Game of Zones – S4:E6: ‘The Process’

Trust the process! Trust the process! Trust the process! Trust the process! He is close, my lord Excellent, thank you Burn the witch! Fire Sam now! I don’t want more picks I wanna win! I wanna be in the playoffs! Off wif his head! You suck! You lied to us! There’s no process! You’re just a loser! It’s time, Sam! I just need a moment! They say an analytics man doesn’t have a heart But I ran the numbers, and nothing could be further from the truth You are a son to me, Joel Know that I will always be watching you I will always believe in you Please, forgive me for leaving I have no choice Sam, open the door You will be the light that pulls this city from the darkness The fruits of the process will soon ripen, and the harvest will yield great things Open the damn door, Hinkie! Get the battering ram! And no matter what you must always ALWAYS TRUST THE PROCESS Remember! Make sure the hold on to Robert Covington! Get your hands off me! Always take the best player available! Hey, be careful with the lottery spheres! Every pick has value! Maintain the long view! Value optionality! You suck, Colangelo Bring back Sam now! Your maester staff is terrible Hinkie died for our sins! Fire the Colangelos! Ugh, these damn Philadelphia fans Always so angry They should be grateful! I got a first-round pick for Nerlens! Okay fine, top-18 protected, but Sam always said– Oh dear, the fanlings have breached the castle walls It’s going to be fine, father Okafor is guarding the door Holdin’ the door hold the door hol’ dadoor oka door oka foor Okafor Okafor! That’s my n– Draft Markelle Fultz! GO FOR THE HOAGIES! GO FOR THE HOAGIES! Yo, watch it man, you’re spilling my water ice! Agholor can’t even catch Oh yo, look at this! Hey guys! Embiid’s on the table Yo! Paint a picture with me and Embiid, yo right here


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