Wassup People.. What is special about this video is that we are going to visit the first theater in Dammam. if you can check the history of Dammam, there were no theaters here. After long years of wating, a new theater is launched and functional now in Dammam. 2 weeks before vox cinemas presented their first show in Dammam. The only theater now open in Dammam is in the West Avenue Mall. Until now, there are playing Arabic, English and Hindi Films in the theater schedule. So finally we are heading to the theater now. So we will be sharing the theater experience and crowd reviews in this vlog. The movie name is a suspense for you and I will reveal it when I reach the theater. So as he said, we are going for the movie. I came in KSA may be 1.5 years ago and I couldnt watch the movie till now. Since I was about to come to Saudi, he was saying there would be theaters here when you come and Bla bla.. And at last it is a reality now. This is the 6th year for me and since I came here I have never watched a film here. In the past 2 years he visited Bahrain and saw the movies there. We went to riyadh but we dint watch the movies at that time. Leyachechi, Georgechayan Rohan Milan, Jim achachan and Chinju would be coming along with us for the movie. Guys, as usual, we came late here and we are rushing in to the theater now. The movie we gonna watch is Godzilla 2. The movie already started and let us find the seat booked for us. our planet will perish so will we unless we set Godzilla free oh yeah sure let’s bring him in for a
beer no this time we join the fight run this is Godzilla’s well we just live in
it damn right Guys the movie is over now. It was such a superb movie and everyone must visit the theater and watch this movie for the best experience. It was an awesome and movie and superb creation by the people behind this. Theater is really good. We sat in the premium seat as the normal seats got sold out earlier. When compared to the theater in Kerala, it is kind of equal. If they have added reclining chairs also it would have been better. This is the theater we were sitting and this has almost 140 seats here. I am now outside the theater and I will show you the crowd out here. Total there are 6 screens and we were in the screen 4 Movie was good, but my opinion is like this movie is little over exaggerated. But anyways it was a good experience. guys so that was the theater experience. First time in Dammam. It has been 6 years now since I came to Saudi and I am damn lucky to witness a good theater now in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. On this note, we are winding up this episode and Please like and Subscribe to my channel. Please share to your friends who has no information about the new theater and let them also enjoy the new experience.


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