Gawat! Princess Belle Terluka Jatuh Dari Sepeda, Di Bawa Ke Dokter | Drama Anak Main Dokter Dokteran

princess belle, what happen? OO my God, look it that many wounds very quiet this afternoon still without patient ee..someone knocked on the door come in who it is? who are you? Iam Belle princess Belle are you sick? let me check it she had a lot of money princess Belle with baby pacifier please… let me check what are you fell? I take my stethoscope wait a minute Iam a doctor, call me DOC.. Belle..what are you feel? OO my God,,guys too many wounds here ulcer look this one Guys and spider cockroach she had hole and suture other suture what happen with you? Fall from bicycle Fall from bicycle let me check give your hand OO my God too many wounds Fall from bicycle it is real? it is ulcer help me

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