First Look at the Korean Drama Beautiful Mind

Hello kdrama fans. This is Kay from
Today we’re going to look at the upcoming medical mystery drama Beautiful Mind starring
Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam. Beautiful Mind Beautiful Mind is about a super smart psychopath
surgeon with a brain condition that leaves him emotionless. When his patients mysteriously
start dying, he begins to investigate and along the way, he learns to love. So I’m really excited about this drama because
it’s another chance to see Jang Hyuk. He likes to take on unique and challenging roles, and
his character in Beautiful Mind definitely fits that. I just hope the story can live
up to him and deliver an intriguing mystery as well a deep exploration of Jang Hyuk’s
character. The trailers have done well at setting the
character up by highlighting just how unique is. He seems to be very isolated from other
people because he’s unable to relate to them at all. We see him trying to hide the fact
that he is unable to feel emotions from everybody since that would obviously cause them to look
at him in a negative light. But despite being emotionless, Jang Hyuk is
already giving the character many small nuances that make him seem complex and interesting.
On one end, he just comes off so sad and lonely. But then he goes from looking sort of sweet
and awkward to downright creepy! I gotta say, I’m loving the portrayal of the character. Then we have our leading lady Park So Dam.
She’s a rookie cop who is the definition kindness and innocence. And she’s the one who begin
to change Jang Hyuk’s world because she is such a mystery to him. Through her, he is
finally able to begin exploring his emotions. And of course, we have the big mystery of
Jang Hyuk’s patients dying that needs to be solved. We’ve got a few antagonists floating
around ready to cause trouble. Beautiful Mind is scheduled to premiere June 20 on KBS. I know I’m excited to jump into this mystery
and watch Jang Hyuk bring such an interesting character to life. Let me know in the comments
if you’re excited and what you think about the set up for the story. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure
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