Gardens of the Night (2008 drama)

She reached a large
plain where the light shone. He spent a long time since
the Mowgli had moved away from his people. “I’ll see,” she said,
“Let’s see how people are changed.” The cabin door opened and
a woman emerged from the darkness. “Who called you,” the woman said.
With an anxious tone. “Remember,” said Mowgli.
His throat was dry when he spoke. – Have you ever stayed in a shelter before?
– Just in passing, but never overnight. Both parents are dead, right? – Leslie?
– Yes. How old were you when they die?
Sorry, must have been very difficult. – How old were you?
– About seven. No, he was eight. Eight years. And you had any close relative with whom they live,
to take care of you? – An uncle. We live with an uncle.
– We? Who are these “we”? You and who else? My brother. Trixie, come on, girl!
Come on, Trixie! Trixie, we have to go now! Where are you, girl? Come on, Trixie! Where are you? Hey, baby, you live near here? Have you seen my dog? A white terrier
with black patches around the eyes? – No.
– Oh balls, we were here to work and then came a big farmer and
went out together. I’ve looked everywhere. – I’m a farmer.
– A farmer tan? – Did you see if he was playing with a small
white terrier? – No. Are you sure? – How do you call your dog?
– Elvis. Elvis? It’s a good name.
My dog u200bu200bis named Trixie. – Do you think she might be playing in your garden?
– No idea. – Your mother is at home?
– She is at work. Yes? I bet they are now
even destroy the garden of his father. Can we go see?
Too fast? C’mon! Come on, sweetie. – Hello, Elvis.
– Hey, Elvis. Viste a Trixie?
Trixie! Come on, Trixie! Come here, girl! Thanks for helping me look.
I’ll see the kennel, will probably be there. From time to time, behaves badly. Are you going to school?
Oh no, I’m slow you down. Sorry.
For school going? – St. Andrews. – St. Andrews? I know where you stand.
For the sides of Hoover? C’mon, I give you a ride! Come in, we’re still in time.
Come on. Why not? – What was your name again?
– Leslie. Leslie, I’m Alex and this is Frank. St. Andrews. Mrs. Williams
continues to teach music there? Has red hair, should look a certain age.
She always played tuba, really badly. It’s your lucky day, Leslie. I took a shortcut,
it used to take when I went to school. – As you said that was your nickname?
– Whitehead. Whitehead? Mr. Whitehead is your father? Oh my God, can you believe it! We
worked for Mr. Whitehead, it’s our boss! – In the water company?
– Yes! In the water company! You know, I work there
almost as long as he is. Sometimes I do errands for him. I think it was me
who bought your last birthday. – Did you get a great doll for your birthday?
– No. It’s still something we need, right Frank. What will he say when you know that we give a ride
to his daughter not to be late to school? Here we are.
Ok Have a nice day. I’m almost done my homework,
I just have a long last chapter. – Bye.
– Bye. – Hello, Leslie. Soon, we’ll give you a lift.
– What? Your father asked us to take you,
there is a problem in the water company. – I’m going home.
– They are not there, honey. – Where are they?
– Come in, then I explain it to you. Come on, Leslie.
Get in the car. Your father is in trouble,
we must go immediately. – Where is my mother?
– She went to him directly from work. – Why did not they came for me?
– Because they asked us to do so. It was urgent. We took you to them.
Come on. So come on! Ok We take you to them.
Do not worry. Why can not they waited for me?
I’m not understand. Everything happened very fast. Your father called me
the office and asked me to come get it. He said: “I’m having some small problems, but
nothing serious. “So do not worry. Just eat your hamburger and drink your drink,
and then we took you back soon. Go there.
Bebe. – You have to make a phone call, Alex?
– Yes, indeed. If anyone sees a cabin
telephone, I will call there. Yes, she is with us
and all is well. Ok, no problem.
We heard you, Mr. Whitehead. Ok Thanks. Goodbye. It was your father and he said it’s all
in order. He’ll call us later. – When can I go home?
– Soon. Now drink your drink, darling. It’s hot. If you drink this whole
then after I give you a cold. Come on, drink it. Where are we? Okay, guys! It’s time to take a bath! Ok, now you undress and jump into it. Come on, Leslie. It’s just
a bath, you will not bite. I’m also shy. Hey, you gotta rub well
if you want to stay clean. Ok? Nobody likes boys with dirty hair. Leslie has already told you
a dog called Elvis? Yellow is a farmer.
Right, honey? Where is Trixie? – What, Who…?
– Your dog Trixie. The Trixie, well… Frank tried to throughout
city, but still could not find it… so I think she must be lost. Poor Trixie. Walking around lost. Excuse me. Hello?
Mr. Whitehead! It is Alex.
Yes, she’s fine. … And for how long? Are you sure? Okay, wait a second, we like to have
us. We waited until you return. Ok! They still are not back. Hey, how is your hair?
Do not want to wash? I do not believe you.
I do not believe you. – What did I do wrong?
– Nothing. I want to connect them. I want to talk to them.
They would not abandon me. Will you, I know
phone number of your father. You can! It’s okay, honey. We’re here.
Let us take care of you. I, Frank and Donny, Donny is not? We take care of you.
So do not worry, everything will be OK. – I want to talk to them.
– Sure you do. Why do not you guard your phone number
with you, and you may want to reconnect. Ok? Frank should be here
new clothes for you. Let us pray. Lord, bless the food we have received
We are very grateful. Bless this house and all residents and looks
by the mother of Donny, hoped to return soon. Bless the parents of Leslie
and helps them through this difficult period. So they can return to it.
Amen. Good appetite. You walk in school? What does it say here? – Action Jack. You do not you read?
– No. I actually said
you could take that cookie? That’s what I said? No, I
not say that you could eat. What do you say? It seems you do not pretend to listen. I’ll tell you a little secret? Your father and your mother does not want you anymore. They have not phoned or written, so… it seems they are very happy without you. Sometimes things are very weird… and no use trying to understand,
because you’ll never understand. Why are they doing this to you. Maybe Frank was right. Whatever the reason,
even if your father and mother. Life is difficult.
And if she is going badly for them, then suddenly you are away, nobody knows why
but your life can be a little more easy here. Your father, he was always
only a few days with you, right? Your mother told you it was because of work. But he did not even have time to buy you a
gift for your birthday, remember? Remember? I bought them for him for you. My father was like yours. I remember that he was
a long time traveling… and then came home and got together all the
night, playing and reading to me. And I remember I thought this
was the best night of my life. And then he said: “I have to go buy a pack
cigarettes, but I’ll be right back, do not worry. ” But he never returned.
And I never went back to see him. So I know how you feel, dear. I know I could never be your father,
I look to him or take his place… but I could be like an uncle… Uncle Alex. Rest a little. – Are you crying?
– No. Good. You can not cry, no one likes
girls crying, girls seem ugly. Then you’ll be a beautiful girl, huh. – The Alex’s favorite girl.
– And you are my favorite boy. Start the car. Leslie, this is Orlando.
He is a good friend of ours. He will take care of you for a while, ok.
You must do everything he tells you. – Ok
– She realized. Do not worry.
She looks good. – Ok
– Go up to bed. The only thing I want
is to have fun, Leslie. It can also be fun for you. Ever… Shoe Shine
your father to earn a dollar? Have you ever did on the something like this? Mowing the lawn, wash the car? I think that’s what little boys do,
mow the lawn and wash and car. You understand, if you you do something,
receive a reward. You work as you usually do… As in school… rather than just good grades,
earned money. If you can earn enough money,
you will not need to sleep on the street. You do not want that to happen.
On the streets where the demons live. On the street you can lose yourself forever. Hey baby, what’s going on? Are you afraid? What we do is good. It’s beautiful. It is because of me?
It is the color of my skin? This is not anything that you may be afraid
I feel exactly the same as you. Want to play? There is nothing wrong with it.
You know that? I am sure that this is still unknown
for you, you know, except you. There is nothing wrong with playing. Everyone does. Teachers do, doctors do,
police do. Everyone does. Even his father does. Your father has had touched you,
if you had stayed at home. – Very soon, he would have you touched.
– No! – What?
– No! I want you!
Come here! Shut up!
Shut up! I was talking to you!
I tried to be nice, bitch! What the hell are you doing with it? Honey, it’s okay.
It’s okay, honey. It’s okay. – What the hell happened?
– Get in the car. Go! Go! Christ, Alex. Fuck! I told you that you would always protect? Do not let this happen again,
because I will not allow. Hey! This is murder, man!
This is murder, fuck it! – We are all involved.
– It’s all right, Frank. No one saw us! The only thing we have to do
is to keep us together. And to rely on each other. Leslie, now we are all part of something terrible. But if we help each other and
to rely on each other, then everything is fine. You know you? Because I will not say anything to anyone
and you do not, do you? No. Do not worry. Why they left me here? I hate them!
I hate them! Lesley… Leslie! It’s okay, honey. Forget the past, dear
You have to leave it behind. It’s like a caterpillar, it has to shake his
skin off to become a beautiful butterfly. And you think that the caterpillar does not suffer? Of course, dear. But this is the only way
it becomes a beautiful butterfly. And this is where you you will become.
Something very, very beautiful. Leslie, I think you’re beautiful. Leslie, I’ll never hurt you.
I’ll never hurt you, baby. It’s okay, honey.
It’s okay now. It’s okay. You got me.
You got me, baby. It’s okay. I’m so proud of you. “Something is up the hill,
said the mother wolf to Mowgli. ” Get ready. Behind the bushes was a small wolf
sitting in the lap of his father, ready to go. “People,” he said. “Young people. Look.” Directly in front of him, a low branch,
was a naked brown baby… I could barely walk. So fast and smoothly the evening came
and the wolves disappeared to his cave. He looked at the face of the father wolf and laughed. “Is it that men are like that,” said the mother wolf.
“I’ve never seen one before.” Bring him here. Small, naked
and so courageous, “said Mother Wolf softly. The baby took the wrong road between the boy
to approach and appeal. He will eat with the others. He looks like a toad, “said the father wolf. Then we call it that,
Mowgli the frog. We should have a name secret between us. I can be Mowgli and you can be the Wolf. – Who are they?
– They are the great apes…. The Mowgli is lost in
jungle and the Wolf will find me, and protect me from evil monkeys nuts. This is our forest
and nobody will come here. I once had a birthday party.
It was with an old woman. She made me a cake
a chocolate cake. He had five candles on top. – Why you ran away from home?
– My mother was crazy… She said she used drugs at the library. – And then your father?
– He lives in a caravan somewhere. – Where’s your mother?
– They put her in a hospital. That was why they had to sell you? You have more photos like these? – I do not…
– No matter, I’ll get some more. Then they go in the book.
The book will go nationwide. I’ll send it by FEDEX. If they like what they see, you will have
with the client or the client comes to you. If children I fly with them. I treat the new identity.
Divided 50/50. Profitable and safe. – Sure, sounds good.
– This is important. – We partner discount, so
if anything… – No, I do not. Sorry, I do not.
I’m not like that. – Me neither.
– Right. Good Anyway… So nice children.
Adorable. Yes they are. But do not want to see the fly. – Ok
– Okay? – Maybe another time.
– Yes, maybe. Ok, so… tomas one bath. Tomas a bath first, I like that. Do not forget, is a free county. It will be okay. You know where you are going?
Home of a judge. You know what that means? It is a good person. The judges are fair,
are always doing good things. So, do what thou wilt. If the Judge
say okay, okay. I just leave you only with good people. With good people. People like your parents. Ok? Come on. “Look, Mowgli,” said Wolf. “I’ll give you all the rules
Jungle for the people of the jungle. ” Except for the monkeys
living in trees. They have no rules,
are proscribed. They have no proper language, but use words stolen
that they intercepted, pending
hidden behind the branches. You’re already dressed… Why not dress it? Your ways are not our ways,
they have no leader, no memory. They are both happy to pretend they are great
people to do great things in the jungle. – Who is she?
– A friend of mine, Jimmy… came by to greet me. And I said it was good for
she leave it here a bit. – He will return soon?
– Yes. – How is your name?
– Leslie. Want to climb with me
stairs and play a little? Girls, I want to take care of Leslie.
She will stay with us a little bit, okay? The father and I then saw
tell you good night. I do not see any. Everything became funny. The tourists know they are going to die? – Everything seems to go so slow.
– Yes. Yes, indeed. Be right back. What? – The cold is over. The ice, the ice cream over.
– Why is it over? What the fuck. – Only a few brain cells every time.
– I just wanted to use them as a sweet tooth. I just let it unfold
as you do, that’s all. Want ice cream? Yes? So you, Donny, do you want ice cream?
So we buy the ice cream shop. – Alex.
– Who wants to sit on my back? Each day of the year alone.
What you’ll want to eat, Leslie? – Strawberry, chocolate…
– Strawberries. We have ice cream with chunks of walnuts. We flavored with vanilla, any variety
chocolate. Black, milk, white chocolate. Strawberries, blueberries.
We may also combine three flavors together. This is one of my favorites.
And then there’s the “Rocky Road”. – They are $ 7.95.
– Keep the change. Here you are.
Thanks! I want to share, but I want
get the first part of the Rocky Road. C’mon! Come on!
Arise! Little fuss.
Shut up. Alex! Alex! Quick! Quick! Alex, what the hell are you doing?
C’mon! Their faces are all here! Come on! Come on! – Turn left, left.
– I can not, there is a one truck! – Try to sing a song.
– What? Tries to sing a song, please! They schemed us! – Lower yourself, your little shit!
– What are you doing coming back here again? – Where are you going?
– I am trying to find a way out of here. Everything was in our favor.
Everything. – They have nothing.
– Bullshit! Are precisely the people’s ice cream shop.
What were they doing there? How do I know? It was you.
You…! – Do not blame Leslie!
– Why? – Think a bit!
– She fucked up! She has no guilt!
Leslie never said anything! Well no, dear?
Because we have a little secret, right? We have a secret. Frank.
Sai outside. Get out! – Stay away from me, bitch!
– Easy, boy. – Do not touch me, Alex! Do not touch me!
– Calm yourself. – We’ll escape this, okay?
– What do we do? I’ll think of something.
Now calm down. – So early tomorrow, but should be good.
– Yes, yes. Understood. I appreciate that. – I have dealt with everything, okay?
– Must be good stuff. I’ll give you everything
what I have to offer. Is very nervous today!
Let me see what you have. – This is all good stuff?
– Yes, everything. Bob, you know what?
You will earn a bonus. Ok?
Now give me the money! They are really good looking! – You know that place where…
– Yes! Which has a large placard of Coca-Cola? The last thing I remember the Mowgli was
feel his hands on his arms and legs. And then the branches hit your face. And then he sits there looking down
to trees full of vines, as the monkeys scream
triumphant from the treetops. Then they begin their long journey. A trip with us to Cheer Monkey Land.
is one of those things nobody can describe. Let’s make a promise, Donny. What promise? Vamos ficar sempre juntos. Sempre. Se algo acontecer e isso não for possível,
vamos encontrar-nos num certo sítio. Ok. Onde? Meet me there.
In Wonderland. Ok Ok Arise. We slept late. Hey, you want a ride – Ok, let’s go.
– You’ve got a home – Excuse me, sir. This is my sister.
– Donny, what are you doing? I have no idea what she told you
but she is very romantic. P>You know, flowers, Margarita’s, quiet music… Do we agree now, damn This lady takes us in its beak.
She does not like such scenes. So maybe you should try something more…
Come, run away – Let’s call your wife , you pervert!
– Give me the radius of my phone Esta senhora leva-nos no bico.
Ela não gosta desse tipo de cenas. Então talvez você devesse tentar algo mais …
Vamos lá, foge! – Vamos ligar para a sua esposa, seu pervertido!
– Devolve-me o raio do meu telemóvel! – What does it say there?
– Armed Forces. What does that mean? Guns, bombs, etc.. Why does not say directly, weapons Arms… I mean… I bet a lot of people
should find the same crap that I… Forces. Weapon… Armed… We can not enter this war unprepared
… is important for us to know
number and strength of their armaments. Armas. But brother, any action… So, my Hey, man, what is…?
You’re crazy, man! How are you? You are crazy, fucking my Tu estás maluco, porra meu! Now everything is fine with me other kind, which… … It is a coward. Excuse me, sir. Been to any bar?
Cheap drinks, the best sex in the city.
The best part is you do not have to pay anything,
you just have to sit and watch and…! Come on, think about it! We have young girls, we
coals hot babes, come on! can get me some change. Ok, man. How much you want for this phone? I do not know.
About 100 or 120. Are you serious?
Come on, man. It is a beautiful phone. I find myself with you in the “Boar” You have no fear of… Ok, pá. Quanto queres por esse telemóvel? Eu não sei.
Cerca de 100 ou 120. Estás a falar a sério? Vá lá, meu. É um belo telemóvel. Eu encontro-me contigo no “Boar”! Tu não tens medo da … your friend into a car and never come back Is everything okay? Great! I’m almost done. Hey, Leslie!
Come Hey, want to fuck a little while, okay?
It is close by. – What is it? How are you?
– Hey, Cooper. I’m fine. – If you want a date, I have one for you on
motorway. – Yeah, right. – Are you still with that kid?
– Yes Why are you still with him?
He is the man of your life – I think not.
– Yes, but do you think. Listen, dear friends are people who do not fuck
before. Are you sure you’re okay?
All is well. I’m fine. Look. Tens a certeza que está tudo bem?
Tudo está bem. Eu estou óptima. Olha. – Take this. A gift.
– Thanks. You see the black bastards of our neighbors. Do you remember Donna?
She’s still that way. She also wanted to be like you.
I wanted to be independent. But that’s okay.
One day a gang of blacks came in here fucked her, took her,
directly and placed them in the street. Want to know why they like working with
white girls To receive money from the whites. Who are you fucks. Hey Leslie, I want to show you something.
come with me? You know the refuge on the streets of India What do you think of going there
and get her out there? – To ti?
– Yes O que achas de ir até lá
e tirá-la de lá para fora? – Para ti?
– Sim. But first I want you change your hairstyle, then
then bring it to me. I’m not one ray of a stupid goose. I know, but…
not have your special abilities, right? I mean, it tells you how I can help
, and then bring it here. I helped her a lot of times now and she left. I’m offering you something very special here. I know you.
When close your eyes can you see something better. I can imagine the people I know. You will not need to beg for more money
again. Okay?
Think about this. Hey, how are you?
I did this for you. – Meu Deus. Obrigado.
– De nada. – Então, o que queria o Cooper?
– Nada. – So he just gave you this?
– Perhaps like me. – Yes, he is an imbecile. What do you think?
– He’s cool. Just a little tense at times. Hey guys, how are you?
Want some plants – I’ll get them when needed, ok?
– Every night. I’ll stay awake.
So if you want to sleep all is well. You want me, right? Would you like me so much,
not know what to do. So feel it is so wet. I feel you… I feel it is so great…
back and forth. It’s so big. Almost too big Tu queres-me, certo? Tu queres-me tanto,
que não sabes o que fazer. Então sente isto, é tão molhado. Eu sinto-o … eu sinto-o, é tão grande …para trás
e para a frente. É tão grande. Quase grande demais! Vá lá, baby. Fode-me!
Vá lá! Fode-me! Vá lá, vem-te dentro de mim! Ejacula! Ejacula!
Vamos lá, deixa-o explodir! Oh my God! Let it blow so hard,
that will cross up to my throat! Oh my God, I am come to me! I am come to me!
I am come to me. And then it came up. Thirty-two seconds. It crosses my throat?
How do you remember using it. Did you really have to talk that way? I remember one time…
He was a Chinese brand. He had a small penis, very small.
A “little things”. And he said:
“You like my big dick?” Pila great! He paid me $ 100 extra I
continue to say it. I like is a big dick. Why are men so
obsessed with the size of your penis? – Because we are.
– No, this is not true. Not everyone. – I heard how great, how good and how
I feel good… – No, no! I do exactly the same things as you,
but you never heard me say this. Maybe you do not be a
great conversationalist, Donny. – What the hell does the word shit?
– It means that you’re not there very talkative. No, we speak.
Just do not talk of such scenes. – And then talk about what?
– Fuck you. Football, man. Football and politics.
This is what we speak, those nasty things. Understood. The Rat may go to Fort Lauderdale…
maybe we should go together. Why? I once went to a fair
which began in March and traveled throughout the years, I and thou. Maybe we can get a job as a salesman
hot dogs or popcorn cart. I have some friends that last time
were very impressed with me. They liked it very much. It looks very cool. I’m tired of always changing me. Will not you leave the house, the pool,
the dog and everything else? – A dog would be cool.
– Yes. A dog would be cool. – Have you sold the phone?
– No, not yet signed a deal with the Rat. Donny, how long are you bringing
to sell the fucking phone? I told you that the Rat would stay with him.
I’m just waiting for him. You do not care that we
sleeping on the beach or park? Thanks.
Thanks. Do you ever wonder how is Alex, Frank and all? – No.
– Never? I do not think about it. I think. I know it sounds weird, but… without them we would never have known. You have nothing to do with me
and I have nothing to do with you. Everyone should have that part. – How old are you, Leslie?
– Eighteen. I’m doing almost seventeen. Both parents are dead? – Yes.
– Sorry, must have been very difficult for you. – How old were you when they die?
– Seven. Eight. And you had any close relative with whom they live,
to take care of you? An uncle. We live with an uncle. – We? Who are these “we”?
– My brother. – Where is this uncle now?
– No idea. And his brother? I do not know. – Have you ever stayed in a shelter before?
– Just in passing, but never overnight. Okay, Leslie. No alcohol or drugs
this building or on the playground outside. If caught, then you will be
expelled without mercy. Tears or whatever
will not change our decision. If you must smoke,
will smoke outside. Not inside the building, okay? You are free to go wherever you want during the day. But the doors close at nine o’clock at night and
not reopen until eight o’clock in the morning. The shelter is there to help her. He is here to help her leave
drugs, prostitution and suicide. You understand? You came here for
to escape from something, but you should leave this
thing outside, ok? – Understand?
– Yes. – Do not bring it into them.
– Okay. Great. – Hi
– Hi – They sent me away from home.
– An orphanage. Everything has a different name. Sweet Mac, Player, Gorilla, Meat Dealer, is just
another name for someone to make money with you. Strawberry was a name that someone used. What you have to do is your own family. Someone keep your eyes open,
while you close your. This place is not better, selling drugs
in the kitchen, diverting money for yourself. You can always save money for you. The whole world does,
but you know not only that. – How old are you?
– Twelve. – How are you?
– Not bad, man. – A nice sea breeze, a magnificent night.
– How much? Dude, you can not keep me,
I’m too expensive for you. Okay, fuck you, asshole. Hey wait man!
Fuck! You do not realize the radius of a joke? Laugh at this, motherfucker! – This is Cooper, who told you.
– You are a beautiful girl, you know? Leslie will take care of you.
I hope there is much for you, you know? We could say you were perfect
well, but we can still improve. Are you sure that this
is the right thing to do? Yes, why? I’m a little scared. Hey, everything will be fine. You know what this is like? It’s like when a caterpillar
becomes a butterfly. You think that hurts? It’s the only way she can become a butterfly. And this is you.
You will become something very beautiful. Do not worry.
I’ll take care of you, okay? – Hey, dude, where’s Leslie?
– What? Where the hell is she? You know well the
I’m talking about. Where’s Leslie? – Man, puts you in hell.
– Fuck you! Listen, you idiot. I have nothing to do
with it, ok? She was, she even wanted to go. – What?
– You are lying, man. Do you think she would walk to wander
with you the rest of your life? – That’s a lie.
– These are her words, my! She had an opportunity to
up and you pass up the story. You’re a loser. What! I can feel it, is so great…
is so great, when entering and leaving. – Fuck me, come on.
– Fuck me, little one. Come on, you come inside me!
Ejaculates to cross over to my throat! Oh, baby, come on.
Oh, Baby, come on. I am come to me.
I am come to me, little one. Just come up. Why has not it come from?
Come up. Come to drugs! Why not come? Get out of my way! I do not need this shit.
I do not need this shit! Fucking crazy bitch. It’s okay. Forget the past, dear
You have to leave it behind. You’re now my girl
and this is our secret. You do not like me, I’m just
to say to be careful. think I’m some kind of animal or what? Wake up. Wake up.
Listen to me. I lied to you. These people will not protect you,
they will make thee terrible things. They will make you the worst things in the
world, so we have to leave. Slow.
Come here. Hey, you know where is the shelter, right?
Go there Hey, Christian, damn you! Where’s Leslie?
Where’s that bitch? swear to God I do not know… You must really be the last head.
yet know surf? Ei, Christian, seu maldito! Onde está a Leslie?
Onde está aquela cabra? Juro por Deus que não sei… Tu deves ser mesmo passada da cabeça.
Ainda sabes surfar? – also want to end up dead in a bathroom?
– I’m looking for Donny. The Donny? The Donny is far away, dear.
Left the city with Ratboy. He left the city?
When he left I do not know . But it’s been a long time.
Just see if you pyres of here, okay? expected He said where he went Yes, look for America. Leslie, you are assured that the
his father and mother are dead? Do you really believe that? Are you still living in their house when they died No. So how do you know they are dead – They said me.
– They told him. Who told you that? And where was his home Quem lhe disse isso? E onde era a sua casa? – Leslie, where is that kept?
– I do not remember. I think we all remember our
home. You know what I think?
I think you wanted to run… perhaps because they wanted to,
maybe not, maybe you had to do. And I think that’s ever happened to both
time that you no longer know how to go back. Like the fact that we do not know if
say their parents are dead or not. If you can not even admit the possibility of
their parents are alive. – Why can not admit it, Leslie?
– They just do not want me. They have abandoned me and I never came
more and get me… I heard them on the phone and they said
“Soon.” But they never came. I guess you just
heard one side of the story. Have you any idea how many children I have ever had here
last year because of a telephone conversation One side of the phone call, while the other is just a
tone, you know how many? Many. What’s happening? It seems to me that you really wanted to have. I can not go back. They do not want me
. They do not want me. I did many bad things, they do not want
. Of course it was to come.
Course they want her back. You do not understand.
They will not want me back now. Eu não posso voltar atrás. Eles não
me querem. Eles não me querem mais. Eu fiz muitas coisas más,
eles não me querem. Claro que devia voltar.
Claro que eles a querem de volta. Você não entende.
Eles não vão querer-me de volta agora. Leslie, it’s time for you to go home. You’re really here. Leslie, there is something you must know, we… … His mother and I want to tell you something. You have a brother and a sister. – What do you mean?
– Well, after you… … we had two more children. – Where are they?
– are with friends, we wanted to see you first. – They knew I existed?
– Claro. Of course. – What they said?
– We told them that… who had a beautiful sister who
old enjoyed it. And that was in heaven. That’s what you thought?
They thought I was dead que tinham uma bela irmã mais
velha de quem gostamos muito. E que estava no céu. Era isso que vocês achavam?
Pensavam que eu estava morta? No. No! No! We never lost hope
. Never! Never Leslie… I want you back home. – This is Dylan.
– This is Gracie. This is your sister. – Hi
– Tu turns up the sky – No.
– So turns where you I was in a forest. – What forest?
– was far from here. What were you doing there I was lost. – You were afraid?
– Sometimes. Why? Why were monsters in the forest. Why do not we all
to the dining room, then the mother goes to show the great Leslie
cake, made specially for her , ok então a mãe vai mostrar à Leslie o grande
bolo, feito especialmente para ela, ok? of “Jamin”, mom said it’s your favorite. Since the catches you?
With your hand, you got it Great.
is colored. Look. You always fear? To make this kind of stuff You only need to have
someone to look after you , is everything. And this is our
jungle and no one can enter here. “Volta,” she whispered .
“Tour, because I love you.” Back day or night.
This story will never end for you. throat Mogwli
screamed as if the ropes were around him, seemed as if his
leave a voice inside him… I will certainly return. parecia como se a sua
voz saísse de dentro dele … irei certamente voltar.

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