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– [Reporter] In
breaking news the body of Chris Marse has been found. He is believed to be
the eighth victim of the serial killer popularly
known as the chess piece killer. Each victim is found with
a chess piece nearby, the calling card of
this sadistic murderer. While the FBI have
declined to comment east coast PD lead
detective Nick Mathers will be interviewing
mass murderer Luke Cylus in Eastwood Maximum
Security Prison in hopes to gain
insight into the monster who calls himself
The Grand Master. – [Luke] Oh what he
tells is obvious. Aren’t you the expert
Detective Mathers? He enjoys the control, holding
their lives in his hands, flesh quivering in fear,
the look in their eyes the moment their life slips
away, a moment to savour, relive, it’s all a
game of cat and mouse. Me versus everyone
who doubted me. I stopped killing ’cause I
killed the one I had to kill. But will he? The one who calls himself the
grand master actually stop? It’s a darkness in him. Know him and you’ll catch him. But to know the Grand
Master you have to see the darkness in yourself
Detective Mathers. I see it, you’re
a man with demons, an obsession that drives you. (phone dials and rings) – [Henderson] What do you got? – [Nick] Anjini just got taken. – [Henderson] Okay Nick
we got people out there. – [Nick] I’ll finish
here and get out there. – [Henderson] We’ll find
the body faster this time. We’ll get him. – I’ll see your there. – [Henderson] No, go
see my goddaughter. Myra said you brought
Katie home from hospital and it’s not looking good. You should be with her. I’ll call you the
second anything happens. – Thanks boss. (phone dials and rings) – [Kate] Hey dad. – Hey, just called to hear
the sound of your voice. – Sounds ill. – Coming home to give
you kiss goodnight. – What about the big case? – I promise. – Thanks Dad, see you soon. (monitor beeping) – When Dad gets
in we can go for– – You should go back to Kate. – I know it’s been so hard. But nothing changes
how much I love you. (monitor beeps faster) (Kate groans in pain) (phone ringing) – Yeah what do you got boss? – [Henderson] We
just found Anjini, Seven and Young
Street, Eastwood, and it’s definitely
the Grand Master. I’m sorry Nick. – Yeah I’m on my way. Fuck. (dramatic music) I know Myra I promised
Kate now I gotta go. Okay bye. – [Aly] Hey. – Hey. – How’s Kate? – Not good, they’re fighting
hard, I should be with her. – It’s all yours
Nick, work your magic. – Anjini, a castle
piece, but who was she? – Anjini Prasad, 17 a pole
dancer but not a stripper. We canvassed the area but
no one’s seen her in months. Described her as
nice, talkative, real. – Was she reported as missing? – Yes Nick, I mean Detective. But like the others she
was classified as inactive. – He’s killing people
who won’t be missed. It’s nine dead and rising. (phone buzzing) – [Phone] Called
is not available. I can let them know you called. (Kate gasping for breath) – I want Dad. – I’m sure he’s on
his way sweetheart. – He promised. – Study your victim and
you catch the killer. He’s organised,
sophisticated, experienced, mid 20’s to mid 30’s,
probably caucasian. Like most serial killers
his victims are younger. Oddly he’s killing across
the racial boundaries. The last one was black,
before that was Asian. It’s not about sex, he
gets off on the control. – Sir I’d stop. – Thanks for letting
me work the scene before you called everyone else I know it’s not
normal procedure. – I know how you like to work. – Okay Nick, we’ll
get the coroner in. You go home, see
Katie, I got this. (engine cranks) (sombre music) – [Myra] She’s dead Nick. (sombre music)
(Nick crying) (sirens blaring) – Hey Bobby cop. – You find that
white slave ring yet? – [Henderson] What’s so funny? – Nothing sir.
– Nothing sir. – You can’t save them all Aly. – I’m sorry Detective Henderson. I hate it when there’s
nothing I can do. – Your supervisor said
you wanted to see me. – There are– – If this is about the missing
kids there’s no linkage. – That’s what Brandon keeps
telling me, let it go. – Then listen to the boyfriend. I mean you already
lost a promotion due to the Mathis affair. – He’s your partner, he– – Was, but he screwed up. – His daughter, your
Goddaughter had just died. – We all got a job
to do and sometimes– – I know the job comes first. But at what cost, 20
years of friendship? – Bottom line, Grand
Master got away. Nick got thrown off the force,
almost took you with him. If I hadn’t intervened
you’d be gone. I won’t do it again. – You have to listen. – This has got to stop. – Someone’s picking them off. – Aly. – Maybe a slave ringer. – Officer Clarke. This obsession will
end your career. They’re a transient
group, they come and go. No one is preying
on the missing. – Welcome to the game. (suspenseful music) – They were victims
that no one cared about. And I wish I’d never
cared about them either. – Do you blame them
for what happened? Do you feel that they deserve? – No one deserves to
be tortured and die. Including my daughter, I
lost her because of them. It’s like they killed my child. (sombre music) – Do you feel that
your work and those that you tried to save
cost you your daughter? – I still see her,
and I hear her. – Is the Kate you see real? – Yes, no. The questions,
questions that pound me. They pound me,
and they pound me. The questions that I
ask myself every day. – Maybe these visions of Kate, they’re a way of
externalising, a way of coping. – Does it look like I’m coping? Does it look like I’m coping? Myra, Aly, Lisa, Kate,
they all hate me. And you think I’m coping. (drums beating in cadence) – The Nazi’s inspire me,
they control hundreds of thousands of Russian
prisoners of war with just a few men with guns. How did they do
that you may ask? Thank you for asking. They stripped away the bares. Oh it’s so easy
to take your life. But to control it. Humans can be reduced
to an animal form. Everyone has something,
something that destroys them. Here then. Take your own life. Be free. I see. In her pride, Drink, this is all you get. To own a person you have
to take away everything. Physically and mentally
humiliate them. Leave them with nothing to
fight for so they won’t fight. Some break easily. Sweet simple Annie, all
I had to do was take her. (girl crying) You see Jody I been waiting
a year to finish the game. A year of finding
the right peaces of human rubbish that
no one cares about. The homeless, the
retards, the drug dealers, and of course Jody,
whores like you. Just like Mom. Maybe I’ve gone
too far with you. But your not ready to join
the others, not yet anyway. (ominous music) (birds singing) (phone ringing) – [Doctor Edkin]
It’s Doctor Edkin, you missed your
last appointment. That’s the third time running. We made some real
breakthroughs last time in regards to the
visions of Kate and the links to
your subconscious. Nick– – [Kate] You left me to
die, you promised me. Help me Daddy. Save me Daddy. If I’m not real, why am I here? I called for you,
you left me to die. Save me Daddy. Help me Daddy. You promised me, help me Daddy. You promised me,
if I’m not real– – You’re not real. – [Kate] Why am I not real? – You’re not real. – [Kate] Why am I here? – [Nick] You’re not real. – If I’m not real,
why am I here? You left me to die. You promised me. I called for you. Help me Daddy. Save me Daddy. – I’m sorry. (dramatic music) – And now I’m dead. – Why are you still here? – You damned me. I’m just returning the favour. – If I finish my
homework, can I go out? (grunts) Can I have a lift to the movies? (grunts) I got an A on that assignment. (phone buzzes) Hi Dad. Yeah this weekend’s great. Oh no I don’t think, no I
don’t think Mom would… Yeah so maybe pick
me up after school? Cool, yeah. Oh don’t be late. Yeah, alright,
okay, love you, bye. (sombre music) He’s still my dad. (contemplative music) (birds singing) – Take a deep breath into
your awareness girls. Let’s loosen those
shoulders and those necks. – I heard your psycho dad
only stays in one room because he thinks
your dead sister haunts the rest of your house. – Knock it off girls. Okay now centre yourself. Okay we’re gonna start
with extended warrior pose. – How’s your sister,
tell her hi for me. – Back of the
shoulders together. And now breath out and
extend into the triangle, and come up into the tree. – Does his Ouija Board need
to be put up when he’s home? – You’re so pathetic. – [Instructor] Hands
together girls. – God you’re such a loser. – [Girl] Does your dad
need a straight jacket? – So it’s a shame
you weren’t the one to fall of the
face of the Earth. – [Instructor] Bring it
down through the third eye. And then resting on
the heart centre. (grunting) – Rule number one, do not rebel. Rule two, do not escape, simple. Break the rules you die. (Jody crying) (Jody screams) (ominous music) (birds singing) (girls chattering) – [Girl] Oh look who it is. – Look at what the
cat dragged in. – Do you want to wear
your skirt high enough? – Enjoy your crazy life alone. – If you’re waiting
for your sister, you may be waiting a while. – [Girl] Good one. (suspenseful music) – Dad somebody’s following me. I don’t know this
guy, I’m at school– – I’m on my way. (Lisa screams) (suspenseful music) (tyres squealing) – Where is he? – He was just there. Damn it. Go. – What are we
talking about here? I mean who was this guy? – I don’t know Myra, I don’t
know I wasn’t there alright. – Well your a
detective, find out. – I talked to the police. – Well I did too Nick. I’m her legal guardian not
her weekend fast food dad. – Myra this is not about– – No you think you’re being
a hero, well you’re not. What was she doing standing
on the street alone? – I lost track of time alright. – Dad called, he told
me he was gonna be late. – This is the last time you’ll make your daughter lie for you. I have tolerated your post
traumatic shit for too long. I refuse to let you
take both my daughters. – Mom please. – I’m taking this to the courts
Nick and you will lose her. You’ve had your chance. (sombre music) – She’s not going to do it. She’s just trying to
scare you I promise. Can we just talk about this? Dad come on. You’re treating me like Mom. Ignoring me does not
mean that I don’t exist. – Lisa, Lisa stop. I’m sorry. – What? Just stop being sorry
okay, just stop. – I just don’t want
to lose you Lis. – Oh my God if Mom
goes to the court I will tell them you are
alright that is enough. – You don’t have to lie for me. – I know I don’t, I
make my own decisions. – Your mom would– – Oh you know what,
she’s not the point okay. You need to make the
difference alright. Clean yourself up. You have so much potential
but you just let things go. (suspenseful music) Hey. – Hey. – Kate’s gone Dad,
I miss her too. Okay but it’s time
to say goodbye. – I can’t lose you too. – And you won’t okay
but this has to change. – [Nick] I know. – But knowing is not enough. You gotta do something okay,
you gotta do something. Something with yourself. See that wasn’t so hard. – I love you Lis. – I know okay, less talk, more
shower and shave, come on. (dramatic music) – [Kate] Help me Daddy. Don’t leave me
’cause I’m not real. (dramatic music) – It’s time to say goodbye Kate. I need to take care of Lisa. (suspenseful music) (glass breaks) (Lisa grunting) (thunder claps) Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Lisa Lisa. Lisa, Lisa. Lisa? Lisa. (dramatic music) – Detective Nick Mathers,
it’s been too long. So tell me, did you get to say
good night to your daughter? – When I catch you– – Yeah like last time. – Where is she? – Patience Mathers. (grunting) Let me tell you a story
about a little princess who lived a soft protected life bought by you for
girls like her. I never stood a chance
but now, oh now. I can do whatever I want. – Fuck you. – Maybe this time you
get to say goodbye. – Dad, Dad. – Please, I have money. – This isn’t about money. Now Lisa be so kind as to
remind Nick of the rules. – Rule one, tell no one. Rule two, move every 15 minutes. Rule three, each
piece taken dies. – Break a rule someone dies. Not that you need
reminding of that. – Well this looks familiar. Last time you were in
this position I died. Is it Lisa’s turn? – Tell them about the last game. Tell them. Tell them! – Everyone died. – Yeah he forfeited
the game half way. He broke the rules so
I had to kill them. We’re simply picking
up where we left off. Game starts in 15 minutes. (Lisa crying) – The question mark
is Lisa isn’t it? (Lisa crying) – It’s not her fault you know? – She looks fine to me. – She was taken– – Except her father is the
sick fuck playing the game. Get the bitch. If your dad’s no psycho,
why is he playing the game? – Do you think he wants to? You may have no one out
there who cares about you but I do, I have
someone who will do anything they can to find me. And that means
finding all of us. So back off. (pounding on door) (ominous music) – Is sister more
important than me? You think saving Lisa will
resurrect your career? Bring Aly back to you? Save me? It’s almost a perfect plan,
except Lisa might die. – I won’t abandon her. I won’t. – What are you gonna do? Everyone’s counting
on you to win. – I got to keep Lisa safe,
that’s my main objective here. – How are you gonna win? You can’t even play chess. These are people
not chess pieces. And now you’ve lost Rachel. – Hold your wrists out. So I can untie you? – There’s someway to get out. There has to be. – No one has found one. – [Lisa] Have you
tried to work out the key code on the door? – Every day he changes it. – You mess this up someone dies. Come on detective, think,
the clock is ticking. What are you doing? Check, and you’ve lost Xander. (urinating) – Get used to it Princess,
that’s all there is. (ominous music) (screams in pain) – What the fuck? Get it together shit for brains. – Do you see it bro? What he did to me? Do you? – You’re missing
the obvious move. – [Nick] The queen, I
got to take the queen. It’s too obvious. (mumbling) Lisa will be vulnerable. I’m not moving that one, no way. Lisa is okay still. – [Kate] Now you’ve lost Jody. – Why me? Why me? – Maybe I’ve gone
too far with you. – [Jody] Why me, why me? – But you’re not ready
to join the others. – Is there anything I can do? – [Grand Master] Not yet anyway. (Jody crying) – You’re still going. You’re more stupid that Annie. – If I move Jody I’m
not taking anyway. So I got to try and
at least pick someone. Lisa is still safe,
that can work. – [Kate] And what about Annie? – Do you want to be my friend? Mina is my friend she, she
was here before everyone. And and and, and she she
ties it in a bow and– (Mina groans in pain) – And a big bow
in it at the back. And now she doesn’t
get scared like me. – This is all you get. – And now, now. Now hair, now hair, now hair. Mina’s gonna braid
her hair and then she’s gonna braid my hair
and loop, and loop, and loop. (Mina grunting) Plays games with me,
and she gives me hugs, and she doesn’t cry like I do. Oh I’m sorry, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry. – It’s okay sweetie, it’s okay. Look (breaths in) all gone see. – I made a friend,
I made a friend. – What’s she waiting for? – [Xander] For the game
to start you dumb bitch. – Checkmate, Lisa’s dead. They’re all dead (echoing) Who dies first? If you want to save
them all move the king. – If I move the king,
I mean if I move Lisa, the game ends in three moves. But to protect Lisa
someone will die. Think damn it. – You should get out more. Maybe kill the whore first. – Your right. I need to get out more. Out on the streets, I
never work like this. But if you save the whore
maybe she’ll fuck you. You haven’t gotten any
since you drove Aly away. What about the retard? Maybe she’s too dumb
to notice she’s dead. – What made you so cruel? – You did. – The dyke, after
all she’s not normal. The Grand Master did
have a since of humour. He made the gay one a bishop. Or maybe you can’t
kill another girl. One of the boys then? Think of how her blood will look on that virginal white dress. I doubt she’s a virgin though. – Fuck. I guess losing a
pawn is not so bad. – Is that how you see them? Just chess pieces? – It could all be a trick. Elaborate kidnap and ransom. You know pretend to kill
them to make me desperate. – How’s denial
working out for you? Are you gonna be the hero
this time, or the villain? One of them will condemned
to death in the next minute. Whether you choose or not. – Hi, I’m Lisa. – I’m Mina. – That’s a pretty name. – My real name means
hope and beauty. The men at the massage
parlour couldn’t pronounce it so they called me Mina. I was whoever they wanted to be. Men used me and I let them. Hope and beauty. (suspenseful music) (movement alarm blares) – What the hell was that? (movement alarm blaring) – [Xander] That’s
not the same sound. – Yay, he moved you Mina. He wants to play games with us. What’s wrong, isn’t
this a fun game? – Which piece did he
take, Annie or Mina? – I knew from the beginning. I was taken first to die. He told me I was special. (cell buzzer blaring) – What the hell
are those sounds? – That sound means
get to your cell. – But we can’t. – Obey the rules or
you’ll get hurt, come on. – No. Maybe it’s just a game. Maybe he just wants to scare us. Maybe he won’t come, I
mean he can’t kill us. How could he? He won’t come. – Come on. – Annie, go with Lisa now,
I’ll be seeing you soon. – Come, come on. – She likes having
her hair braided, and playing hide and seek. – I’ll look after her
promise, I promise. – Okay go. – [Annie] No. – I’ll see you soon go. Go with Lisa. – [Annie] But I want Mina. – [Lisa] It’ll be
okay, it’ll be okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. (Annie crying) It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry, don’t worry. ♪ Hush little baby
don’t say a word ♪ Momma’s gonna buy
you a mocking bird ♪ And if that mocking
bird don’t sing ♪ Momma’s gonna buy
you a diamond ring – Kill her again. How many will die this time? (car beeps)
(engine starts) (“Hush little baby”) (ominous music) (phone dialling) (phone buzzing) – Aly it’s me. – I told you not to call me. – I need to talk to you. – So? – I know, I know,
I know, I know. – Nick it’s over. – Then why haven’t
you hung up on me? – I’m sorry that
must have been hard. – You have no idea. (suspenseful music) – It’s all about ritual Mina. Everything in it’s
correct place. Rules that have to be followed. (calm music) All you had to do
was fight back. (calm music) (Mina whimpers) – No it could all be a trick. – Yeah he’s probably
just fucking us. – Where the fuck are you? If you don’t get your
fucking ass back to work and pay your fucking debt
I’ll kill you myself whore. I paid to get you
here so I own you. (dramatic music) – [Radio] All units
respond, all units respond. – And so it begins. – [Radio] Potential
homicide Albert and Pit. All units respond. (phone buzzing) – It might be work, but
if it’s not there’ll be. Hello. Yes Detective Henderson? – Were you the one
who reported the body? Did you find it? – [Employer] Yes I did. – Did you, okay. What was your relationship
with the girl? – [Employer] She’s my
worker, my employee. – [Officer] What’s
your main work? – It looks like she’s praying. Body’s been posed. Ligature strangulation. No signs of prolonged torture. – Yeah well it
looks like it to me. – Minimal petechial
haemorrhaging, means he didn’t revive
her if she passed out and repeat the strangulation, like serial killer
Jerry Brudos did. This only took a few minutes. – Only? – Focus Aly, getting
angry doesn’t get results. Now the owner may
not want to admit it. But this sure is one
hell of a message to send to your workers. – It wasn’t her boss. – Buxton, search
the area for me? – Sure. – You know it wasn’t, I
warned you about this. – I have no idea.
– You’re bringing up here. – [Employer] I have fucking no idea what she’s
doing over there. I don’t know who killed
her, I don’t know. – [Henderson] Okay
Officer Clarke. – Don’t pull the Officer
Clarke shit on me. I warned you about this
and you didn’t give a damn. – Aly. – Victims that no one cares
about and that includes you. – Stop. – No Henderson, I’m
not gonna fucking stop. – Stop! There’s more going on
here than you know. Now you’re missing kids
file raised some red flags. We got a tip off earlier tonight that made since of your claims. – Secrets and lies, I wonder
what they’re talking about. You? – Let me show you
what it was about. – If only you could just step
out of the shadows, help them. You were so good
Dad, then nothing. – You’re the owner of
the massage parlour. You’ve been in trouble
with the law before. – [Henderson] Look familiar? – Tictoc tictoc. Maybe they have to die. (suspenseful music) – Oh fuck me. (suspenseful music) (brakes squealing) I need to borrow this network. – Buy something
and it’s all yours. – Here you go. – [Waitress]
Password’s coffee bean. (suspenseful music) – He’ll use Annie to
take out the pawn, and then she’ll get taken. – But then he’ll
kill her like Mina. – [Xander] At least
it won’t be us. (movement alarm blares) – Why aren’t you
tramping the streets? Really great idea Detective. Now I can see why
they fired you. Maybe if you type evil killers underground lair
it might come up. – I can’t just sit
here doing nothing. – You should be out there. – I don’t know where the
bodies are being dumped. I can’t see a
pattern on one kill. I need a larger sample size. – Nice. – Need another death. – Really nice. – Would you like some coffee
now that you’ve paid for it? – Get lost bitch we’re working. – Kate! No, but thank you. – Now we’ve gotten rid of
the little serving girl. Aren’t you intrigued
to know what makes the Grand Master tictoc tictoc? The chance to study a
killer while he works. – I know. – Then why aren’t you watching? – Because I have,
I tried to work out where they’re being held
captive but it’s no use. – Go on, you know
you want to watch. – I can’t watch
them being killed. – You watched him take Mina. You could write a landmark
book on a serial killer. Written at the time not
in speculative hindsight with the killers
self serving lies. – [Lisa] Do you think she knows? – Maybe, but I don’t
think she understands. – We could try– – Rule number one, do not rebel. – Do you want to get hurt? – No but I don’t
want to sit around waiting to die miserably. – What else can se do? – Not let him win. Come on. And I made a promise. Hey, hey you. ♪ Ring a ring a rosie Come on, come on. Come on ♪ Ring a ring a rosie ♪ A pocket full of posies Come on (laughing) ♪ Ring a ring a rosie ♪ A pocket full of posies ♪ Ashes ashes we all fall down – [Annie] Again again
again again again again. ♪ Ring a ring a rosie ♪ A pocket full of posies ♪ Ashes ashes we all fall down – Again again again
again again again. ♪ Ring a ring a rosie ♪ A pocket full of posies ♪ Ashes ashes – How touching. Are you sad for
them or yourself? You must be detached
detective, study them. A killer is defined by
his choice of victims. – Five, four, three, two, one. Ready or not here I come. I found you! – Well done. This is fucking retarded. – There just trying to make
her last minutes happiness man. – Why bother? – So when do you think the
baddies gonna come for her? – 15 minutes after I
played my move downtown. I guess he likes
to make them wait. – I win again, winner stays on. – Too good for us. – Oh it’s small, almost gone. Tell me a story Rachel
like you always do. – There once was this
beautiful princess and her name was Annie. – My name’s Annie too. – And your a princess too. She lived in a big castle. – With three or four rooms and, and she had a big fluffy dog. – Called? – Called Jody. – And she took it
for lots of walks. (sombre music) – But there was a bad
man and he hurt Annie. Why did he hurt me? Was I bad? I am a good girl, I
know I am, I know I am. (movement alarm blares) (cell buzzer blares) – We can take him. – Do you think saving them
will somehow save Kate? There was nothing you could
do then and nothing now. – Six against one
your outnumbered. – Better check those
numbers Princess. – You can’t kill me, I’m what
stops Dad calling to the cops. (gun fires)
(Lisa screams) – Go ahead, fuck you. – No that’s what I did
to you, and will again. Do you want to go
back to the cell? – Lisa, Rachel,
Lisa! (screaming) – Annie, Annie, Annie! (door shuts) No! (Lisa crying) – Come on you can do better. You’re just sitting back
letting him run you ragged. – I’ve got no choice. – Try winning the game. – It’s almost impossible
from this position. – Almost is not completely. – Just catch the fuck
before he gets to Lisa. – You really think
you’re good enough? – I’m trying to concentrate. – You had the entire police
force to support you. – Be quiet. – You didn’t get him last time. – Shut up. – Because you
weren’t good enough. – Shut the fuck up! – You yelled at
me, that was mean. (Lisa crying) (groaning in pain) I don’t get it. They’re acting so normal and
you just killed two of them. – What the hell was
that, what happened? Why didn’t none of
you stick up for her? She trusted us to protect her. We were her friends. – Friends get you hurt,
they get you killed. – What gives you the right
to decide who lives and dies? – We don’t decide shit. Your fuck whit dad is
the one playing God. – Oh screw you asshole. You think you’re a hard man
but your a fucking coward. – Hey don’t talk to
Xander like that. – Oh what you suck his cock too? – Hey fuck you I
didn’t have a choice. (Lisa groaning in pain) He made me do it okay,
shut the fuck up! (Lisa groaning in pain) I’m not an ass fucker,
it’s sick, it’s disgusting. One more word and I’ll
beat the shit out of you. – Bro I know what happened. – When we get out of here,
what he did never happened. And I’m no fag. (sombre music) – She was just a child. – Who’s the idiot now Dad huh? They’re all terrified for
fear of running in to me. Who’s the idiot now? I’m not a retard,
I’m not a retard. (bat thumps) – Aly, Buxton now I know
you’re plain clothed tonight but we
just got a call in. Someone’s being assaulted
a block from here. I want you to check it out. I’ll let you know
if anything changes. – Buxton, get
Henderson here, now! – [Henderson] The
body is still warm. – [Aly] We almost
got here in time. – There was nothing
you could to Aly. – Call Nick, no one knows the
Grand Master like he does. – We don’t know it’s
the Grand Master. – It’s the Grand Master alright. I hate to admit this
but we need Nick. – Nick and I are– – Are idiots. But no one knows the
Grand Master like Nick. (phone ringing) – [Aly] We just found
the body of Annie Smith on Albert off Pit, it’s
a Grand Master kill. Nick we really need
your help on this. – Rule one, tell no one. – [Grand Master] Break
a rule someone dies. Not that you need
reminding of that. – Nick, Nick? He didn’t say anything. – I was hoping he’d join us. He may call back let
me know if he does. (suspenseful music) – [Aly] This is more personal. – Since when were you into
profiling and forensics? – Since Nick, study your victims and you’ll catch your killer. He’s evolving though, killing quicker to
keep his buzz going. Unlike Mina whose face
he barely touched, he’s massacred Annie,
punished her for something. – Who’s the idiot now Dad? Who’s the idiot now? (bat thumping) – Personal feelings
toward the girl? – Or himself. (sombre music) – [Henderson] You know you can almost see where
Mina died from here, like they were
next to each other. (suspenseful music) – Look at this. You’re willing to
sacrifice a human life. Someone will die just
to see if you’re right. But you’re forgetting one thing. What if you’re reading
the map upside down? If you’ve got it
the wrong way round you’d be on the wrong
block to stop him. Some things never change, but these people
you don’t know them. But then again, this lot aren’t
worth anything to anyone. You’re about to send
somebody to that, or worse. So who dies this time? – Your dad seems
to like killing us. – What no he doesn’t. – No he could have moved anyone
and no one would have died. – He moved me, I
don’t want to die. – How do you know that
he’s not doing this? – ‘Cause I know my dad. – Well we don’t
know you, or him. – He would never hurt anyone. – Then why did he move me
when he didn’t have to? – I’m sure there’s a reason why. It’s so much easier to hurt a 16 year old girl
than a grown man. So crawl back into your
corners like scared rats. You’re dead already. We have to fight back. – Every time we try
he sees it coming. – Well he’s too busy
killing us to be watching. – How do you know that? – I don’t but I
refuse to give up. You’re a knight on the damn
board Xander, a warrior. – Just a part of his game. – Is it? – All your life you’ve– – You know nothing about me. – Did anyone mess with
you on the streets? – Fuck no. – Then why take this
shit from that psycho? I’ve seen you stand up to him. – I don’t want to go
back to the cellar. Have you seen what he
does to people down there? They’re sick and
disgusting things that you have no idea about. – Look around you. Where is Mina? Where is Annie? We are going to die and
if we don’t fight back now there won’t be enough
left of us to win. – We’re not supposed to
rebel, it’s in the rules. – Rules for Dad.
(screams in pain) Rules for us. (sign breaking) Fuck the rules! Weapons. – We can’t. – Do you want to die
afraid or fighting? Come on! I couldn’t do anything
to save my sister, but I won’t give up on you,
I won’t let him take you. And if I die trying, at
least I know I tried. (suspenseful music) (movement alarm blares) – [Rachel] Shit he’s early. (cell buzzer blares) (Jody crying) – Really again? Where’s the rest of them? Looks like the princess
fights on her own. You all broke the first rule. And it was so simple. Do not rebel. (ominous music) – You’ve got the wrong place. You’ll lose another one. Like you lost me. – That night, that
night that you died. So close to a break, I could almost taste it. – And what did it taste of? Victory or death? – I was so focused. – So selfish. – I ignored my phone. – Turned it off. – I couldn’t let
anyone else die. – Except me. – I will never forgive
myself for not being there. I love you so much Kate. I gotta do this. I can’t and I won’t
lose another child. – I know. – Watch over Lisa for me. – Hey. – Hey. – What’s up? – Not much you? – Oh nothing just
unloading my car. You looking for someone? A bit of action? I saw some really hot girl wearing practically
nothing went up that way. Oh but you might
have missed out. Think she’s already
with someone. Dude in a baseball cap. – Black baseball cap. – Yeah, yeah. – This way, are you sure? – Yeah up there on the right. (suspenseful music) – [Buxton] Put your hands
where I can see them. Do it now. Move away from the body. Put your gun on the ground
and kick it away slowly. – Let me go, you let me go. – What is that? – Let me go I have
to play a move. – What the fuck is that? – If I break a rule
Lisa could die. Let me go or you
want someone to die? – Lisa’s dad broke a rule. (gun fires) Pray he doesn’t break another. (Rachel crying) (Lisa crying) – You want someone to die? (grunting) (punch lands) (gun fires) Stop fighting me,
stop fighting me Aly. – No! – Stop it, stop it! – Fucking let me go! – You stop it! (suspenseful music) – Now Rachel he missed
playing a move in time. He broke another fucking rule! – Jesus Christ Nick. – Rick and Jody always
had that special place– – Telling yourself stories
won’t make it go away. – Until one night when it
(Rachel crying) please. Please (movement alarm blaring) (Rachel babbling) – You know I must be
getting soft because I’m thinking about actually
letting him off being late. (Lisa crying) – How can we play the game
if no one obeys the rules? You made me kill Xander. Simon died because
of your father! – He’s coming for
me I know he is. – Just like he was
there for Kate. You’re all alone. Little Princess. – He’ll find you and he’ll
kill you, this is not over! – I’m disappointed
but it is all over. Except for the final
piece of the puzzle. I hope you’ve enjoyed
the game Detective but it’s all over,
12:15 she dies. Come on and watch,
don’t be late, again. (suspenseful music) – Am I a trade? (ominous music) Are you sacrificing me for Lisa? Nick you can’t. You saw what he
did to those girls! You shit! – Aly this is not about you Aly. I need your help okay,
I need your help. Look at me in the
eyes, I need your help. I need your help,
I need your help. – This is asking for help? – I panicked alright, I
was running out of time. – But what is going on? – I know that I destroyed us. I know I destroyed
your career so I gotta ask you Aly
can I trust you? – Oh Nick, this thing Brandon, he’s not you. He’ll never be you. I’m pretty sure I just got
taken advantage of there. But uncuff me and
let’s go get Lisa. How do you know she’s at
the old Psych Hospital? – [Nick] It matches
the pieces on the board with the city grid,
she’ll be there, and we will catch him. – What are you gonna do? – I’m gonna kill him. – Easily said but how do
we get under his skin? You know serial
killers are always defined by their
choice of victims. Jody a prostitute– – His mother was a prostitute. The drug dealer’s a link to Jody because they worked
her area but Mina. – Her scumbag of a
bass described her
quiet, never argued. – And Lisa’s type,
maybe too proud. – Rachel’s sexuality made
her stand out from the crowd. I’d doubt with his charm
he has any luck with women. Maybe the gay angle? – That’s too easy. Need to look at the
one that stands out. Annie makes no sense at
all, she was an innocent. The rage he showed
at here murder was not normal for his signature. – Maybe she’s the key? – Whatever it
takes to save Lisa. (suspenseful music) You take the front
I’ll take the back. And Aly, thanks. (suspenseful music) (bat thumps)
(Aly grunts in pain) – A pawn, nothing
more nothing less. (scaffolding rattling) (Lisa crying) Its time to scream. (Lisa grunting) You really want to
play the game this way? Scream for me and it stops. (Lisa screaming) Now Jody, she died in her sleep. You won’t be so lucky. (Lisa gagging) (door breaking) (suspenseful music) (guns firing) (dramatic music) – 12:15, bang on time. Your little princess
has five minutes to live before she bleeds out. (dramatic music)
(Lisa grunting) (Lisa crying) – You don’t need to do this. – Need to? Now isn’t murder a compulsion? – Lisa is not your mom. Your mom is a whore and
that hurt you didn’t it? Her addiction to drugs. – Well done, great work. You worked me out detective. Try, try again. She’s running out of time. – Your parents,
they humiliated you, abused you, this is revenge. – Am I that obvious? – No just stupid. Come on you were always gonna
get caught for a masser. You’re just not smart enough. – Fuck you. – You never were. – Fuck you! (guns firing) (Lisa grunting) (guns firing) (Nick groans in pain) Her death is on your hands. I expected so much
more from you Detective but you really are washed up. So I’ll happily finish off
your miserable life for you. I saved the final
bullet for this moment. You see you never got
it, all you had to do all you had to do
was move the king. And then everyone else would
have survived except you. The question mark piece
was never Lisa, it was you. You were the king,
she was just a pawn. – I’m no one’s fucking pawn! (bat thumps) – Lisa no, you’ll be
gaoled for what you do. – You have no idea
what he did to us. You have no idea what he
did to us! (bat thumps) No fucking (bat thumps) I
(bat thumps) dea! (bat thumps) (bat thumps) (bat bangs on ground) – [Nick] Lisa. Lisa. Let me go. Let me go I have to be with her! – Dad, dad, dad!
– Lisa! – Take her to the hospital. – Damn it Paul let me go
I have to be with her. (ominous music) Damn it Paul let me go
I have to be with Lisa. (ominous music) – I wanted everyone
to know the truth whether I’m dead or alive. – We believe this is genuine. – A year ago Nick
Mathers lost everything, daughter, wife,
girlfriend, career. He hunted me down
but didn’t arrest me. Instead he wanted revenge
on those he thought were responsible for
his daughters death. He had no control
of his own life so he wanted to control of
others through the game. He liked to watch, I liked
to kill, a perfect pair. – This bullshit is the
Grand Master’s final move. – You know I didn’t
believe it either until we talked to
your psychiatrist. – He said that he lost
her because of them. It’s like they killed his child. – [Henderson] We
checked your house. You were obsessed with
the previous game. Your living room
was a shrine to it. – Who gave you the right
to go into my house? You know I could never
give up the case. (dramatic music) Where the fuck did you get that? – [Henderson] Where you
left it, don’t move. – [Grand Master] I can
do whatever I want. You get to say goodbye. – Serial killers like
to keep mementos. – [Nick On Video]
I’ve got money. – At 12:15 she dies,
come on and watch. Don’t be late, again. – But these videos weren’t
enough for you were they? Classic serial killer
behaviour, watching us work. You couldn’t resist. But we were watching you
Nick, at every scene. – You know how I work. I have to be there
and see it for real. – You love watching us
work the scene you created. Jacking off at how
controlled us all. – You were my fucking
partner for 15 years. – Grand Master wasn’t doing
what you wanted was he? You were seen
watching these videos and arguing with him
on your computer. – Shut up! Shut the fuck up! – Why don’t you go
ahead and tell us what that was all about then. – Then who Nick? I mean who were you talking
to if not your partner? – I was talking to Kate. – Kate’s dead Nick. – Yeah I know Paul, but
I see her and I hear her. – Are you going for
temporary insanity plea? – What about Lisa? – Well you wanted to be
the big hero didn’t you? I mean you lost her. – I never lost
her, she’s my baby. And I need to be with her now. – You assaulted Buxton. – I had no choice. – And you kidnapped Aly. – I never kidnapped Aly. – Office Clarke? (dramatic music) Office Clarke, did
this man kidnap you? – I went with him voluntarily. I will not press charges. – Are you sure? I mean you still have a career. He kidnapped you. – No he didn’t. – All your evidence is
just circumstancial. – And I know what I saw. – Study your victim and
you will find your killer. And we did. Come on Paul, this is
what he wants you to see. How long have you known me now? Is over two decades? Ask yourself would I
ever hurt my daughter. (dramatic music) – [Nurse] Deep
penetrating lacerations to the right upper quadrant
to the right upper arm. BPS 12, pulse 140, BP 70
over 40, respiratory rate 22, four units of RBP,
two units of FFB stat. Recommend bridges, leading
into urgent surgical consult. Have her parents been contacted? Her father should be here. (Lisa breathing hard) – Dad, Dad, Dad. Dad? (sombre music) (dramatic music)

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