FIRECAMP TALE | Diablo: Cain’s Journal (incl. Diablo 2 “Remastered Cinematics”] [Premiere]

So… Marius! At last I find you.
Tyrael!? Yes.. Yes, now I recognize you.
I should have known you’d travel in disguise. They’re.. they’re always watching.
I have been searching for you for a long time. Marius.
I was rather beginning to think you didn’t want to be found.
Oh, forgive me Tyrael! Please. It wasn’t my fault.
Not your fault?! Tell me, Marius, how was it not your fault? The Wanderer. Yes, it was
was… was the Wanderer. My days at the rogue citadel seem so long ago. I sought refuge from my memories in the company of other
outcasts high in the mountains past the eastern gate.
“Do you want something?” I fought sleep for days at a time, for when I dreamt, the memories would return. Memories of the Monastery and the evil which had claimed it. Dreams, memories, I couldn’t tell the difference anymore. Had the evil from my dreams followed me
at my heels? How had he found me here? How could this broken shell of a man,
barely able to carry the weight of his own sword, be the burning terror which
drove me to hide here? He seemed to… to have demons of his own, that he struggled to contain… and he was losing… As I watched, I became convinced that I was truly mad. The terror, the destruction, the evil I witnessed.
How else could I explain them? Were these the demons from my dream or… were they born, within the Wanderer? Why did I follow him? I don’t know. Why
do things happen as they do in dreams? All I know is that when he beckoned I
had to follow him. And from that moment we traveled together… east. We traveled east, over the mountains, and into the vast deserts of broken lands. As the days passed, my companion told me of himself, that he has once been a great warrior. And that a dark and secret burden now weighed heavily upon him. We traveled for an eternity across that arid wasteland. How long? I couldn’t say. And always a dark cloud seemed to follow us just over the horizon. Finally, the journey ended. We climbed the last ridge. There below us lay our destination, the shining jewel, Lut Gholein, with the Great Sea beyond. We made camp that last night. Perhaps it was the warm desert wind, or the sound of the ocean, but for the first time in many weeks, I slept. However. the dreams returned. But these were clearly not my own. I beheld a vision of a great man,
the mage, Tal Rasha. You were there too, Tyrael, I remember seeing you in my dream. His brethren had cornered a great demon named Baal, Lord of Destruction, who had been set loose upon the world. They attempted to imprison the demon within a sacred stone. Yet when their attempts failed, Tal Rasha selflessly volunteered to contain the demon within himself, completing the prison. He instructed his brethen to bind him within the tomb, buried under the sand, and there to wrestle with the demon for all eternity. “Now you know what I seek, Marius. This is my brother. Sleep now. We set out with the dawn.” The next morning, we walked over the hill toward Lut Gholein. I had no idea then of of the horrors that were in store for me there. My companion drew in the dank, cold air of the tomb. It seemed to… strengthen him. I stood in the doorway between light and
dark. What was left of my sanity implored me not to enter. But that voice was just
a whisper now… As we worked our way down, deeper and deeper into the Crypt,
I began to see a change in my companion. He seemed to be gaining strength! I could
hardly see in the gloom, but my companion seemed to know the way.
We came at last to a Great Hall. It was then I realized my companion
hadn’t been gaining strength, he had been losing what was left of his humanity. He moved with demonic speed, and then… then you appeared. “STOP! The beast contained herein shall
not be set free, not even by you!” “Look what they’ve done to me!
Release me, help me! Hurry, please hurry…” “NO! Don’t do it! Fool…
You have just ensured the doom of this world. You cannot even begin to imagine
what you’ve set in motion this day! Go to the Temple of Light in the eastern city of Kurast. There you will find the gate to Hell opened before you. You must find the courage to step through that gate, Marius! Take the stone you hold to the Hellorge where it will be destroyed! Now run… Take the stone and run…” What choice did I have?! I ran… I did as you told me Tyrael! I found
the temple of the Zakarum. In the deepest recesses of the temple,
I found a dark gathering: my companion, the Wanderer, Tal Rasha and a great evil
who could only be the Lord of Hatred himself, Mephisto! I heard a voice then, like a thousand needles in my heart.
“My brothers, at long last we stand reunited.. The Infernal Gate has been prepared. The time of our final victory is at hand. May the way to Hell be opened! And the evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man shall he walk amongst the innocent and the terror shall consume they that dwell upon the earth. The skies shall rain fire, the seas will become as blood, the righteous shall fall before the
wicked, and all creation shall tremble before the burning standards of Hell!” What I saw then was not meant for mortal eyes!
“The gate stands ready! And now, my young brother, the time has come for you to assume your true form. Arise Diablo, Lord of Terror! You are the harbinger of our return, Diablo! Send forth your terror into hell!” I heard later that he was defeated, and that the Soulstones were destroyed in Hellforge. All except one… Oh! I failed, Tyrael! I couldn’t do as you asked! I couldn’t enter that gate! Forgive me Tyrael…forgive me! Marius… give me the stone and all is forgiven! Give it to me, Marius! Take it! Take it, take it! I’m glad this is finally over, Tyrael! Look, what the stone done to me! Ho ho ho… You haven’t failed old man!
You’ve done exactly as you were meant to do. However, I am NOT the Archangel Tyrael.
BAAL?! Lo! Lo lo lo lo… You have done well, Mariusl! Now, I think you shall have your reward! Baal?! Baal… the gates of Sescheron have stirred for eons beyond remembrance, and you shall
not breach them now! Remove your foul demons from our lands. We stand on the
side of Light! You shall not be allowed to reach Mount Arreat! And that which you seek, will not be yours!
ENOUGH… I shall take your position into
consideration. Well… It seems your terms are not

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