Film Star Kaise Bane

Jai Shri Ganga Ji Ki Friends , Welcome to my Channel HaridwarJyotish Today we are going talk about the planetary positions which are essential to get success in any kind of Show Business. In the later part of this video, I shall be analyzing the horoscope of Shri Amitabh Bachchan, to find out the secret of his success in movie industry. So, I request you to please watch the complete video. Friends, Venus is regarded as the planet of beauty, Art and recreation. If Venus becomes the ruling planet of our income then he makes us inclined towards Acting, Modelling, Fashion Designing, Readymade Garment business, Orchestra business, Film Director, Producer, Textile business and Marriage Bureau work. Besides, Mercury is also related to show business as it denotes our voice. If Mercury is well placed in our horoscope then our voice becomes very influential and sweet. Singing, Writing or Playing any musical instrument, all are related to Mercury planet. If Mercury is badly placed then its very difficult to get success in these fields. In our horoscope, Fifth house is reffered to as the house of art and recreation. The benefic effect and planetary aspects on fifth house lord The placement of Fifth lord in good houses makes the native successful in show business. But the level of success is mainly decided by the ninth house and its lord. The First house (Ascendant) in Astrology indicates our personality and physical appearance Whereas the Fourth house or moon is reffered to as the public and society. The domain of the fifth house also indicates our opinions, interests and our ability to make friends. To get success in show business , one should be hardworking and having the capacity to struggle. So its necessary that the First, Fourth and Fifth house of our horoscope should be powerful. Moreover, There are also some other planetary positions which promises the Film line as our career In our D-9 Chart, If lord of the 10th house is placed in the zodiac sign of venus. Or Lord of the fifth house and venus are together in horoscope. Or Venus and Moon are placed in each others houses. Then we can choose show business as our career I have witnessed in my experience that lord of the first house decides our business or job according to its placement in different houses and zodiac signs. Now lets talk about the horoscope of Mr. Amitabh bachchan. We all know very well that he is a legend of Bollywood industry and is still working. He was born on 11 october 1942 in Allahabad (UP State) Here are the planetary positions The ascendant is Aquarius along with three planets are in central houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) As I have mentioned earlier that lord of the first house decides our business or job according to its placement in different houses and zodiac signs. In this horoscope, Lord of the ist house is Saturn and is placed in the 4th house (Taurus zodiac sign of Venus Planet). So he took a plunge into show business. Placement of Fifth house lord with venus also indicates the connection with show business. In this Chart, Fifth house lord is Mercury and is placed with Venus in the 8th house. Lord of the 10th house is Mars and placed with Mercury in the 8th house, which is beneficial for art and recreation work. In any horoscope , placement of four or five planets in one house, promises good future of the native. In this Chart, four planets are in 8th house and having their 100 % aspects on 2nd House (House of Wealth). All these good planetary positios made Mr. Bachchan a legend of our Indian Film Industry. So Friends, If you have a little knowledge about Astrology, then you can easily find out in your horoscope whether you can get success in Show business or not. If you have any query related to this video then you can ask in the comment section. If you still have not subscribed to my channel, requesting you to subscribe it now. See you in the next video ….Jai Shri Ganga Ji Ki.


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