Finger Lakes Partner of the Month: Bristol Valley Theater

We’re a summer, mainly summer,
professional theater. That means we bring in our actors mainly from New York City
but our actors and designers and technical staff come from New York and
around the country. And we produce six plays musicals over the course of the
summer. Offering variety of things plays, mysteries, comedies, musicals, all sorts of
different projects. And we do that because the community, almost every
business in the community, all the citizens of the community love the
theater, support the theater and in turn our artists love the community here. I mean,
it really is sort of a symbiotic relationship. A love love relationship.
There was a study done by Keuka College back in 2008. Where they revealed that Bristol Valley Theater brings in 1.7 million dollars to the local economy
each year. And it’s really like being in New York you can just immerse yourself
in this small town experience that has a big town feel. We’d like to start introducing more, not new plays in the sense of never
been seen plays, but plays that have never been seen in this area. But also
you know we’re in the middle of a huge renovation of our space. So
that’s sort of how we’re setting the scene for whatever the next 50
years has to bring. I’d like to congratulate Bristol Valley theater on
their first 50 years and certainly look forward to celebrating with them into
the future for their next 50 years and beyond.

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