– Let’s do this, Sharers, here we go. – Stand back, everybody, here it goes. – [Stephen] Here we go, you ready? – In three, two, one. – Here we go! (slow motion whooshing) (both shout excitedly) Welcome to the vlog, welcome back to another super awesome day, hmm, smells like blue soda. If you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button, because today we have the
most epic challenge ever, that’s right, we are doing
another $10,000 challenge, and this time it’s going
to be the best, biggest, baddest, and craziest soda bottle rocket wins $10,000, cash. – All right-y. I can’t wait. – That’s right Sharers, cold, hard, cash. If you didn’t see, we have a total of $1 million we are giving out, and so far we have been doing a bunch of awesome, crazy competitions, where you can win up to $10,000. We started with a drag race,
and that was totally crazy. (man yelling)
(dramatic music) And John won that. – Oh yeah, that’s right, super easy. – Then we went to the trampoline park, where I found the $10,000 that was hidden at the very top of the trampoline park. (dramatic music) This is what I’m talking about. I made it to the top! I got the 10,000, John. And then all three of us won $10,000 each when we escaped the
escape room space shuttle. – [All Three] Whoa! – [Stephen] Wait, wait, that’s 10,000. – That’s 10,000!
– Three stacks of dollars! – So we have a total of $20,000 for me. – And I also have $20,000. – And I have $10,300. – So that is the current score right now, it is a tie between me and John, but the question is, who’s going to win the $10,000 cash in today’s video? And whoever can get the highest rocket is the winner. – That’s right, we each get two chances, and I already have some ideas, so let’s go downstairs. – All right, let’s go, let’s go, start the clock, let’s get going. We’ve got five minutes to make the craziest soda bottle rocket ever. Let’s go. Oh! And inside, Sharers we have
to say hi to baby Otter, hi Otter! We’re gonna be outside
doing a homemade experiment, do you wanna come watch? (hollow tin dings) He’s sleeping today. Thanks Otter! Time’s a ticking. We gotta get down to the basement. Oh yeah, by the way, Sharers, Grace’s YouTube Play button came in, check this out, oh yeah! She got 100,000 subscribers, a long time ago, she’s
actually at a million now, so we’re waiting for her
gold play button to come in, then we can add it to the wall. So here are the rules, we each get one large two-liter bottle of soda, and we each get one small, I don’t know if that’s a liter, but bottle of soda. To make our best rocket, and we have all these supplies we can use, folders, index flash cards, tape, glue, sharpies, superglue,
and of course, duck tape and these are book covers. So we have all these crazy
school supplies that we can use, I don’t know what we can use them for, but if you can get your rocket to stay in the air the
longest, you get a point, and whoever gets the most points wins $10,000. – Cool, the rules sound fun,
let’s pick some team colors. – Awesome, I’m gonna be red. YouTube red. – I’ll do orange. – And I’ll be sunny yellow. – I’m gonna start with
my small bottle of soda, and I’m going to use some
of these school supplies to add some aerodynamics, so first things first, I’m gonna take some of these index cards and make them into wings. So this can soar back
down like an airplane and get some more airtime. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, airplane soda bottle, check it out. Oh yeah. – All right, Stephen, not looking too bad, but I think I have an idea
that’s gonna work even better, so let me get started. – Good luck, John. – For mine, I’m gonna use
a book cover and duck tape and that’s about it. All right, so my idea is
to drape the book cover over the top, and so as it’ll go up, it’ll just be super streamlined like that, then once it comes back down, it’ll act like a parachute, and then stop it from
coming back down so fast, so it’ll be in the air longer. All right, all done, once it goes up, hopefully this parachute will come down and stop it from coming down so fast. So, Grace, I think it’s your turn. – That’s right John, step aside, team yellow’s coming in hot. Got my soda can, and my paper, and I’m going to add some string so it makes it go even faster. All right-y, this is looking really good. So when it shoots up in
the sky and comes down, it’ll have these flames. (Stephen laughing) – Grace, why do you think
that’s gonna do anything? – I don’t know, it looks like flames! – This isn’t an art show. – What is it? – It’s to get your rocket to
stay in the air the longest. – Okay, watch me win, okay,
I think I’m gonna win. – All right, well, Sharers, you have my soda bottle, which
I think is gonna do the best, so comment #Stephen if you
think mine’s gonna win. – And mine kinda looks like
tacky hair day at school. So comment #Grace if
you think mine will win. – And then we have mine,
which has a nice little hat that’ll hopefully act as a parachute. – Hey, these were all
homemade soda rockets that were made with school supplies, not rocket science materials, so we’re gonna see how
these actually hold up. So there’s only one way to find out, I say we go outside and we test these. – Yeah, let’s launch them.
– Let’s do it. – Let’s go Sharers,
this is gonna be crazy. Since I’ve done a lot
with nerf soda rockets, I’m going to go first, I’ve never done anything with
a mini one, I don’t think. And by the way, Sharers,
if you didn’t already see, we did an awesome nerf soda rocket model with Mikey when he came
here for his Make-A-Wish, and today we’re gonna try
and do the same thing, we’re adding it and
stepping it up a notch, so the rules are there are no rules, whoever can get their
rocket to go the highest is the winner. And by the way, if you
hit any of those cars, John or Grace, you’re in big trouble. If you hit the Sharerghini,
the Share the Love Bug, or the SpyWagon, you are out, completely, so make sure the soda goes this way and up into the sky. – Yeah, that’s the idea,
I hope I can do that. – You never know what’s gonna happen. So here’s how you do this, Sharers, oh, (screams) – [Grace] Whoa whoa whoa,
it’s already exploding! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, don’t get my wings wet. I guess it was pretty shaken up carrying it up the stairs. But all you gotta do,
is you unscrew the soda, and then you take the base, and you screw the base on just like this, and then it’s all up to you to determine how much soda to air ratio you want, so I’m going to dump out some soda, and I’m gonna say, I’m gonna put about, ooh, this much soda in my rocket, and the rest is going to be air, so then you come over
here to the pump station, you take this, you shove it in the bottom, super, super tight. The key is, the stronger
you get it into the bottom, the harder it is to pop out unless you have a lot of air pressure, so the stronger you can
get it in the better, and then you tip your soda
bottle over just like this, onto the launchpad, and you stand back and
get ready to launch. – Okay, Stephen, that’s right, we’ve gotta stand back, stand back zone, this rocket is about to explode. – Okay, here we go, launching, in three, two, one. (triumphant music) (record scratch) (Grace laughing) – [Grace] What happened? – No! What happened? That was so bad! Oh no, Sharers, that was horrible. Okay, well, round one
didn’t go too well for me. Yikes. But if any of you make
it less off the ground, I could technically win. – That’s true, I guess
you still have a chance, but not much of one. – Oh dear, well, you know what John, you’re gonna go up next. – Oh boy.
– Okay. Let’s see how good John can do with his. Good luck John. – All right, here we go. Pour some out.
– So here’s the key. What is John’s ratio going to be? Ooh, I think you’re dumping out too much, but I’m not gonna say anything. – I don’t think that’s too
much, I’m gonna keep going. – [Stephen] Okay, up to
you, all about the ratio, if you get the right ratio
it can go super high, or if you get the ratio
wrong, it can go super low. Uh-oh.
– Uh-oh! (sad trombone music) – This is not good, you’d better tape that
parachute back on quick. – I think you gotta scratch the parachute. – I’m gonna give it one more shot, and if it doesn’t work, I’m
just gonna have to forget it. All right, we’re just gonna go like that, it might not work, it’s already
falling off a little bit, but let’s just launch and see how it goes. – [Stephen] Okay, here we go. – Put this in tight as I can. – It’s literally about getting it as tight as you can in there. John is really going for it. – Here we go. – [Stephen] All right,
there’s the parachute, the parachute soda bottle. – [Grace] Team orange. – [Stephen] Here we go, you ready, John? – Standing back, Stephen. – [Stephen] Standing back. You gotta pump away strong, let’s see how high it can go, you ready? – Okay, ready? – Here we go, pumping,
in three, two, one, go. Go, go, go, go, go, let’s see, let’s see! (Stephen shouting and cheering) – That was fast. – Okay! Parachute did not deploy, but John’s bottle did go higher, so technically John is
in the lead right now. Now everything points to Grace. – Oh yeah, I have some
confidence with my tiki topper. – [Stephen] Okay, gotta
start your mixture, what are you gonna do for your mixture? – I’m gonna dump out 60%. – [Stephen] 60%? – Just like that. – [Stephen] Okay. – All right-y. – [Stephen] Get your base on
there and let’s get ready. – All right, I put the topper on, and then load this black
thing in, just like that, and then tip it over on the launching pad, get on the stand, and pump away. – Okay, Sharers, right
now John is in the lead, I am definitely losing, but the question is, how
high can Grace’s soda go? You ready for this, Grace? – I’m ready! – [Stephen] Here we go, launching, in three, two, one, go. Here we go, yes! (Stephen shouting) (triumphant music) – That was awesome! – Not bad, Stephen, I think she beat you. – Okay, not bad, not bad. Grace definitely beat me, well everyone definitely beat me, it looks like John got
first on that round. – Yeah, mine went pretty high. – Grace got second.
– Woo hoo! – I got third, but I learned
some good techniques, and Sharers, when we do the
massive soda bottle rockets. – They’ll go even higher! – Yeah, they’ll go even higher, I think I’m definitely gonna win that one. – Yeah, we’ll see about that. – Yeah, we will. – Let’s go back to the basement, let’s grab some school supplies, grab the bigger bottle of soda, and let’s get to work, let’s see. Sharers, this is going to be interesting. These bigger soda bottles
go even higher in the sky, they can go literally,
like 200 feet in the air. – Yeah, those went like 30.
– Over top of the house. – Yeah, you haven’t seen anything yet, so if you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button, because things are about to get crazy. Let’s go. Let’s cut the games, Sharers, I’m gonna win this, here we go. Bringing out the big liter bottle of soda, some of that awesome superglue, a book cover, which is
gonna be a parachute, but I’m gonna do it right this time. Tear the book cover a little more so it acts more like a parachute, then we’re gonna use superglue and glue it onto the bottle. And voila, check it out, we
got a book cover parachute, that’s glued on this time so
it’s definitely going to work. – All right Stephen, yeah, my parachute didn’t
work so well last time, but I think I have a parachute that’s gonna work even
better than that one. – Okay, we’ll see what you do, John. – All right, here we go. All right, put that on the base like that. I’m gonna cut some
paper, bright pink paper, and make some strips, and
attach a cone to the top to act as a parachute. – [Stephen] Some strips,
Grace, that sounds like yours. – Yeah, seems like someone liked my idea. – [Stephen] Hmm. – Hmm, I don’t think so, this is gonna be a little bit different. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s see how it works, let’s get going. – All right, and then my idea is to tuck all these under here, and this way it’ll blast off like this with the cone, the nose cone, so it gets super high up, and then once it reaches
the maximum altitude, it’ll come off, and then it’ll act like
a parachute coming down. – Huh, I think you need to step aside, I need to build my rocket. – [Stephen] Okay, John, watch
out, Grace is coming in. You ready, Grace? – Oh yeah. Let’s see, put my rocket on the stand. I need some Sharerghini green, what is this, construction paper? Tape that around my bottle
to make a little tunnel because tunnels are fast. And let’s tape the tunnel up. Oh yeah, Sharers, comment down below if you know what that is. Here’s a little hint. – Share the love.
– Oh yeah. – Okay, let’s grab our soda bottles and let’s get going. By the way Sharers, check
out the awesome fan mail wall we have behind us, we’re gonna be adding some more fan mail on the upcoming vlogs, if you haven’t already, make sure to send us some
of your awesome fan mail for us to display on the wall, the mailing address is in the
link in description below, you guys ready to go? – Oh yeah. – Let’s see who’s gonna win, I think I’ve totally got it, my parachute is glued
tight onto this bottle. It’s not going anywhere
except down nice and slow. – Hey, but look at mine! Mine’s like a little tree house. – We’ll see. – Yeah, we’ll see about that, up we go! – Since John is currently in the lead, he is going to go first. – Oh boy, here we go. – So get ready for your
rocket to fail right away, you ready for this? Okay John, get ready, locked
and loaded, let’s do this. (bottle fizzes) It’s all about the mixture. – Ready, Stephen? – [Stephen] Let’s see, what are you gonna do for your mixture? – Pour some out. – [Grace] How much are you pouring out? – I’m thinking about 33%. – [Stephen] 33%. – Okay. – That’s not 33%. – [Stephen] All right, you
gonna do a little more? There’s gonna be no soda left in there. – All right, I think that’s pretty good. – [Stephen] Okay, 33%. Oh, and a little more! – Yeah. You weren’t supposed to see that. – Okay, we all saw that, there’s no hiding secret
ingredients over here. Now just put the legs on, John. – Screw that nice and tight. Package the parachute up, just like that, and then push this in as hard as I can. – [Stephen] You think that’s good? – Yeah, I hope so. – John’s up, Grace, stand back. Clear the entry way. John’s about to launch on the launch pad. If you think John’s gonna
stay in the lead, Sharers, comment right now, #John. I don’t know. I think you poured out too much soda, and I don’t think your device
is going to work at all, I think it’s gonna cause it
to mess up on the launch pad, but there’s only one way to find out. – Ready, Stephen? – [Stephen] Here we go! Three, two, one, start pumping, here we go, here we go,
it’s going, it’s going (screams) Whoa! (string twangs) (Stephen laughing) (slow motion whooshing) Uh-oh. – I don’t think that worked at all. – The parachute did work. – [Stephen] Parachute kinda worked, it at least, like, exploded off. – That’s true, but it
didn’t go up very high. – I think I need to step up to the bat. – Oh dear, Sharers, John’s
did not go very high at all. Could be beginner’s luck, I don’t know, but Grace, since you
got second last round, you’re gonna go next. – All right-y, let’s pour some soda out. Whoa, oh yeah. – [Stephen] All about the mixture. – Okay. – [Stephen] Let’s see, how
much soda you gonna put in? – I’m gonna pour out 72%. – [Stephen] 72%? – Yup, let’s get started. – [Stephen] Oh dear. Okay. Let’s see. That’s a lot of soda going out. – That was barely anything,
I need to keep going. – [Stephen] Okay, you think more? – Yeah. Just about, can’t really see because my tunnel is covering it. Uh-oh. This might be a little challenge. – Grace thinks pouring out
a lot of soda’s the key, I do not think that’s the key, but we’ll find out. – Okay, I think that’s
72%, I can’t really see. But let’s get this on the stand, and let’s get this blasting. All right-y, got my flames on, now it’s time for this
black stud to go in. – [Stephen] Push it in
nice and strong, uh-oh. (John laughing) – [John] That’s a not good look. – Oh, boy.
– Oh dear. Already off to a bad start, hopefully you can clip that back in. – Good, put that back in. – [Stephen] All right, you ready? Grace’s rocket is on the launch pad. – Okay, everyone, clear the way, we are going high. – Sharers, if you think Grace
is gonna do better than John, comment right now, #Grace. We’ll see how high hers goes, I think it’ll definitely
go higher than John’s. All right, you ready? – Here we go! – [Stephen] Here we go,
launching in three, two, one, go. Here we go, here we go, here we go, uh-oh, uh-oh, get ready,
get ready, get ready! (screams) Whoa! (slow motion whooshing) Oh yeah!
– That was really good! – That was good and it
had good glide down. – Yeah, that worked pretty well. – I think it might have prevented you from going up super high, but at least glided down nice and slow. – Yeah, it was like
soda raining everywhere, and it all splattered. – Smells like pineapple soda. Oh, oh, that’s why. Okay, so for this round, Grace
is currently in the lead. – Oh yeah, number one. – John’s in second, and it’s up to me to figure out what place I’m gonna get, then we’ll combine the scores at the end to figure out who’s gonna
win the $10,000 cash. – Oh yeah, I won it. – Not yet.
– Not yet. – You won it or you want it? – Both. – Sharers, guess right now who you think is gonna win this challenge, if you guess right, we may just give you a
shout out in next video. – Oh yeah! – So comment away, okay, but I am up, let me grab my awesome soda
with the book case parachute. – Yeah, good luck with that. (Stephen groans) – Super tight, woo! Listen to that carbonation. Whoa! Okay, it’s full, hang tight. There we go. Here we go, you ready? – [Grace] Yeah. – Dumping some soda out. – [Grace] How much? – [John] How much are you
gonna pour out, Stephen? – This. And a little more. Just like this. That’s all the soda I’m pouring out, get ready for this, this is
going to blast off like crazy. – [Grace] Put it on the launch pad. – Pop this thing in real quick, it’s all about getting it in super far. All right, that is in
very strong, Sharers. This is going to be a first place win. I’m gonna have the
longest air time possible, flip it over, here we go. – [Grace] Kinda looks like
Superman, with the cape. – Oh, it’s gonna be crazy,
stand back, it’s gonna be wild. Here we go, blasting in three, two, one… – [Grace] Whoa… (all cheering) (record scratch) – Uh, yeah, I think that
just got us more wet than went high. – Oh no. (slow motion whooshing) Uh-oh. Well, it went in the air, the question is how
long was that air time? Let’s replay that in slow-mo. (dramatic music) (victorious music) Oh yes, and it looks
like I just beat John, just by a few milliseconds. – Yeah, barely, barely. – But hey, I got that hang time, all because of that parachute, so that means, Sharers, the overall winner of
this challenge is Grace! – Oh yeah, that is what I’m talking about, I get the money, which
means I am one step closer to the $1 million ultimate prize, woo hoo! – Oh yeah Sharers, comment down below what $10,000 challenge we should do next, or should we do a $20,000 challenge, $30,000 challenge, or
million dollar challenge, I don’t know, comment your
crazy ideas down below, and until next time, you know what to do, – [All] Stay awesome, and
share the love, peace, woo! ♪ Jump in jump in ♪ (relaxed electronic music)

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