#FemalePleasure (2019) | U.S. Theatrical Trailer

– [Leyla] We live in the environment where women are constantly judged. What is it that happened
billions of years ago, that they thought they had
to do this to our bodies? – [Vithika] The concept of
love does not exist in India. – [Deborah] I was 17 years old. I was to have intercourse
with someone I didn’t know. – It’s about controlling
women’s sexuality. And that’s a global issue. – An artist in Tokyo has been arrested for 3D prining an image of her vagina. – [Leyla] They’re practicing patriarchy, which is a universal religion. – [Vithika] It’s very
different than to have men talk about things which actually
questions their masculinity. – [Leyla] Women need to remember that they actually own their bodies. ♪ I put my armor on ♪ – The female body is just as precious, just as valuable as the man’s. ♪ I put my armor on ♪ ♪ I’m unstoppable ♪ – [Woman] You cannot isolate the role of men or the role of women. ♪ I’m invincible ♪ – [Woman] It’s not a question of fixing one gender before the other,
we all have to change. ♪ I’m unstoppable today ♪

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