Flower Garden – A Film Noir Short by the Pierce College Drama Department

♪ [music] I’ll have a tall triple shot mocha, doll. And, you’ll get a big tip if you put extra
whip on that, and make it snappy! You got it! Yeah, she better get it! And, it better be hot! That fool better show up, or I’ll go lookin’
for him! Here you go, nice and hot with extra whip! Thanks, doll. Your mother would be proud. Where is that punk? He better show up, or I’ll… Well? Where are the important papers? I don’t have them, boss. It will take me a little longer. I’m working on an angle. You little weasel! If I don’t get those important papers soon,
your whole body will have an entire new angle! But, Mr. Brady, sir, I swear that I’ll have
them soon! Soon ain’t soon enough! Ah, you’re no good to me if I don’t have a
little patience. I’ll give you until tomorrow morning! Now go! I knew that I should’ve never trusted that
guy! But, what other choice did I have? [tires screech] Slow down you, fool! Sheez! It seems like no one follows the rules of
the road anymore when it’s raining. May I have your coat and hat, sir? No, thanks, doll. I’ll hang onto them if you don’t mind. In that case, go ahead and sit wherever you’d
like. Don’t mind if I do. What can I get ya, handsome? Well, well, well, flattery will get you everywhere,
doll. Give me a gin and tonic. And, say, what’s a nice girl like you doing
in a place like this? How did you know I’m a NICE girl? Well, I, uh… Yeah, see, my friends Rose, Daisy, Heather,
and me are the NICE GIRLS. Maybe you’ve seen our act? Oh, an act, huh? NICE GIRLS? Sounds more like a flower garden to me! Rose, Daisy, and… Just get me my drink, doll. Here you go, old man. Your gin and tonic. Hey, who you callin’ old man, buttercup? Let’s not be sore. We just got off on the wrong foot, that’s
all. Don’t take it personal, my sweet tulip. I’m just biding my time here until I receive
some important papers from a friend. The name’s IRIS. I’m not your sweet tulip or buttercup, or
doll. And, the only important papers you’re going
to get is the check! Is there a problem over here, Iris? Anything we can help you with Iris? Just say the word and he’s minced meat. I just don’t like being disrespected, that’s
all. No disrespectin’ in this club, you got that. Out you go! Are you being disrespectful to sweet little
IRIS? Is he disrespectin’ you, Baby Cakes? Wow, that dame is wound pretty tight! I guess a guy can’t enjoy
his drink anymore. Get out, before I throw you out! Unless, of course, you wanna be thrown around
like a wet towel first. [laughing] Well, well, well, what do we have here? Excuse me sire, we can’t talk, we’ve got an act going on soon. Don’t tell me. You’re the NICE GIRLS! Say mister, how did you know that? [SCREAM] We can’t go on like this? Hey, girls, you better get inside before they
come back and make dumplings out of you! At this point, I am beginning to think that
I’m the target. I think I better just lay low in the dark
all night until I meet up with Chet again. Man, he better have those important papers
with him, or I’ll… All right, that does it! I am their target! No one will find me here. I’ll wait here until morning. Hell, maybe someone will think I’m a damn ghost! Good God! What now? Stu, did you use the whole roll? Yeah, I used it all. Did you? Yeah, I did. Hey, look! I think we found a ghost! That figure looks a little too solid to be
an actual ghost. Ah, I can’t resist! These nut jobs need to be taught a lesson! Oooooooo! Stu, grab my flashlight! Mark, throw some flour on the ground! Maybe we’ll catch some proof of footprints! You nut cases! Can’t you see me? I’m not a phantom. Only a ghost would say he’s not a ghost. Stu, we can’t let him get away! ♪ [music] Hey, you’re not a ghost! What are you doing hiding out in a cemetery in the
middle of the night? It’s none of your business, but if you really
want to know, I’ve been passing the time waiting to meet up with a friend to hand me some important papers and some numbskull
shot at me from a car They were making me a target, and I had to
ditch them. A target? A target for what? How do you like our ghost catching technique? The flour and toilet paper work great together. Only had to use two rolls! Hey, boss, I thought I was supposed to find
you the important papers? ♪ [music]

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