presents a production of CASA DE FILME TREI a film made in the Studios of CENTRUL DE PRODUCȚIE
Today is Saturday. Hello.
– Hello. Your name?
– Lupaşcu Rodica. Dismissed. Lupașcu Rodica. The schedule, for those of you interested. 17.30 – 19.30: technical meeting.
This is now. 19.30 – 20.30: Supper. 20.30 – 22.30: Musical show
and dance at the Cultural House. 22.30: Lights out. 6.30 tomorrow morning: wake-up call. 7.30: Breakfast. Please, I’m not finished yet. 8.00 – 9.30: Visit at the bakery factory. 10.30 – 12.30: visit to the History,
Arts and Ethnography Museum. I found us boats.
13.00 – 14.00: Lunch. What? – Boats. 14.30 – 16.30: swim test and
preparation of the crafts. 17.30 – 18.30: monuments tour in Calafat. 19.00 – 20.00: Supper. 20.00 – 20.30: Free time.
21.00: lights out. Therefore, comrades, this wonderful expedition
which you fully deserve, begins Monday morning. We’re here – except for us, of course – winners
of important contests, in different fields, in sports, physics,
chemistry, chess and others. I hope this expedition
offered to you as a prize will be gratifying
and full of enriching information, and once back home, you’ll be healthier, wiser,
more relaxed and ready to go back to work. We’ll take advantage of
the beautiful weather and in our spare time
we’ll visit places and beauties that, we think, you’ll enjoy
and will enrich your knowledge. We’ll try to organize the time
in the most pleasant way. This will be an expedition
for youngsters, not for retired people… It’ll be an expedition for those who
want to fully enjoy the fresh morning air, who want to smile to the sun
and strengthen their arms and muscles. We’ll travel in boats, from one stop
to another. We’ll row.
That is, we’ll advance by our own forces. Comrade Tudorache from NAVROM had the kindness
to lend us the navigation equipment Which, of course, we’ll use
and care for in a proper way. Comrades, let’s not forget
there are also girls among us. Let’s behave in such a way
as to make them feel fine, because then we’ll feel fine too. Any questions? Who’s the blondie? Firan Crenguta,
winner of the “Skillful Hands” contest. Zvoristeanu Lili Sanda,
winner of the declamation contest. Lupaşcu Rodica, winner of the contest
“The cleanest working place”. Come on.
Take a seat. Marin Vladi! Me? Aren’t you Marin Vladi?
I know you. Don’t you remember me?
I’m Lili. You’re from Buzău, aren’t you?
– That’s right. Let’s get out of here, okay? Do you remember when you gave me l leu? I did ? To buy myself some candy.
– And did you? And what more did you buy yourself?
– What more could I get with l leu? How old were you then?
– I was 9. And you, how old are you now? Me? I’m thirtyish… Holy cow! You’re an oldie now.
– It depends on how you feel about it, you know? And do you make good money?
– Yeah, pretty good. I mean regular, you know… And did you build a drama team
at the Cooperation? Some, but I gave this up.
No spare time… I’ve been ill too… Why are you laughing? You gave up theatre and I’m here
because of a declamation contest… I know. I’ve heard Proca or what’s his name.
– Yeah, Proca. And… you’ve become an actress ? Nah, I’m a hairdresser at Igiena
and in a drama team. Oh, you’re a hairdresser… I thought you’re a model when I first saw you.
– Model? It’s very difficult… Why? You need some
backstairs influence for that. And you’re here with a recitation contest?
– Yeah. A penny for your thoughts.
– Let’s get out. You want to get out?
– Yeah. Wake up! Quicker,
it’ll be 6 o’clock soon! Wake-up! Those willing to stretch out,
go on the sports ground! At ease, comrade. Here you have the coldest water in Calafat. This unique well was built
at the end of the Great War, as the local people call it, that is the 1877-1878 Independence War. It was built by a group of citizens,
led by a certain Gheorghe Catană, a miller, innkeeper and wealthy man. I have a favor to ask, if it’s not too much?
– Anything for you, please. I hope the boys don’t mind
the voluntary work I’ve ask them to do. Not at all, comrade. They’re young and fit,
it’s surely a pleasure for them. Where’s the Administration ? What’s wrong?
– I’ve lifted something. What have you lifted?
– A wardrobe. All by yourself?
– No. Please take the typewriter. You asked for it!
The doctor says you mustn’t. You want them to say that you know… What could I do? Tell me!
Didn’t they… Take out this desk too. They gave us the crafts and the towboat.
I’m fucking obliged to them now. Were you born yesterday? And drop the fuss,
I’m not in the mood for that now! What’s up? – I’ve got these pickle cravings
as if I were pregnant. Want some?
– No, I don’t. Why? They’re good.
– Nope. Why not?
– I don’t like them. Are you ill or something?
– No, but they’re salty and I don’t quite… You don’t quite what?
– I don’t quite have all my kidneys anymore. How come? You’re kidding, right?
– I had one kidney removed. When?
– Meanwhile. And how can you live with one kidney?
– I do, it’s like that. You poor thing!
– Yeah, yeah, let’s whine now. Don’t worry, I’ll outlive you. Don’t forget the detergent. – Hi. How are you? Hi. Where did you find pickles?
– The shop at the corner. You don’t know each other, do you?
– Vladi, Rela – Lili Anything scheduled for tomorrow?
– I don’t know. I thought it was posted… wasn’t it ? Got 1 leu? I owe you 2 now… What was posted ? Any schedule posted up?
– Yeah, lights out at 9 p.m. Stay in line In line, one by one!
In line, hurry up! Form two rows,
get moving! Anything fragile in there? I’d like to ask you a favor.
I’d like to take somebody with me. I’ll pay for everything. A girl… A girl? Where from shall we get a girl?
– I got her right here. It’s up to you, of course. I’ll pay for everything. We here understand the problem
with the chicks, you know, but… We’ll find some on the way, don’t worry!
We are smart guys, right? – But, if she’s here already… Let it go, lad. How would that be,
if everybody asked me this kind of stuff? And this expedition is the reward
for your achievements in the many fields in which you proved yourselves
to be the best. We appreciate your helping hand. Comrade Proca will register
the voluntary work in the log. Success to all of you! We’d like this trip
to be a pleasant memory for you. Fair wind, comrades!
– Hurray! Crews on the right side!
Are you hearing this? This here is river traffic.
Don’t act like you’re in the street. “Light green, light green,
White bud, and pink, and pure” Was the bank open?
– Yes, I know, I owe you 200. It was closed. Sit down in the boat, man! Grab those paddles. You, lucky man! “Light green, light green,
White bud, and pink, and pure,” “Blue dream, azure dream
I still see you, I still hear you” “Oh, bite me with your fire,
Sun, sun…” Come on, get in, it’s cold outside! Boat 30. Stop and take turns paddling! Raise the paddle. We should have a badge, or something… Or a T-shirt for every participant. Let’s buy some paper… clothes
– Why buy when we can do it ourselves?! In paper? We can do it, if you want to. The girls are lagging behind. – Come on, physical training does no harm. And I want to point this up. Listen: I want us
to make a good impression on these youngsters. If we eat with them and sleep besides them,
we row with them too, all right? Is it clear ? How long have you been
doing this kind of trip organizing? Since last year. Boat no. 30: don’t plunge
the paddles so deeply! Attention, all crews!
Time to take turns paddling! Pal! The blond one slept in town. Which one? The fucking blonde one.
I saw him getting back this morning at 4… Bloody ape! Your move. It gives me like a feeling of… Could there be any
sturgeons left around here? I’ve heard they made caviar out of plastic. Why aren’t we allowed to row?
I’d like that. Come on girls, we have a prize for you!
A beauty prize. Come on, Filip, ply the paddles
and stop amusing yourself. Let’s bring them here.
– Here? What will the others say? They’re girls. What’s to say? Just think a bit.
It’s not good to confuse people… I’m dead serious. I see nothing that…
They’ll make a bulletin board… Or a menu… There’s enough work to do, thank Heavens. We’ll double the paddle shifts. With whom?
We only have 2 instructors, that’s all. With me and you. Think again, comrade. Don’t run away with any ideas, but… we’re neither so young,
nor so healthy anymore. And they might feel embarrassed. That’s my opinion, but if we must,
I have no objections. I’ll see to it. Even as a question of principle… It’s a big enough quantity in the body…
60-70%. What’s that, dear?
– Water in the body. When you think what that means…
oxygen and hydrogen: 2 gases. Where’s coming from, all this gas? And we’re counting all those
seas and oceans too, aren’t we? But surely something has changed
over millions and millions of years. We should tow them
Bechet! Come on boys, paddle, we’re near the finish
line. People are watching us. Pull harder. Faster, faster!
More cheerful! I’m hungry, man! I’m starving! Those who can sing, may sing. Let’s thank again the authorities of this town
for their warm welcome. Thank you. And now let’s have dinner.
You’ll see the schedule for the day Two more notifications. it was suggested everyone should
wear a badge with their boat number. I hope this makes you all happy, right? Second: considering the hardships,
The girls of crew no. 37 until now, will be transferred
to the Head Quarters starting today. It’s a good solution,
I’m telling you from my experience. Self-management
will remove many shortcomings, such as the disorder at the cold meals
distribution, in the morning. Dismissed! Doc, I’ve got my palms full of blisters,
It hurts, I cannot do it anymore.
I’ve got swellings. Take some colors from the table.
Use a different color for each crew. A different color, dear. Girls, I found whip cream.
We’re making ice cream! Oh, you’re so kind ! Out of what?
Instant coffee. Let’s use chocolate too. I have some.
I think I also have some instant coffee. What shall I color? Do you think there some left? I can’t come. I’m busy. After lights out? No, I can’t.
Lala is making ice cream. What ?
Ice cream, you know how she gets. So what? – Let’s leave it for tomorrow, we are tired now,
and maybe they’ll notice… With the schedule… – After lights out?
– What? After lights out?
– Why, are you upset? I’m not tired.
– But are you allowed physical effort? Why?
– The kidney… What about it? All right. See you tomorrow, kissy-kiss.
– So you don’t you want to… after… It’s Petrica… Some honey
– Please come in, come in, Oops. Oops! Camelia…It’s Camelia… It is Camelia… How much more?
– What? This nonsense. You’re playing the brood hen again.
– What’s got into you? You start calling me names again? – Where are you going to freeze it?
– At the doormen. Okay… Do you think it’s right
to overuse the fridge like this? Why not? -I just said that maybe it wasn’t fine.
-I think it’s fine. I don’t. Wake up! Come on, up, up, up! This one and this one.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Give me this one too. Get in line! More lively! Crew 21. Keep it to the right!
The “Arrow” is passing. Watch out, it’s going to stir up waves. “It’s a leaf” I’ll change the cheese… For what ? … for salami. “The body is a branch” “A sonorous branch” “That’s waiting” “It’s waiting for you to be” He slept out again. He’s a tough player. He plays tough. So what? “That’s waiting for you,
For you to come” How nice of you, thanks! Thank you, dear.
Aren’t you going to undress? Don’t you have a bathing suit? I do. Then put it on or you’ll roast.
– Don’t you see we’re all undressed here? Have you said something?
– No, I haven’t. Please. Here it’s better, don’t you think?
Eee! What are you doing, man?
– You’re drinking this water? So what?
– Don’t you see it’s dirty? Who knows what you can catch. Nonsense. We’re used to it…
– Yes, but not like that. If I had a penny
every time I drunk Danube water… It’s wrong! Don’t you have
enough water here, on the boat? Leave him alone, Velicu! It’s his business. Listen, what’s the news with that tug?
It’s 10 past 10. We have to untie them. Let them be, darling.
– No. It’s the schedule! They need the excercise. “You run like an ivy
Around the high tree” People aren’t stupid, man.
These are the most basic forms of civilization, transmitted from generations. These ones have been living here
and have been drinking Danube water since the Geto-Dacian times.
Or maybe even earlier. Right, but what with
all the pollution of today? Do you know how many towns
discharge into this water? Drop it, darling. They are purified,
and there are all those bacteria that… And how about Bucharest, then? Do you know how my car gets when it’s foggy?
It turns black, black I tell you. I found a hot pepper for you.
– Thanks, but it’s too late. – Give it to me, I’ll keep it.
– What for? We’ll be having some brine tonight. Where’s the bathing suit from?
– From Bucharest. – You’re from Bucharest?
– No, from Sulina. And what are you doing here ? Aren’t you sick of the Danube?
Come here, sit down. Aren’t you hot? Isn’t it too big for you?
Make it smaller. It’s not exactly the latest craze… I couldn’t go the bank. I had all day
booked, and it was closed too. All in all, where should we have all
those antibodies from ? Everything we eat is washed,
pasteurized, disinfected. Where would we have antibodies from? They aren’t like us. They drink the water,
but have antibodies too. That’s right, but… we still have
a lot to learn from the people. I could tell you things, things that
I learned about from popular medicine, you’d feel like
you didn’t learn a thing in school. I doubt it…
– My dear old Velicu… Comrade Proca, I have to tell you,
that water is… Come on, let me be. I definitely forbid you to drink that! Drop that filth, Duțu! I’m talking to you! Forbidden, isn’t it, Velicu?
Come on, who wants a sip? Da. Vreau si eu
I will. Cati, go away now! Come here! Come on, girls! It will be dark soon. All the boats in a row! They saw you asked for the others
to come here and now they’re faking exhaustion… Who?
– The rest of the girls. That can’t be! Do you want to take them all
to the Head Quarter? How will this end up?
– Then shall we paddle in their place? First, watch your tongue! Wait a minute. How are you feeling?
– Where are you going? To play a game. – With whom?
– With Viorica and our own. You coming?
– No, I have a stomach ache. What game?
– With a spoon. A spoon? What do you do with it?
– It’s hard to explain. – Card game?
– No. Then what’s so hard to explain? – Don’t yell at me!
Leave me alone, you’re so annoying! Behave appropriately. Play decently and not past lights out.
– 9 p.m.? Yes, until 9 p.m. But, Duțu… They’re kids.
Let them enjoy themselves. Do as I say or I’ll put you all in bed all
by my god damn myself, do you understand? – My stomach is fucking hurting.
– Did you take a pill? – Good evening! Don’t worry, darling.
You’ve been to the dance, haven’t you? They’ll laugh at you.
This is what they’re waiting for. Look at yourself! What do you mean?
Tell me what you’re implying. You’re always spoiling my fun! Cati, shame on you,
I’ll talk to your mother! Oh! What’s that?
– The bathing suit. So big? I’ll make it smaller
for you, I’m a tailor. So what? Leave me alone!
You’ve torn it down. Come on, I’m a tailor.
– So what if you are? I’m the best tailor in Botoșani. You’re crazy, leave me alone. Wait, I’ll make you another.
– I don’t need another. I made bathing suits for export too… Leave me be…
What the… Come on, I’ll make you a new one… What? Just that?
– That is normal. I can’t work like that.
You’ve got to take it off. You’re a tailor or not? I told you I am.
I’m the best. And you’ve won the tailoring contest?
– No. The sledge one. You’re not a tailor.
You ripped my suit, you buy me another one. I’ll make you one
No, you’ll buy me one! I’ll make you a bikini
like you never had before. Bikinis! No, leave it, you’ll buy
me a new one. Come on, doll, ask the gentleman
to allow you to have a dance. – Wait, wait, wait…
– Come on man, we’ll just have a dance… – Let’s go. We have stuff to do.
– Isn’t she allowed to dance or what? Come on, it smells like trouble.
– Leave it, she’s ugly anyway! What’s going on, man?
– Hi, man. Be careful! What are you doing here?
– Waiting. What was Velicu saying?
– Nothing… Something about …
that it had germs, this kind of stuff… And Proca?
– He drank it down. Why? It’s not right.
– He was just showing off, screw him. He did it in front of everybody?
– Yeah. Did he actually drink the water?
– Come on dear, it was a stupid thing to do. He isn’t very likely to do
these kind of stupid things. He was pulling Velicu’s leg. How are you, kids?
– How’s downstairs? As usual.
– Getting bored? – Yeah. Are you growing a baldness?
You’ll comb yourself with a towel soon. Well, man, at our age… I’ve heard Proca is ill. He has a belly ache. But you’re not sick, aren’t you?
– No, I’m not. You’re tired, aren’t you?
Go and have a rest. Who knows, maybe he’ll let you
be in charge tomorrow. Who, me?
– Sure. You drank water with him, not me… What if he’s pretending to be ill?
– Then he knows what he’s doing. – Shall we go? – Where?
– For a walk. I’m not in the mood, I have tones of work.
– Work again? What can I do? Vladi, Vladi, behave yourself! Please. – Let’s go!
– Go where? On the banks of the Danube.
It’s splendid. When are we going back?
– After lights out. Vladi, no, I’m scared, I really am.
– Why? I’m with you. You won’t respect me anymore.
– Are you kidding me? Smooch her, bro! How is it?
-We must do something about these dances. There are very few girls and
the locals will end up without any girls. Stay there! What’s so funny?
Come here, come here! What’s your name?
-What did I do? What’s your name?
-Alexe Sorin. But why ? – Come, girls. Good evening. There’s no Mexaform.
– I’ve got Talazol, if you want. I don’t need anything, just leave me alone. I’ve told you
not to drink that water, smart ass. Comrade, leave us alone
for a minute, please. Mexaform, comrade Proca… …the production of chicken meat
for consumption. The chicken obtain their food
in a mechanized way, from these tanks. Water is permanently
at their disposal through some nail like runs. Silence! The chicken pecks with the beak
and gets water. The newly born chicken
go to the chicken farm, and they stay there for 18 weeks, when they’re transferred
to the adult hen farm. This one being an adult hen farm. What is it?
– He’s got a belly ache. Come on now, cut it out, you two! May I, please?
– I’m all right. Let him, he’s a doctor.
– It could be that water, you know. Come on, go see what happened.
-We’ve got another empty boat, two more have disappeared. How come?
– Just like that… They’re gone.
It didn’t suit them to stay. They’re gone? Be it. Those
who don’t like it are free to go. Fill in from the other boats. Listen to the doctor. Are you taking him to the hospital? Thank you so much for all you taught us
and for this really wonderful trip. I have a proposal that I think
all the collective will agree to, to… organize an action of voluntary work,
here, in the new lab… I mean slaughter house, as we could… we could thank you for the things…
the wonderful things you showed us. Where’s that one ?
With the drivers ? Excuse me. Who’s minding these girls?
– Which ones? From the boats. Does it hurt?
-No. And here?
– No, I just have a general malaise. I feel like I was beaten up. Well, I’m not a resident physician.
Here’s what we’ll do: We’ll put you in hospital, once in town,
and we’ll run some tests. I don’t need any tests!
I’ll have my tests in Bucharest. -But you do, I can’t tell what’s inside
of you if not. I’m not a clairvoyant. I’m fine. It’s an indigestion,
I ate something bad. You’re being a smart ass, donʹt fuck with me!
It’s not the water, Filip is just fine. – That doesn’t prove anything.
– What do you think I have, cholera? – No, but it could be anything.
– Don’t put on such airs! How about the command?
Can’t leave it. We’re stuck here. Tests are final.
There’s a skilled girl here who… Stop wailing! You’d better go
see what’s going on outside. But don’t alarm anybody. I can’t, as much as I wanted to.
I must carry them through to the end. Who else is there to do it?! I can have the tests ready in an hour.
Just inform the hospital to grant me permission. Is it that serious?
– It could be anything. God forbid! Hands off.
Have you washed afterwards? What about the
girls from the boats? I don’t know, you think of something. Attention! I am in charge now. Is it yours?
– Yep. That’s impossible. -Really! I miss him so much. Duțu darling, listen to him!
– He knows nothing, honey. He didn’t diagnose anything
in God knows how much time. Take the test, please!
– I’m all right. It isn’t the water! And what if it’s the water. Please! Why should I take any tests?
Suppose someone hears about it? So what? Yes, dear, what is it?
– If you want I can take it now… Take what?
– The pee. Oh, come on now! Leave us now. What’s your deal with her?
– What deal? She came to take you…
to that stupid spoon game. Go, enjoy, don’t mind
your conjugal obligations. Just go… A man might die… and you go out playing.
– Drop the drama, will you? What’s that nonsense game?
– It’s a nice one! It’s stupid! Know a brighter one?
-No, I’ve never been invited. Just stop with the name-calling, please. Give me my hat, please! Disgusting?
– Nope. Stupid folks, they should have given
him coffee grounds. I’ll take you two with me
somewhere tomorrow evening. Where to?
– You’ll see. I’ve got a friend here,
an agronomist, who’s waiting for us. I’m kind of tired,
I’d like to get some rest. Rest? You came here to rest?
You’ll get enough rest at home. You might have some piece of fish too… Throw it! It’s getting cold! My money! I had money in my pocket! What money?
– 600 lei. I had it right there, I swear. The bitter is better… Raw semolina too. Strange.
Why? – It binds the bowels. I’m not taking anything anymore.
It makes me sick when it rocks. Viorica knows a yoga trick…
It’s like an inside massage. Yoga? Are you crazy?
– It’s very simple. I’m all right now.
I feel very good. May I sit here? It’s… it’s cold, isn’t it? No… Aren’t those too long?
You may cut them if… Lili! Nope. Dutule! – No, no. Come on, guys, the border guards
are waiting for us. Do you want to be tugged or what? Do you feel better? It happened to me before, in Germany.
-Germany? Which one? Because of some canned food.
– You’ve been there? I was in charge of a bigger group.
I’m fine. And you, how are you? Excuse me. What are you looking for?
-The nail scissors. What for?
– I’ll go trim my nails. Can’t you do this here?
Where are you going? Our Dr. Voinescu developed
a sore on his baldness. What from?
– Maybe someone kissed him. Do you know how many germs
get transmitted by a kiss? Are you afraid?
– Who, me? Usually nothing happens. But kissing somebody means
taking a leap of faith. Buy some fish? Won’t you buy some fish? Doc, I had a kidney operation 4 years ago. Won’t you buy some fish?
It’s fresh. – You’re completely nuts. I tried to row.
– Why didn’t you tell us from the beginning? I tried to row as much as I could. Got a certificate?
– How are you feeling, comrade? I’m not allowed to do any physical effort. Grig! Grig! What’s up? It was hard to find a room. Are you edgy?
– Like hell I am. 215, please. – Here you go. Come on, man…
– No vacancy, I’m telling you. What about her?
– She made a reservation this morning. Wouldn’t I serve you, if I could? Bye. 215 is free. Wait, wait… Why are you angry?
Let me explain. Where will I sleep? Do you realize that all my clothes
are at your place? So what? Wait till I come back. I have nowhere to sleep.
Give me the flat key. Don’t bother me.
Grig, give me the key, Grig… Where am I going to sleep? Come on, girls. You too. Sit down there. No, no. Only the girls
from ‘Confecția’ and our own. I don’t need a fight. Come in, miss. No more, that’s all! Do you mind if I borrow this?
– No, I don’t. Got a date? If anybody asks, tell them I met
a relative and I’m out for a walk. Won’t you sleep here? You want some perfume?
I’ve got Jubilee. Is it good?
– It’s not available on the market. I guess I’ll go play the spoon. Or shall I go to the dance?
– Go to the dance. Come here. Come! – Wait. I’m cold. Are you cold?
Aha. Why are you cold?
– Look, there are boat guardians all around us. No, darling.
– What do we care? They’re building hotels like crazy
around here and… when one needs a room,
there’s no vacancy at the hotel. For sure, he must not look,
or else he’ll be punished. The only thing that moves
is the spoon. We keep the count and give penalties. Dance will follow afterwards. 1… The game helps develop
a sense of direction and imagination. …2, 3 start! Got you ! Don’t run away! Here is fine.
-What? Here is fine. I’m capable of anything, you know I am.
-What are you saying? Tell him that I won’t have him
tread on my toes again. Who?
– Tell him I donʹt like jokes. Who?
– Come on now! Florea, who else? I can’t see what you mean.
– We won’t argue now. Come here! No, really! What about Florea?
– Come here. Wait, I’m cold! You’re stretching
this shawl and it isn’t mine… It’s very warm in here.
-No. I’m going to bed. Come on, come on. I’m going to bed.
– Will you swear to it? I won’t swear for any dumb thing. Good bye. I’m gone now.
Leave me alone. Lili, I’ll marry you.
I want a baby with you. God forbid! Leave me alone. Lili! Lili! Quiet! Comrades, participating comrades!
Quiet, comrades. Please, please. Participating comrades, I bring you a case we must solve here… An ethical problem
in regards of one of our colleagues. He must marry her! He must marry her! Marry her! Marry her! Doc, sir, please stop this nonsense.
– What nonsense? But what is this? Are you on his side? Your name?
– It’s a thing that… What’s your name? Cherea Paul. Don’t you agree to our talking
of over an ethical problem? Yes, but…
– Did you gang up together? Watch your mouth!
-Wasn’t I polite enough? No.
– How would you like I spoke to you? I have schooling too and I forbid you… -Cherea! What do you forbid?
What’s with this rudeness? Who do you think you are?
Are you trying to get the dance cancelled? Come on, just leave… -What? Why should he leave?
Do you want everybody out or something? Schooling? What schooling? What about a sick leave for school fatigue?
– Doctor, I’m telling you for the last time… Don’t kick! Have you gone mad? Don’t make a fuss…Cherea…
You’re crazy? Listen! Why are you fighting?
Can’t you talk any other way? Cut out the hysteria! What hysteria?
I know how you came on this trip. What? Wait, wait,
Let me tell who has arranged it for you… I don’t tell you what to do
on your spare time. What spare time?
You’ve been “rowing”. – Don’t play the boy scout trainer
with me, because… – What? At least I slept here!
– What do you mean? I tried to calm…
– Can’t you behave yourselves? I’ve brought you girls from “Confecția”,
so you won’t be disturbed by anyone. This can’t be, that’s it!
If you can’t behave, that’s it! No more dance for today.
Lights out! Everybody! Go to bed. Come on, everybody go to bed!
What’s up? Comrade, this girl is complaining
about an abnormal incident. Everybody go to bed!
Go! Faster! What’s she up to? – That’s where the fight started.
– What fight? Lights out. Comrade, I’ll deal with this. You should be in bed.
-What are you doing here? Go to bed. What happened to her? – She came to complain that Avadanei Grigore
had behaved like an… Why should she?
Since when are you taking complaints? Comrade Proca! I don’t need any complaints on this expedition.
I don’t want complaints. In your condition, I forbid you to get mad. You’re forbidding nothing!
-That’s what I was trying to explain. Everything has to get on smoothly. -Is that clear?
Yes, but… Comrade, I want you to know that
I didn’t come here to raise hell. If he likes the girl, he’s free. – Which girl?
– You sent her to bed. Love lasted while it lasted.
That’s our business. But he must give me the key of the flat,
I need to collect my things. And I cannot wait
until this fucking trip is over. What flat?
– In Botoșani. -Comrade Proca! Take her to bed, man! Comrade Proca, I can’t give her the keys!
I have expensive things there. Don’t you see you’re drunk? What did you say? You stink of liquor and
don’t even let people talk. What’s your name?
– It’s none of your business. Comrade Proca! Paul lent me 200 lei,
to buy myself some bermudas. Then, when he jumped in the boat,
he pulled at my bermudas and tore them. -What are you saying? Who? What was tore? -Mircea Pratcu tore my pants and
I lost the 600 lei I had in the pocket. -And I want him to pay up, comrade,
I worked for that money. Go to bed. Leave me alone. Are you from “Confecția”?
– No, I’m not. We’ll see to that, tomorrow.
– I’ve nothing to see with you. Kick them out. You’re drunk! – Get out! Get out of here!
– Fuck you! – To the hospital,
go straight to the hospital! I’ve drunk Danube water…
and I can’t row tomorrow. How come? Out! To the hospital! Get in line! Cherea Paul, who allowed you
to get off the line? I did my share!
It’s his turn! Tie the boat! Cherea Paul, ply the paddles and get into file.
I’m talking to you! He does it on purpose. How do you know that?
– It’s as clear as broad light. You should set an example. He’s not only rude, but thinks
he can do whatever he wants. You’re forgetting something:
for him, this trip is a reward. So what? For me it isn’t? Do you know how he talked
to Velicu yesterday? Velicu is a blockhead. It’s
none of your business. Do you want to send him home
because he refuses to paddle? But you must set an example. He must see for himself that he was wrong.
Of course, he’s not obliged to row or not… But that he spoils everybody’s fun. Somebody must talk to him,
the boys must take a stand. Principled, explanatory work.
There’s no other way. Come on, Paul!
– Take the paddles! You hear? Paul dear! Hey, you there, please row!
It’s dangerous! Do it for me, please. He won a chess contest.
– I don’t care. He must be punished. Show me that certificate! It’s dangerous. I beg you.
Do start to row, dear! Cherea Paul, take hold of the paddles!
Can you hear me? Hey, what are you doing there?
Again with. . . No, no. Caramel cream.
Lili made it. Want some? But you’re not allowed, poor you. May I check you up?
– Come here! How come you put yourself in that position
if you weren’t able to handle it? Why? Are you taking decisions all by yourself?
Who allowed you to organize spoon contests? It wasn’t a contest, comrade Proca.
I wanted it to be a collective action. – How long have you known what that is? You organized ethical debates. How come?
– If there’s something you’d like to reproach… Of course there is, smart ass! Do you know what was going
to happen to that dance? Who allowed you to do that? I can understand you don’t have
the faintest notion of medicine. But here you cannot come with your nonsense.
You can’t! I forbid you. Comrade Proca,
I won’t let you speak like that. I’ve got schooling too, a diploma…
I can’t allow… Well I don’t
and honestly I piss on yours! While you were learning,
I was working, I was on duty. So what if you went to school? You’re the educated one
and we’re just fucking politruks, or what? -I’d rather not answer that. You were going
to send us all to the can! Meanwhile, politruk or no politruk,
you receive orders from me. And if you ever have this kind of initiatives,
you tell me first about them. Get out! Get the paddles or I’ll come to you. What do you think this is? What am I?
A nurse to guide your steps? Get into file, or else…
I’ll make you row up to Cernavoda. Bloody bastard!
Get to those paddles this instant! God damn you.
Pull harder. Can you drink coffee?
– I think so… Sit down a little. Are you still upset?
– If I work with all the morons… I realized you were upset.
Comrade Velicu? Do you want me to tell you about Germany? Never mind. You’re upset, now…
– Tired. You work too hard. Relax more!
– Teach me how to do it. I don’t know… How do you relax?
– I go and play the spoon. You’re driving me mad with this game!
How do you go about it? Let me show you. You must guess. I know it.
– Let’s say this is the spoon. -It’s done, I convinced him, darling.
– Bring the photomontage when it’s ready. -The photomontage?
-Yes. You’ve made a fool of yourself?
– What do you mean? Shouting in the loud speaker like that…
– I was doing your work… You’re driving me crazy,
just leave me alone! We’ll land at the first island
for thirty minutes. Wait on the bank to take photos
with comrade Proca and the rest of us. Where are you running? Stop!
Do you want me to come after you? Come down immediately!
Everybody to the boats! Stop! We should set an example How many were they?
– Around 30 people. Whose idea was this?
Is there any guardian around? No, I think nobody saw anything.
– Go hand over the grapes. What shall I say to them?
That the vandals passed by, or what? We’d better throw them in the Danube. -What do you mean in the Danube?
That would be a waste. Are they ripe? Not quite. Let’s send them home.
– How can we send 30 people home? Where were you?
– I don’t know what to say. You could be held responsible.
– I’m but a doctor. I’m very upset.
I wasn’t expecting this. Do we plunder like vandals? We should’ve sent you home well blemished,
but I didn’t want to cast a brand upon us all. Half the grapes for the crew,
half to the Head Quarters. And if I catch you at it again,
you’ll all remember me! Do you understand?
-Yes, yes. So that we’ll organize the competition
on stages. Organizing means that the contest
will go down in an organized way. We’ll draw classifications
every three stages. And on the last day
we might even award prizes. Now, to the start point! Get in line! Pull, boys, they’re taking pictures. Crew no. 5 tries to get ahead
of no. 83 or crew no. 21. Crew no. 17 can’t overtake the group ahead. Some paddle strokes more
and it’ll catch up on crew no. 15… We have five more missing after this night. Fill in from other boats.
– They became quite scarce. 14 have left up to now.
– What is it they don’t like? The schedule. What can I do? At Cernavoda
all will be damned over! Fantastic!
He couldn’t make it. But in crew 9, Radu Crismaru will take
his place and surely lead his crew to victory. Come on man, don’t feign paddling!
For Proca’s sake, he’s watching us. Come on, pull, pull! Here’s 52. 52, no chance to win.
– Bet on it? No, it just won’t. Well done 3. Come on, Paul! The last minute. The boys are pulling
hard for the first prize. It’s so beautiful, comrade Proca! Quicker and quicker towards the end line. Come on, 52! Come on! The first prize that everybody wants. Boat 23, what are you doing there? Get up! What’s your name?
41! Come on, 41! Get up, man! Stop. Spare the gas on the motorboats,
you’re not on your own. You have an extraordinary intuition. The paradox is that energy
isn’t used up together with the effort… -That’s what I think has…
Still, there is a certain amount of energy used… It’s been found that sedentary
people have little energy. -Well they do, don’t they?
Yes. Coffee?
– No, thanks. Sitting in the shade… Look out, it seems this year
there are some bloody rays… One could feel it.
– Gamma rays. Extraordinary! What will become of us? There are, as it is…
some black holes in the cosmos. Not even light escapes them.
– One feels frightened. Why? Give me the trumpet! It was about time they found a new
energy source. Enough with the crisis… Boat no. 30, stop plungin the rows
so deep in the water! How are you feeling?
– Fantastic. Do you realize it? There are a lot of physical and chemical
processes taking place inside us. And we don’t know anything about them. It’s like having
a total alien living inside of us. Smile! Smile!
The first prize is a trip on the Danube. -Nobody could sack him for that.
-Did I say that? I want all this to end, once and for all. Did he call you names or what?
– It’s not that. It’s the way he’s acting. The way he behaved yesterday. Will you take a stand?
– I wasn’t there. I was waiting for you. How could I?!
– Right. Lili, wait. I can take a stand, as a principle,
but I just arrived on the ship, I’m not a member of the Head Quarters, why
should I have something to say in the matter? -Yeah, and I am. Let’s all decide, all right? Let’s have a vote. No. He peeked. No, I didn’t. Comrade Proca,
the boys are here. Comrade Proca,
please send me back to the boats. Why?
– I can’t put up with tug goings-on. That’s impossible.
You have a medical certificate. Please!
I said no, you’re ill! And if I asked in writing…
It’s impossible! What are we going to do, Cherea? Few comrades are asking for your dismissal.
What do you have to say about that? What can I say? If it was decided…
– Nothing was decided. I don’t agree with this. I think it was a childish nonsense. -Thank you. No need to thank me.
You should apologize to the medic comrade. He addressed to me in a cad manner. I know.
I’ve settled the dispute in your favor. I wouldn’t want to come and regret it. I hope you admit
it was a childish nonsense. Comrade Proca…
– That will do! We agreed. One can talk with you quite differently…
– And don’t start anything like that again… Comrade Proca, I know, I was wrong.
I had an affair that I regret. Please understand,
marriage means much more than that to me. Are you staying in the dorm overnight?
– Absolutely! You know , I’m well aware that family
is the building foundation of the society… Spare me! You’re free to go. Are you going to dance tonight? No, no more dancing, sorry.
Can’t help you with that. Good evening.
– Good evening. Little comrade, come here if you please. How are you, where are you heading to?
– Downtown. Downtown? What for?
– Yeah. To take a walk. What? Walk when?
Lights off in an hour, you know? I’m sure you’re going to allow us
to be a little late. Me? Never. We know that you are nice. Really? How do you know it?
– I just know. Good evening.
– Good evening. What do you mean, nice?
– Nice, just like that. So that you know, I’m not allowing it. Yes, you do… And what are you doing downtown? We’re going dancing. Is that why I stopped the dance here?
What dance? At a friend’s. And who is joining you? Nobody. Some friends. What if your husband finds out about this?
– If he finds out, he’ll be pleased. He’ll be pleased, won’t he?
And what if I’m not letting you go? You can’t be that mean.
– I can be very mean. Why aren’t you coming along? That crowns it all. What do you need dancing for?
– What do I need dancing for? How are you, Vladi?
– Fine, I’m going to take a stand. Hello.
– Good evening. Could you please call Grig, room 53? Aren’t you that troublesome
person from yesterday?… Trouble? What trouble? No fuss, please! Go away… quietly! -I think you’re confusing me. If comrade Proca gets up now,
there’s going to be a disaster. Who? So, please… Come on!
– Donʹt touch me! Please, don’t make me lose my temper.
Come on! Let me explain…
– I said no fuss! Please! Is she with the trip?
– Yes. What’s the matter, dear? Who started it? What? Who started it? –What? Who started what? Comrade Proca… -How can you turn everything
into something ridicule? Dutu, dear. Whose idea was it? One step forward. – But nothing happened, Dutu! What do you mean, nothing happened?
Do you think I’m blind or what?? What are you jeering at? -What are we jeering at?
We’re just playing with this spoon. Go to bed! Lights out!
What do you think, I can’t see? No mercy this time, Velicu!
You’re responsible. But what happened? I don’t get this. Of course you don’t get it.
– You will… … in Bucharest,
wrapped up in papers! Reported about mocking the working class. Comrade Proca,
don’t behave like this towards me! But how? Do you think he was on TV on his own?
Do you know what he was talking about? The TV was mute. If it was mute why do you allow him
to make a mockery? He’s a working man, do you understand? I never mocked at working people.
I never seen other people mocking it. I have witnesses comrade Proca.
Everybody was here. Don’t behave like this! Then let everybody decide what we should do.
This is not child’s play. I can let it slide once, twice,
but that’s it! I won’t take any decision here.
Let the Head Quarters decide! Where’s the Head Quarters? He wants to get me into a fix.
– What did we do, did we murder somebody? Don’t take advantage
of your position as my wife. Shut up! I didn’t hit you. He can’t hit his wife.
Fuck him and all his bullshit. If he’s coming hard on you,
you answer back. It’s not like we begged at his door
or something. Do you have today’s paper?
– No, I don’t. The ones from the Head Quarters are in town. Who may have it? I don’t know. But why do you need it? I need to at least know
what the fuck was on TV. If you make off to town,
what could I ask these jerks for? What should I expect from them? Wasn’t it enough that I brought in
the girls from the factory, so that we all party in a nice,
civilized way? It wasn’t! And now I have to hide the fact
that you were also in the town. Well, I ask of you very nicely
to say with all of the due responsibility, what stand will we take and what
punishments shall we serve? Because this isn’t child’s play anymore! This is too much. That’s why I’ve brought
you all together to decide. I’m listening. Should we start hauling?
– No. But there are two more km against the stream,
this hasn’t happened before. – I know. So we won’t tug them?
– We won’t. I’m sorry for yesterday. But I…
– You shouldn’t be. And I also profoundly loathe what I’ve heard
about you monopolizing the girls. This is no childish prank,
nor Don Juan kind of games. If you had solid principles,
nothing like that would’ve happened. You’re in the Head Quarters,
so you should think for yourself. That is not an order, it’s an advice.
Dismissed! Come see me, Velicu. -Florica! What did he say? Come here for a minute.
– What? You should have told me
from the beginning if you had that. Have what? If you’re disgusted with sick people.
– What do you mean, disgusted? Between kidneys and sentiments there is a… Love doesn’t pass only through the stomach,
but through kidneys too. . . What’s got into you? Had a bad night sleep?
– You know what? We’re done. What have I done? What have…
– You’ve utterly disappointed me. What did I do?
-Don’t you know what you’ve done? – No, I don’t. So you’re telling me you
don’t know what you did. You’ve gone ape? It’s just boring! Cut it out.
– What’s boring? Watch it! You sermonize me and go out with others. And what do you want now? You may thank me I didn’t hit you. I would have if I were more upset!
But I wasn’t. Why aren’t you hitting me now?
Come on, hit me now! – I’m not getting that low. But I am! Take this! Tow in! Tow in! Tow in! Lala was there too, she can confirm it.
– Please don’t! Lala was there too, she can confirm that
nothing happened. It wasn’t but a game! Look, we’ve already been through this,
I don’t want to discuss it anymore. You’d better prepare a good explanation
for it, in case someone asks. Who’s going to ask? -I don’t know. Maybe they will,
maybe they won’t. Just have the explanation. Whom are you afraid of?
– I am not. I have no reason to be afraid. I fulfilled all my commitments. Then why are you over reacting?
Lala was there, everybody was there… Yeah, I know. She was there.
Stop insinuating! She was. But we should not mix one thing
with another… Who’s in the H.Q., you or Lala? No insinuating.
I just said Lala was there too. Only that it wasn’t Lala
who invented the game. But who did? -Come on, drop it.
It was you in the H.Q. – Really? What about the women?
– You should discuss this matter with your wife. And you discuss with Lala. So this your explanation?
The discussion is over. Send that skinny girl to me…
Crenguța or what her name is. I must point out
the boys row against the stream. And they don’t deserve this.
No one deserves this. I for one don’t agree with this.
– Wait for me to ask for your opinion on that. I’m speaking as a doctor.
If so, others should row too. Meaning? Even I and my wife.
– Very well then, start rowing. And Lala. Get out! Out! I can’t…
There’s nothing to talk about. He would cling even to the toilet stool
with both hands. He’s making me throw up. – I told him what’s what.
Do you think I’m afraid? Stop shouting. Leave me alone!
What does he take me for? A mentality out of the 50s.
I declare it with full responsibility. What are these kids learning from him?
What kind of role model is this? – Comrade Velicu, you should maybe…
– Step aside, man, if you’re outdated… Proca wants you.
– Me? No, that little blondie, the short one. What are we doing? Are we
letting them go like that up to Cernavodă? How should I know? Tow us in! Tow us! Come on! Come on! Tow us! What did he say?
– Leave me the hell alone! Come on, don’t be like this…
-Give her something to do. She’s bored. What’s going on?
– Leave me alone! Yes! Do you want me?
– Yes, miss. Close the door, it’s draughty. Sit down, please. I’ve heard you have some nice photos. Which ones? Of my baby?
– Yes. – I haven’t got them on me, they’re upstairs.
– Can’t we see them? – I’ll go bring them?
– No, there’s no need to… Dutule? Are you there? Open the door! Why is the door locked?
The sun came out. – The lock broke when she got in. You’ve disappointed me, comrade!
I trusted you and you let me down. What did she do?
-Nothing, forget about it. May I go then?
-Yes, sure, you may go. What has she done?
– It’s the last day. She’s mocking us, see that? Take that off, it’s wet.
Get dressed! Youʹre wet. Here. Don’t fret,
they have great fun in the boats. How do you know it?
– I’ve been there. You’ve been there?
– The sun came out. Take this… Lala, dear, what’s eating you,
driving you to poke and pry? What’s the matter now?
– Always getting me into a fix. 50 times a day. Don’t call me names! I ask of you!
– Shut up! They can hear us! Do you know what Velicu was hinting at?
That you have no business to be here. You could have gone to Călimănești,
or your momma’s. I could have got you the booking,
but here you are, all over my head! What about Viorica? How’s she here?
– Shut up at least! Shut up! If somebody asks you,
you’ll say I sent you there to keep them under control.
-And was it? Shut up and do as I say!
My liver is hurting me! That bloody water!
I told you not to drink it. What if you caught a hepatitis?
– Most likely. Let me see if this is hard.
-Yes, it is! It hurts! Stay still. Stay still one second. Hell, piss off! I’m fed up with you. Shut up or they’ll hear you. Come on, scream, scream, scream… Let it all out!
Come on! Shout! Stop it dear, they can hear us!
You think I’m not human? Do you think I am a
punching bag, or what? I am, but I’m responsible
for all that’s happening on this trip. Do you think they’re paying
me for nighttime fantasies? I’m not allowed to make any mistake,
or I’ll pay dearly for it. And if I pay, it’ll cost you too. Get that
through your head! Cut the whining! Understand? In 1973, when I worked on the seacoast,
I had 800 lei extra each month. Youʹre complaining
about not having Italian shoes. That’s because I lead trips
for smart asses. Will you have me organize country dances
at the agricultural cooperatives? Or in other places like this? My liver hurts because I’ve been
eating cafeteria food for years on end. While you were out there, having fun,
I was doing propaganda work. I lost my nights at balls and
dancing parties, not to have fun,
but to throw out decadent dancers. Do you think that was easy?
Easy work? Wasn’t that work too? It’s easy to mock. They are mocking everything.
They couldn’t care less about me and my liver. But I’m responsible for everything, not them! While that fucker Velicu will tell on me
back in Bucharest. He said that three times.
I can make fun too. Do you think I don’t know that
this whole TV thing was just a dumb incident, and if it wasn’t for you being there,
I could have just ended it right off? Lala, I’m scared, you see?
You can see I am. Lala, let’s make it up!
– Don’t touch me! Lala, Lala… Don’t touch me. I’ll shout out. I cheated on you with Vali
and with Luminiţa Dumitrescu. Three times with Vali,
and four times with Luminiţa. I cheated on you! “Oh where are the mountains,
The mountains that I could… „Remove from my way
With my faith”. „I can’t see them,
I want them, I call them.” A twisted mind!
He’s got some blotch in there! One organizes a clean get together,
honest, with everybody there, nice… and he misinterprets the whole thing! Interpret my ass… Viorica!
Are you still here? Come on, young men!
More cheerful! More cheerful! It’s the last stage! Come on, we’ve reached Cernavodă. “Oh where are the mountains,
The mountains that I could… Remove from my way
With my faith. I can’t see them,
I want them, I call them. They’re not there.” -Just think about it,
maybe he’ll just apologize… Who will we play the spoon with? Wait, wait, wait, should I bring…?
– No, thank you! Mind that we’re reaching Cernavoda. Hand over the equipment
according to the inventory. And nobody tows in! It’s the last harbor.
Somebody may be waiting for us. Let us be seen rowing. Comrade Proca, I’m sorry. Not interested. Assemble
at the railway station. What’s the matter with him?
Coffee? – Enough with it! I’m all fed up. July 23, Calafat. The weather is fine.
The weather forecast is optimistic. All went on well,
according to our schedule. The medical check-up, the technical meeting,
the swimming test and the visit to cultural and historical landmarks, as well as
the evening dance, they all took place in a serious
setting full of youthful energy. In order to thank for the navigation equipment,
the youngsters decided to work voluntarily in the administrative sector of the harbor. We are determined
to overcome all hardships. July 24, Bechet. The youngsters are now Danube people. We are tired, but enthusiastic.
Free time until lights out. Our H.Q. was strengthened.
We were joined by three girls. Each of us has definite tasks.
We made badges. Starting tomorrow, comrade Velicu
is in charge of the organized morning drill. Where are we taking this?
I cannot carry it anymore! – There.
– Where? There! There! Well, that is also the end
the last stage of our expedition. We shall turn back home
with memories, I hope, to your liking, full of greater spiritual riches, as we’ve learnt something more
during our journey, we’ve strengthened. Even rowing, which frightened some of us,
annoyed or delighted others, strengthened us, made us more vigorous,
more healthy in the end. Someone go see what she’s doing
with the diplomas. Is she coming or not? Yes, yes. I wanted to tell you that,
we weren’t always completely pleased with each other.
Unsatisfactory things happened too. But… that’s life. You’ll receive diplomas
for your participation. They are here on the ship.
They will be brought to you. I know you’re trustworthy young people,
in spite of your childish pranks. We’ve tried to make you feel fine. I hope you’re all going back home with pleasant memories
about this trip and about us too, the ones which showed you the way. We feel close to you too. It’s just natural… don’t think that…
it’s human nature. What are you doing?
The man’s waiting for you. Shall I help you?
– No, I’m fine. Don’t touch it,
You’ll make me do it wrong. -How many did I say? 40?
– 42. Don’t get mad!
– Wait… Look what you’ve done! What have I done? We’ll gather them up.
– But they’ll get dirty. Oh, Vladi, you’re always messing things up!
Please behave! Vladi, calm down.
– I love you. Proca is waiting for us.
Ouch. Vladi, Proca is waiting for us, honey. I love you, let’s make it up!
– I’m not angry with you. Let’s make it up!
– But I’m not angry with you, dear. Leave the umbrella…. Leave the umbrella….
What are you doing with it? He’ll be kicked out from the expeditions,
he’ll end up a post office clerk. God help him. He’s a blockhead. That’s how much he knows. He keeps misinterpreting things. I would have been happy
if you had asked for my advice when you had problems. But you didn’t. Maybe it wasn’t hard for you
or you just didn’t trust me. We’d have been happy to see
that you did gladly what you did… Congratulations once again. You’ll get diplomas. Why isn’t that boy coming? You will get diplomas from us,
the organizers, a symbol of our esteem. In about a week, you’ll forget
about the hard sides of this journey. You’ll remember only the nice parts of it. If some of you want to say a few words… As for me, I’d like to say that,
despite all… you know… in a word… I was very glad. If nobody has anything more to say… Let’s take a picture, guys.
Come on! Come on closer. July 25, Turnu Măgurele. A rough stage. The Danube is showing us
that this was not a walk in the park. The crews blended in the collective effort. The youngsters understood that the hardships can’t be overcome
only through personal effort. Today was a painful day.
Sometimes it is hard. The girls in the H.Q. prove to be of real use,
offering sanitary support when needed. Folklore night. A hard stage follows tomorrow,
but we’ll keep to the schedule. July 26, Giurgiu. Maintaining a good physical condition
demands various sporting activities. We alternate rowing with other sports. In order to run in the H.Q. personnel, today comrade Velicu
was entrusted with the command. A visit to other landmarks
in the industrial town of Giurgiu. Ethical and behavioral problems came up
for discussion. Comrade Velicu was in charge. We are already experienced navigators.
One can hear the river outside. July 27, Călărași. In order to meet the participants’ proposals,
we are organizing rowing contests. Which is very well received by
a lot of the rowers. This comes naturally
for they are all contest winners already. Negative examples recorded. Comrade Velicu was publicly criticized
for the TV evenings, that were not always well planned. We’ll double our attention
on this matter. Comrades Velicu and Florea
were in charge. It seems we are leaving tomorrow,
on bad weather, the industrial town Călăraşi… July 28, Cernavodă. Fighting the hardships of the journey, the relentless currents and winds, the youngsters didn’t just prove they
were contest winners, but they also proved they were not only winners of chess ant literary contests,
but dependable youngsters. The navigation equipment was handed over
according to the inventory. Comrade Velicu, Florea and Filip
are responsible. The closing ceremony was touching. This photography, taken at the foot
of the bridge Cernavodă, will remind us… …we’ll relive with the same emotion we are now
watching the tumultuous water of the sea. of the old Danube. “Next time we promise
To have even greater fun… Next time we promise
To have even greater fun…”


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