FOOD EVOLUTION – Official Theatrical Trailer

the survival of our species has always depended on advances in agriculture climate change is gonna scramble this how are we gonna feed the world debate this is all about companies this is about money this is about power it’s much easier it’s a so fear than it is science if you don’t have food then you’re gonna steal you’re going to kill someone so how do we make the most informed decisions about how we feed ourselves the three most terrifying letters in the English language are GM oh I wonder how many people really know what they are I don’t know I know it’s bad genetic engineering is a modern form of breeding the goal is to add useful traits into food I am concerned about some of the health issues related to GMOs more cold ability to hepatitis cancer HIV there’s absolutely no proof to a health hazard never trust one opinion you look at the consensus of experts I don’t think the genetically modified organisms are dangerous you’re either going to be GMO or you’re going to be organic they cannot coexist if this is an organic planet we’re going towards you would see all the rainforests destroyed it’s just to feed the current population this is something I’m gonna look into some people can say wild and crazy things I trust the social media more than most medical doctors more than the CDC more than the FDA more than the EPA I don’t need a scientific study things like that we humans are why to make our minds up about it we make decisions based on our gut when was the last time you changed your mind our intentions were honorable we were trying to protect the future of the planet and the health of our children it begs the question how do you know that GMOs are the enemy what if we got it wrong [Music] the good thing about science is that is true whether or not you believe in it you say that’s the


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