First Look at the Korean Drama The Man Living in Our House

Hello kdrama fans. This is Kay from Today we’re looking at the new the new drama
The Man Living in Our House starring Kim Young Kwang and Soo Ae. The Man Living in Our House is a romantic
comedy about a woman whose life becomes a lot more complicated when a man the same age
as her turns up claiming to be her late mother’s husband, making him her stepfather. She doesn’t believe him and then sets out
on a mission to prove he is lying. The trailers have been very playful and funny. We’ve seen Soo Ae returning home from her
job to find some strange things at the house. Her series of discoveries eventually leads
her to a strange man living there! It’s none other than Kim Young Kwang claiming
to be her new stepdad. Another trailer shows a humorous encounter
between the two at a park. They’ve done a great job at setting the cute
and comical tone for the drama. I’m really looking forward to this duo as
well as the second leads in cast, Lee Soo Hyuk and Jo Bo Ah. These four should make for a really fun drama
that should include some heartfelt moments between our characters. We better get ready for an interesting ride. The Man Living in Our House is scheduled to
premiere October 24 on KBS. Let me know in the comments if you’re excited
and ready for the drama. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure
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