Final WISH | Bengali Short Film | Ayan | Annawa | Rahul |Chandramoulii |Big Bong Theory

hello sir Ayan. What is the status of the project report Sir, its almost done sir, it will be ready within three to four days Three to four days? The client wants the presentation tomorrow But sir, the time is too short Make it Happen. I want the presentation ready within 3pm hello [email protected]##.. Lazy ###$; they should be fired BA3&&& oh.. sorry I am ginie of the magic lamp you’ve have cratched the lamp.. that’s why i am hear Why? I am here just to fullfill your three wishes Wish?? Listen man.. i am really tired right now.. so if you please excuse me.. I m not joking Its already Late.. So Stop Being an As**@$# .. Let me go You & i will be going nowhere until i fullfill your three wishes And because you have insulted me For that reason i will grant double of what you wish for to the person you hated most What, you r saying that whatever i wish from you.. that @#%$##&& boss will get double of that Yes, double ok then Can you give me a bottle of whiskey right now This guy looks genuin Ok… If i ask for 100 crores can you give me that? 100 Crores!!!!! is it Mine? And your 3rd wish? 3rd wish!! i will grant double of what you wish for to the person you hated most My 3rd wish is… I allways wanted to donate one of my kidney to a needy person


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