France Tour | Cities Look Like Beauty and the Beast

France Tour | Cities Look Like Beauty and the Beast France I’ve had more French people around the
world let me crash at their place when traveling than any other country in the
world France has so many pretty places to visit but the best part is when you
randomly ask by a city that is so beautiful you have to stop because it
looks like it’s straight out of Beauty and the Beast I am just taking a road
trip and I am in France and I just discovered Beauty and the Beast setting
this place is so pretty oh my gosh but the problem with renting a car and doing
road trips through France is the tolls are really expensive I was a little
surprised because after renting a car and a hundred and fifty countries France
was the only country where my car was broken into going to the bars in France
is a little different than many other countries I had a very difficult time
making any new friends and it seems that most people go in groups I tried to talk
to girls guys groups everyone but nobody seemed
interested in making a conversation with a random American especially in English
travelling around France can be a lot of fun from historic sites to visiting
Paris and it’s something everybody should do


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