Founders Hall Tour

I’m Sarah I’m a first year student here at
BGSU welcome to Founders Hall this is the front desk at the front desk
you can check out movies kitchen supplies who they even have vacuums
anything you could possibly need that you don’t really want to bring to
college with you if they have at the front desk these are our mailboxes I
check my mailbox every day my mom likes to send me little gifts I have lots of
cards I think I’ve gotten six cards already and it’s a lot so you know you just do a combination check to see if you get mail in the first
floor lounge we have a pool table Hall council just recently just got new pool
sticks so that’s very exciting they’re new nice and clean and ping-pong
so you can check out that equipment for both of these games also at the front
desk so this is the kitchen I’ve been in here many times my roommates and I and
the room next door we like to come and make meals for each other I call it
family dinner it’s super cute so someone will just make some meals and everyone
else will chill do prep work here or we’ll watch TV or
anything really we just want to do it’s pretty nice it’s got to clean everything
return to the front desk pretty simple it’s a nice way to bond with your
roommates and other people in here floor so there is only one laundry room and
founders but it is on the main floor right next to the elevators and there
are lots of machines so you know you do your laundry here laundry is free on campus so you don’t have to worry about bringing quarters or anything you just
gotta bring whatever detergent or dryer sheets you want to use we have lots of
washing machines and all those are dryers so it’s pretty nice and
convenient and then on the BGSU app under the laundry section you can see if
there are machines available ready for you to use and also you can set a timer
on it so it’ll send a notification to your phone when your laundry so yeah
we do have PEDs mine actually is in this cute little thing that my mom sent me so
this is my PED and so it goes green so we’re gonna head downstairs to the
ground floor and we can see all the lounges and everything so this is the ground floor so founder’s is the home to the honors college so that is the honors
classroom I had a class in their last semester is really nice I came down in
my slippers and I went to class it was very convenient that I didn’t have to worry
about going out the snow or the cold a lot of the students in founders are in
honors or the HLC but there are a lot about the classmen who aren’t okay so
this is the den this is open to honor students and residents of founders Hall
it’s a nice place to study hang out there are games and movies and anything
you really want to do down here there’s a whole bookshelf of things so there’s a
lot of events down here we’ve done karaoke night there’s movies that we
played it’s just nice to have a nice common space for everyone right you know
hang out and relax this is the second floor lounge there two there’s a lounge
upstairs that’s third floor and then fourth and
fifth do have this combo shared lounge thing bright open windows you can
see I want to Wooster street the furniture is rearranged all the time for
different things my favorite thing are these stairs
I love these stairs there’s so much fun so this is the third floor lounge now so
it’s a little smaller because it is like a balcony
style lounge but you still get the nice open windows I think it’s a lot quieter when you go up the level for the lounge hey everybody and no one’s home
this is my room this is the common area so it Founders I’m in six person suite so
we do have this nice big open common area you get most of the furniture that
comes in the room anything like wooden real various furniture here comes with the
room so you just got bring any appliances or electronics that you may
need yeah so the other type of suite style in founders is a two-person so
each person gets their own individual bedroom and then there is those small
our common area most of those are kind of like on the inside of a founders so
they’re looking in the courtyard and then in the six-person Suites there are
two bathrooms and then there’s a shower back there this is my side I have a lot
of stuff and a lot of decoration yeah so I have my beds lofted and just how it
came for me and I just knew it was lofted outcome
lots of space underneath um I put my desk underneath it just because it’s a
nice cozy little place for me to do work and everything I have organized
it very well I would say it could probably use some work I have just I
have a lot of decorations command strips are like my favorite thing because they
don’t damage the walls and that’s very important I do have some lights
everywhere because those are fun this is where I do like my hair and makeup and
just get ready every day this is my snack corner all the snacks and all my
food that my parents send me or I get are put back there I’ve got a lot of books too lots of books have this nice handy tray in this right
next to my bed so I can put my laptop up there or my phone or I have my tissues
up here for when I’m in bed so I don’t have to try to climb out of bed in the
middle of the night because that’s never fun to try to do this is my wall of stuff
from my sorority these are things that my bake has given me and I mean here I
have my clothes I have like my soap and everything my other pair of sheets
towels all sorts of stuff like that thanks everyone for following me in the
to our Founders again my name is Sarah and welcome the BGSU

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