First Rank Raju Theatrical Trailer | Chetan | Brahmanandam | Priyadarshi | 2019 Latest Telugu Movies

According to the star sign of his birth, we can name him with the
word prefixed with ‘Ra’. Then, name him as ‘Ra’ju. Not just Raju,
name him as First Rank Raju. While every child makes their parents
proud, he should make his name famous. “Raju… Raju… First Rank Raju” “This is Raju,
looks so cool. 5.8 in his height…” Hey dude… Look there, that’s my figure. Figure? Do you mean a diagram? Our principal keeps saying that I have
something in me that others don’t. But I don’t believe it.
Because it is with everyone of us. What is that? [shuts alarm] When I see your boy’s dressing style,
I feel that I might get colour blindness. Raju, what’s your percentage? 95 percent. You study all the time, right? Then,
why don’t you achieve 100 percent? What should I do to achieve 100 percent? “Oh my God!” “What is the use of falling in
love with this kind of guy?” Well, one might achieve first
rank if they study for 17 hours but not general knowledge. You are just a rank machine. He is a first ranker, sir. So what? First rank students like you should come
to backbench students like me for a job. -Raju.
-He didn’t come yet, sir. What, didn’t First Rank Raju come yet? “Let’s keep going and rock
the work at a witty speed” Present, sir. “Let’s fill the rainbows in this
world that shares friendship” “Keep going…” “Keep going…” “Keep going…” “Keep going…” I fell in love with you
because of your innocence. You are a liar.
You are a cheater. People like you shouldn’t
be at colleges or corporate offices. You should be kept at Salarjung
museum or some research centre. [thud] [splash] FIRST RANK RAJU
EDUCATION 100%, INTELLIGENCE 0% You know nothing about feelings
except equations and formulas. I hate you. Shruti, it’s not ‘I hate you’. I’m hating you. It is present tense. FIRST RANK RAJU


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