Funny Bloopers, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ TRY NOT TO LAUGH. Funny Pakistani Drama Fails Scene 2019

Because since last three weeks……….you didn’t took bath ! Because since last three weeks………. Khizer : change your clothes they smell bad ! Kashif : Smell it ! Smell it ! Khizer : Nooo ! I am not smelling them ! Khizer : I really can’t control my laugh …because you are doing this ! and saying smell it smell it ! …….its enough to just say one time smell it ! Kashif : okay ! …….. could I take Bath next week please ! why you start laughing man ! My leg is very dear to me ! Put it there you …. no its alright here …….I don’t wear anything ! I forget the name ……. welcome to ” Solution of Your Problem ” oh really ! Kashif : This women is saying someone mix ……. why the hell you are showing your teeths ! Action ! Speak up ! okay you can laugh first ! you are so Half Software Engineer Khizer : May I ask Something ? What the F Don’t we have to do it from start ! Yes We have to do it from start ! Laugh


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