FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER Trailer Tease (2017) Angelina Jolie Netflix Drama Movie HD

This film is the story of Loung Ung when she was a little girl. It’s her experience during the war. And Loung is a dear friend of mine who I met over 15 years ago. Reading her book taught me a lot about this country So in a way, I’m doing this for her, for her family, for Cambodia And very much so, also for Maddox, so he learns about who he is and knows who his people are. This is the story of, not just my family, but it’s the story of a nation. I wasn’t going to trust it to anybody Maddox has been working on this since the beginning — he’s in the production… He helped me with the script. And it isn’t just because he’s my son. It’s because this film is through the eyes of a child and we’ve all had to open up a little bit more and be like children. I didn’t want to see a child go through war. I wanted to know what a child felt and what they focused on, what they saw. If you know nothing about Cambodia, and you see this film you won’t just think, “These are people that suffered through a war.” You will think, “These are really interesting people.” Their roots and their personality, their humor, their love of music, their culture, It’s all of that. It has to be, in the end, this love letter to Cambodian people.


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