Gate to the Globe – Māori produce smashing it on the world stage

A new television series for TVNZ 1
aims to show NZ what it takes to get Maori produce into some of the highest value
markets around the world. From the Gate to the Globe
is the name is the series and for the young presenter
of the show, it’s also been a journey of getting to know more
about his own Maoritanga and gaining a sense of pride that Maori are smashing
it on the world stage. Gate To the Globe, a new show that highlights
Maori business. Tim Lambourne is the man who connects the people of the land
and sea and their products to the markets where they are sold. He says butter that comes from milk on Maori farm Paraninihi
ki Waitotara is very popular in Eastern Europe. And it’s the story
and values of the food and the people who care for it that
resonates with overseas consumers. Lambourne is of Ngati Kahungunu
descent but he says it was the series that gave him
a sense of Maori pride. Gate to Globe’s first episode
will air on January 17. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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