George Fiddler – Studies in Cinema and Media Culture Alumnus

My name is George fiddler, I graduated
from CLA with an undergraduate degree in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture
in the spring of 2008. I work at Olsen, a Twin Cities
advertising agency, which has a social and emerging media department where I
serve as an Account Director, where on a day-to-day basis we are
looking at various social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter to
LinkedIn to blogs to YouTube helping our clients make sense of which
of these platforms make sense for them to be on, to reach their
intended audiences. So I got my degree in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture and my
original plan was to be a screenwriter but when I graduated, I started to see
video content and saw all these social media platforms really starting to burst
onto the scene. It really got me excited and I started to
consider an alternative career path. And I was thinking about the skills that I
acquired in my major: writing skills, being analytical, creative.
All those things that I learned in my degree, really applied to social media marketing and
those things have really served me well over the last several years. I think there are a lot of parallels
from cinema to advertising in that you really have
to tell a narrative, either way with the cinema you have
a beginning, a middle, and an end of the story. In advertising really trying to tell a lot of those the similar stories to a consumer you know, “here’s who we are, here’s what we do
here’s, what our really our purposes is and our business
pursuits are” and we tell that story through various forms of content, some videos, some photos, we do a lot of
storytelling in advertising,just like you tell
stories in cinema. With a degree in Studies in CInema and Media Culture, you definitely will be able to get out into the field screenwriting, directing, film
production, etc but if you aren’t sure that one of
those three field or something similar is exactly what you wanna do, I would tell you to rest easy
because you’re going to acquire so many other skills whether it be creative writing, public
relations, marketing, that you’re going to be able to
use, to get a number of jobs, you know in a range of
industries, including advertising.

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