First experience of Australian Cinema! Toy Story4 at Capri Theater! Australia Daily Vlog!

-Hey, I’m For… -Trash! -No! You are a toy! -I’m toy? -Why alive? -You make Bonnie. -Oh, Bonnie. I’m.. -I’m… -Trash! Yeah~ -Sorry… -I did well. LOL -Let’s go to watch a movie. -Toy story~ It’s raining a lot. -Yeah.
-That’s ok, It’s just rain. -Aren’t you going to lock the door? -Yes? -Let’s go. I can’t see anything ! -We are going to watch Toystory. Yes, We are going to watch Toystory. It is raining little by little. -It is not little, It rains too much. Yes, It rains so much. We are going to the Capri Theater
which is a little old near my house. Let’s go. We reserved tickets online. -How much was it?
It was $17 per person. It’s a little expensive,
but if you go on Saturday, I’ve heard that grandpa will play the organ
befor the movie starts. That is why we are going now on Saturday . -is that? Ta-da! Toy Story4.
and we are going to watch at 6:30. Let’s go inside. There is a candy bar. Inside of the theatre. A ticket office, that is a box office. 17dollar for adults, 13dollar for concessions and 8dollar for Capri members. All the employees of this theatre are volunteers. Capri Theatre. -A chance to win a trip to NewZealand,
we can just scan a QR code and yeah. This is a movie ticket. Look at the carpet, it’s so old. There are too many people here. They said that we can wait upstairs,
so we are going now There is always Koala everywhere in Australia It is said to be a mirror made in 1940, so great and old mirror. It is the toilet. what is ‘I came to the movie theatre’ in English? -‘I come movie theatre’ but it’s pastence, so? -‘I comed movie theatre’ but ‘come’ is special word. -‘comed’? it’s ‘came’. -I came movie theater. Yes. By the way,
is that a system air-conditioner? -Oh, yeah.
Only that thing is not old in this building. -That toilet is so old,
you should take a video of there. No, toilet is quite private place, so.. My husband is watching youtube videos of famous chef in Korea. Let’s go.
-Let’s go. -Can I sit anywhere? (He is playing the organ
before the movie starts.) Oh that is the point. -The chair is so dirty. OMG Is the chair dirty?
-Yeap Although the chair is dirty, it is operated by volunteers, so..
(we should be thankful)
-He is playing the organ without taking a break
and playing the next song right away. that thing moves on its own. -The theatre is so unique with all these old stuffs. Isn’t this song a Buzz song in Toystory? -Starwars. Oh, Starwars… He is leaving. He waved his hand. Movie starts. – A few moments later – -I should buy the Toystory toy. How was the movie? -So good. The mood is good -It is surprised. -When I clapped my hands
at the movie theatre in Korea,
my friends made fun of me -But here, everyone is clapping and cheering.
Everyone is clapping, right? -How do you say really good movie or really nice to watch? jinjja…? jinjja joen yeonghwa? -jingjja joen yeowa? what does that mean? -Really good movie.
Really good movie. -jingjja joen yeowa? -Rated 9.4 in movie score, is that 9.2? -Wow, only 1.6 million people watched? -No rain.
No raining -Really? How was the movie?
no, the movie theatre, I mean. -The movie theatre? -The atmosphere was so good. -I didn’t expect that there would be too many advertisement
before the movie started. -I thought
there would be no advertisement. Yeah, the advertisement was about 15 minutes.
-Too many old advertisements. I think it is similar to Korean cinema. -Watch out, oh what wakt ops
(felling into a puddle of water) -Thanks for finding that first
-LOL -No worries haha -I thought I clearly saw the water and crossed. Oh, I realized something that If we join Capri membership, we can get a ticket for $8. -Oh, It’s so cheap.
How can we be a member? But I don’t know how to. Maybe I should search on the Internet. How much did you understand English? -Fifteen percent.
Fifteen?? -ty! fifty percent. Oh~
-Oh, this is hard. Anyway, It was a really nice movie. -Yes, It was. -And this is the last Vlog.

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