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it’s for him the movie or short film trip to the moon of 1902 alright let’s
delve a little into your life and others movies he made on a tour that
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videos well marie-george in melges was born on 8
December 1861 and died on the 21st of January 1938 was an illusionist and
French filmmaker famous for leading many technical and narrative developments
in the early years of the cinematography
he was also a prolific innovator in the use of special effects popularized
techniques like stop trick and it was one of the first filmmakers to use
multiple exposures the fast camera image solutions and the
color film was also a pioneer because he was the first to use the el
use of storyboards thanks to his ability to manipulate and
transform reality through first méliès film cameras
He is remembered as a film wizard two of his most famous films as
as I told you before are trip to the moon of 1902 and travels through it
impossible from 1904 the great journeys strangers its realistic and fantastic
inspired by the novels of julio verne and are considered among the movies
most important and influential cinema science fiction méliès was also a
horror movie pioneer with his early movie the manual tuti talk
from 1896 ok let’s dig a little deeper into your
biography as I told you before was born on December 8, 1861 at 61 in his
San Martin de Paris house his father was
a well-known shoe entrepreneur Parisian since childhood showed interest and
skill in drawing and during your stay in england and because its
lack of fluency with the language prevented understanding the plays
came into contact in the world of illusionism to frequent fiction hall
a variety hall run by the famous jasper magician more than the line to his
back to paris and despite his intentions of entering the school of
fine arts is bound by his family to participate in the footwear business
took care of the repair and the technological improvement of this
industry showing the skills mechanics that subsequently
they would be so useful when your father he withdrew from the méliès business refused to
continue with it using your part of the cast for against for
buy forgiveness in 1888 the theater robe el holding company he was a visitor
good about the theater that by having a relentless ability to work
between 1889 1890 he combined his work of theater director with the
of reporter and cartoonist in the period satirical flu where his cousin adolf
served as editor in chief and during following years are staged in the
theater illusionism shows whose decorated tricks and machinery were in
mostly created by mel himself and it is well after his raid would come in
the world of cinema when the 28 of December 1895 the ies attended as
invited by the lumière brothers to the first representation of the cinematographer
méliès is so impressed that he started to machine in your mind
various ideas and launched an offer to include it in your function before the refusal
méliès experiments to build his own cinematographer finally ends
buying the device of another invention Robert William Pool and April 1896
is already making projections in his theater his desire to create his own
films he gets to transform the Paul’s gadget in a chamber with the
that rolls his first film called card game and on April 5
1896 screened the first films in his robert holding theater were small
documentary outdoor scenes similar to those of the lumiere brothers
but his style evolved rapidly looking to create movies for similar
to his magic shows and illusionism
He pioneered the use of the trick of replacement of elements by means of
stopped from the camera and so was in multiple exposure of the negative what
which was called double over printing but in the fi in the fades to black and
from black and invested a lot of money
that he had won in his cast of the factory for the creation of the one
considered the first film studio in which mechanical systems were used
to hide areas of sun hatches and other staging mechanisms
and in 1902 he created what is considered his capital work trip to the moon in it
the evolution of narrative continuity film takes a giant step to
mount the firing sequence of the cannon that takes astronomers to the
moon and then staging a decorated with the animated face of this that
is growing in a reverse traveling and on which the ship ends up landing
cannonball digging into it méliès tried to distribute commercially
trip to the moon in usa and technicians that they worked for thomas alva edison
they managed to make copies of the movie and they distributed them throughout north america
although it was a success méliès never he received money for his exploitation he created
around 500 movies but the gradual transformation of the
monopolized industry by alva edison in the USA and pace in France along with the
arrival of the first world war affected your business was declining
without remedy the negatives of their movies were cast by a
creditor since they contained silver in 1913 withdrew from all contact with the
cinema between 1915 and 1923 méliès rode with the
numerous family help shows in one of his two studios
cinematic transformed into theater plagiarism by various
creators of cinematographic works of the time was added to the list of reasons
for which the director left the half in 1923 harassed by debts
had to sell properties and leave montreal
in 1925 he was reunited with one of his main actresses already walk if yes
sorry that then ran a kiosk of toys and treats at the station
from montparnasse I got married to her and they started recording together the
store there has been recognized later by leandro hot film director journal
who rescued them from oblivion since 1925 his work was rediscovered by the
French film avant-garde especially for its realists that
claimed their figure to the point that you mess with me was recognized with the legion
of honor in 1931 for his entire career in 1932 it is located in the castle of
orlé retirement home of the mutual of the cinema in an institution founded in 1921
for him men and those who was the president of the french union of
film producers and there he will live the rest of his days with
his wife walks like this until he died in the hospital you will be returned from paris
a little before his death in 1938 genil Angle to creator of the Cinematheque
French recovered and restored part of His movies
georges méliès was the great creator of show and fantasy cinema giving the
step towards creating a language of fiction for the cinema that previously lacked
for what the brothers had created lumière and since 1946 the méliés prize
annually awards recognition to the best french movie
well his movies are a little more important for entering them as they
I said travel to the moon of 1902 on fairy kingdom of 1903 and travel to
through the impossible of 1904 were of the most popular in the first years
in the early years of the 20th century well then you have some movies like
has obviously has more than 500 movies that can find a
internet listing other very important movies like them
I said before are those of the cinema of terror the devil’s mansion for example
or a nightmare and also a I call it the disappearance of a lady in the
robert holding theater on its own theater is there any more out there like the
hallucination of the alchemist or the one in that case that movie is lost and
like many of them since we have commented that virtually every
negatives were burned well and there even now they are made
references in movies and videos musicals to georges méliès for example
the tonight tonight music video of the smashing pumpkins is inspired by that
movie the 2011 film played director
Martin Scorsese based on the novel by Brian Selznick is a tribute to this
great illusionist of cinema and in it méliès is played by actor ben
Kingsley also in the novel the mechanics of mathias malzieu’s heart
partially tells the story of méliès and the video heaven for everyone
from the English group queens contains movie images the trip to the
moon travels through the impossible and the eclipse of the sun in full moon too
on May 3, 2018 the google search he dedicated the first interactive doodle
in 360 degrees on the occasion of the commemoration of the launch of the
movie to conquer the polo that premiered on May 3, 1912 and if you are interested in finding something more than
information there is a pretty good book 1998 called the era of
pioneers roman cinema history gubern that apart from talking about
Melilla speaks of the pioneers of cinema
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