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We are live now here at the Star Cinema Chat together with the lead stars of “The Hows of Us” Please welcome… Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla! Please greet everyone! Hello, guys! Welcome, welcome! What’s up, what’s up! How does it feel that the responses in “The Hows Of Us” have been very overwhelming? What can you say? Of course, thank you so much for the good feedbacks to our movie Thank you also to everyone who attended the premiere night and those who organized some block screenings. And to those who haven’t watched it yet, our movie is still showing. Thank you! To everyone who has already watched “The Hows Of Us,” thank you so much! And we hope you enjoyed watching our movie. Thank you! Kath and DJ, since the movie has already premiered, what do you miss the most from your team and experiences in “The Hows Of Us?” What will you miss the most from your team or production? The house itself. Because… We got really attached with the house and even with the owners of the house, Ama and his daughter. He is like the grandpa of the house, and he is the one we talk to with whenever we film. And we really felt some separation anxiety with the house after because we felt really at home while filming as if it was really ours. Kathryn: I felt really sad. Daniel: Even the owner of the house got sad when we wrapped up our filming in dawn. She cried because it will only be the two of them left in the house again. Only the two of them live in that huge house. Because it’s really quiet there. Then when we filmed, everything got really chaotic. Then all of a sudden it got quiet again when we were done. What lesson can you give after your whole “The Hows Of Us” journey? Is there anything you learned about love or relationship with other people? Kathryn: The learning from our movie? Host: Yes, from the whole movie. There are many lessons, really. But I think the most important is… giving another chance and fighting for what you really like and what you really love. And that’s what Primo and George actually did in the movie. That sometimes, all it takes are two people to stand up and even become stronger together. How about you, DJ? Learnings? Host: Yes, from your whole experience in the movie. Maybe the work itself. Because this may be our last movie with director Cathy Garcia-Molina, I wasn’t really sure whether we’ll be able to catch her countdown to her last movies, then now, I’ve been a part it. I’ll really miss it. Moving on to our first game, The Hows of Kathryn and Daniel! You’ll just have to alternately pick some questions here from the bowl and answer it. Oh, the Goblet of Fire! All the questions in there starts in “How” Kath will be the first one to pick. Hows of Kathryn and Daniel Simply just “hows” questions. Okay. Should we do it together? Host: You first, Kath. How would you describe your best relationship moment so far? Our best moment together? For me, it’s everytime we go to the beach. And I can’t wait to go on more beaches with him. Daniel: Not only the beach but also the other adventures. Daniel: It’s just the start, actually. Yeah. We hope to experience more adventures in the future with him. But for me, it’s always the best moment whenever we go to the beach or out of the country. I get emotional because of the music. Okay, my turn! Please hold the goblet for me. How do you cheer each other up during bad days? How? Kathryn and I, Whenever when we’re a bad mood, we just eat together. And we also watch the TV together like Netflix. That’s it. Kathryn has a lounge area in their house. Really cool. Too bad you won’t be able to see it. Host: So what are your currently favorite series from Netflix? Kathryn: If only one of us is in a bad mood, how do you cheer me up? I give you some food or I make sure that I’m extra sweet to you that day. Can you share with us what are your favorite series right now that you watch together? What we watch are… Actually, I’m the one who always recommends some series to her because I’m always on Netflix. I recommended Wild Wild Country to her. Kathryn: Also Black Mirror. That’s one of our favorites. We love watching some Psycho Thrillers. Yes. American Genius. Confession tapes Yes! Confession Tapes! I would love to watch it but I’m scared to watch it alone. We love watching psychotic killers but also genius at the same time. Something like that. Host: So the type of series that are really mindblowing. Yeah men! Next, how do you see yourselves ten years from now? So I’m already 32 ten years from now… Maybe I’m already living far away from here. Of course I already have a family ten years from now! And we must have a business by that time. And… We must live a chill life by that time as well. I should also have saved enough ten years from now. Don’t answer, I picked this question. Sorry! How do you keep in touch or spend time with your fans? First, whenever they visit us in our sets. They are always there every time. How do you make each other happy? Umm… When it comes to DJ, you have to buy him some food and drinks He likes refreshing drinks. That’s what you need to do whenever he’s not in the mood. He also likes being surprised with the little things. It makes him happy. Or you can give me a new guitar to make me happy. I knew that you will say it. Heaven! Okay. Next! How much do you know about each other? We already know each other like it’s our second nature. That’s it. So you know each other really well. Yes. We know each other like a second nature. Like a muscle memory. Wow! Muscle memory. Okay for our next game, you have to imitate each other. Boom boom boom! This is it! You will try to imitate one another. For Kath, how does DJ react whenever he’s “kinikilig”? (Kilig=butterflies in the stomach) Hmm, let me think of it. Ohh, tangi… That’s how he does it when no one’s looking. Or sometimes, he does it but not obviously. He’ll contain his feelings. Yes, I’ll contain my feelings. I practice how to contain it. Kathryn: He’s hard as a rock! I try not to show it as much as possible. Why do you have to hide it, Tangi? Okay for DJ. How does Kathryn acts whenever she laughs out loud? I’ll share something. Tita Odette and I noticed that whenever Kathryn laughs out loud, she has the same laugh as Mariel Padilla’s. How? I don’t feel like laughing right now. Daniel: I’m not really good at imitating other people. Please laugh for me so I’ll remember it. Please! How can I imitate her laugh… Please just one… It should be Daniel, right? Please do it for us! Tito Robin may get angry when I imitate Aunt Mariel’s laugh. How is it again… Go DIJ! Please let me hear it just one time. That’s how she laughs. I can’t imitate it! Okay Kath. Yeah. How does DJ courts you whenever you get into small fights? Come here, Tangi! Come here, Tangi! Okay. Okay. Say sorry. He forces you to say sorry even when he’s at fault? Then I’ll say that we have to do it together. 1, 2, 3! Sorry! So after that, you’ll already make up? Daniel: We’re talking about pride there so she’ll say that we do it together. Lastly for DJ, DIJ, how does Kath acts whenever she’s jealous? Kathryn? Host: How do you know in an instant that Kathryn’s already jealous? It’s really obvious. You already know it in her aura. But nowadays, she barely get jealous. Sometimes, you just know it. She curses on the girl. Host: Woah! Also you, I curse you too on that day! You just know it in her aura. You can see it in her facial reaction. Instead of laughing, she’ll brush it off. And… Her tone also changes. If you ask her if is she’s okay, she’ll answer it in a cold way. It looks like many could relate here from the audience. Okay for Kath, how does DJ acts whenever he feels sleepy? Here. Just look at his expression right now. Effortless! For DIJ, how does Kathryn does her selfies? What are her favorite poses? Kathryn’s favorites poses? What? She does this to her lips. She does it every time. Like that. Host: A smile that includes the nose I didn’t know that I was doing it like that! And her smile is sometimes unsure. I don’t know why she smiles like that! I don’t know how she does it. There are just days that you find your lips weird. Host: Yes. There are really just days that I find it weird to smile. Yes, there really is. I think if you have dry lips, it’s really weird to smile. Your lips get stuck sometimes, right? For DJ, lastly, how does Kath expresses her sweetness to you? How she expresses it? She gets really kind. Really, really kind. Bal, please Bal. Let’s go there, please. Then I’ll tease her, what if I don’t bring you there? That’s it! Last for Kath, how about DJ when he gets angry? He gets really quiet. We both get quiet when we’re angry. You can also find him in a corner all by himself wearing his headphones or you’ll find him sleeping. He doesn’t like talking to anybody when he’s angry. That’s it. He’ll still accompany me but he’s wearing a poker face. Actually I accompany her, but deep inside, I don’t want to go. You have no choice. Yes! Thank you so much Kath and DJ! Please invite everyone. Again, we want to thank everyone for their unending support to our movie. It is still showing in cinemas! Yes, thank you so much to everyone who have watched and enjoyed our movie. Thank you and please watch it again! Yes, please watch it again and again! Thank you, thank you!

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