Film Theory: Poppy’s Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!

I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat. I’m MatPat! (Film Theory Intro Theme) Hello internet, Welcome to Film Theory Where first and foremost, shoutout to
Isabella Taylor from the Notification Squad™. Thank you so much for ringing the bell and officially being the “First” on the ‘Golden Globes’ video. Now, even though this is technically a
“film” theory, every once in a while I’ll dip into the wild and weird stuff
that you see on YouTube Salad Fingers, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and today we welcome another member into the hallowed halls of weird YouTube channels that will haunt your dreams but instead of me saying anything, I’ll
just let her introduce herself. She’s quite good at it. “I’m Poppy” “I’m Poppy” “Poppy” *repeats* “I’m Poppy” “Pop” *repeats* Alright! Alright! Enough! We get it. Point taken. In case you haven’t seen this channel
on either Pewds or Fine Bros. Let me introduce you to “Poppy,” an aspiring singer who has both a
Vevo channel for her original songs and a personal channel where she
posts frequent short videos of herself and you might think that this sounds
perfectly straightforward and wonder why this would EVER, EVER merit a Film Theory,™ Instead of, say, I don’t know, a third
part of Doctor Who. Well, it’s because the content of the
videos on her personal channel are… a bit more than what they appear. Sure! She might inflate and deflate a rabbit toy over and over again or cryptically talk about what time it is or just read the Bible straight from the beginning for a solid 49 minutes and at first glance you might be thinking that Poppy’s videos are just random for the sake of being random. There are plenty of other channels on YouTube guilty of exactly that. But Poppy’s aren’t. I’ve gone through every one of that Poppy’s videos, and there are a BUNCH of them. As well as all her social feeds and websites, and there is definitely a much more sinister narrative going on here. Poppy, and the other people behind these videos, most notably, their director, named Titanic Sinclair, yes, you heard me right, his name is Titanic Sinclair like the boat and the author of the most famous muckraking novel of all time, The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, are using these videos to comment on what it takes to be a pop star in the modern age. And I don’t mean struggling your way through the ranks from humble beginnings, I mean being churned out by a cold corporate machine and selling your soul to the Illuminati™. You heard that right. Poppy equals Illuminati, confirmed! Now that might sound like a far-fetched conclusion to draw, but the evidence is there. So, strap in everybody, because the road to hell is paved in pastel pinks, has a really catchy reggae beat and occurs in four quick phases. Phase Number One: Innocent, but sexual. One of the first things you’ll notice about Poppy is that she appears very young, but how old is she really? Is she around sixteen? Or maybe she’s just a young looking twenty-something? It’s hard to tell and the people behind the channel are certainly interested in keeping her age a secret. As Poppy said in an interview with ‘’, quote, “I don’t want people to talk about how old I am; I want to talk about what I’m making.” Either way, the clues to Poppy’s youth are everywhere in her early videos. Her very first video shows her eating cotton candy. In another, she’s playing ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not’ with a flower. Yet another shows her hula hooping and the name of her first extended play is called ‘Bubble Bath’. These choices are clearly no accident, because when asked in an interview to describe her style in three words, Poppy states, “Barbie, Kawaii, Child.” Barbie explains the pink clothes and blonde hair and Kawaii, the Japanese concept of cuteness, exemplified by things like Hello Kitty™, is also pretty obvious. One look at her music video for ‘Money’ and you see that Japanese aesthetic everywhere, but Child is the important one, because it connects her to so many young blonde pop stars that we’ve seen over the
past twenty years. For comparison, consider Britney Spears. We’re all probably somewhat familiar with 21st century Britney, the one who wore a snake to the BMAs, made-out with Madonna and shaved her head, but I’m sure that those of you who can’t tell a jennxpenn from an RclBeauty can also remember late 90s Britney as well, when she first hit the scene. In the video for her first major hit,
‘…Baby One More Time’, Spears’ teenage-ness is on blatant display through her Catholic school girl outfit, which, of course, comes with plenty of sexualization on it’s own. I mean, I’ve been invited to Catholic
school dances before, and I have seen some pretty wild things at them, but those moves that Britney’s doing aren’t leaving any room for Jesus. Now, in those early days, she was an undeniable sex symbol, but in interviews would outright deny it, telling Esquire in 2003 that, quote, “Look, if you want me to be some kind
of sex thing, that’s not me.” Are you sure, Britney? Because she said this to a magazine that ran pictures like this of her next to the very same interview! Yeah, ‘cuz all the innocent girls I know
are are doing photo shoots topless, pulling down their panties and covering up their private parts with giant strands of pearls! What did you think those pictures were for? *mocking Britney*
“It’s not sexual, it’s just artwork” DEAR BRITNEY, when the lyrics to your big song outright say “I’m not that innocent,” forgive people for being a little skeptical when you say that you “are so innocent.” That is ALL I’m saying. But back to 2017. It’s hard to deny that Poppy is drawing some parallels here. Just compare this still of Poppy from the video where she introduces herself to the cover of Britney Spears’ first album. Poppy also expresses the same kind of aversion to sexuality as early era Britney did, albeit in subtler ways. Take a moment from the video for Poppy’s biggest single ‘Lowlife.’ She’s seated at a table with the devil, more on that one later, who peels a banana, puts it in his mouth, and, um, doesn’t start to eat it. That, sir, is a choking hazard, Mr. Satan. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to chew your food? Sure, we don’t see anything
particularly graphic going on here, but Poppy’s reaction tells us pretty much everything that we need to know. Sex is not a part of Poppy or her message, but the companies that manage, publicize, and basically create popstars don’t care what your message is. In the words of another pop star, Pink, and her song “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” quote, “LA told me, you’ll be a pop star. All you have to change is everything you are.” They want their stars to be sexually appealing because it gets them attention and helps them sell to adults, whilst still staying innocuous enough that parents don’t find them too harmful for the younger fans. And if they’re able to pull of this balancing act, that leads them to Phase 2: Dallah, Dallah bills. Admittedly , this is the most self-explanatory of the phases, but it’s one that the creators of the Poppy channel definitely want to acknowledge in their story. The first indication of money that we get is in the video, “I made 500 dollars.” In which, Poppy gleefully examines and counts a stack of five 100 dollar bills she received. How she earned that money isn’t
entirely clear though perhaps, it’s the result of the video titled, “Tide Commercial,” in which Poppy declares her love for Tide and talks about how much better her life is as a result of the detergent. But even more egregious than that is the song, “Money,” which shamelessly promotes materialism with lyrics like, “If money can’t buy happiness then
why is it so fabulous?” You can draw parallels to pop music here, but it’s pretty obvious “With fame, comes money.” But, of course, with fame and money there come some drawbacks and that takes us to Phase 3: Losing control of your message. If there’s one way to make your fan base turn on you is becoming a # #Sellout>:( Once the celebrity gets hot, their list of responsibility goes way beyond just making music. At one point, Lady Gaga considered quitting music all together citing that she was unhappy with a variety of things but especially being used to make other people money by doing things like selling fragrances or standing around taking pictures. When she stopped doing those things, she says she remembered who she was. As though taking away everything behind the scenes restored her individuality. Similarly, there are outside forces that try to control what Poppy has to say in a lot of her videos In “Lowlife,” the first music video I talked about earlier, we see men in suits in breathing
masks and wheelchairs. The men behind the scenes, pulling the strings and trying to get Poppy to sell out. The devil, and his, um, banana. Poppy in this video is able to reject their control, as shown by her shoving them off-stage but fast-forward to more recent videos, and this tide is starting to change In the video titled, “Shirt,” Poppy is holding a t-shirt containing her lyric, “If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?” Poppy looks off camera and asks, “What do you want me to say?” The answer we get is garble and mechanical (garbled mechanical audio) but if you alter the pitch using audio manipulation tools, you get this: “Just read what is on the shirt.” Just read what’s on the shirt. At which point, Poppy reads the slogan. Later in the video, the voice tells Poppy to tell the people to buy the t-shirts. “Tell them to buy the t-shirt.” And she complies again. This represent the time recently after a pop star becomes famous and is being pushed around doing sale promote everything that other people wants. In a more recent video called, “I’m Not Lying To You,” we get another crypted message from a skull that speaks to Poppy in reverse, *DEMONIC VOICE* Decoded, it says, “The next word I’m going to say is yes,” but only before, this time, Poppy doesn’t follow instructions claiming that, “I used to be more honest but now they won’t let me.” In fact, Poppy makes a lot of references to an unseen but powerful “THEY,” in many of her videos so, who are “They,”? Are “They” the businessmen who we saw on set with her? Well, yes, but it’s also far more dangerous than that. And here’s when things start to go off the rail. In “Japan”, we get the typical Poppy-esq statements like, “What is the difference between Hollywood and Japan?” and, “Will you come to Japan with me?” but towards the end of the video, the tone shifts as Poppy urgently says to the camera, “Don’t tell them I’m here,” “I need to escape,” “They don’t want me to go.” And then the video cuts out. It’s not just that Poppy is unhappy with her music career. It’s that she fears she’s in danger and that’s because she’s a product of Phase 4: The Illuminati Yup, the same group that causes videos to have more likes than views and is single-handedly keeping Half-Life 3 off the market, is also keeping Poppy under their collective thumb. Okay, so, seriously, this may feel like it’s coming out of left field but let me explain. Those who believe in The Illuminati, which is, according to theories, an all powerful secret society that controls politics and media and also occasionally practices in the occult and brain-washing, believe that many of the most famous pop stars in history are members. Britney Spears Check! Christina Aguilera Check! Lady Gaga Check! Taylor Swift Check! Beyonce Check! Double check! AND TRIPLE CHECK!! So if Poppy is truly the tale of the
modern female pop idol, then The Illuminati being involved actually makes a lot of sense. “Well, how can you tell when
someone’s in The Illuminati?” Those of you whose heads aren’t wrapped in tin foil might be wondering and there’s essentially two different qualifications. 1. The person must be famous, rich
and/or influential. and 2. They use The Illuminati symbols, since as this very scholarly
looking website puts it, the Illuminati loves taunting the Profane, that’s uh, us normal non-Illuminati people, by putting their symbols in plain sight for all to see. There are a lot of these symbols, but some of the most prominent include
things like a single eye, also known as the all seeing eye
or the eye of providence, triangles or pyramids, skulls and any
other satanic images or symbols like the number 666, and you don’t have to look very far to come across all of these in Poppy’s videos. For a very prominent triangle symbol look no further than Poppy’s video entitled “Membership Ring,” which simply features a triangular ring
and some dramatic music. Of course, the fact that it’s even called a
“membership ring” is pretty telling. As it would seem to indicate that Poppy’s
membership is in the Illuminati, or remember that video with the skull form earlier? Well, not only is Poppy talking to an Illuminati symbol, but that symbol is speaking to her sdrawkcab and there are tons of theories about
satanic messages being hidden in famous songs that are revealed when they’re played sdrawkcab so keep a listen for that in Poppy’s next music track. Next there are the eyes, and boy is the
Illuminati watching in Poppy’s videos. Some are obvious, like this still from
Poppy’s video for money. Others are a bit more subtle like a dress that she wore to the iHeartRadio Music Awards that’s covered in eyeballs, or this moment from one of her early videos in which she puts her eye behind a hole in a donut, and if you’re still not convinced,
here’s the bombshell. If you go to Poppy’s homepage, and view the source code just take a look at what comes
up at the top of the page: That my friends is the Eye of Providence, with the subtitle Poppy knows all. Just there, written into the code not
doing anything on the webpage, but hidden just beneath the surface for
theorists like us to find. Damn you Illuminati taunting me with your imagery! I as a lowly Profaned are so … I don’t know what feeling is this supposed to invoke in me? Uhhh … Jealous! …. Beleaguered! Feel so beleaguered! So obviously, there’s plenty of Illuminati
imagery hidden throughout all of this, but that brings us to the occult
symbols and references. Again, some are obvious, and some are less so. Of course, we’ve got the devil as the main
character in Poppy’s video for Lowlife, but also throughout that video, we see Poppy in a very specific pose seated in a chair with one arm pointed up
and the other arm pointed downward. Her fingers in a very specific position. This is a clear reference to Baphomet, a demon allegedly worshiped by the
Illuminati and various other secret societies, that allows them to harness the powers
of heaven and hell. Even the seemingly random products
that Poppy “endorses” have a satanic connection. Poppy’s most recent product video promotes both Doritos and Monster Energy Drink. Doritos could be construed as Illuminati symbols here both because they’re triangular, and because Poppy awkwardly holds one
over her eye for a moment. Again creating the eye of Providence. As for Monster Energy Drink, there are
some who claim that the drink is a symbol for Satan, and we’re not just
talking about the taste. (INTENSE AIR HORN)
SHOTS FIRED! I’ll be here all week, actually Monster
Energy Drink’s alright. The logo for Monster is an M made up of three lines, which each bear a decent resemblance
to the Hebrew letter Vav or six. Put the three together and BINGO!
The mark of the beast, Vav Vav Vav, The monster, 666. Tell you what, I’m never looking at
Monster Energy Drink the same way again. But there’s another element here
that I haven’t addressed. Poppy isn’t just a cute singer under the
thumb of the Illuminati. There’s a lot of evidence in these videos
pointing to Poppy being a computer program created by the Illuminati. The video “Transmission” shows Poppy’s
personality speaking through a computer, which in and of itself wouldn’t mean a whole lot, but in videos like
“They Have Taken Control,” it’s like she’s literally upgrading her
software to have new lines and emotions. “Poppy loves you and will always love you.” Even the title of ‘They Have Taken Control” shows that Poppy’s personality is no longer her own. Add to this the fact that, in real life, the girl who plays Poppy refers to Poppy in the third person, like another person or personality. But what really gives it away is
one of her latest videos, “Some People.” A video that prompted me to literally
re-write this whole episode’s conclusion, right before we finished editing it. Because in it, she makes her usual general statements about different types of people, there’s tall people, there are short people,
blah blah blah blah blah … but it’s the last statements of this video that confirm her as something not quite human. She says, “Some people have skin and
some people are made of plastic,” before turning to the camera and saying, “It feels so good to be a human being.” That turn to the camera tells us
everything that we need to know. It’s the director’s way of signalling to the
audience that Poppy isn’t what she says she is, but another point of evidence supporting all of this is that if one Poppy steps out of line, it appears as though she gets replaced by another one. Consider the video titled “Oh No!” which features Poppy staring at the camera before a second identical Poppy appears, and the first starts to bleed from her mouth. It’s a continuation of ten episodes earlier
titled “Am I Okay?” a largely non-important episode in this
series until the final frames which shows her nose bleeding. It’s as though Poppy is deteriorating, falling apart, and new Poppies are having to take her place. In fact, it’s probably Poppy getting replaced that’s caused the other characters in the series a skeleton, a plant, and Charlotte the mannequin, to have this conversation: “Oh, she definitely changed.” “See, I told you.” “What do you mean she didn’t change?” And it’s worth noting that this Illuminati
programing doesn’t just apply to the blonde girl that we know as Poppy. It applies to us too. In both “Step 1” and “Step 2,” we’re instructed to look into the computer as digital sound effects play in the background, and Poppy encourages us to keep going. “You’re doing great.” It’s as though by watching this video, we’re the ones getting reprogrammed. We’re the ones getting brainwashed. Because in the end, that’s what Poppy’s
true purpose is here. She’s not just some other young aspiring pop singer; she’s the embodiment of all the
conspiracy theorists’ fears online. Another pop star and media icon
manufactured by the Illuminati to distract us with catchy songs and bland phrases, a means of keeping us normal folk in line, distracted with consumerism, fashion,
Monster Energy Drink, Tide detergent, Blissfully ignorant of the real things that matter. The Illuminati’s continued dominance over world power. Now, am I arguing that Poppy and Titanic Sinclair believe in all these things? No. Not at all. Poppy is a channel that wants to satirically portray elements of the life of a pop star, from the dehumanizing to the downright bizarre, and hey … If they get popular along the way from people like us and Reddit theorizing about them well … that’s a weird twist isn’t it.
The music is pretty darn catchy. I’ve been finding myself watching more and more of Poppy every day in fact. (subliminal messaging) It’s one of my favorite channels on YouTube.
(subliminal messaging) I tune in every single day to her videos.
(subliminal messaging) Every Poppy upload that I see in my notification feed is one that I watch. (subliminal messaging) So … sorry. Sorry. I got distracted there for a second. In the mean time, remember that’s just a Poppy a Poppy Poppy AAAAAANNND Poppy (subliminal Illuminati messages) And in case you were wondering, no don’t worry these videos aren’t products of the Illuminati to keep you distracted from their
continued dominance either. (LAUGHING) Why would you think something like that? (LAUGHING) (ELECTRONIC VOICE)


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