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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Do you love me? Yes We do it like this forever, okay? I want you to love me forever As long as you’re good to me I care about nothing I’ll be good to you all the time Something I can’t give you I’ll make up for you in the other way Movie Title: Lady Boutique What should you do? You don’t have any money How can you hand on your work of movie Let me think another way If I really can’t handle it I have to pay the big penalty charge I don’t expect that the cheap guy made a trap in the contract Actually, even we don’t have money, we can make a film We have equipment The point is we don’t have an actress Shen Lang Long Fei When will you pay the rent? Damn, a shrew! Miss Xi Xiao Hum I ask when will you pay the rent? When shall we pay the rent… I’ll give you later What do you want to give me? Of course, it’s… rent Fine, I’ll wait for you in the room Good bye, Miss Xi Xiao Oops, she’s perfect A Sola Maria She’s the actress Finally you come Come in This’s the rent of this month, Long Fei’s and mine It’s too much Let me tell you that I wanna make a film I think your house is nice We just need an actress So I want to invite you This is the prepayment We’ll pay you the rest when the work is over Fine. I’ll be your actress My pleasure Not like this…Miss Xi Xiao I You like to be Up or down? Up or… I’ve said Shen Lang is gentle and upright on the face. They must have affairs Shen Lang! Shen Lang! Don’t cry Shen Lang Hurry go Shen Lang Your express Where’s my express? Your express is really important Hey, how do you feel? Did she agree? Yes? Hurry, did that Sola Maria agree? Nice boobs Shen Lang Are you getting laid? It’s so quick. who are you? the Flash? You made the idea. Now what should we do? What are you talking about? You look so happy Who is he? Another renter Let’s talk upstairs Go… I think you can make the film like this Reading, uha Good weather Yes Then I go upstairs Miss Xi Xiao, can we start the shoot work now? We shoot now? Where? In your room firstly Right OK The first scene is that You, a landlord will seduce your first male renter So you’re wearing the clothes that’s very sexy OK But who’s the leading actor? As a responsible man, of course I will do it OK, I go to change my clothes Hi buddies My real action later will show you what a real man look like Miss Xi Xiao won’t do the real thing with you later Hey, we’re making an adult video movie if we don’t do it really, is it called AV? Shen Lang, Miss Xi doesn’t know what we’re shooting If we do it too excessively I won’t help you Who’s your buddy? Who needs your fucking help? I just think it’s not good like that If Miss Xi… I’m coming Can we start? OK Which step should I seduce him to? I think you could kiss him firstly then from back I mean… you can do whatever you want later I also think so. Let’s get started Then start 3 2 1 Action! OK I think this shot is OK So we stop here today We’ve done? That’s enough? You…you are so irresponsible Just stop here Ouyang Here When the film is done I have to pay 10000 CNY to Xi Xiao I have 20 thousand in my card I can use it only in emergency Where should I get this 10000 CNY? You really wanna pay her? What do you mean? Are you stupid? are you? We can leave. Just don’t rent the house anymore When it’s over, we just leave Shen Lang, I have something to discuss with you Could you add more scenes for me, the leading actor You see, there’re three actors We can’t find other two I think only me is enough Should I use this only camera to take or borrow another one? This’s enough. It’s a good I know you have no experience on acting Just be open and natural Fine, I knew Thanks for repairing furniture for me You’re welcome. So see you later Shen Lang Are you looking for me? No, I just pass by Here the beers After drinking the beers, We are brothers There are more. Here Cheer Since we’re brothers For prove my true heart, I decide to share a secret of mine with you What’s the secret? Long Fei, Shen Lang and I We three are college mates In the first year when we just moved into the dormitory A strange and weird thing happened We didn’t know what happen to Long Fei But he suddenly spoke at midnight “Shen Lang, why you don’t sleep, but play cards?” Shen Lang said: “No, I didn’t” “That’s impossible, I just saw that you were doing” “You just used your double Ghosts” Then Shen Lang: “oops! ghost!” So boring Let’s drink Ouyang Is this your secret? That’s Long Fei and mine Right So what’s the real reason? Nothing, I’m just a little timid Sorry, I have illusion in sight and hearing but I’m taking medicine now and will recover soon Recover? I just saw you talk to the air Miss Xi Xiao Damn it Since you’ve told me your secrets I tell one too Cheer first I in my web novel It’s truly written that I get laid with our landlord Damn, you look like a sunshine boy Come on What have you written? So vulgar! Tell me I What? You are a beast Why is He Guan in? He Guan is our buddy Now he is in our team then who is my partner today? Of course it is… It’s He Guan! The scenes of the first actor is almost done Fine I’m not good at it How could you push it away If It were you, I’ve already… He Guan Just get prepared Then you just stand there Start from a kiss Then just follow your feeling, OK? You should focus more on the girl 3 2 1 Action Why don’t you look at me? I don’t dare Cut I think that’s enough OK, we stop here today Put on Hey, what’s wrong with you? You made some AV Films before, didn’t you? Why did you hesitate when Xi Xiao took off her clothes? Maybe because she’s our landlord and we nearly got laid two days ago You didn’t do it that day? Don’t tell me that you stopped just for your express I was panic Are you a virgin? Really? Virgin? Turn your voice down No one would believe your words You, an AV director, are a virgin Shut up! Why laugh? Can’t I laugh? How’s it going on? I think I can’t continue Why I’m not feeling well Fine Then let… Let me act! Right OK, let Ouyang act OK This scene is that… We set this is Ouyang’s room Ouyang and Xi Xiao play outside, when their clothes is wet by rain then she takes a shower in ouyang’s room next Xi Xiao chats with Ouyang here, wearing bath towel Chat? Yes Why change to chat when I act? You said that we should get laid… It’s written on the script You’re actor You should follow the script It’s none of your business Fine, let’s follow the script Anyway there’re lots of good shoots tonight I’ll follow the script! Your clothes is beautiful Really? but this isn’t clothes Yeah, I know Your perfect skin is the most beautiful clothes in the world Compared to any other clothes, I prefer you wearing nothing Stop, cut! Director, he didn’t follow the script You’re not the director, why do you shout “cut” always? Cut Today comes the climax! Watch clearly, buddies and focus on If you miss It will be a big pity Ouyang Zi If you do it too excessively I…I.. You, you, you what? You even can’t speak a whole sentence. none of your business, shit! If you do it to Miss Xi excessively I…I won’t let you go! I’m done Cut You shouted fucking “Cut” again? Do you have any grudges against me? I have no grudge against you I just don’t wanna you take advantage of Miss Xi in film She doesn’t have the obligation to do it! You said no grudge against me! But Lady landlord has agreed to do it with me You’re a photographer. Just do your own job I just don’t wanna you and she do it If we have to, she would do it only with He Guan Are you against me on purpose? Everyone knows you like Miss Xi Xiao You can’t get laid with her then you don’t allow others to? Damn it! Stop fighting! Stop! Hey! I kill you Stop! Don’t pull me! It’s over Stop here today Don’t speak anymore. Sleep now Well, sleep. I am going back I won’t sleep here with one who fights his brother Don’t think too much Here is the only place to sleep I won’t sleep here I go to salon Go to salon to peek at your girl Ouyang Zi, fuck you! You’re clear in your heart who is your real target Sleep or not? I go out to have a look What a shit bastard I was not intentional But I really like you Can you promise me Don’t continue Miss Xi I was not intentional just now but I really like you Miss Xi, I just don’t like that you’re so close to other men Can you promise me Don’t continue Miss Xi, are you the real one? or just my illusion? Morning Morning Shen Lang Yeah It seems that Long Fei has left and a letter to you Give me please What does he say? Miss Xi How about eating together? Fine You look so beautiful today What’s the matter with you? Long Fei left Because of fighting with me? What a coward and irresponsible man We still don’t finish the movie He doesn’t have the obligation to do it for me Furthermore, he has something more important What he really says in the letter? His sick of illusion gets worse He has to see the doctor back home He’ll contact me when he’s fine It’s illusion in good words. it’s schizophrenia in bad words I fought with him last night It scares me now! why are you looking at me If I were Long Fei I would seam your mouth before I leave Wait! I’m not finished Shall we continue the film? Yes Shen Lang Can you go out with me this afternoon? Where? There’s a very good new movie Will you go with me? OK What are you doing? Frying eggs I love it See you later OK Eat together? Thanks, you eat Hey, you What are you going to do this afternoon Shall we continue? I should go out first The film is not an emergency one I knew you date a girl Wow, good tool! Wait so long? Nope Did I spend much time? That’s all right, let’s go OK How about the movie? Great Really? then please tell me what’s the story in the movie? It told…it… You were looking at me all the time. How could you know what happened in the movie Do you know why I like the movies about dream Actually a same dream has being around me for years In the dream there is a man who loves me so much When he is around me Whatever I do, I feel happy He hugs me and kisses me in the dream I feel so real It seems he really exists In Dream we always have a romantic time in bedroom I often think it shouldn’t go on But during the time with you I think you must be the one in my dream Almost the same one But that’s just a dream The reason why you help me for the movie is to find out who’s your dream lover? Of course not! I want to help you Because I knew you had to finish the movie Kiss me I love you Still not sleep? What are you watching? You just freak me out! Can you make any voice? What are you watching? Don’t be nervous We can watch together Who ask you to install a camera in Xi’s room? I’m just curious and for fun That day when we furnished the room before shoot I just installed it by the way. Don’t be angry Take it out Please don’t Look, Xi Xiao is in She will take off her clothes One more time Take it out quickly! Please don’t Shen Lang Why don’t you understand? It is only for us and we won’t spread it, right? Furthermore We can add it into our film It will be very good! Your boss will be satisfied with your work Right? How about this We keep it temporarily? When you think it’s time to, I will take it out OK? Hi buddy Buddy? Morning Morning Have the breakfast I cook it for you So nice! Great job last night You need nutrition Hey, they will see us Can’t we tell them that we’re together? Think about it They are your best friends And I’m your landlord If they know we’re together Should I charge the rent or not? Right? Fine, I keep it So no trouble But now I can kiss you Morning Wow, the breakfast is so nice! Very very good! I did it specially, for you all Just have more The porridge tastes good It’s good and smooth Really? then have more What’s up? Are you available later? I’ll take you to a place Where? It’s so hot today Of course that place will be comfortable Do you still feel hot? No I’m coming Why are you here? He Guan called me here He Guan? How does he know here? He gave me the tickets He said he would come here when he repaired the pipes Hey! He Guan! we’re here! Get in! I can’t swim, just leave me alone What are you shooting? Oh, I just do a little for you. Maybe you can put it in your movie Good idea! We can take a scene here. It’s a good place OK! I’m the last actor It’s time to stop Ouyang Ouyang Have you finished your cut work? When you finish, delete the materials and take webcam out Not finished, It will be OK soon Xi Xiao is so sexy She, alone, in her room… Hey… What are you doing? The right moment! I will use it to cut videos So bad Hey Who is the lonely girl sending a message to you? It’s Long Fei. He said he would come back soon What does he want? What did he say? He said he would recover soon I give him a call him now It’s none of my business I don’t know this man Hey, you just go Why do you take away the laptop? Cutting the videos after call You bother me in this room Such a big star! Oh [Music] Do you like me in this way? I like Shen Lang, your express Shen Lang, your express So noisy I’ll tell you what happened I hope you can keep it secret She doesn’t wanna others know it but what’s the relationship between you and she? She’s my girlfriend now Why do you still let her act in the movie like that? I’m hesitating, continues or not Girls hate to be deceived most You should tell her as soon as possible Anyway before I tell her keep it as a secret take it easy. I’ll Let’s go OK Wait a minute What’s wrong? This is the key to my room. One for me, another for you Why do you give me the key? You will be convenient to enter my room In this house I give you my key It means you’re my Mr. right I hope you can do it like me But… I have no key for you I don’t need key Just give me your heart. Fool, I’ve given it to you Hello, boos Li I am not willing to give you the movie How much should I compensate? OK I have fallen in love with Xi Xiao Compared to money I love her more How many webcams did you install? What? I only installed two. I’ve told you! Two in the bath room, two in the bedroom, right? I only installed two What the hell are these! These two are not mine If I installed these two I would have the same last name with you! I would be a dog! Wait! Look there, what’s it? Lie! Look there Still lie Damn it, there’s one! Look! Damn, there’s one I’ve said Not by me How could I install a webcam in my own room? He Guan What are you hiding? Hand out! Damn! He Guan You’re an animal! Pretend to be a good man! Don’t beat me! Lie We treated you as brother You tricked us all Right? Don’t beat, please What are you doing here? He installed webcams in the house to peep I was the scapegoat You make me irritated Don’t beat me please Xi Xiao, you must help me. I’m not the only one to do it They all installed webcams in your room Fuck! I think you’re odd in the first time Long Fei wanna you and her act together Did Long Fei gets along with you before You just made a plan No no no, I’m not familiar with him The reason why he wanna Xi Xiao and I act together is… is what? Say or not! I say We both has mental disease Yes, both you have So he knows I can’t do anything to Xi Xiao What’s your meaning? Say! OK I…I have peep… What? Voy… Voyeurism? What’s that? It means he can’t do but like watching others to and only enjoys foreplay Xi Xiao, how to do with him? I think we should kick him out I can’t allow him to live here Don’t call the police? Don’t need I don’t want my private affairs to be exposed to public and I don’t wanna tie you down That’s all here I really can’t imagine There’re so many webcam in my house Don’t worry. never happen again It’s good you’re here Actually I have something that I never told you What’s it? The film is an Adult Video The reason why Ouyang wanna get in is he wanna get laid with you Are you angry? In fact, I got to know you’re an AV director I was angry at first But you were so good to me Also your feeling are not fake So I forgave you in my heart and I knew you would not continue, for me Even you had to pay the compensation I feel you love me really Xi Xiao It’ doesn’t matter I’ll pay the compensation with you I don’t have much money But If I pledge this house It should be enough I won’t allow you to do that Just a second I go to get something It’s all the money I earned in film The password is 110011 Though it’s not enough for the compensation It’s all I have I put it here to you It’s too precious You’ve given me all you have As a return I should give you what all I have I’ll keep it for you Shen Lang! Open the door They should be the duns from company What should we do? Don’t speak Shen Lang Shen Lang, you don’t answer us But we know you are here They’ve gone? Take a look Have they gone? Yes! I think they will come back again Maybe you could go out and hide for several days If they can’t find you, maybe they won’t come again You should go with us No If you go and I’m here They will believe that you don’t live here If we all leave They will know you live here and will come every day She’s right We should hide away some days Anyway, their target is us Go hurry! Pack up our luggage Hello, Long Fei Long Fei’s call? Don’t go back to that house Something bad happened Give me a call when you want to be back I’ll tell you my new location Let me talk to him Hold on, Ouyang want to talk to you This is Ouyang Hello? hello? No sound? Maybe he hang up No, he is online We have to sleep here tonight Get in No, I can’t do this I can’t leave her alone in the house Nothing serious! I’m not worried. what are you anxious for? Damn Miss Xi Xiao How quickly you come Where’s Miss Xi Xiao? She isn’t in? I’ve knocked the door for long time And her phone is shut down Impossible! she was just in when we left Where’s the key? open the door Here House for rent Tel: 15088817121 Call the number Hello, Is that Miss Xi Xiao? Oh Yes, we know each other OK, fine I see What’s up? I don’t know Just asked me if I know Miss Xi Xiao And let us stay here, waiting for her Don’t stand here. Just get it What’s going on? What’s wrong? Where’s our movie material? Shen Lang, material is gone! Check the material box! I checked, no! Something must happen Where’s Miss Xi Xiao I always believed her kindness to me is true Miss Xi Xiao I always believe you’re my illusion But you’re the real one here This is my room key, and I give it to you With the key, you can know everything is true Giving it to you means I belong to you anytime This is my family heirloom My dad says it ‘s valuable that’s all I have I give it to you You keep it for me OK, I just keep it for you but Long Fei Will you see a doctor for your illusion? I’m so worried about you You always think I’m not true Will you go back and see doctor for me? Her kindness is real I just wanna they know You like to act in the movie with me I don’t mean to take advantage of you Are you sure? I do take advantage But you’re happy, right? What are you worry about I said my friend had his ways hey, Ouyang Zi Don’t you have 40,000 CNY? You could lent it to me I’ll pay back you 100,000 next month I don’t mean “No” I just think it’s not safe, taking all the money in a time Where? I’ve been making money in this way for years Or how could a weak girl like me can afford that big villa You bought that house by yourself? Of course, if it’s not a good way to make money, I wouldn’t ask you to do it I am yours OK, I agree Do you love me? Yes We do it like this forever, okay? I wanna you love me forever As long as you’re good to me I care about nothing I’ll be good to you all the time Oh My God Thieves? Damn it! What are you doing here? Pardon? Who are you? Miss, we didn’t get your meaning Could you speak in Mandarin? I mean who are you? We’re the former renters Renters? Well Do you know Xi Xiao and He Guan? Yes, we do Know? Fine, then pay the rent for that couple Couple? You’re wrong. They’re not a couple. The landlord was Xi Xiao Hum…I knew you would not believe When they didn’t pay my rent on time I knew their trick Look This is the copy of their marriage certification Still not believe? Wait here I’ll show you my property ownership certification Aha! [Music and End]

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