For The People (ABC) Trailer HD – Shondaland legal drama

You’re not allowed to eat in here. There’s a sign out front. I didn’t see a sign. Ignorance is no excuse. You’re a prosecutor, aren’t you? Assistant United States Attorney’s
to the right, Federal Public Defenders
to the left. You can sit together if you’d like,
but if I’ve learned anything after 27 years of doing this,
it’s that you don’t like to sit together. The Southern District of New York,
the highest profile trial court in America. The cases are hard,
the stakes are high. The lawyers on the other side
are better than you. Some of you won’t succeed. Some of you are not worthy. But for those of you who are, your time here
will be the highlight of your career. Welcome to “The Mother Court.” Inside these envelopes
is your first case. You’re not gonna win. Jay? My office. Did that sound like
“Jay, come to my office so I can fire you” ? Or…
“Jay, you’re clearly my favorite!” ? – No, not that one.
– What was the first one again? This is your first case. I expect you to win. Can I ask you a question? I don’t want to be the help desk for
every man in this office too lazy to look
something up for himself. Were you too lazy to
look this up for yourself? I can look this up myself. I’m giving this case to you because
I think you can connect with her. I’m giving this case to you because
I know you will want to crush her. Because you
understand the rule breakers. Because you believe
in the rule of law. Do your best. Win. I’m the guy you don’t
wanna go up against. I’ve been fighting with people
like you my whole life. And I like it. You went up against
Sandra Bell, right? I don’t like her. I don’t like what
she represents. I don’t like WHO
she represents. My client tried to blow up
The Statue of Liberty. If I ever got arrested? She’d probably be the
first person I’d call. You literally broke my brain. Leonard doesn’t think
you’re ready for this case. Well he’s right. Neither one of us is ready
for a case like this, but I’m at least humble enough
to recognize it. Never been a fan of humility. Is this what I wanted to be
when I was growing up? Yes. I’m all in. Total commitment. They’re young, they’re hungry,
they’re smart. Let them fight it out. On your report card where it said
“works well with others,” did you ever get a check by that?


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