GAY SHORT FILM – First Date Feelings in London

[indistinct conversation] -[conversation continues]
-[plates clatter] Jamie. Put that thing away
and come and talk to the guests. Go on. [sighs] -Alright, little man?
-Yeah. -How you doing, guys? Alright?
-All good. -I see.
-Yeah! -Here we are.
-Oh, Mum! -[phone buzzes]
-I know it’s not homemade. [laughter] I think it will still be tasty. -Do you have a lighter?
-[man] Yeah. There we go. [woman] You haven’t opened
all your presents yet. Such self-restraint. [man] You must be Jamie. I’m sorry I’m late. It took a lot longer to get here
than I thought. I’m glad you made it. Last guy didn’t even show. I’m Ben. Jamie. You look like your pics. Is that a compliment? Some guys don’t even
look like their pics. Well, I don’t feel
I look like myself. I, um… I went out last night
to The Glory with some friends, so… I don’t really
go out to gay pubs. So what have you been up to? I was surprised
you said we should meet. Well… I didn’t really
have anything better to do. You know, you can be chatting to
a guy and chatting and chatting, but when it actually
comes to meet… Well, the flirting? I hate it. I thought that only happened
to me. No… It happens to everybody. They don’t know, do they? No. Not all of them, anyway. I remember when my friends first saw me
get pulled by a guy at a party. You know, it wasn’t
anything at the time. Till the next morning
when I realized they’d put everything
on Facebook. -No…
-Everything. And my sister obviously
saw the photos and didn’t realize I was
actually seeing guys then, so… That’s rough. Yeah. Yeah, and I was 17. What happened to that guy? Was
he your boyfriend or did he… No. What about you? What about me? Well, you said not all
of your friends know, so… I’m assuming someone knows. -My dad knows.
-Yeah? He told me not to tell
my younger brother. Eesh! No wonder you wanted to leave. [chuckles] OK, alright, um… What about…
What about your first guy? You really wanna know? Yeah. I really wanna know. Well… There was this guy from school, called John. We used to do everything
together. You know, we were close. He used to love football.
I hated it, but… I liked going to watch him play. So what was it about this guy? [sighs] It was this look. When he looked at me it was… It was like he was looking
right through me. Anyway… So after one of his games we
were walking through the park to go and have a smoke
like we used to. And… I don’t know if it was him
or it was me or… But we got closer… and we kissed. Um… And we were by this fence. Behind the fence there were
these guys from school and… They just started shouting
and laughing. And John just bolted. We didn’t really speak much
after that. Cool. Alright… Well, it was…
It was really nice to chat. Yeah, it was. Well, I’ll see you around. Yeah, see you around.


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