Meghna, that is Manohar Grover.
– Hello. Hi. – Hello. Meet Mr. Stevens.
– Hello. – That’s his beautiful wife. Hello.
– Hi. – Mrs. Chang, Meghna Mathur. Pleased to meet you.
– How are you doing? That’s Mr. Harper. – Hi. – Hello. He looks after our international.. Nice to meet you.
– He’s a whiz kid. Oh! Cheers. Alright, then. lf we wait any longer.. l’ll have to head to office
from here only. Let’s go.
– Yeah.- Come. Enough, that’s it. You can stop here. Thank you.
– You are welcome. l’ll get down. Thank you, good night.
– Good night, bye. – Bye. l know.. I know. Even I know the time. Meghna.. – Look Manav not now,
l am really tired, okay? Meghna, I was worried. l tried calling you all night. The phone was on silent
and in the bag. l don’t know. Oh God, Manav.. You knew I was with
Mr. Sareen at a party. Listen, but you could have
sent me a text message. l would have if l could have.
– You are right. Meghna, this is the fourth time. l am a model too. l know. Exactly! You’re a model too,.. I thought you would understand.. ..but obviously not. There were so many poeple
at the party.. Sareen was introducing me to the
media, so I was.. I couldn’t.- So? And you forgot that someone’s
waiting for you.. Manav, these are really
important people. You won’t understand the pressures. Really? So make me.
– How do l? You aren’t in that league.
You are still struggling. Meghna, I am really happy that
you are in the big league. But have you thought about the
price you’re paying for that? A lecture at four in the morning! l am lecturing you because not
everybody can handle success. ls that so? Then tell me.. ..why are those who preach
about success.. ..only those who haven’t
tasted it yet? Because they don’t run
after it insanely. And what if Mr. Sareen
were promoting you? Why would he? He’s promoting you, isn’t he? Who knows what he is
getting in return.. l can’t believe you just said that.
How typical, Manav. l don’t know why, but l thought
you were different. l’d also thought the same about you. “Something is special.
lt’s close to me.” “It’s an unusual feeling.” “This closeness has a distance.” “There is loneliness in the air.” “The love we have, the trust..” “Maybe it was love.” “It was blossom.”
“Maybe it was love.” “Maybe it was love.” Drive! For Meghna, I am the final word
Mr. Agarwal. Okay, bye. So many signatures, Anisha. ls it
necessary to read everything? Just go through it once.
– No way. No way. It’s your agency’s
contract. l trust you. Where do I need to sign? Okay. On all these pages, initials. What?
– And here.. full signature. lt is a tough task ahead for
you. I am warning you. What’s the point? l am the best. And you know that. Hello.
– Hi. Oh hi. – Listen, I am sending you
a car, come over immediately. Right now?- No questions
do as I say. – Okay. Sareen?
– Yeah. Sign it later. Thanks. Come. Come.. This way. Come. Surprise. lt’s fabulous. l hope you like your new house. lt’s yours. l.. Mr. Sareen. I’ll take it. “Abode.” “Abode.” “Abode.” “I have got it.” “The goal of my destiny.” “Why are you common?” “I have no complaints.” “A little intoxicated is my life.” “This is my abode.” “It’s my youth.” “I have no time for myself.” “Don’t try to stop me today.” “Please, don’t stop me.” “I am losing myself slowly.” “Your fragrance is all around.” “I am losing myself slowly.” “A little intoxicated is my life.” “This is my abode.” “It’s my youth.” “I have no time for myself.” “Abode.” “Abode. Abode.” You should come to the Gurudwara
occasionally, it feels good. Gurpreet?
– Kuldeep? How are you? -l’m fine. Greetings.
– Greetings, dear. What happened about the photographs
that Mrs. Sethi had sent? No aunty, I don’t want to
get married right now. Don’t want to get married? My daughter mentioned.. that these fashion designers
don’t get married. ls it true? So are you also.. Aunt, these days, people
say just about anything. How is Dolly, your elder daughter? The one that got married in London. l heard she is divorced.. ..and now she’s living with you. ls it true? Come on, let’s go. You’ll run out of answers but
their questions won’t stop. Mom.. – Yes.. It’s your
life, your decision. Mom? Rahul, You know l’m nervous. l never thought I’d be the show
stopper for such a big show. And today because of you..
-Enough now. Now don’t get into your collage days
emotional drama queen mode.. You very well know that
you can do it.. ..or you wouldn’t have agreed. Rahul.. just that you know.. l agreed because I can
never say no to you. Thank you for that. You look lovely.
– Okay? And you rock! – Thank you. Ria! How are you doing here? Ladies and Gentlemen, please
put your hands together for Rahul Arora. Who brings to India the
international lingerie brand La Perla! lt was very funny. You’re back.
– Yes. So, what did you ask to Him? l wasn’t here to ask.
l came to thank Him. Janet, yesterday, backstage
you told me something. Did you really mean it? What? That you can never say no to me. Of course Rahul, you know that. Janet Sequeira.
– Yes. – Will you marry me? You are such an idiot.
l thought you were serious. l am. l am serious. Janet, will you marry me? Listen, I don’t know whether
it’s right or wrong. But l do know this.. ..if anyone can understand me..’s only you. But your boyfriend? l have spoken to him. When you can’t come
out with the truth..’s time to live a lie. There are a lot of people
who live like us. So shall we. And as they say.. it is difficult to find a
good friend in a husband. But you will surely find a good
husband in a good friend. So? You know my answer. You know l can never say no to you. Oh God, you scared me. How sweet? See you. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. – Please, come. Hi Leena.
– Hi Leena. – Hi! Hi Meghna.
– Hi, Mr. Sareen. Hello Meghna.
– Hi. So, everyone is talking about you. Don’t worry, they’re
saying good things. Abhi is taking good care
of you, isn’t he? After all, you are so
important to Panache. Of course. Anyway Bye.
– Bye. See you, Meghna.
– Bye.- Bye. What was that? That all. For you. Attention. Attention, please. Attention, please. Ladies and gentlemen,
attention, please. l.. I want to raise a toast. Today is Rahul’s wedding.. ..and I’m very happy. l want to congratulate Rahul
and his beautiful wife. Thank you. His wife.. wife..
– Janet. Janet.. Janet, right. Janet is a beautiful girl
and Rahul is a great guy. Cheers, guys!
– Cheers! Cheers! Mother.. Kartik, this is the kind
of look I want, okay? Vinay, you will get any look you
want, but please call your model. Come on, guys. I am ready. Does anyone want to shoot or not?
– Yes, of course. Vinay.
– Yes. l thought of holding
the drape like this. l know you are very particular
about your drapes. lf you don’t like it
we can change it. No. it is absolutely fine. You
are looking gorgeous. – Thanks. Don’t be silly.
– I thought so. What are you standing here for! Go and get the next thing
ready duffer. – Sir.. – Go! Come on, let’s hurry up. lt’s been two hours and we haven’t
taken a single shot. Meghna.. darling are you ready? Why are you getting
so hyper, Kartik? Anyway, what do you have to do? Except change the
background colours. Oh God. Just ignore her, okay? Okay guys, come on guys. Come on, let’s get ready. Anybody for some more drinks? l think that’s enough, baby. Really?
– Yeah. Shona..
– Yes. – Do you love me? Yes, I love you.
– How much? A lot..
– Really? – Yes. She loves me. Drink this. Come on, drink it. Come on, Shona. Are you joking? l am serious, Shona.
Come on. Come on. Listen.. Come on.
– Please, pal. She loves me. Don’t you, baby?
Come on now, drink it. Don’t be shy. Drink it. Drink it, Shona. Come on. Drink it. lt’s not funny… Hey!
– Don’t touch me, you bastard! Stop being a bitch! I was
joking! – You were joking! You insult me in front of your.. ..friends and then say
you were joking. You bastard! Who funds your expenses?
Who pays all your bills? Do your friends know about this? Have you told them? Or should l tell them? -Listen man! You don’t do me any favour
by funding my expenses. Who gets you your dope? l do. Who handles your craziness? l do! You are a crazy woman,
you know that? A crazy woman. Don’t call me crazy, you fool! Get lost! What rubbish, I don’t
need a Bollywood.. when l have you, come on. This is your place. Make yourself
comfortable here. Okay?
– Thanks Vinay. And..
– Oh. – Who has done this? Sorry, dear. Yes, l’ve organized
some wine for you, l’ll just check. Yes? Alright, thanks. – Okay. Salim, leave everything right
now and attend to Meghna. Come on, fast. Shonali..
you first change. – Yes. Kuki..
– Hi. l told you I want more options
for earrings, right? l won’t wear such tacky earrings. Meghna, everyone has the same look. All the models are wearing
the same earrings. So.. I am the show stopper tonight. Make it happen..
– Fine. Yes, thank you. Move.. move.. please move aside. Shonali is here, help her. Please,
get me a stole. Quickly. Please, get me a stole, someone. Swati, will you please get me a stole?
Right now! What happened to her? Come Shonali, sit. Sit. What’s wrong with her?
– Her dress snapped. Oh my God. Girls, will you please go
for your finale? Line up, please. Just.. – Calm down Shonali.
Calm down. Stop the media from coming inside! Just relax. Oh God..
– Calm down, Shonali. Shonali, please. Just relax. lt will be okay. Just calm down. lt has to be my rivals. They are trying to sabotage my show. This is not happening to me. No. No. No media bites. l am not in the frame of mind. Please, I am not in the frame.
l can’t give media bites. Spare with the horror. Please, no. no. The media should show some restraint. Shonali is really disturbed. No, I don’t think Shonali Gujral.. .will do something like
this for publicity. lt’s very unfortunate, but
it is only an accident. There is no need to hype it
and create an issue of it. Down with fashion shows!
Don’t ruin our culture! As far as Vinay Khosla’s
show is concerned.. ..whether this was an
accident or publicity stunt.. Only Shonali can confirm. Did you see about Shonali in the TV?
– Yes, she is in the rehab. Don’t know for how long she
will have to stay there. Yeah –
Really sad. Janet, have you given it a thought? Rahul, l am still thinking. To adopt a child considering
our situation? Janet, but.. Yes, Rahul. It’s a huge
responsibility. l promise, l’ll think over it . Take your time.
– Yes. How is Ashish doing? Rocking. He’s gone off to Chennai.. do a show with Manish.
– Lovely. Your drink.
– Thank you. Why can’t you come with me
on this three city tour? Abhi, after all, it
is a Panache event. l mean, we will be together too. What’s wrong with you, Meghna? You know it is not possible. Where did this come from? There’s something I want
to tell you.- Go on.. l am pregnant.
– That’s all. Not to worry, it can be handled. And what if I tell you.. ..that I want to keep the baby. Sure.. l am okay with it. l don’t have a problem.. ..but Anisha might have a problem. You have signed a contract. Abhi, at times you are really funny. l was just kidding.. ..and you took it seriously. l am a really successful model. l won’t ruin my career. Come, l’ll make you another drink. Yes, my love. I’m on my way home. No. I dined with the client. Have the children slept? Okay, see you soon. Page 20, clause 22 A. We will get twenty percent
of your earnings. Clause 31 C. You can’t do any endorsement
or make an appearance.. ..without our permission. And finally Clause 36. Legally you can neither
get married.. or get pregnant till the contract is valid. You know what.. I don’t care! Whom are you calling? Sareen? lt is no use, my dear. Sareen put in these clauses
in the contract himself. Are you okay? Yeah, l am fine. l went back to being a middle
class girl for a while. But l am fine. l am fine. Whose pregnancy do you
want to get terminated? Mine. Are you married?
– No. – Okay. Just fill up this form.
– Can I borrow your pen? Stop! Stop! Madam, you are driving
without the seat belt. License? Listen, I don’t have much time, so.. Alright. Take the car aside. Sir, license. Surekha, take the test. l am not going to take
that dirty test, okay? Who knows how many people
have put it in their mouth. Listen madam. lt doesn’t matter whether you are
a model, an actor or anybody else.. l don’t care. Surekha, take the test. Meghna Mathur..
she is the same Meghna Mathur.. Our daughter has done us proud. Why are you crying? Look, your daughter
is now a super model. Now our neighbours will come with
flowers, to a proud mother. Meghna, your reckless behaviour is
not only damaging your reputation.. ..but Panache’s too. l know you are upset. But learn to keep your personal life
apart from your professional life. Really? Tell me something, Abhi. What about our relationship.. it personal or professional? Don’t worry. You don’t
have to answer that. lt is time to get truly
professional Mr. Sareen. Yes.. Yeah.. – Have you ever been to France?
– No, I haven’t, but I.. l am telling you, the food should..
– Sir. No thanks.
– Yeah, she is very charming. l know.
– Cheers. That’s not fair.
– Lovely! – Exactly. But getting into all
of these was not easy.. Hey, I’ll be right back.
– Sure. l know Abhijeet How you managed
to put this show together. lt was hell.. – Whatever, third
big launch of the year. Thank you very much. Tony..
– Hi. Congratulations. l am so sorry I came late. lt’s alright.
You made it at least. Cheers. Excuse me.
– Yes. – See you. Hi. Hi Meghna.
– Abhi.. l think you have taken
my words too seriously. You have become so professional.. ..that you are uneasy greeting me. Behave yourself. You are drunk. l am drunk? Hello, Meghna.
– Mrs. Sareen. So, how are you now? l saw all that drama on tv. What happened?
You look so stressed out. Didn’t you tell her? Actually, I wasn’t well.
l was in a clinic. l had an abortion. Abhi will give you the details. After all.. he paid the bills. Oh! She got offended. l’m telling you again Meghna,
it’s still not too late. Avantika is very upset.. ..but I think we can handle it. Just meet her once and apologise. lf she forgives you,
everything will be sorted. l should apologise to her? Are you kidding me? Who is she, Anisha? Just some bloody trophy wife.. l don’t need her. Of course, you need her, Meghna. You’re in this position
due to Panache. You are signing brands courtesy
of Panache. You need them! Wrong, Anisha. l am the freaking face of Panache. l don’t need Panache,
Panache needs me. Okay? Anything else? Yes.
– What the hell is going on, Anisha? Where the hell have you been?
– Shut up! l just read the paper. Come on, Meghna. This had to happen. l told you so. Oh, cut the crap, Anisha. Gauri Anand is from your agency. l’ve been replaced. Don’t be such a lousy woman. There’s no need to get
personal, Meghna. Personal? l can’t believe
you did this to me. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? When we replaced Shonali.. didn’t ask me this. l really think you should.. The sound of a shattered
dream never hurts.. much as it’s lasting echo. My career started falling
like a pack of cards.. ..and I stood there,
a mere spectator. Everything changed.. home,
relationships.. ..and along with them l changed too. Commitments, sincerity,
professionalism.. l ran away from all of them.. ..and reached a place so loud.. ..that I couldn’t even hear myself. What I was doing, why I was doing
it.. I had no clue at all. Shonali was right, l couldn’t
even recognize myself. Go easy, Meghna. You’ve had a lot to drink. You’re saying that, Janet! Look, l don’t know how to lecture. But l can say this much,
you’re ruining yourself. You are right. You don’t know how to lecture,
so please don’t try. Meghna, everyone I meet is talking
about your arrogance. lt is not arrogance, baby.
lt is attitude. lt’s important to have an
attitude to be successful. Okay?
– Oh, really? – Yeah. What about unprofessionalism? ls that necessary too? Listen, if you continue to.. ..behave like this no one
will want to work with you. Unprofessional? Did you just call me
unprofessional, Janet? What do you know about
professionalism? You don’t become a model by doing
a couple of small assignments. Listen.. I know l
didn’t make it big. But l have spent more
time in this industry than you. l know why your market position
is getting ruined. That’s why l’m telling you.. ..straighten up before
everything crumbles. Straighten up? How? Should I beg Sareen or Anisha? l know what I can do. l should marry a rich
gay designer like you. How about that? Leave. Just leave. Bitch. Hey.
– Hi babes. Where are you? We all are waiting for you. Come to Dhiren’s party fast now. Yes, I’ll be there. Give me 20 minutes.
– Okay. “Charm.” “It’s the charm of the body.” “It’s the ladder to success.”
– “Charm.” “It gives you a lot of money.” “It’s the ladder to
success.” “Charm.” “It is intoxicating.” “It’s intoxicating.” “Charm. It’s the charm of the body.” “Charm.” “Here love is on fire.” “It is in its own mood swings.” “It sparks fire in the heart.” “Charm.” ” It’s the charm of fashion.” “Charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “This charm.” “This charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “This charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “It keeps asking. It’s amazing.” “No one could undo it. “It is everyone’s lover.” “It sparks fire in the heart.” “This charm.” “Here love is on fire.” “It sparks fire in the heart.” “This charm.” “This charm.
lt’s the charm of fashion.” “This charm.””This charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “This charm.” “This charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” “This charm.” “This charm.” “It’s the charm of fashion.” Meghna.. Dear.. We become totally isolated.. ..when we lose our own company. l came back home to Chandigarh.. ..but I could never be myself. Leaving all my relationships
behind.. l descended into my inner darkness. l neither felt happy nor sad. The psychiatrist advised.. ..that nothing is possible until.. l rediscover myself and
my inner self confidence. But as easy as it is
to lose oneself.. is even more difficult
to forgive oneself.. find oneself again. Have you heard anything
about Shonali? l heard that she’s run
away from rehab. No one knows her whereabouts. Yes, that’s really sad. Hey Rahul. Who is your show stopper
for the Delhi show? l heard that just like Vinay Khosla,
you too have roped in a film star. No, no. I like film stars. But if there was a model.. ..for a show stopper for this
show.. that’s best. – Yes. You know l.. really
miss a good model. Like Shonali..
– And, Meghna. Meghna. Dear.. ..the one who loses.. ..isn’t the one who falls. But a failure is one.. ..who still doesn’t
rise to the occasion. My daughter is not a loser. l’m sorry, my dear. lt was my fault that I.. ..didn’t trust my daughter’s dream.. ..and how high it could take her.
– Papa.. l had trust in my daughter.. ..and I still do. Go ahead, pursue your dream again. Yes, my dear. You can achieve. Go back, my dear. You will achieve success. Yes, dear. Go dear, go back. Thought I’d come and apologise. But l can’t. Look Janet, I know
l really hurt you a lot. l was wrong. But when I decided to come back.. l couldn’t think of
anyone else but you. So, I came right here. l did the right thing,
didn’t I, Janet? Welcome back. l am so sorry. So, you know what.. I’ve now
specifically told all the actors.. You may borrow clothes for a
function, but do return them. Yes, you know they just.. Typical. Oh my God. Oh my God..
listen, listen. Guess, who is back in town. Meghna Mathur. Wow..
– Back from the dead or what? Hi Vinay, I am back in town.
l would like to meet you. Please, let me know
when l can call you. Spare me the horror. Who wants to speak to her? Oh. Guess what?
– What? Same message. She’s sent it to all. Desperate.
– I tell you. You know, she always compared
herself to Shonali. Mark my words, someday she will
lose it, just like Shonali. Bye.. – Bye guys . I’ll see you.
For dinner? – Yeah. Manav, that was excellent.
– Thank you. We need a close up.
– Okay. Go get dress changed.
– Alright. Well, be back in half an hour.
– Sure. – Mahesh! Set up a trolley. Make
it fast, come on. You went through a
lot in your life.. ..but the good thing is
that you have come back. Listen.. don’t worry. Everything
is going to be okay. yeah? Look, l am sorry, Manav. l know I’ve hurt you a lot. lt’s okay. l’m really happy for you, today
you’ve became a top model. l am really happy..
– Well, hardly. But – Hi baby.
– Oh, hi. Am I disturbing you? No, no. please come. Meghna, that’s Ria.
– Ria, that’s Meghna. Hi..
– Hi. – Nice to meet you. She is my fiancée. We just got engaged last month. l heard a lot about you.
Nice to meet you. Thank you. I.. l should go. No, no. please stay..
– No, just sit. Please sit. – some other time,
okay, congrajulations lt is said, the people you meet
on your way up to success.. encounter them again
on your way down. lt felt really weird. The relations I left behind
in arrogance of my success.. ..have left me and gone
way ahead in life. Everything had changed. But thank God.. some relationships
in life.. don’t require an invitation
for acceptance. And this is going to be
your outfit for the show. Nice?
– Nice. lt’s beautiful. Rohit.. thank you.
– For what? For giving me this opportunity. l know that you didn’t
have to do it. And everyone must have
advised you not to. Who cares.. No one knows
you like I do. Look, if I could have my way,
you would be my show stopper. But Meghna.. the sponsors..
you know how it is. l know.. Rohit I know. The fact that I’m even in
your show, means a lot. After all, it is my first
show on comeback and.. Trust me.. you are going
to rock. Okay? Hey, are you nervous. Don’t worry.. want to drink? No thanks. Daizy.. – Yes, sir. – Why isn’t
it steam irorned till now? Just go and see if that’s done?
Quick. Fast. Sweetheart, are you alright?
– Yes. Everything is fine?
– Yes, it is fine. Meghna..
– Hi. Meghna, are you okay? Yes, of course.
– Look, don’t worry. You’ll be absolutely fine. Okay? Are you sure?
– You are looking gorgeous. Sir. – Yes..
she has come – Thanks. Look, the show stopper has come.
l’ll be back in a minute. Okay?
Bye. Hi, Fabiana. You just tell me, my
assistants are there to help you. And let’s go to the lounge,
yes. Okay lets go, come. Guess what? I had no clue
and l walked in and then.. ..I was.. Okay girls, let’s stand in order. Meghna, you are not here.
You are after Brinal. Brinal, stand here..
– I am sorry. Meghna.. Sucheta.. Move.. move. “Something special.” Move.. Okay, listen. Meena is
the next girl, right? Okay, tell her to come on
the head ramp and take Meghna away. Listen Manisha, no second
change for Meghna. – Okay, sir. Just leave her, I’ll handle her. Okay, just don’t say anything.
l’ll explain it to her her. Meghna, You’ll be fine just relax, okay? Meghna, just relax. Okay?
Everything will be fine. Meghna, it is alright. It happens. lt’s alright? l ruined everything, Janet. l froze on the head ramp. Do you even understand
what that means? That means nothing at all. lt happens sometimes. lt doesn’t happen, Rahul. l don’t think I have
it in me anymore. Oh, come on, Meghna. You were nervous then, that’s all. l mean, you walked the
ramp after a year. Meghna just think, what’s
your dad gonna feel? Meghna, remember.. you have
to be very strong. You have to believe in yourself. You know how this industry works. There is no room for weakness. Alright. Just see.
lsn’t that Shonali the model? l think it is her. Look,
what state she’s come to. Madam.
– Shut up! How long have you been here?
Madam. Madam, do you know anyone here? Go away! Madam, please tell us.
Do you know anybody here. Leave me alone! People say that she has been
here for the last two days.. and isn’t talking to anyone. Shonali Gujral’s distressing story.. highlights another truth
of the fashion industry. lt is evident.. ..that the profession isn’t
as glamorous as it seems. lt is said that she was
put into rehab three.. ..times earlier,
but she ran away from there. Listen, Inspector.. ..instead of roaming
on the streets.. ..instead of making a mockery
in front of the media.. is better that
we take her along. Our NGO will take good care of her. Madam, it’s a procedure. Until her family members
don’t come.. And don’t take her along or.. ..she doesn’t say anything. We can’t let you take her. Madam, do you know her? Yes, I do. Meghna, it’s a huge responsibility. You yourself are struggling. Can you afford to look
after her as well? l haven’t thought about it, Janet. All l know is.. l’m not doing it for Shonali.. ..but for myself. l really need to do this. Okay. After bringing Shonali
home l realized.. ..that our lives were quite similar. Both of us had lost ourselves. The happiness l achieved
in helping.. ..Shonali come back
to a normal life.. was more important than the
happiness of professional success. As she got better, l regained
the self confidence l had lost. Listen, listen. Breaking news. My darling Rahul has bagged the
finale at the fashion week. Cheers.
– That’s fantastic. Wow, Rahul. That’s fantastic.
– Cheers. The biggest show ever.
– Thank you. Thank you. ln fact everything was
finalised yesterday. Tie a line of top models and
a surprise show stopper. Who is the show stopper? Like Vinay Khosla’s.. Surprise! Yeah. Guys, l don’t think it’s
a good idea. I mean.. After what happened
at Rohit’s show.. l just don’t think it’s a good idea. We’ve given this a lot of thought. Look guys, I know you’ll
are doing this for me. l appreciate it.
l really do, I am really grateful, but. l just .. I can’t do your show Rahul. l just can’t.. l am sorry. Why don’t you want to do the show? Please. You do know how important this
show is for you, don’t you? Come on, Shonali. You do know what happened
during Rohit’s show? This show is very important
for Rahul. l can’t let the same thing happen
to him too, you know. Meghna, you aren’t
worried for Rahul.. ..but you’re afraid
of failing again. Rahul has so much
confidence in you.. ..isn’t it fair.. prove him right? You can do it. Meghana We have lost a lot here. l know there’s no hope for me. Shonali.. – But if this show
helps you make a comeback.. lt is worth the risk. Rahul.. I have never interfered
in your decisions. So why do it now? Because, I am concerned. To make Meghna the show stopper
for such an important show..’s foolishness! And you know what she
did at Rohit’s show. l don’t think she has
it in her, anymore. Look Rahul, try and understand. The situation is different. People from the Paris Fashion Week
are coming to see the finale. lf there is any problem
in this show. Then Paris is out of the question. lt could be disastrous for
you and for my brand. Abhijeet, l know you
care about me, but.. l think you are overreacting. Nothing of that sort will happen. Maybe you are right. But is it necessary to take such
a big risk for this show? There are other shows, give
her a chance there. No, Abhijeet. It’ll
be too late then. l mean, Meghna needs
our help right now. Look, l know what I am doing.
Just trust me. You think about it. Oh!! Okay bye. – Cheers. The Kimaya Fashion Week has
begun with a controversy. Bollywood’s ace designer
Vinay Khosla.. has accused upcoming designer Zulfi
Khan with stealing his designs. Zulfi has copied all my designs. l had designed them for a film,
which he has stolen from there. l can show you the DVD. Side.. side, please. Rohit’s driver will come to
pick you up from the airport. Come directly to the venue. Okay?
– Did you have dinner? No, I have just returned
from a fitting session. Okay dear, take care of yourself.
We will be there. Okay.
– Bye. – Bye. Shonali! Shit. Shonali.. One second.
Yeah Meghna. Janet, Shonali isn’t at home. The house is a mess.
Don’t know what to do? Relax, Meghna. Take it easy. What is it?
– We’ll be there soon. Who are these people? Who are they? Hi. Biren.. Hi.. have you seen Shonali around? Did she come here? Why would she come here? Desperate woman! She hasn’t paid me five thousand
for the stuff as yet. She’s probably lying around
on the streets. Okay, thanks. Let’s go. What did he say? Shinde, pay attention. lf you get any information,
call immediately. Look, don’t panic. We’ve sent out a search party. We’ll try our level best. We have your number. lf we get any information.. ..we will call you. But..
– Relax. Sir, please try your best. Meghna, let’s go. Thank you, inspector.
– Thank you. Meghna, enter.. Don’t know if I am.. Walk properly, Meghna.
What are you doing? Don’t know if I am.. You forgot your turn, Meghna! Meghna, come on. – Concentrate
on what you have to do. Sorry I…. Don’t worry. We’ll find Shonali. We’ve informed the police. Everything will be alright. You just focus on the show, okay? And I promise everything
will be fine. Smile – Yes, got it. Okay? You are in the sixth position.
– Okay. Alicia, you are second, okay?
– Alright. No but.. that’s okay. Great.. look, it looks cute. Come on, you can have this straight. Okay girls! Ready? Let’s line
up and have a great show. How is it? Sure?
– No, turn around, stand up. Are you okay?
– I am okay. You need something?
– No. – relax Okay. Janet, please come here.
– I’ll be back. Ladies and Gentlemen,
kindly take your seats. The show is about to begin. Go, Diandra! Alicia. l shall give up my life. Ask him to call Meghna Mathur. l shall give up my life. Thank you. l shall give up my life. lt’s difficult. I shall
give up my life. My dreams. Meghna, you are next,
come on. Come on! l shall give up my life. Lets go. l shall give up my life. lt’s difficult. I shall
give up my life. Ready? You are next.
– Yeah. Meghna, your phone is ringing. Hello..
– Are you mad, Shruti? Hello, Miss Meghna.
– Yes. This is lnspector Gighe from
Bandra police station. There’s bad news. We’ve found Shonali Gujral’s body.. Khar East. We suspect that the cause of death.. ..could be drug overdose. Please come to Bhabha Hospital
and claim the body. So that we go ahead
with further inquiry. Hello, Ms. Meghna. 30 seconds to go for Meghna. 30 seconds. Ready? Okay? Stand by and send her.. Meghna, you are on. Go. Send her in quickly. Meghna, you have to
go now. Come on, go! Meghna Move. Meghna, walk! Come now, walk! Walk, it’s your turn! Go for it! Meghna! Walk! Come on Meghna, walk! Meghna! Put the lights. Meghna! Walk! Go. Meghna walk. What are you waiting for?
Go for it! Come Meghna, quickly. Meghna, now! Please put your hands
together for Rahul Arora. When we dream, nobody tells
us what we’d have to.. ..give up to achieve them. l lost Shonali in the same
moment I achieved success. l was pained by her loss. But l had the feeling that she
gave me a reason to dream. Even after everything
l went through.. life provided me another
opportunity. To find myself again.


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