Fly Me to the Moon at The Public Theatre

My name’s Amy Griffin and I play Loretta Mackey. And I’m Annie Edgerton and I play Frances
Shields. Uh, well, it is a very uproarious comedy . . . about
two care workers from Belfast, Ireland whose client, Davey McGee, a wonderful 84
year-old man, huge Frank Sinatra fan, and something may, or may not, befall him, and
we see an opportunity. I see an opportunity. Hijinks ensue! And I reel her in. If they like to laugh… I was going to say. Because it’s hilarious. I mean, and it’s one of those great comedies
where the stakes keep getting higher and higher, and the situation keeps getting more and more
outrageous. We are on stage for the entire show. It’s just
the two of us and we really get a chance to play against each other, the characters that
we are, as well as the circumstances that happen in the play I like the physical comedy. – Ah, that was my answer! I’m sorry, sorry but I do. That is, well it can be yours, too. Yes, it is. It is mine, too. It is fun to do a show where, you know, we’re
not just sitting and talking. No. I think there’s very little stillness in this,
as a matter of fact. So it is, it’s a lot of fun to be running
around. I think this is a play for anyone. It’s very relatable and I think these two
people are very relatable and I think audience members of many different types can see something
of themselves in these two women at different times in the play. So I think, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. And also they can sit out there and say “Thank
goodness that’s not ME dealing with that!” Romp. Oh! That’s good! Um… Farce! Her’s was better. Romp is better.

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