Fun2shh (2003) (HD & Eng Subs) – Paresh Rawal – Gulshan Grover – Raima Sen – Best Comedy Movie

Fun2shh! Fun2shh! “Run! Run! For the fun!
Run! Run! For the fun!” “See! See it! See it! Run! Run! Run!” “Time is with you! It is like dream!
Whatever, but it is funny!” “Everyone is charged up!
No one is conscious!” “Take time into your control!” “Yeah! Yeah! Here you go!” “Everyone is charged up!
No one is conscious!” “Take time into your control!” “Stop it!
Pause it! Break it! Bend it!” Squeeze it! Crush it! Change the time! “Grab, run, jump and hop!
Do whatever you can!” “Fun2shh!” “Oh, yeah!” “Fun2shh!” “Fun2shh!” We’ve just got news that
archeologists have discovered.. I’m sorry if I translate. Archeologists have discovered.. ..some special symbols from
Chhanpura kingdom of the 10th century. Let’s see the effect of the wall,
a little away from Mumbai.. ..on the past, present and future. What is this? Why are the police here? Sir, I think they are
looking for thief Chindi. Thief Chindi?
– Yes, he is very crafty.. ..and makes people lose their sleep. Let’s go.
– Yes! Let’s leave immediately. Run! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Hey, where is my bag? Where is my bag?
– Thief! Thief! Thief! Hello? Chindi. Thief Chindi! Oh no! Ghoshal, I know you have
the invaluable crown.. ..that belonged to the King Babhusha
of the 10th century. Oh my god! I know you are going to exhibit
that in Sunday’s exhibition. The public will surely see that crown. But for the last time! As Chindi will steal that crown. No! Incidents of theft are
on the rise in the city. Crime has risen not only in the city,
but in the entire country. We will have to wipe out
crime and I will ensure that.. ..our Suraksha (protection)
party will achieve it. Our slogan is, ‘Help us
win and we’ll eliminate crime!’ Mr. Bhaleram.
– Watch it! The whole world will witness! In the future, our Suraksha party
will be called Suraksha parliament! I will be the defense
minister of this country! Mr. Bhaleram, come here. Don’t go so far.
You are not a minister any more. After losing elections seven times.. started this security
agency five months ago. We haven’t got a single
contract till date. These six security guards
are working without pay. Eight security guards have quit,
fed up with your lectures. If you continue lecturing.. ..even these six will run away
and you’ll be left with no one. What do you think I should do? Stop lecturing and
everything will be fine. You start off without
any sense of time and place. That is my birthright!
– Looking for work too is your birthright! What do I do if we don’t get work?
I have to do something to kill time. Who is ringing the doorbell? The phone is ringing for
the first time in five months. Pick it up or it’ll stop! Pick.
– How did it ring? Hello? No! Yes! Yes! Yes! Was it a wrong number?
– No. What century is this?
– 21st century. We’ve got the contract
of the 10th century! This is King Babhusha’s crown. Aunt? You know, there’s an exhibition
of king Babhusha’s crown. I had written a thesis in college,
on king Babhusha’s kingdom Chhanpura. The 10th century
people were very rich. What a life! He had 40 wives! Blame my fate, I don’t have even one! Do you know he had a huge bell? People would wake up on its toll. People there used golden
mugs in their bathrooms. Gold mugs! I swear, aunt! I wish I could go to the
10th century by some magical power. Then even I’ll use a golden mug! A bathroom of gold! Gold shower! Gold! Only gold! What have you done apart
from sleeping in life? Gold, aunt! See what they have written
about the 10th century! – Shut up. Manage your life in this century.
Got it? Oh my god!
It’s so late and I have so much to do. I have to go to Tawde’s shop
and pay the bill. Then stand in the queue
to pay the electricity bill.. ..and make breakfast for Ajju. Don’t you want to
go to the photo studio? You’re reading the newspaper?
Go, bathe. How? Ajju is still in the bathroom.
– What? “The queen of my dreams,
when will you come.” “The lovely spring is here,
where are you.” Is anyone in?
Vicky, why did you turn off the water? Vicky did not turn it off. I did. Oh! Aunt, you? You haven’t paid rent for seven
months. Who’ll pay the water charges? Daddy will send the money soon. Your dad’s not an idiot
like me to believe you. You’re old enough to earn.
Don’t you feel bad? Don’t worry.
I’ll give interviews and work. I can’t go like this. Let me wash up. Wipe yourself with a towel
and come out. Water is over. It broke! Jesus! Such a big loss!
You broke my furniture? I learnt a new technique.
I was practicing it. It looked very strong. Wonder how it broke!
– Out! Get out of my house! You eat and stay for free
and now you break my furniture! Go! Get out! Why don’t you go?
– How do I go? Who else do I have? I am alone and helpless! If you treat me like this,
where will I go, mom? – Mom! You called me, mom? Yes!
– My child! Don’t get carried away by that.
He made shopkeeper.. ..Tawde his dad to get credit! How disgusting!
You better pay up my rs.10000! What?
– Until you don’t pay up the whole amount.. That was 9500.
– Yes. Right?
– Rs. 500 for the broken furniture. I didn’t break it!
– I’ll pay for it as soon as I get a job. A job! What about that
acting offer you got? Do you call that work?
An ordinary one! Aunt, Vicky is going to be a great hero.
– Really? Imagine! A big-time director will notice me. He’ll recommend me to a
big-time producer. He’ll say.. ..that I should go to Hollywood. That I meet a big time
director over there. He’ll give me a role!
– Sure! Chicken roll or mutton roll?
– What? You quit work?
– Forget it aunt. He’s always fibbing. What are you serving today?
– What? What are you serving for breakfast?
– No breakfast. Get this clear! Beg, borrow or steal! No.
– Beg, borrow or steal! I want my money within seven days,
that’s all! Do you get it? Do you get it! John!
– Maria! Why didn’t you call me up yesterday?
– Aunt was home. No problem! I brought this for you.
– Wow! Use it to call only me.
– Ok! If you can’t call, send me a message.
– Ok! Don’t tell aunt anything about it. Ok.
– Ok! Aunt, I had come to ask for sugar. Here it is. I knew it must be you. Okay, John. I’ll come back to return your bowl.
– No. ‘ It belongs to you. You left
it behind the last time you came. Bye, John.
– Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Johnny, look here! Stay away
from a dangerous girl like Maria. Look at her clothes!
Why does she wear even those? I know.
– Shut up! I promised your mother, I’ll
find a good girl and get you married. Maria is not a good girl. You said the same thing about Sandra,
Ruby and Kitty. I’ll get you married. You want a good girl?
– I do. Then go and do your work.
Here, Rs. 20. Rupees 20?
– 9 for going and 9 for coming. What will you do with the balance?
– What? Eat chocolate.
– Wow! No Maria, okay? Jesus Christ! If this continues,
I’ll never get married. Why does this happen with us?
– What? Johnny doesn’t get Maria.
I don’t get a role in films. Ajju, you don’t get a job or a girl. Yes, that’s something to think about. Let’s think. I have an idea!
– You have? Yes! “One who has no brains is rich.” “Stupid looking men
get beautiful girls.” “An unworthy gets pearls.” “This man drinks everyday.” “Everyone except us
is having a nice time.” Is this life? It’s so boring. Everyone is making money. Everyone is winning a lottery. We? Sorry, boss. Never! “Every one is having
a great time and is joyful!” “The joy of one and
all is beyond measure.” “Don’t know why only
we have a bad time.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” Maria! She’s my darling!
She’s my beloved. How can I express myself!
The problem is I am poor. How sad! “Had I been rich,
I’d have settled in my life.” Wow! “And Maria would have become my wife.” Johny! “How I wish I’d gone
to the 10th century.” “I’d have made the Taj
Mahal before Shajahan did it.” How romantic! If you say a word about
marrying Maria, I’ll hit you. What can I do, my luck is rotten! “Every one is having
a great time and is joyful!” “The joy of one and
all is beyond measure.” “Don’t know why only
we have a bad time.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Wish I was destined
for someone’s love.” “Wish someone was desperate for me.” “She would move around me.” “Even I would throw my weight.” “That is all I had desired, but…” “But wonder why, only my time is bad.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “I wish I were famous in
Hollywood and Bollywood.” – Really? “And all stars would
greet me with respect.” Of course. “Had I the iron fist of a Rocky.
– So what?” ‘I wouldn’t have had the
need to learn judo and karate.” “I have many dreams but
not the luck to achieve them.” “Every one is having
a great time and is joyful!” “The joy of one and
all is beyond measure.” “Don’t know why only
we have a bad time.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” “Our luck is rotten.
We are in a bad patch.” Shut up! Stop this singing and dancing. If you don’t get work by tomorrow,
I’ll throw you out. Get it? This time it’s final. Wanted engineer! If we were educated,
we wouldn’t be here. Wanted doctor!
– Look for vacancy in some clerical job. Quiet! Wanted manager for tea estate. What are you doing? Stop it.
– How can you not be worried? Aunt has served an ultimatum! If we don’t get a job,
she will throw us out of the house. Eat peanuts then! We don’t have money even for that! Hey! You were going
to meet a top producer. I did.
– What happened? He signed a top star once again.
– Oh no! Vicky, Suraksha party
gave Johnny the job of gate security.. the exhibition of
King Babhusha’s crown. So?
– It’s their advertisement. They need security guards. What? Show me. Yes!
– Let’s ask Johnny to recommend us. Come.
– Come. – Yes! By giving you the security
contract of the crown.. ..I feel I made a grave mistake. Your guards won’t
be able to do anything. That thief Chindi will steal my crown. Hello? Chindi. Ghoshal, put up as
much security as you like! I will steal the crown from the exhibition!
– No. I sure will.
Listen! You have lost that crown. I am stealing your car for now. My car! Catch him! Catch him! He has stolen my car!
– Catch him! Catch him!
– Catch him! My car!
– Thieves have become brazen. I knew these guys can’t do anything. I have to make other arrangements.
– Just give me a chance. No way! I have to
make other arrangements. Sir.
– What? Johnny has sent us.
– Who Johnny? The cameraman.. charge of the gate
security at the exhibition. He sent us.
– Don’t irritate! Can’t you see I am talking? Sir.
– Take the call! I’ll appoint even
more security guards. Where will you get them? From the trees?
– Sir.. Don’t irritate!
– We are looking for a job. Why didn’t you say so?
– You didn’t ask. Why isn’t anyone answering? Where were you?
– I’m appointing few more guards. I have six security guards
and these two have joined now. Now there are eight.
They are tough. Okay? I have to manage. There’s no time. All right. Sir, is everything all right? You are asking me?
I should be asking you that. Spread out and keep an eagle
eye in every direction. Get it? Go! Everything else is okay.
Why all directions but? We have to keep an
eye only on the crown. Let’s do what he is saying.
We’ll keep an eye in every direction. Ok?
– Ok. Hello? Hi, Maria! I am at Ghoshal’s
exhibition of the crown. Thief! Thief!
– I am busy. I am standing at the gate. I don’t have to let
Chindi enter the exhibition. No question!
He cannot enter so long as I’m around. Hello. Welcome.
– Thank you! No chance! What? Beautiful! What’s the use?
Chindi will steal this. Chindi, the thief! Everyone is saying that Chindi.. He won’t be able to do anything.
My security guards won’t let him in. He’s very smart. You never know when he comes.
– You! You belong to my party
and you speak against us? I’ll punch your nose.
Go and do your work. Idiot! Beware of pickpockets!
Straighten your moustache! Madam, be careful with your purse.
– Moustache? – Spectacles.. Sir. Ladies and gentlemen.. ..our exhibition now
closes for a lunch break. Please leave the hall and
come back after half an hour. Everything will be auctioned after 6. Now please leave!
– Everyone leave! Yes, leave! Thief! Thief! Thief! C’mon, everyone. Please move out. Thief! Thief! Thief! Mr. Ghoshal, let’s go and have lunch. I’m not hungry. I’ll stay here. You go. My guards are here, don’t worry.
Come here! Yes, sir!
– You come here. Keep a strict vigil on the crown. Happy?
– Yes. Now come.
– Yes. Keep a vigilant eye.
It’s very precious. Come.
– Yes. Go.
– They’ll be here. Did he have to choose
us among so many other guards? That too during lunch time?
– You! I’ll complain about you.
– Sorry! – Sorry! Keep a watch on the crown.
Stand guard! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Chindi, the thief! Thief! Thief! Security? – Come after half an hour.
It’s lunch break now. I have to go! It’s urgent. Where is the bathroom? This way.
– No, that way. He doesn’t know. It’s this way. That way.
– Have an upset stomach. I used the toilet. It’s this way.
– That way. – How do I say? Why don’t you two decide? Both of you check out where it is. Come and tell me quickly. Go.
– Okay. Chindi, the thief! I won’t spare you! I will have your license cancelled! Will teach you a lesson!
– No, sir. Please don’t do that. I got the license with
great difficulty. I’ll be ruined! What are you standing and staring for? Describe how Chindi looks.
– He had a moustache. He was clean-shaven. He’d moustache.
– Clean-shaven! – Shut up! You tell me. You let him in. He just barged in. I was concentrating on my camera.
– Why don’t you have a photo? Must’ve been invisible.
– What? Must’ve been invisible. I think these three
men are his accomplices. I’ll call the police.
– Police! Shut-up!
Every culprit must be punished. The youth of the country
has begun to steal. The future of the
country is in danger. If crime is not nipped in bud,
we’ll never be able to control it. Wait! If we don’t catch them now,
it will be difficult later. What do you mean?
– They’re all running away. – What? Sir, they have run away.
– Runaway? Police! We are in a soup.
What if we get caught? Nothing will happen.
They will tire out looking for us. Let’s go.
– Yes. – Let’s go. What! Posters have
been put up so soon? Yes, and there is a reward
of rupees 10000 on them. Inspector Chhatripal! Close the umbrella. My roof
doesn’t leak. You don’t get it! And you! How dare you
put up posters of my children? The law did it. It was right as your boys are thieves. I did tell them to beg,
borrow or steal. They could’ve begged
or borrowed but not stolen. Oh! That means you
advised them to steal? You talk like an idiot.
Who made him an inspector? Sakharam. Listen, old woman. I am sure the three
will come to meet you. When they do, bring them to
the police station. – No. They’ll die. Just wait and see! You’ll be arrested for murder. That will happen later.
If you don’t leave right now.. ..I’ll get you arrested for it! Sir, let’s go. She’s an old woman. We have to live. Yes! We are leaving.
– Let’s go Hello? Johnny is dead! Don’t mention his name again. Yes. I know! The three cannot steal. The entire problem
has been created by them. They’ve brought a
slur to the D’souza name. They brought me disgrace! There is no question!
Until they don’t nab the thief.. ..and hand the crown to the owner,
I swear I won’t meet them! Aunt has taken an oath! We have to find the crown now.
– Where do we get it from? Thief Chindi stole it.
– Let’s find him. Is he a lamb that we can catch him? Why does he keep pouncing
on me all the time? Don’t fight. Please solve the problem. Please.
– How? We will look for Chindi, what else?
– Where? Wherever he is.
– Where will he be? See! Told you we’ll find him here. Come!
– Yes. Chindi! What did you think?
That you can get away? Sorry. He’s not thief Chindi. These three are here!
– Oh yes! They are here! Run!
– Catch them! Catch them! Run! Lion brand tea!
The choice of the lion-hearted! Lion-hearted? You are cowards!
– Why? I am about to lose
my security license. I asked you to catch those three
and you are having tea? No. It’s good tea.
– Shut-up! Get this clear.
If you don’t nab the three.. ..forget tea, I’ll kill you. Rustom, c’mon!
Get down. You’re getting old. Saved!
– What? – Life. How?
– Look! Who are these people?
– Those three goons. Hey! Catch them.
– They’re coming. Hurry! Run! Hey run!
– Don’t leave them! Hurry! Catch them! ‘Fun2shh!’ ‘Fun2shh!’ ‘Fun2shh!’ Vicky, where are you taking us to?
– How do I know? If you want, I’ll stop the car.
Shall I? Crazy? Drive faster. ‘Fun2shh!’ There is a wall ahead,
apply the brakes! Brakes! There’s a wall ahead. Where now? The brakes failed.
– You’ll kill us! Apply the brakes! Apply the brakes! We are dead! We are dead now. Vicky, Johny, run!
– Run! Where have we come? Hey!
– What happened? We’ve reached film city. Film city?
– Film city? No.
– Yes! – Yes! The drumbeats are
coming from the sets. Oh!
– Shooting set? – Yes. Vicky, a huge set has been put up. Shooting of the super hit? It’s already released and is a hit. Lions in the film city? Don’t you read the papers? There are many lions
in the jungles around. This is not film city.
It’s a real city. It must be kingdom set. Didn’t
you see the blockbusters? – Yes! All junior artistes
are dressed as soldiers.. ..and rehearsing. Explain him.
– Yes. Johnny, he knows. He worked
as a junior artiste for a day. That’s okay, but how did we get here? I don’t know. – Our car banged into a wall.
– Yes, point isn’t! If it did, we’d all be in hell now.
– What? That was the film’s special effects. What?
– You don’t know special effects? Remember the blockbusters? Haven’t you seen English films? These film makers can do anything.
– At least we got rid of Bhaleram. If this is a shooting, where is the camera?
– It must be around. Vicky, will they let
us watch the shooting? I’ve never seen one. Of course, I have the card
of a junior artiste! – That’s great! I told you, it’s a shooting set. The shooting has begun. Let’s go and watch who the heroine is.
– A song is being shot. I’ll show you. The gates have been closed. Looks like it’s a private shoot. Don’t worry,
I will show you a shooting today. Wow!
– Come with me. Where’s the camera? Where’s the camera?
– Shut-up! “The air is misty,
the skies inviting.” “Where are you my beloved?
Come to me.” “The air is misty,
the skies inviting.” “Where are you my beloved?
Come to me.” “This mist is setting
the heart on fire.” “It is a sweet pain.” “This separation is killing.” “The air is misty,
the skies inviting.” “Where are you my beloved?
Come to me.” “These sweet moments have
trickled down from the dreams.” “Just as desires spring
of themselves within the heart.” “These sweet moments have
trickled down from the dreams.” “Just as desires spring
of themselves within the heart.” “We are lost in this longing.” “The heart is restless
and senses benumbed.” “My hearting is yearning
for you every moment.” “My heart feels this
way in your absence.” “These lonely moments
make the longing intense.” “My heart feels this
way in your absence.” “These lonely moments
make the longing intense.” “Try to understand
the heart’s signals.” “Every heartbeat is beckoning you.” “Stop teasing and come to me.” “The air is misty,
the skies inviting.” “Where are you my beloved?
Come to me.” “The air is misty,
the skies inviting.” “Where are you my beloved?
Come to me.” “This mist is setting
the heart on fire.” “It is a sweet pain.” “This separation is killing.” Great! You sang so well! Amazing!
– It was great! Too good! Who is the singer? The great singer? The other one, right?
– Help! Help!
– Is anybody here? – Relax! We were just asking
who the singers are. Don’t say if you don’t want to.
Vicky, say something! Yes. Which film’s shooting is on?
Who’s the director? What? I was just asking them
about the film’s director. Why are you staring at us? Even I am an actor. Tell him! He is a famous junior artiste.
– Yes. Come on! I’ll complain about you in
the Junior Artiste’s Association. Your card will get cancelled.
– Stay off! Leave me. I won’t spare them! Won’t leave you. Won’t leave you. Mr. Bhaleram!
– Will not leave them. Mr. Bhaleram! Where are they?
– Who? Those three rascals.
– How do I know? You called us but
went after them alone. Looks like they fooled
you and ran away. No one can fool me! They were scared and entered this wall.
– Wall? Yes. Wherever they are.. ..I’ll pull them out. Do one thing. Quickly prepare to
pull this wall down. This wall?
– Yes. – Ok. They entered the wall? Come on!
– Enough! Leave my collar. Listen!
– Come on! Why are you staring at me?
– I’m angry! Wow, what a set! Yes. It looks original. I am sure the director of this
film is from the top league. – Yes. Who are you?
– I? I am Ajju.
– I am Vicky. Where have you come from?
– Bandra. Pali hill, D’souza cottage. Don’t mind,
we were just watching your shoot. – Yes! Call the director. We want
to complain about this fat man. What is their crime? They were peeping into
the princess’ bedroom. – Such daring! Do you know the punishment
for secretly entering the palace? He even mouths original dialogues! Are you the film’s villain? Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! What’s this?
– Looks like the director is coming. Didn’t hear! Babuda! Babuda? Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha! Babhusha!
– Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Chindi the thief! Chindi! Babhusha. Chindi!
– Babhusha! Chindi!
– Babhusha! What’s this Babhusha? You trapped us and escaped?
You’re wearing the crown! What do you think?
– You can fool the law on the.. ..pretext of film shooting? Aunt swore never to look
at our face again due to you. Come to inspector Chhatripal.
Tell him you are the real thief. Injustice! Ridiculous! Shut-up! He has done injustice to us. He has landed us
in a soup for no reason. Now are you coming? King, if you let me,
I’ll behead them right away. You cannot behead us just like that. I’ll thrash you so hard,
you’ll forget acting. Vicky, did I speak a little too much?
– We’ll handle it. – Yes. Chindi’s stooge!
What do you think of yourself? Are you trying to scare me?
You think you are some don? Look at your face!
Scoundrel! I’ll beat you hard. King, I think they are
spies of some enemy country. Their language and their clothes. They have come here to spy. Punish them before
the public of Chhanpura! He talks like a real king. I’ll set him right! – Take them away
and put them in the dungeon. Take them away!
– The law is efficient. You fatty! It will get you one day thief Chindi. It’s mine. Scram! Get lost! They exposed the role! I had clicked lovely
pictures of Maria. She’ll chop me! God! The idiots! Wonder where Johnny is!
– Yes, dude? If we had his mobile, we
could at least call the police here. Looks like Chindi
is making a huge movie. He is not making a film. He is using the shooting excuse.. smuggle the crown to another country.
– Yes. We have to do something quickly. What do we do? We must get out of here quickly. It is not as easy as you think.
– I know. There are mosquitoes here.
– Listen. Can we get some mosquito repellent? Why are you looking down? I want a mosquito repellent. He seems to belong to the
10th century. Let me explain. – Yes. Can we get a mosquito repellent cream? Mosquito repellent! Why are you looking like that? You want this? Yes. Yes. You can keep it.
You’ll just have to do a small favor. Just open this door for a while. All right! Don’t stare at us. Bro, don’t mind. Give us the lamp
for some time. It is very dark inside. Forget it. He is showing off. I have a torch.
– Switch it on. Don’t stare at it, it works. Ghost! Spirit!
– What’s wrong with him? Maybe, he’s from Delhi. Due to electricity problem,
people get scared of light. Your attempt to get
the door opened was good. Attempts only succeed.
So keep attempting. Against death, man is nothing! Man is connected to
the cycle of life and death. Sages and saints are
free from the bond of death. They can move anywhere in time. They can go back or
move forward a 100 years. Excuse me? How are you?
Where will I get a bus to Bandra? Have I made any mistake? I am only asking for a bus. Children!
– Why are you running away? Listen.
– Is there a raid? Take me along. I cannot walk.
– What? Looks like he was giving
a speech without permission. Pick me up! That side.
– Sage! Chika bika rika. Listen. Where are you going? Chika bika rika. Ina mina dika. Chika bika rika.
– I replied. Didn’t I? Why are you screaming?
You made them run away. They are mere humans.
They are innocent and naive. They don’t realize my greatness.
They will, one day! Look at my new creation! With this, man can talk
to another man standing far off. Hold this, I’ll show you. Chika bika rika. Chika bika rika. Keep it close to your ear. All right.
– Yes. Hello?
– Hello, John. Where are you? Maria, I’m coming. I am stuck here. There is no cab, bus, or train here.
Maybe, they are on strike. Don’t worry.
I’ll walk and come to you. Where are you?
– Where? Where are we?
– Chhanpura! I searched the entire place. Where is it?
– Chaanpura. It’s some place called Chhanpura.
I’m coming home. No network here.
What is the name of this place? What is this?
– It’s a mobile. What is the name of this place? Chhanpura.
– Chhanpura? Can a distant voice
be heard through this.. ..and that too without any cord?
– What Chhanpura is this? King Babhusha’s kingdom. Why are you fibbing?
He was a king in the 10th century. This is the 21st century.
– This is the 10th century. Whose creation is this? Forget this! Which place this is. I told you, this is Chhanpura.. ..the 10th century
kingdom of King Babhusha. No! King Babhusha’s
estate had a huge door! And there.. That means, the other night.. 10th century! Move! Break the wall. I won’t spare those three.
– Right. Scoundrels. Just keep going straight.
– Yes. Just go in.
– Yes. Bhaleram, stop! Who is he?
– Who are you? Law! There is always law
between crime and criminal. If you move another inch,
the consequences will be bad. This is the voice of law. You are threatening me with law! Don’t do it!
– Why? You threaten me with law? For me, law is like a snake
that is confined to the basket. It can only hiss, not bite! Trying to demolish
this national property.. have put your hand
in the snake basket. I arrest you. Arrest me?
– Yes! Don’t you know who I am? He’s started. Who am I? I am the leader of this area,
this city and this country! A leader can never commit a crime!
Law surely can. A leader has the law as his slave. A leader can handcuff the law.. ..but the law cannot
handcuff a leader! He.. Handcuffed me?
– Babhusha! What’s going to happen here?
– The battle of two spies with soldiers. What do you mean? I see. WWF.
– What? It is the same thing.
– Yes. Bring the captives here! Careful! Beat them. Kill them. Leave me. Beat them. Kill them. Wow! ‘Fun2shh.’ Hit him! No!
– ‘Fun2shh.’ Vicky! Come.
– I have won. Now what? Beat them. Kill them. Go!
– Are you mad? No. Who’ll fight him? No!
– Leave. You want to kill me? Hey, fatty! Get up!
– He’s killed me! You fatso! Good! Vicky, you know karate.
What do I do with him? Yes! If you have anyone left, send them. It won’t be proper
to release these spies. The kingdom of Chhanpura
never forgives its enemies. I have decided to behead them. Vicky, will Chindi really behead us? Are you mad? This is the 21st century. If he has to kill us, he will shoot us.
– Correct. Why will he behead us? Come. He beheaded him! Vicky, this is the 10th century. You are a goner! Excuse me. Sir!
– Yes? They behead people here. The King just said. After killing.. ..what do they do with the body? What do they do to the torso? The body! What do they do with
the head after beheading it? They feed it to the vultures. Vultures? The body?
– To the lions! The head to the vultures
and the body to the lions! These two will not even
get a proper burial or cremation. Hello?
– Where are you and your stooges? You have got me arrested
and are roaming free outside? Now beware!
As I am going to get out on bail. You were lucky that day.. ..the wall did not get
demolished by that bulldozer. Now I will secretly dig
holes in that wall and nab you! I will roast you and
your two friends alive! That’s not possible.
Those two are already booked. Booked?
– Yes! The head to the vultures
and the body to the lions. Some other time. We’re sorry, Mr. Bhaleram. How is the 21st century
phone working in this era?! Old man. Gone! Did they have heart
attacks in the 10th century? Anybody is here? Minister! Brother! Nobody’s coming! Nobody’s coming, Ajju! When death comes, nothing else does. In that case, who could this be? God! They’re already
here to take us away! How can this be?
It was for tomorrow, right? How will they know?
They don’t even wear watches! These are.. What’s she doing here?
– How would I know? Fall at her feet, okay?
Maybe, she can save our lives now. Soldier, come with me. Forgive us! We’re naive!
– We’re innocent! Kids!
– We’re immature! Please don’t embarrass us.
Please get up. We have come to save you. Save us?
– Yes. To save us! Welcome! Please be seated! Get a soft drink!
– Yes. I won’t get it at this time. I’ll get some tea with lots of cream!
– Yes. Tea? What rubbish am I talking? Forgive me please! Do not worry.
Just tell us who you are. I’m Ajju!
– I’m Vicky! Vicky, Vikram!
I’m lovingly called Vicky! Vicky?
– Yes! And I. I’m Ajju!
– Ajju? Yes! Where have you come from?
– Bandra. Pali Hill!
– D’souza cottage. I mean, we’re from the future!
– Future?! From future.
– What? From the 21st century!
– Really? Yes.
– Let me explain. Why don’t you explain? If I were such a wise guy,
I wouldn’t fall for your yarn! Okay. I’ll explain. You see..
– That’s not necessary. Our mother used to say, we’d marry men
who are beyond time. – Beyond time? That they’d transcend centuries
to come and take us away. For the moment, we’re going to die.
– There’s no chance to escape! Like bringing enemies together. No chance. You understand that, right? The two of you needn’t worry.
Take this. This? What is this?
– The solution to an escape. Call the guard in
and make him inhale it. He will fall unconscious and
you’ll find horses waiting outside. Cool! We must leave now. It isn’t
right for us to stay here for long. Come. Excuse me.
– Yes? Why do you want to help us? Because.. Because.. Because we.. Because we are in..
– Love? It doesn’t just glitter!
It even goes round and round! It’s a watch! It tells you what time it
is in London, Japan and America. You’re telling him about the
world when he doesn’t know India. Don’t interfere. Mind your own business.
– Business? What business?
– Business. It’s of great use! I’ll show you. Look. This one shows you the hour.. ..this one the minute
and this one the second. Sixty minutes for
it to go around once. If this works, we can get out of here!
You get that? Ajju! My friend! Good-bye.
– Good bye? Why say good-bye? I’m going with you. Yes, but I’m going to heaven
and you’re going to hell! Will you go away to
the heaven without me? Remember? I gave up B.Sc
to study Home Science with you. Yes, I remember. So let me go to hell with you. What next?
– Ajju! Vicky! Sir, I’m sure you ask
the victim his last wish? – No! We give water. To lubricate it for
an easy slit. Get it? Kill them! All this is happening because of you! You said you’d show me a film shoot.
That they were all actors! The tyrant stands there
instead of your director. Hello, sir! He’s not listening to us, Ajju! When the director says, ‘cut’, he
calls for a re-take some times. – Yes. When he’ll speak,
it’ll be the final take.. No retake! Ajju! Ajju!
– Vicky! Steady the head or
I’ll end up hitting.. ..the wrong part of the neck.
– Yes. They are yet to be beheaded
and the angel of death is here! Run! Ghost! Vicky! C’mon! ‘Fun2shh.’ ‘Fun2shh.’ Faster! Over there!
– Where? Towards the wall.
– Where’s the wall? Let’s get out of here first!
– Left! Children, this vehicle shall
move without an elephant or a horse. This carriage shall
move with the energy of oil. In the coming days,
it shall be the medium of transport. After this discovery.. ..I shall be remembered
for times immemorial. There’s the wall! O God! Thank God! Go on, Vicky! Bang into the wall! We’ll get through somehow. If the wall doesn’t open,
we’ll crash against it! Nothing of the sort will happen.
– We’ve got to give it a try. You don’t worry.
– We’ll die. What happened?
– It stopped! Run.
– Run for your lives! They’ll be here. Looks like our graves are going
to be dug up right here! – No graves. Vultures get the heads
and bodies go to the lions. Let’s get out of here!
– Run! Not there. Here. Where have we landed? Looks like the supermarket
of the 10th century to me! – Yes. First we crash through
a wall and now this one! What’s happening?
Just can’t get my hands on them! That which you see
does not really exist. Who’s that? That which exists, you can’t see! Who are you? Aunt! I’m not your aunt.
I’m the sorceress Hiraka. Your face..
– It resembles that of your aunt’s. I know. That woman is my own reincarnation. Like every living being
in the 21st century.. ..I’m born in every century
with a new name and identity. At times it’s Hiraka.
At times it’s Sama Mirza. At other times,
it’s Simran Kaur and even Ms. D’souza. So you know that we’re..
– From the 21st century. I also happen to know that
you came through that wall. You must make your way
back through that very wall. That’s what we’ve been trying to do. Please send us back to the 21st
century. You’re a sorceress, right? Help us to go. That can be done after 12 days. What for? As that wall opens for a while,
once every hundred years. Exactly 15 days after it gets closed,
it opens for a while at sunrise.. ..and gets closed again for 100 years. So you will stay here
with me for the next 12 days. Thank you! Since you’re going to stay here,
you might as well belong here. Dear brothers and
sisters of my motherland! The lovely children
who are the future. Stop playing with marbles, children.
Listen to me. Amazing! As I was saying,
forget the marbles, children. A structure like this
one holds our country together. It’s a national treasure!
To protect it is our sacred duty. Our treasure..
– See that? He spent two days in jail and he’s
reminded of the national treasure. All thanks to you, sir. He’s protecting what he
wanted to destroy yesterday. The security arrangements are made. Are arrangements being made?
– I’ll take a look. Oh yes.
They’re being made. Security arrangements being made. Take this solemn pledge with me today. Whoever tries to demolish
a national monument.. – Tea. Shall be demolished by us. Whoever becomes an obstacle.. ..shall be killed. Are there holes in the wall?
– I’ll take a look. What are you looking at? No! What a nuisance!
The earthquake has wrecked everything. This wall won’t crumble though! Is someone there? Come immediately!
– God! What happened? See what has happened. I sat on the chair
and the vine got me! Why did you sit on the chair?
Why don’t you use your brains? Skip the lecture! Vicky, release me. He looks good when he’s tied up.
He won’t even bother us! What a selfish guy!
Say something, Vicky! Now go and call Hiraka. Go on! Please.
– Vicky, release me! You sit anywhere you want to!
– You don’t start now, Vicky! Shalaka! You may go. Go! Hiraka, she?
– She’s my disciple Shalaka. No! She’s Maria!
– No. As I said,
what you see does not exist. Shalaka is Maria’s
form of the 10th century. You mean people’s form
changes in every century? Yes, it does.
– I must’ve changed in this century too! Yes, you did. You want to see? If you can,
please show us the 21st century. The 21st century?
– Yes. I want to see aunt. She doesn’t eat if we
leave her even for a day. It’s so many days now.
How the poor woman might be surviving! Our mobile isn’t working either. Outgoing calls are barred.
Show us, please! Please hurry up and show us, Hiraka. Aunt! Maria, bring my children back to me. I promise, I’ll never scold them
again. I won’t even ask for the rent. Bring them back to me. Your boys are thieves
of the first order! They are frauds!
– Shut up! I’ll fork your tongue
if you curse my boys, I warn you! No curses, I’ll shoot them. What rubbish?
– This is what I came to tell you. We have orders, shoot at sight. You? What are you doing here? I’m practicing to kill the enemy.
I’m learning warfare so that.. ..I can lay siege on
the enemy and kill him. That’s no good. One vehicle was enough to defeat you. The one that is with those brave heroes.
– Heroes? The two of them ran
away out of fright! Had they faced me in battle,
I’d have hacked them! Look at him and those two. Where are they? With the friend who saved their lives. I’m sure they must be doing
some heroic deed right now. The stuff I’m living
on has left me constipated! When will the English
come and build proper toilets? I was in a jam anyway!
Why did you have to show up? You’re a snake from the 10th century.. ..and I’m a human of the 21st century. You can’t bite me and cheat like this! Idiot! Oh god! There mustn’t be a newspaper
in the 10th century! Idiot! Toilets are a great problem here.
Try to avoid it. Why the tension?
Want to use the toilet? No, nothing.
– So? You don’t want to return to
the 21st century? – Yes. As Hiraka said, she’ll send
us across the wall at the right time. Done.
– So sweet! The cops will kill us
the moment we get there! You forgot?
They’ve got shoot at sight orders. Oh yes. Let me use brains instead! Idea!
– Got one? Yes! We’ll steal King Babhusha’s crown! You mean a real theft to
escape the charge of theft. -Yes! What do you say? Ready? – Go.
– Go on. What happened? What happened, brother? What is it?
– You want some water? Switch it on. What’s that? Let’s go. Wonder where king Babhusha’s crown is! Obviously with Babhusha.
– Really? Yes!
– Where’d he be? With the crown.
– Where do we find both of them? They might be lying somewhere around. Gosh! Did you have
to bring this idiot along? Who did you call an idiot?
– You. Fine then. I don’t like
people calling him an idiot. You guys here?
– Yes. We felt suffocated in the jungle.
We came out to take a breather. To take a breather?
– No, we.. You..
– Came to meet the King. Where can we find him? Where’s the King? Should be with one of his queens.
– Queens? Yes. Forty in all. Wow! – Only he knows
who is with whom at the moment. Forty queens!
– Amazing! Is he a king or Ali Baba? Now we have to stand in
front of each door and yell.. ..out to the door to open.
Let’s go. Long live the King!
Queen, is the king in? It’s been months since I’ve seen him. He’s forgotten me. He never visits me. Never! If you happen to meet him,
tell him that.. ..the eldest queen
has been waiting for him. That he..
– Never visits you! Long live the king!
– Long live. Not Babhusha’s fault though.
This buffalo can scare anyone. She’s really huge.
– Yes! Let’s check out the second one.
– Yes! Probably, he’s here. Long live the king! Is the king in, queen? No. Come on! No!
– Run! None of them are perfect. I thought it were the girls
in our time who are flawed. Now I know. This era is the root cause.
– Absolutely! Babhusha is amazing.
These many queens, is no joke! Ajju? Vicky? Could it be Hiraka? Ajju? “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “When you are mine I’ll shine.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “You are the best of the rest.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “The one whom I slyly saw
in my dreams over the years.” “You are that man of my heart.” “And have come to this world for me.” “The one whom I slyly saw
in my dreams over the years.” “You are that man of my heart.” “And have come to this world for me.” “You are my luck, you are my fate.” “Be my date, don’t be late.” “You’ll have to be on time.” “Then I’ll take you out to dine.” “I was naïve and didn’t
realize where my joy lies.” “When I came close to you,
I knew what true life is.” “I was naïve and didn’t
realize where my joy lies.” “When I came close to you,
I knew what true life is.” “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “When you are mine I’ll shine.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “You are the best of the rest.” “I’ll love you all the time.” I love you. I love you dearly. What happened? It’s a lie. What? Is my love for you a farce?
– Not at all. My love for you isn’t a farce either. What we told you a little
while ago is an absolute lie. What lie? We.. We aren’t here to meet you. In fact, we came to
steal the king’s crown. How do I explain?
The police are after us. Some enemies are hunting for us. Enemies? They will spare us.. ..only when we give them the crown. We have an idea. Idea?
– Yes. On the third day from today.
– We are supposed to choose our grooms. We’ll choose the two of you. Then, we, the kingdom and the crown.. ..will belong to you. Get up! What are you doing here?
– Are you blind? I was sleeping. This place is exclusively for women.
No man is allowed here. How did you enter?
– You? You dare argue!
– I’m waiting for my friends. Friends?
– Right. They went inside to talk. They’re here.
Come on, take care of him. How are you, soldier? What are you men doing here? We were here on a special mission.
– It is accomplished! It’s time to scoot!
– Scoot! Run!
– Catch him. You guys almost got me killed. Romance is fine,
but do care for the time! What if the soldiers had killed me? Maria would’ve been
widowed without a wedding. It’s your phone.
– Yes. Hello.
– You’ll have it from me! Once I lay my hands on you,
you’ll die! Who is it?
– Your nemesis! Your memory is waning
even before I’m done with you! Mr. Bhaleram, my phone battery
is discharged. I can’t charge it here. Battery? I’ll kill you. Where are you, guys? Where are you? In the 10th century. Are you coming? Even if you are in
the 1000th century.. ..I’ll be there to hit you. Stop ranting and come over! We’ll be standing right here. Come on! Excuse me. Why did they turn
their backs on seeing me? Did you see my goat around here?
– A goat? Yes. A big, fat, black.. ..grey-eyed one. Did you see? One goat. Different directions! No, thanks. I don’t want it. My wife was right when she
said it’s not a goat, but spirit. I don’t want this goat. Gosh! How many doubles in this plot! This way, Johnny.
– Yes! Vicky. What’s wrong? Why are you tensed? The wedding is at hand and
we still haven’t got any dresses. How will we go? Yes, that’s a bother. Let’s think. Shalaka, have you finished the work? Right away, teacher. I don’t know what
to do with this girl. Maybe, you don’t know. We know what you got to do. Me? Yes! I’ll stitch the clothes for you. Fake moustaches are against
the teacher’s principles. Really? Okay, thank you! What?!
– How should I express this? Thank you! Thank you!
– What? Thank you?
– Right! Johnny!
– Yes. Very good.
– This is all fine. What about the moustaches and beards?
– Yes. You look stunning! The king’s looking amazing
in his royal attire. I’m not a king yet. However, if the princesses
fail to choose their grooms tomorrow.. ..I’ll get to marry one of them,
as the king promised. After that,
you can address me as king. For me, you are the King. However, what if the
princesses choose their grooms? Impossible! I know their taste. That’s why I haven’t
invited any of the princes.. ..who can possibly
queer the pitch for me. Rest assured. There will be.. one worthy! It stinks! Couldn’t you find
a Pomeranian dog’s tail? Just kidding! A moustache of cow’s tail! Move on. This is enjoyable! Keep going as he’s watching us. Long live the king! Long live the kingdom! Long live Babhusha!
– Babhusha! Babhusha!
– Babhusha! Commander! Who are they? Your highness. Introduce yourselves. Prince Ajay Pal. Prince Vikram Pal. Which kingdom are you from?
– Prince of Khandala. Prince of Wadala. I’m from Chakala. All right. Be seated. Only two chairs?
– It’s our wedding. Not yours! Just stand! So the fake moustache draws attitude? Come to Bandra and I’ll fix you! Summon the princesses! “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” Wow! Live long! The weddings will be
solemnized after two days. Until then, you’ll be our
royal guests and enjoy hospitality. Two days! One moment, your highness.
– What’s it? According to rules, only
royals can stay in the guest house.. ..not attendants.
– Who’s an attendant here? You.
– Me? An attendant? Stupid! Right, attendant!
You can’t break the rules. Besides,
I’m sure you’ll be accommodated. Right?
– Right, sir. All the attendants are accommodated
near the stables. – With the horses? Right, attendant!
Please leave for the stable. Please go! One moment!
– Yes. I’d rather go to the
king and reveal the truth. Then you’ll die. No! You are right, attendant! It’s imperative you stay with us. Important.
– Yes. But, sir..
– No, buts. Relax, maid! Kings makes rules. We have
the right to break them, right? Right, sir. Carry on.
– Let’s go. “Come and join us in the party.” “Or just get lost from here.” “Come and join us in the party.” “Or just get lost from here.” “We are ready to
take on any challenge.” “Our will is very strong.” “We seek fun and joy.” “We seek fun and joy.” “Come and join us in the party.” “Or just get lost from here.” “Come and join us in the party.” “Or just get lost from here.” “We are ready to
take on any challenge.” “Our will is very strong.” “We seek fun and joy.” “We seek fun and joy.” “Don’t waste time,
hold my hand without fear.” “Hey, don’t!” “Don’t waste time,
hold my hand without fear.” “Send me on a high.” “Come with me to the corner.” “Even if the every one objects.” “Come with me to the corner.
Even if the every one objects.” “Don’t waste time,
hold my hand without fear.” “Send me on a high.” “Come with me to the corner.” “Even if the every one objects.” “Come with me to the corner.
Even if the every one objects.” “Set everything aside
and dance with abandon.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “I will have bungalows
made in Delhi and Mumbai.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Come with me, let our eyes meet.” “My heart craves for you.” “You are my darling and I, your man.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” “Dance with ecstasy.” I knew it was you. Tomorrow morning,
I’ll be crowned king. Babhusha and the
trio will be beheaded. How dare you come here
from the 21st century! Mistake, your highness! Had the wall warned us
that it opens into your kingdom.. ..we wouldn’t have come.
– Right, your highness. We do not want to die.
– Right. The people of 21st century like lying,
conning and treachery. King Babhusha,
don’t mention the 21st century. Treachery runs in your people’s blood. Look at your commander! He wants to behead
you and become the king. It happened because
of the three of you. Had you not come here.. ..and played this trick,
I would not have seen this day. How strange?! Instead of
being thankful, he’s blaming us. How thankless! Did you just abuse me? Not yet, but I feel like. Think of it and I’ll kill you. Dying himself.. ..and talking of killing us! The people of 21st century
are dangerously uncivilized. No, insolence is a
10th century gift to us! You future! Shut up! I won’t. Do what you want,
I won’t shut up! I will.. You can’t do anything to me! Look at him! He just lost his kingdom
and about to die.. ..yet he’s not lost his arrogance! He must not lose it either. Another human from the wall? No, your highness.
I’m Hiraka, a sorceress. Your subject. Yes, she’s not from a
coalition government, like us! Good you’re here. Use magic and get us out of here. No!
– Why not? As you are the ones who
brought our king to this state. You will find a way
out to save yourselves. We?
– Yes. Punish the commander. That’s your job. We’ll have to go out for that! They.. Where are they?
– Right before you, your highness. The three of you are invisible now. Invisible?
– Invisible. I see. Yes. Now go and perform your duty. Okay! May victory be yours! Wait! There’s no need to hide.
We are invisible. Oh yes, let’s go
and sit on their laps. Did you say something?
– No. This crown will look glorious
on your head, your highness! Yes! I can’t wait to wear the crown. Then what keeps you? Wear it, my lord. Wear it, my lord. My eyes are pining to
see the crown on your head. How do I wear it? Someone’s stopping me! Who dares, my lord? You are the ruler of this kingdom.
– What happened? Who is it? Your bad luck. Not there, look here. Idiot! Look behind you! Dictator, look here. The crown is here. You want it? Want to be the king! Take this! I’ve read history.
Your name doesn’t figure anywhere. You can never become the king. Johnny, you don’t
need a sword to kill him. He’ll die anyway. See how he is trembling. One moment, I’m coming! Babhusha.
– Babhusha. Babhusha.
– Babhusha. These humans from
the future have done.. ..a great favor to
the kingdom of Chhanpura. For which,
they will get anything they ask for. What do you want? Your highness, we want..
– Let us ask, okay? Okay! Your highness, Vicky and
I want to marry your daughters. Impossible! Reason, your highness? We are in love with your daughters.
– Silence! Your highness.. If you want anything else, tell me. We need your crown. Your crown! I must commend your audacity. You dare to ask for
a crown from the king! This crown represents the kingdom
and the honor of its subjects. I’m duty bound. My will hardly matters.
I can’t give away the crown. Why must you brag about
giving anything we ask for? Kings make promises,
but they hardly live up to. Johnny, don’t forget that
you are talking to a king. King, really? He’s a bigger thief than Chindi! Enough, human of the future!
– Now stop ranting, will you? If we don’t return with the
crown to the 21st century, we’re dead. Will you give it to
me or do I snatch it away? Junaali! Rudaali! I considered you my sons.. ..yet you betrayed me. What do you call
wastrels in your times? Idiot! Right. It’s over. I can’t trust you anymore. You will leave only in good time. Perform a miracle! You can’t get out of here. What does she think of herself? She shut the gate!
Does she think she rules here? “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” This old man is senile! The things he makes me do!
He got me up a wall. Lord! Let this wall
fall on this old man! I’m going to blast this wall tonight. Are you through?
– I’m through! Have you finished? Now get down. Light it. Good. Take it. The explosive is powerful
enough to blow up the wall. Where’s this smoke coming from? Who.. Why are you yelling at?
– I’m dead! Everything breaks except the wall! What?! I think we’ll never meet them again. You’re right. If we could meet them just once.. I stole her magic wand! I’ll get you guys out of here.
What does Hiraka think of herself? Beloved! Beloved! What did she say? What were her magic words? Yes! She said Vicky. No? Yes, perform a miracle! What have you done? I just asked for a miracle! Vicky! Vicky! Ajju! Vicky! Ajju! If father finds out we’ve slipped
away from the palace at this time.. ..he’ll fly into a rage. The maid won’t let him know. Thank god,
she suggested we go and see Hiraka. It’s impossible for us
to meet the men otherwise. How far is Hiraka’s house from here? No idea. Though this is the way. Have we lost our way? It’s a mistake
– Yes, it is! Vicky? Ajju? Yes. What made you so helpless? I’m incomplete without you. This distance of centuries! Will our desires be fulfilled? Why be afraid when
you’ve fallen in love? What must I do? Will you elope with me? Whenever you wish.
In the day or at night? The world won’t scare you, will it? I’ll die without you. As of now, we have to go. When do we meet again? We’ll meet again before we leave,
near the wall. We’ll get the crown for you. The king’s crown? We’re going to steal it tonight.
– What for? For love’s sake. Goodbye!
– Do come back. Perform a miracle! One, two,
three, four, stone wall, open up! Give us a way to that side! God! Come! Found a way? Behind this wall.
– There are three thieves, right? No! There’s another
world behind this wall. Another world?
– Yes. Hell. The world of death! The world of death?
– Yes. To pass through this
wall you’ll have to die. Either kill yourself.. ..or I’ll hire an
assassin to kill you. Really?
– Really! You’ll hire an assassin to kill me?
– Trust me! Why hire an assassin?
I’d rather kill you myself, idiot! You! Bloody fraud! Took money to kill me! Bloody impostor! Thank you! The pains I’ve been
through for this crown! Romance on the other side. Come on. What do we do with this car, Johnny? It’s junk. Won’t fetch a price either. Let it lie here.
– Excuse me. You forgot Hiraka’s words? Can’t leave behind anything
that belongs to us. – Yes. You want me to shove that
car into the 21st century? I’m not going to shove.. How did the car start? Oh my god! Chika bika rika! Old man, it’s you! Chika bika rika.
– Ina mina dika. I invented this vehicle! No, it’s our car.
– It’s my invention! Go and tell the world
about your latest discovery. Right away. The world will
know about my greatness, my skill. Chika bika rika.
– Ina mina dika! Amazing! The people here live so happily! Yes, as they are never tensed. Johnny, don’t give me more tensions. The Sun is about to rise.
– Oh yes! Come and sit.
– Let’s go! Even if I have to die
to nab the trio, I’m ready to die. I won’t spare them! You put the reverse gear by mistake. We are in the 2nd century now. Cut! It was supposed to be a yellow car!
Who are these guys? It’s the film city.
A shoot is going on. Where are the production guys? Move these doubles out of here. Hey.
– How rude! Ill-mannered! Welcome to the 21st century! What’s this? I guess I’m dead. Well then.. Why so many angels of death? My sins are far too less. Enough! Not another word I shall hear. Those humans from the future
kidnapped the princesses.. ..from right under your nose. Those humans from the
future stole my crown.. ..from right under my nose. It’s so shameful! Wow! I never knew hell was so beautiful! Another human from the future! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Chindi! Babhusha! Chindi! Babhusha! No! Chindi! O human from the future.. ..I’m not Chindi thief. Oh really? You aren’t a thief? Then what are you doing in hell?
– This is not hell! It’s the 10th century. 10th century?! This means they were
speaking the truth! Who? The trio. The trio? Where are they? How’d I know? I am here to look for them. Human from the future, I told you! It’s not hell. It’s the 10th century. This is the kingdom of Chhanpura.
I rule here. Really? This means I’m not dead! I’m alive! I’m not going to spare the trio. The three had come right here. Where are they?
– In the 21st century. They went back. Went back? How? Through the wall, your highness. The wall that they came from.
He came from that as well. Break that wall, right now! Why waste your time? 21st century machines
could do no harm to it. How long do you think
your earthenware would last? Passing through the wall.. entirely at the
discretion of the wall. You mean I must forget my daughters? No, your highness. You are in a fix because of my guests. I shall find a way out. Teacher.. ..if you use your powers
to send him to the 21st century.. will lose all
your magical powers. If I don’t do it.. ..the princesses will
never return to the present. I must make this sacrifice. Now cut this crap, will you? You’ll wear this? The kids will make fun of you.
– Human from the future! Why all the make-up?
Are you going to find your daughters.. ..or your 41st bride? Human from the future.. I’m worried thinking of.. ..who will manage the
kingdom in my absence? It’s simple. When our ministers go to jail.. ..their wives fill-in for them. You have 40 wives.
Pick any one of them. Human from the future,
you spoke wisely. What?
– Spoke wisely! I see. In my absence, the caretaker
of the kingdom will be you! Certainly, your highness. Hiraka.. ..I’m ready. Your highness, you have only
12 hours to find your daughters. Otherwise,
you won’t be able to come back either. The moment you touch their heads.. will return to the 10th century. Remember! You will have to touch both
their heads at the same time. Hiraka, I’m obliged to you forever. You are embarrassing me,
your highness. Now the two of you will hold hands. The 10th century holds
the hand of the 21st century. So many people to receive me! So many vehicles without horses! Bhaleram, tell them to
take my name to welcome me! Mister, not a welcome,
they are heaping abuses at you. You have drawn a huge crowd. If someone calls up the asylum,
you’ll land up there. I can’t even prove that you are sane. That’s why I told you not
to wear this dress. – Dress? This is..
– Thief! Mr. Bhaleram! Get out of the way now, cartoon! Else, I’ll slap you. Come on!
– Sir, I am king Babhusha. Once we return the crown to Ghoshal,
we’ll be saved. Ghoshal has chosen such a bad office.
– True. See that. What happened?
– Look! It’s father! Thief! Thief! Thief! Not your father.
He is the thief Chindi. What’s he doing here? Something’s fishy. Let’s watch. Mr. Ghoshal. Mr. Ghoshal! Yes, tell me. Chindi is here to collect his money. What money? What money? Charges for stealing
the crown from the exhibition. What crown are you talking about? King Babhusha’s fake crown. Fake crown?
– What crap! I don’t know anything. Scoundrel! You insured a fake crown and.. ..made me steal it to
fleece the insurance company. Now when it comes to paying me,
you feign ignorance! Now look!
Quietly give me my share or.. What will you do? I will go to the police
and reveal everything. If you do that,
the police will arrest you.. ..then ask you about the trio. The trio is missing! If you want to trap me,
you need the fake crown. Which I’ve already destroyed! As for the original crown.. was destroyed
along with Babhusha. So you conned me? I will fix you. Fix me, will you? You can’t. I con the world. The world can’t fix me. What are you doing here? All of you.
What are you all looking at? Mr. Ghoshal, we had come
to give you the real crown. The real crown?
– Yes. You have no idea what
we went through for it. Don’t worry. Once we expose you, our trip
will turn into a successful one. Good lord!
You will expose me? Brother,
I have destroyed the fake crown. Now for the real crown,
I’ll have this too! I won’t let you go alive! Servants.
– Run! Run! Brother, watch out! Who?
– Catch them. Them?
– Catch! Bhaleram was a very decent man. So decent, true to his name. Bhaleram may be dead, …but..
– May you be damned! Didn’t get paid for four months and..’ve started performing
a ritual to appease my soul! You returned from hell? From hell? I’m back from the 10th century. The humans from the
future are very smart. Humans from the future?
– The thieves. When I reached the 10th century,
they came back here. I won’t spare them this time. Prepare for the attack! The enemy is attacking! Commander, summon the army! The enemy is attacking!
– Who is it? Commander! Soldier! I’m not a soldier. I’m the don here. I know you. Everyone knows me. Give me the dough.
– Give it! Well what’s the matter?
– Matter? Why were you screaming? Pandey.
– The enemy! The princesses are missing.
– Princesses? My daughters are missing. What can I do? Go to the police. Rent.
– Fast! Police?
– Yes. Police.
– Run! Where are you running away? Soldier, listen to me. Chindi! Where are the trios? I told you, they’ve gone
to return the crown to Ghoshal. You are lying. Old hag, tell me.
– Old hag? It is you and your
entire family that is old! If you don’t get out
of here in two minutes.. Where’s the baton? Hit you so hard..’ll stop lecturing.
– No! Well! Ran off! Well artist? Mr. Police! Thank God, I found you.
– Really! You mean you are glad to meet me?
– Of course! Only you can help
me find my daughters. Find my daughters for
me and I’ll give you a gift. What’s in it? Gold coins!
Smuggling in broad daylight! He’s bribing you. Take it! Not during daytime.
Where did you get this stuff from? They are coins of pure
gold from my kingdom. Come with me to the prison! O God! I hope we haven’t left them behind. Behind? I don’t see them. He’s a debased, lowly guy.
– Lowly? He’s a first rate scoundrel!
– You are right. The nasty one made us weary. We’ve to run after him. I can’t run anymore.
– Even your father will run. My father ran to his death. Don’t irritate. Look for them. I’ll take a look.
– Take a good look. Where are you running away? You got to go after them! Ok.
– Catch him! Stop, Mr. Police.
– What happened? I want to urinate.
– What? The king is literate! Board? What’s that?
– How did you know it’s a toilet? The stink. Okay, the stink. It’s urgent. Else, I’ll do it right here.
– Not here. Do it there. You better hurry up. I hope there are maids to help.
– Come to the station once. It’s all set up for you.
Talks about service! The punk wants maids! Small-time thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Chindi Thief! Trying to slip away
changing the get up? I have but this one get-up, I swear. You will swear on everything
once you get to police station. Mr. Police! Did you lock him up?
– Yes, sir. Good, you are smart. Mr. police!
– What is it? It’s me. What the hell? Didn’t you lock him up? I did lock him in, sir.
I don’t know how he got out! He is quite fast. Faster than any news channel. That was one quick change of clothes! You had left me near the toilet,
Mr. Police. This time I won’t. Lock him up! What about the locks? Use two.
– Yes. Mr. Police, I’m here to find my daughters.
– Thief Chindi! All the daughters are looking for you.
– Talk with respect. Stealing? Get in..
– I’m king Babhusha from Chhanpura. See.
– Shut up! Mr. police.
– Shut up! Mr. police, look.
– Shut up! Friend.. Will someone listen to me? I’m king Babhusha.. Friend.. Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Chindi Thief! Hey, who are you? I’m king Babhusha! And you? I.. I.. The thief Chindi. Hold it. Hello?
– Mr. Ghoshal, did the three come to you? He doesn’t seem to know the truth. No. You get this loud and clear. I won’t spare you if you fail
to get my crown. I’ll hang up. – Yes! He hung up. I’m trying. Where do I look for
those three thieves? It’s a mess. We stole the real
crown due to Ghoshal. Let’s go to the police. We’ll tell them that we
stole it from the 10th century? Ghoshal will prove that we
are thieves and take the real crown. Do not worry. God will help us.
– Help, my foot! Mr. Bhaleram! Mr. Bhaleram can help us. He saw us passing through the wall. If he can somehow
convince the police.. ..we’ll be saved. Oh yes, I’ll call him up. Did you find him?
– My foot! They aren’t fool enough to roam around.
– Get in now. I’ll just come. You’ll just do this?
– This is a job! Job indeed. I’m in luck.
The nasty himself calls me. Yes?
– Hello, Bhaleram. Damn! How long will you
keep running with that crown? Until we tell the police
the truth about Ghoshal. He’s the real thief. Really?
– I need your help. My help? For that we need to meet.
Where are you guys? I see. Stay there, I’ll be right over. Scoundrel. Asking for my help! Hello. Mr. Ghoshal? Where’s Mr. Bhaleram? Here, right behind you. You’re here, Mr. Bhaleram!
– Yes, came flying. Come! Now that I’m here,
it’s time for you to leave. Where’s the crown?
– This is the real crown, Mr. Bhaleram. Ghoshal’s crown was a fake. He himself got it stolen.
– Really? He’s a first rate fraud. You are perfect gentlemen!? Our looks tell you that.
– Of course. It tells me that you are thieves. Scoundrels.
– Me? Rascals, fugitives! You are a slur on the
young men of the country. The severest poison! I promise in public.. ..I shall defang these three snakes! No. Thank you very much.
– Mr. Ghoshal! You don’t need to defang them. Allow me!
– Where did he come from? I called him. Here’s your crown, Mr. Ghoshal. Amazing crown!
– What are you doing? Shut up! Mr. Ghoshal, what do I do with them? Do I break them or kill them? Mr. Bhaleram, I’ll treat you the way.. ..I’ll treat them! Hands up! Fall in line! How many bullets in the chambers?
– Six, sir. Wow! Get them! They’re taking my crown. Run fast! Run! God!
– Get up! Crown!
– You coned a leader? Sir!
– What? What are we to do?
– Why are you asking me? Get him!
– Get him! Go ahead with the crown.
– Yes! Let them follow me. You keep it. Come! “Fun2shh!” “Fun2shh!” Scoundrel! Careful about the crown! “Fun2shh!” Take. Oh no! Bloody dwarf! One, who takes me on,
drowns to his death. Catch! Caught! Got it! I got it! Show me. “Fun2shh!” “Fun2shh!” You!
– Run! Where are you going?
Give me back my crown! I won’t spare you! Give it to me! My crown! Wow! Babhusha’s crown!
– I’m coming. I found it! Throw it here! Give me the crown. Give it! To me!
– Here. What have you done? Don’t you understand! “Fun2shh!” God! “Fun2shh!” God! Why are you beating me? Good god! Why are you beating me? His highness? Come on, Mr. Ghoshal. Under Chhatripal’s care
you will rot in jail now! Your highness, here’s your crown. Come on! But your highness, we.. Where are my daughters? They are.. I ask! Where are my daughters? Must be getting drenched
somewhere around. Where are my daughters? I’m running short of time. There! Stop, Rudaali. Stop Junaali! Father! Father! Junaali?
– Rudaali? Where did they go? Excuse me! Could you tell us where
the 10th Century Park is? It’s them! Yes. Rudaali!
– Junaali! Stop! – Stop!
– “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “When you are mine I’ll shine.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “You are the best of the rest.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “The one whom I slyly saw
in my dreams over the years.” “You are that man of my heart.” “And have come to this world for me.” “The one whom I slyly saw
in my dreams over the years.” “You are that man of my heart.” “And have come to this world for me.” “You are my luck, you are my fate.” “Be my date, don’t be late.” “You’ll have to be on time.” “Then I’ll take you out to dine.” “I was naïve and didn’t
realize where my joy lies.” “When I came close to you,
I knew what true life is.” “I was naïve and didn’t
realize where my joy lies.” “When I came close to you,
I knew what true life is.” “I will hold your hand.” “I will take you to the park.” “I will kiss you in the dark.” “And then you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “Mine.. you’ll be mine.” “When you are mine I’ll shine.” “I’ll love you all the time.” “You are the best of the rest.” “I’ll love you all the time.”


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