“Female Sharpshooter Polka,” from Rice’s “Evangeline, or The Belle of Acadia”

There! Here’s your sweetheart, and if I were you, I’d not with him have anything to do I found him kissing of another girl.
Good night! LE BLANC:
Avaunt! Be gone! Clear out, base churl!
Ah, Vangie! How d’ye do? I really hope I don’t intrude on you. EVANGELINE: Heavens! It’s Le B. Of course it is, my dear
The others, too, are in this cell next here. Your signature you now can finish, see :
The letters N, G, E, L, I, N, E ? All right.
Three letters are already down.
I wrote them when within my native town –– N. G. E. Gracious, how bad a pen –– Never mind –– go on! What’s that noise? –– I’m frightened. –– I can’t write more. Was ever man more plagued in life before?
I must dissemble and bide my time.
Have you a hairpin handy? Thank you kindly –– Although I’m forced to labor somewhat blindly.
E’en a hairpin, though a trifling thing,
May happen (“hairpin”) great results about to bring. What would you do? A little engineering
To bring our friends within our sight and hearing. The hardened mortar first, you see, I scrape out.
One. Two. Three. And there’s a hole the whole lot can escape out by ––– Catty –– Gabriel –– Catty –– Catty –– Catty, where are you? CATHERINE:
Here I am, Blanky.
I couldn’t get through there,
So I ran round and slipped through the keyhole. That window! Sh! sh! Don’t make a noise.
Help me up, some of you. Confound these bars!
How good it seems to see the little stars –– If I get out, to save you all I’ll try,
The space is small and so’s my chances –– Goodbye! He’ll break his neck! He’ll choke to death, I know! My Love at the window:
Blanky, come back to me! JAILOR:
Now then, time’s up, so come along, my dear. What’s this? There’s something wrong, I fear. CHIEF OF POLICE:
Secure these prisoners! Bind him. –– Gag her! Say, come out of that! I can’t, my man. You see the cursèd luck Well then, I’ll take you, window sash and all!

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