Fields of Clover (Short Drama)

( ♪ music ♪ ) ( door shuts ) ( birds chirping ) JESSICA: Lacey! LACEY: Hi, Jessica. JESSICA: You’ve got school
today, don’t you? JESSICA: Can I go with you? LACEY: I guess… But I don’t
think they’ll let you in. JESSICA: That’s okay. Can you
come see me after school? LACEY: I don’t know. There’s
something else I’m supposed to
do. JESSICA: Oh yeah. Doctor,
right? LACEY: Yeah, stupid doctor. JESSICA: Hey, look what I
found. JESSICA: It’s a four leaf
clover. They’re supposed to be
lucky, right? LACEY: I guess so. JESSICA: You think maybe I’ll
win a prize or something? LACEY: Maybe. I never found
one, so I don’t know. JESSICA: I looked all day
yesterday till I found this
one. LACEY: Guess you are lucky
then. JESSICA: Do you think I should
make a wish? LACEY: What would you wish for? JESSICA: I wish I could go to
school with you. Wouldn’t that
be great? LACEY: But you’re not supposed
to. You might get in trouble. JESSICA: I can hide. They won’t
even know I’m there. Please? LACEY: No. I wish you could
too. But it’s better if you
don’t. LACEY: I’ll see you later
though, okay? JESSICA: Alright. You promise? LACEY: I Promise. ( ♪ music ♪ ) ( bell ringing ) JESSICA: I don’t like this
place. LACEY: It’s okay. I’m used to
it. JESSICA: It smells funny. LACEY: Yeah, kinda. JESSICA: Want to hear a secret? ( whispers ) ( laugh ) LACEY: No. He didn’t. JESSICA: He did. Can you
believe it? ( laugh ) LACEY: Oh, I’ve got something
for you. JESSICA: What? JESSICA: My favorite! How did
you get it? JESSICA: Thank you, thank you,
thank you! LACEY: I hope nobody finds out I
took it. JESSICA: Can I keep it? Just
for today? LACEY: Sure. But I should
probably take it back tomorrow. JESSICA: You’re the bestest
friend ever, Lacey. LACEY: I don’t like this room. JESSICA: It smells even worse
than outside. LACEY: No, it’s just creepy. I
don’t like to be in here. LACEY: Ow! LACEY: Why did you pinch me? JESSICA: I didn’t. LACEY: I felt it. JESSICA: Wasn’t me. LACEY: Then who did? JESSICA: I think it was them. DOCTOR HILL: Lacey. DOCTOR HILL: Lacey, can you hear
me? LACEY’S MOTHER: Lacey? LACEY’S MOTHER: Is it working? DOCTOR HILL: Lacey. DOCTOR HILL: I’m Doctor Hill.
Do you recognize me? DOCTOR HILL: Do you know where
you are? DOCTOR HILL: I know you’re
frightened but we just want to
help you. Okay? DOCTOR HILL: But you need to let
us. Can you do that? LACEY: What’s going on Jess? LACEY’S MOTHER: Lacey please. DOCTOR HILL: Try to focus. LACEY’S MOTHER: Lacey talk to
us. Just say something. DOCTOR HILL: Try to keep calm. LACEY’S MOTHER: But it’s
working. I can see it in her
eyes. DOCTOR HILL: It may be, but if
she’s not ready to cooperate we
can’t force her. LACEY’S MOTHER: Lacey, you need
to come back to us. LACEY’S MOTHER: You’ve got to do
something. You’ve got to make
her snap out of it. DOCTOR HILL: Lacey, can you hear
my voice? DOCTOR HILL: I want you to
focus. Please try to focus. LACEY’S MOTHER: Something’s
wrong. It’s not working. DOCTOR HILL: We have to keep
calm, Mrs. Baxter. We can’t
expect miracles here. DOCTOR HILL: She’s seen things
that no child should see. Poor
thing. DOCTOR HILL: But we’ll keep at
it. We’ll get her back. ( scream ) LACEY: Want some? JESSICA: No thanks. LACEY: I hate that place. JESSICA: Me too. LACEY: Do you want to do
something? JESSICA: Like what? LACEY: I don’t know. Play
outside maybe? JESSICA: Hey! I know. JESSICA: Come with me. There’s
something I want to show you. LACEY: What is it? JESSICA: I gotta show you silly.
Come on. LACEY: Where are we going? JESSICA: It’s not far. We’re
almost there. JESSICA: See? This is where
they put me. JESSICA: Keisha’s over there and
Danny Gordon’s on the other
side. JESSICA: I don’t know where all
the rest are. They weren’t in
our class anyway. LACEY: Is that why they won’t
let you come back to school? JESSICA: I think so. LACEY: It’s not fair. It’s just
not. JESSICA: My parents come here
every day. JESSICA: They cry a lot. But
it’s okay ’cause I’m happy to
see them. JESSICA: Can I see you again
tomorrow? LACEY: Sure. We can look for
another four leaf clover. LACEY: There must be lot’s of
them here. JESSICA: I love you Lacey. LACEY: Best friends forever,
right? JESSICA: Forever.

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