Francesca Bucci – Public Relations and Theatre Student

I chose Southeast because
it was super affordable. I got a big scholarship
to come here, so I was able to
graduate with no loans. And then once I
came to the campus, I just kind of felt at home. I had toured a
few other schools, and you know, I
just kind of, it’s that feeling that
everybody talks about. You walk on campus,
and I just kind of felt like this is where
I needed to be. I wasn’t cast for my
first two years, barely. A lot of, a couple of
my teachers, especially Bart and Roxanne, were
giving me the whole, you know, this is
an opportunity. Make something you
want for yourself. And so I had taken classes at
Second City over the summer, and wanted to do sketch comedy,
and do a sketch comedy show. So I gathered a few people
that I thought were funny, and thought could do it, or had
taken classes before as well, and we put together an
entire sketch comedy show in a semester. The best part about our theatre
program is that these teachers don’t let you settle. They throw you into
the real world, so well prepared
and well rounded. Because a lot of schools
will just pump out performer, performer, performer. And here at Southeast,
you were doing crew hours. You were spending
hours in the shop. You were taking tech classes. You were learning how to
do the administrative side, with one of our classes. You don’t just
leave here knowing how to learn a dance combo, sing
a song, and act a few lines. You are able to go out
into the theatre world, and this is the most common
thing that a lot of people get hired for, is saying, hey, I’d
love to work at your theatre. Also, I know how
to sew on a button. Can I work in your costume shop? And they’d rather
pay you 1 and 1/2 than pay two separate people. Coming to Southeast from Chicago
is a little hard at first. And then now, I don’t
want to leave quite yet. I mean, there’s so many small
things that you can discover. I mean, hiking. There’s the riverwalk. I found like a couple
of great restaurants to work at in the downtown area,
that have made this place even feel like more of a home. I’ve had on campus jobs
that have kept me busy. I’ve had my Greek life. I’ve had so many
things that have grown Southeast into this much
bigger aspect of my life then I thought it would be,
and it’s just made it like another home for me. I’ll promote the school
for the rest of my life. I’ve had hard times. I’ve had good times. I’ve experienced
a lot of things, in like three to
four short years. And I’m just the person that
I am because of Southeast.

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