#GAYFILM AWARD WINNER! (2nd Half) – “MAGAZINES” THE MOVIE – Funny & Dramatic Conclusion

MARC! I have your lunch okay thanks It has an
orange in it… You like oranges don’t you, Marc? Sometimes Let’s just say you’ve
never tried an orange … You wouldn’t know what one would taste like would you? I would have a pretty good idea by watching other people… eat … oranges. – I’m gonna miss the bus.
– Hold on! I’m just saying … … don’t close yourself off to anything. – Let’s be open to life’s … possibilities. – I am. I’ll see you after school. Have you ever felt a breast before, Marc? – MOM!
– Well, have you?! …actually put it in your hand and felt a girl up? Mother! You’re making me very … uncomfortable I’m sorry! But I have stayed up all night thinking about it. And I say go ahead.
You have my permission. You go out and you find yourself a nice girl and you
cop a feel. Try it! Experiment. And then you come back and tell me you are what
you think you are … or aren’t. It’s like an orange … you have to taste it for
yourself before you know it’s something you want again. Mom… I like oranges, I really do, I just don’t want to have sex with one. I’m sorry! I think … I like … bananas. Oh Marc, don’t be vulgar. Why are bananas vulgar and oranges not vulgar? I mean a banana can be good for
you by the nature of it being a fruit, right? I mean it’s just natural and it’s
just fruit! Jesus mom just let him have the f**king banana! What’s the big deal? Everybody in this family is so controlling and neurotic Ughhggghhh! (Grunts as she slaps door) So didn’t finish my breakfast this morning.. Do you want some of this? No, oh God no! Put it away! God’s my list no oh god no put it away
what what’s wrong with everyone today Oh What… what’s wrong with everyone today? What is your problem, psycho? I was just
trying to be nice… Forget it. I know I’m sorry. Um, Gert? Um, Marc? Have you ever messed around with anyone at school? Why are you asking? Just curious Have you? No. Well… Cindy Benetton grabbed my boob one day in gym class, does that count? Yeah, kind of. Can I grabbed your boob? (spitting sound) Ugh, gross Marc! Why would you want to grab my boob? It”s not for me, it’s not for me… It’s for my mom. Your mom… wants you to grab my boob. Yeah, kind of. You have a weird family. I know. Listen, it would just be this one time just to see what it feels like. I don’t know who else to ask, please. Well, are you gonna do it? Yeah give me a minute! Hey! It’s not like you’re tuning a radio
down there you know?
– Sorry, did it hurt? No. Try it again. Okay. Thanks. So, are we playing Pac-man or Galaga after school today? Pac-man. I’m first and you’re buyin’! – (Sultry man’s voice: You like surprises?)
– (Sexy woman’s voice: Oooo!) Mom? Is anyone home? (Off screen)
Be right there! (Off screen)
Watch some TV, there’s a really good program on (TV Announcer)
There are many ways to arouse your partner part of it is in the exploration of each
other’s bodies… If you’re shy at first make a game out of it… Touch and then
voice words of encouragement to your mate… … as you enjoy the fruits of each
other’s loins. Isn’t it fascinating hey I (Playful, sexy sounds from TV) Hey! I am not some stuffy broad I remember
being a teenager it wasn’t that long ago you don’t know what to do … or how to do
it … maybe that’s all this is. It can be very… … confusing … and perhaps all you need
is a little guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing!
I already watch the show and even I picked up some very … helpful … tips. Mother! I, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but… … I’ve officially tried oranges and I
know I don’t like them. Really? With who? I’m not at liberty to say. Was it a girl? Well, yes! So you haven’t tried … the other thing yet. No, but I’m — So you don’t you don’t even know if you like that or not. Do you want me to try the other thing? No! No. God, no. You can’t just go out there and … There are
terrible people in this world Marc and they will hurt you if you
say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. No. God forgive me … I’ll take care of it You’ll take care of it? What do you mean
you’ll take care of it? Your sister is out with her friends
tonight your father is working late and will be getting her when he’s done so
the house is ours. I’ll call you for dinner. It’s okay. Go! Hi, can I please speak to the manager I
have a special situation I need to run by him or her … with very, very strict
conditions. Yes I’ll hold. Thank you. (Knocking sound) I’m doing my homework! Marc? This is Tyler. Tyler this is my son, Marc. How you doing buddy? Hi. Marc? I had Tyler come over to help you
with your … Situation. Okay? All right. Get acquainted. You have an hour. (Door closes shut.) You got a pretty cool mom. I wish my mom
did something like this for me when I was 16. She’s okay, I guess. Mind if I sit down? (Bed creaks) – Is this a trick?
– No she’s paid for it … it’s all legit. Oh my god, I’m gonna throw up.
– No no no don’t do that… Sit, sit … sit down. just relax. Breathe. (Breathing sound) Breathe. There… Better? Yeah. Yeah… I see that. Much better. Taylor? Tyler! Tyler? What is wrong? You’re gonna enjoy it
trust me. Yeah I know, it’s just … Will you… What? Can you… Kiss me? Yeah.
I can kiss you. (Water and dish scrubbing sounds) Mmm! (Tribal drum and sexy dance music plays) (crash sounds) (Pulsating 80s techo synth dance music layer added) (Sound of water pitch smashing on the ground!) (Music ends) Can I have my magazines back now Absolutely not
and you should have had them here in the first place. Dad has his Playboys. That’s completely different. Where are they? (Slapping sound) I’m throwing them That’s not fair! You said it’s
perfectly natural normal to look at naked bodies. That was under different conditions, Marc. – So now it’s abnormal and unnatural.
– That is not what I’m saying. Let’s just take a breath.
We have been through a lot here. No. You said (mockingly) it’s just a naked body! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Yes I said that. And to be interested is perfectly healthy right? OK, you’ve made your point Marc! Then
why aren’t you looking? I seen it thanks. It’s not such a thrill for me. I thought you said it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Mom! What? Are you ashamed of me? You’re twist my words. Now stop chasing me around with that thing … and let’s just talk! You’re being very aggressive, Marc, and I just don’t appreciate it. Mom I am talking. Why won’t you look at me? Huh? Why won’t you look at this? Are you afraid it’s gonna bite you? Huh? Is that it? Are you afraid of the big angry monster magazines? You’re having a tantrum. – Arg! I’m the big angry monster magazine!
– (Overlapping) I love you very much … – Will you please
– Look at it!
– I don’t wanna look at it. – Why won’t you look at me?
– Please I don’t want to look –
– Look at me! – Just look at me Mom! Why won’t you look at me?! (crying)
Please, stop it. Is this our new nightly ritual? What the hell is going on here now? Nothing. I’m gay! I’m shocked! What do you mean? You knew? Wother just look at him! What? I don’t act gay. You think I act gay? You wouldn’t finger paint in the first grade because you were afraid you were
gonna get your hands dirty. I thought the paint was permanent. I did
not know. Exactly! What straight boy would even think that in the first place?! I’ll be upstairs in case anybody needs me… maybe I’ll be gay so I can finally get a
little attention around here. I think I’ll pay some bills.
I’ll be in the den. We’re having spinach with dinner and I
expect you to eat it! Okay. You can have one. Really? One! Well hurry up before I
change my mind. Thanks! Mom. Go. Please. (Sweet, heartfelt music plays) (Music builds) (Music quiets down.) (Mom sighs deeply.) (Music swells even greater than before) (Euphoric exit music) (Music shift to 80s Alt Dance Vibe, “Into The Nite” by the band Ex-Members) (Record needle scratch sound!) (creaking door) Hello, Miss April! Cut! (Sound of cast and crew laughing in the background) Exit music swells again and … with big finish!


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