Foundation Degree in Theatre & Performance at University Centre St Helens

I chose to study at St Helens because I found it interesting that the course covered all different types of performance and the students could focus on what interests them most, whatever it be, writing, directing or the performance aspect itself. For the academic sessions, we study over in the Beecham’s Building. Our team of lecturers are really welcoming and supportive. They are there for you if you need something, or to develop your ideas, just anything. Students study the theory and practice of contemporary performance. They explore how and why people choose to make performances and apply this knowledge to their own creative practice. The course incorporates elements of drama, movement and visual theatre and as they progress through their degree, the emphasis is very much on multi-disciplinary practices and how the different art forms can be integrated in new and exciting ways. The unique thing about the degree is the opportunities to work with external, local companies who are actually in the theatre industry and to create your pieces alongside them. Another benefit of the course I’d say is the study enhancement gift which this year has allowed us to go to Paris to see where all the practitioners we have been studying about worked and lived. Due to the wide focus of the course and the emphasis on creativity, students can go on and find work in many different areas of the industry. From straight up acting or performing, to behind the scenes working, devising, directing or technical theatre. As well as in areas such as community theatre or theatre and education.

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