Figure Skating Drama – Part 2 – The Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Film | Olympic History

On the evening of February 19th at the hammar Olympic at the theater More than 6,000 spectators were on hand to witness the men’s free skating competition that would decide the gold silver and Bronze medals Two days earlier when the short program was contested the battle for top honors was expected to be between America’s Brian Boitano the 1988 Calgary winner And Victor Petrenko of the ukraine the gold medalist from Albertville two years ago both performed poorly in the short program for channel finishing eight and Petrenko knife as the four and a half minute freestyle program was underway Votano and Petrenko both knew they were competing for personal crime rather than medals Chance of reaching the victory podium where tunnel performed as the champion who was known to be? He moved from eighth to sixth place Petrenko was even more impressive Flawlessly, he was the Petrenko avoid moving from ninth to fourth Place Nevertheless they would have to watch from the sidelines as the young would replace the old to the Kendall or oh of France won the Bronze Elvis Stojko of Canada the silver And Alexei your Monopod russia the same positions that were going into this planet But as the award platform ceremony signals the end of the men’s competition The Olympic Involvement of Victor Petrenko is not yet over for now he would turn his attention to the women’s competition still four days away and the fortunes of his protege Roxana bio of the Ukraine Galina’s mas Kaya has been the coach of Victor Petrenko for more than eight years Petrenko is married to her oldest daughter and Nina zemi FcA is also the coach of sixteen-Year-old, Oksana baiul the 1993 women’s figure skating World Champion and one of the favourites to win the gold medal in lillehammer Caf SKaia has been training, Oksana baiul for two years taking over from her former coach in 1992 when OkSana was 14 this is Stanislav quarry tech who emigrated from the appropriate rough skin the ukraine to Canada after coaching Oksana for nine Years since she Was a child of five Oksana started her figure skating at small rink in dnepropetrovsk kids started from four years to learn how to skate and I had 10 kids and One of them was axe on Ax and it was a little girl really cute little girl, and she always was too serious and During a whole 9 years when I worked she was most talented to you girl Oksana baiul life has been filled with tragedy She never knew her father who left their home when she was a small child Her grandparents who helped bring her up both died as she was growing up? and Her mother died of cancer when OkSana was 13 the following year Stanislav Corey Tech moved to Canada with the hope of taking Oksana with him I Thought maybe I can find some Much better environment for work, it’s Canada and maybe I can bring OkSana with me just finally I realized it’s not so easy I Decide this can be much better for her if she will state in group of galina At that time I think that was the best decision for that When Stanislav character suggested that I coach, Oksana. I was not excited at first I don’t like to work with someone else’s students. I like to prepare them from the beginning It is like a housewife cooking cabbage without outside help She also had no place to live and I have a small home with two children But victor pShonka had been helping her for years, and he said to me. She is such a small girl how much can she cost how much can she when she find out about The Sauna Story without any questions. She Take her home and give her everything what she need for the collide I was given house ever seen what she need for the practicing let’s say that skates blades and boots, but skating no fabric for Making a costume you know Also, give her some money to leave Jelena and eaten mean everything to me. They not only coachman. They are my family I do not know why I had been so fortunate to have those two Nobody else in the world would do for me what they have done Oksana baiul has been compared to the legendary Sonja henie at Norway The only female skater to ever win three individual Olympic gold Medals The comparison with Sonja Henie is evident Any won her first gold medal at age fifteen? Oksana baiul her first world championship at fifteen and both have Charismatic grace on the ice movements that have enchanted their fans worldwide Even more they have captivated the judges Their personality is often the difference between victory and defeat The dramatic story of Oksana baiul reached its Climax on the evening of February 25th when the women’s free skating final was scheduled She was in second place within striking distance of the leader Nancy Kerrigan of the United States for weeks preceding the lillehammer Olympics The World was mesmerised by the Daily reports implicating Tonya Harding in the attack that injured Nancy Kerrigan’s knees shortly before the olympic trials In the following weeks, Kerrigan and harding were uncertain whether they would skate at the Olympics Kerrigan recovered and was named to the team In a series of legal maneuvers harding, too was permitted to skate But a day before the women’s pre skating final another dramatic happening in a practice session, Oksana baiul collided with another skater receiving severe injuries to her right leg and back I Did not pay much attention to Nelson Tony it was their problem, and they had to solve their own problems I Could not concern myself with them for I had an injury also in a practice session right before the free skate and final No, you cannot let outside influences affect your performance Now in the final night of the women’s competition 24 skaters will take the ice in four groups of six One of those in the second-to-last group is tonya harding who was tenth after the technical program two days earlier? Partings introduction is received courteously by the audience who are unaware that before stepping onto the ice she had a problem with her skate her first Maneuver a triple lutz She fails Badly After a few moments parting abruptly stops it appears. She will not continue However, she appeals to the referee that her shoelace is broken and requests a change before going on It is granted Parting is given a rescate. She would end up in 8th place Now it was time for the final six this group will include all the potential metals owners general of China for that the technical Program trails Kerrigan baiul and Surya bonaly of France All three leaders will skate after chen lady Gem Blue Skates well and has a chance for a medal But now it is time for Nancy Kerrigan the leader after the first day Nancy Kerrigan will scape to a Medley of Tunes by Neil Diamond Kerrigan Won the Bronze Medal in Albertville two years ago and followed that by becoming the 1993 United States champion But she failed to win a medal at the 1993 world championships won by Oksana Baiul her first jump a triple flip She does a double instead of a triple one of the highlights of her program a triple combination Attack before the Olympics it was not certain whether she would make it to literally The United States figure skating association sanctioned for admission to the team after Kerrigan proved that she had overcome her injury in a special tryout Nancy Kerrigan is trying to become the successor to kristi, Yamaguchi of the United States who won the gold Kerrigan finished third As the program goes on Kerrigan Performs brilliantly It is evidence. She was silenced forever the critics who questioned her ability to perform under extreme pressure Kerrigan is now going into the final section of a program to many it is a gold medal performance Nancy Kerrigan has performed magnificently She’s given high marks both for technical merit And artistic impression all nine judges place her first in the standings But there is still room for Oksana baiul to win the gold Medal I? Remember my name being announced and I waited for my music to start I had to concentrate But the children were the flowers was kaden to give them to Nancy Kerrigan So I had to wait before I could begin the program For anybody else this delay would break their concentration But axon. I saw the tunnel of such strong will that I knew it won’t affect her Even when the girls came back to pick up some of the flowers that fell on the arts Oksana baiul will Escape to a series of Broadway show Tunes Golina and Oksana know that her first jump is the most critical for earlier, Oksana with the approval of the International Olympic committee received pain-killing injections for her leg and back injuries three stitches were needed to close her leg wound Her first jump a triple lutz the first of five triples. She is scheduled to perform now she will attempt the triple flip the same jump Nancy Kerrigan changed to a double a slight mistake she lands on both feet in the history of women’s figure skating Soviet Skaters had dominated the pair’s competitions, but no soviet female skater at ever won an individual Gold Medal. I Was praying to God that she would have the strength to finish Watching her perform. I was so proud She was so full of stress, then Jackson’s your back injury I then realized what she was going through was on our secret There are nine judges officiating the competition They will give separate scores for technical merit and artistic performance a short program two evenings ago Accounts for one third of the score tonight’s freestyle is worth two thirds With 15 seconds of her program left, Oksana baiul makes a momentous decision She is not certain that her performance will give her the gold Medal She decides to add the triple toe loop But Sauna Bio rule is practically flawless the decision of the judges will be a close one When I finished I was so really I have skated so well despite my injuries When I was coming to the end of the problem, I thought to myself why not why not try it? So I added the triple toe loop it Was a big surprise for me what she did I know know what she is going to do, but she is so talented it is a nice problem for Oksana baiul and Gallinas in the FcA. I await the scores Oksana couldn’t stop crying We didn’t know whether she was first or second. We didn’t know how she was going to be judged Finally the scores are posted first technical merit followed by artistic impression The final Tabulation is almost impossible to comprehend of the nine judges Forgave their first-place votes to Carrigan for to buy you The ninth judge from Germany called it a tie but by the rules ties are broken by the skater with a highest artistic score The German Judge gives up Sana by Eula 5.9 Earlier he had given Nancy Kerrigan A 5.8 Oksana baiul now has five first-Place votes to Carrigan’s four and moves into first place The battle for the medals is still on Surya Bonaly of France goes into the free skating competition in third place When the program is over she finishes in fourth behind chen Liu of China now one of the poignant moments of the competition the final Skater on the evenings program two-time, Olympic Gold Medal Winner Katarina, bit of Germany She is greeted as a reigning queen Before the competition began Katarina vit recognized that she had little chance of returning to the victory platform The reasons for making the attempt she said I wanted to share the olympic experience just one more time the program is a message of peace and a tribute to the long-suffering people of Sarajevo the scene of the 1984 Winter Olympics The song Where have all the flowers gone But as in the men’s competition the young have replaced the old Katerina finishes in Seventh place the Victory Award ceremony takes place 16 year old Oksana baiul of the Ukraine stands on the Top step Nancy Kerrigan of the United States second Standing on the victory platform of Sana bios thoughts turned to victor and galina Her words to achieve great things in life with the help of others one can overcome the sadness of the past There is one more honor for Oksana baiul Because of her for the first time in Olympic history the Ukrainian national anthem is being played


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