Gerald Creamer Center – 2018 Graduation

we will now recite the Pledge of Allegiance which will be followed by the
national anthem I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation
under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all whoa good morning welcome superintendent mrs.
Marvin Enda school committee member Miss Molly McCullough mr. Kramer dr. Garvey
mrs. Quinn dr. Mary Mon Meade Montague faculty parents guests and members of
the class of 2018 welcome to the 25th commencement of the
Gerald Kramer Center mr. Timothy weal and director of the Gerald Kramer Center
will now present the introductory remarks distinguished invitees mrs. Mari bananas
Superintendent of Schools school committee member of Miss Molly
McCullough dr. James Garvey mrs. aunt Quinn mr. Gerald creamer dr. montegue
school committee members administrators faculty families friends and graduates
welcome to the 25th commencement of the general creme asana today marks the 25th
anniversary of the general premise on we have 172 graduates Brett participating
in today’s ceremony 114 R from the Gerald crema Sena 43 are from the Gerald
Crimson an evening program and 15 are from the Eternity program of these
graduates two students will be attending four-year colleges
Amanda McCarthy will be attending in Amarillo College and Michael embody will
be attending Western New England University 30 students will be attending
Quinsigamond Community College two of the attending job car and one will be
attending Porter Chester Institute starting in the fall of the Worcester
Public Schools in 1993 dr. Garvey superintendent schools are tremendous
need to start a new program for students not making it in the comprehensive high
schools through his leadership along with the help and support of mrs. Ann
Quinn the comprehensive skill center was created the next step was to find a
leader that embodied the philosophy of giving students that were at risk of
dropping out of school a second chance to earn their high school diplomas they
not only found the right man for the job they found a diamond mr. Gerald crema is
a man of great integrity compassion kindness and his philosophy remains the
key motivator to never give up on students that need a second chance today
is in the past the trophy masada has serviced and accommodated those students
who have needed a second chance every class that finishes their journey is
special you are extremely special class because this is the 25th time we get to
experience the accomplishment of closing the chapter on high school and be
getting the chapter of life’s pathways for all of you thank you to the
graduates for never giving in to the trials and tribulations of your life
lived graduates you started in the fall with the focus of earning your high
school diplomas you came from all corners of the city representing the
seven high schools the road to get to this point that times has been hard but
through support perseverance and consistency
here today many of you have been challenged by life’s obstacles that can
make your road to success extremely hard to stay on because of this the
distractions that they create as we looked at your transcripts before you
start the school yet we work together to create a plan to reach the goals of
fulfilling the state’s mask are passing the MCATs and completing your academic
and attendance requirements today you sit in front of me as a group that has
persevered through life’s struggles and accomplish the goals of graduating
moving forward you will begin your next pathway in life whether it be a two or
four-year college the military a technical area or a career many of you
this year took part in our MCAT day applying to college we had more students
apply for college this year than in the year past at the Gerald creamer Center
our beliefs is belief is everybody should get a second chance the staff at
the jello cream Assunta are the people every single day that roll their sleeves
up and guide all of our students through the difficult challenges they face
besides teaching them they act as counselors mentors advocates and helping
students navigate to the rough and uncharted waters of life without these
dedicated people the lives of the past graduates and the graduates sitting here
today in front of me would not be the same at this time will the staff stand
and be recognized so here you sit in front of your
family’s relatives friends ready to cross the finish line you have completed
another chapter and move forward in your bestseller call my life go forward make
each day your masterpiece when confronted with challenges stay the
course try again be relentless and selfless and always
seek to improve yourself become a lifelong learner it is the foundation to
your success in your life reach out to those in need
so they too can better their lives become civic minded and help support
your community to help in any way you can make Worcester and the world a
better place to live your lives are incredibly important but even more
important are the ways in which you live them do not sit on the sidelines of life
and complain about what could be better as a great basketball coach John Wooden
said before not your best when your best is required your best is required every
day success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in
knowing you made the effort to become the best at which you are capable
congratulations to the graduating class of 2018 mrs. marine Vanetta superintendent will
now deliver the greetings from the whist of public schools I’m honored to be here today to welcome
mr. jerry creamer dr. james Gavi mrs. Ann Quinn mr. Tim Whalen mr. Dave Juneau
the dedicated staff of the Gerald creamer Center graduates family friends
was to public school principals and secondary supervisor marry me Montagu I
also wanted to take this time to thank the generosity and commitment to the
Wooster public schools of Hanover theatre the CEO towards Sybil’s
education director Megan Montana David McArthur Operations Manager max
Tina Special Events Coordinator John Rosberg production manager and the many
staff and volunteers of the hint of a theatre Winston Churchill stated success
is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts the
students before us today had the courage to continue and today they all receive
their high school diplomas and be added to the great list of graduates of the
Worcester Public Schools the Jaro creamer comprehensive center opened its
doors 25 years ago today we celebrate both your graduation and the graduation
of 25 years of students who attended the Jaro crema Center to receive a second
chance to earn their high school diploma I want to personally thank dr. James
Gaudi for implementing the innovative idea but creating a more flexible model
of schooling where students can make up mix credits and establish positive
relationships with staff to earn their high school diploma
I also want to thank the first director of the gyro crema Center
Jerry creamer for making the vision come alive and continue to be successful 25
years later I want to thank mrs. Anne Quinn for providing support and guidance
in the early years of the Gerald creamer Center which was instrumental in
building a strong program for our students students of the class of 2018
congratulations on your courage and commitment of obtaining your diploma
take a moment a look around this theater it is a glorious theater with a rich
history it was chosen for your special day because of its eloquence the
theaters large size is reflection of the period of great prosperity in population
growth in Worcester no other was the theater of this period or of the Palace
Theatre type is at the same level of quality or is it finished throughout
with such high quality standards despite the observations that been made
over the years the surviving portions of this interior are beautiful for their
sense of space proportion lines detailing and material furthermore they
still possess the power to evoke emotion and to make the visitor feel that they
are a participant in a spectacle that is beautiful it is significant that we
chose he and of a theater via graduation you deserve a palace to recognize your
hard work and to celebrate this accomplishment with your family and
friends it was chosen because it also has survived many changes
and now it’s recognized as one of the successful theaters in the United States
similarly after accounting many challenges you I recognize today for
your success I hope you remember the feeling of pride that you feel right now
and continue to be recognized for your courage to continue to embrace positive
change as a pathway to your success congratulations on this 25th anniversary of the Gerald
Kramer Center is with great pleasure I introduce you to mr. Gerald Cramer
director of the comprehensive Skills Center thank you we’ve come a long way mrs.
bonanza yeah good morning School Committee woman mr. McCullough
superintendent mrs. bonanza superintendent dr. Gavi mrs. Quinn mr.
Whelan mrs. Montague faculty family friends and
graduates of 2018 dr. James Gabi became superintendent of the whistle public
schools in 1993 one of his first goals was to lower the dropout rate he asked
me to consider styling a program for students who needed a second chance of
graduating four from high school with the guidance of dr. Garvey and mrs.
Quinn we came up with the plan for the comprehensive skill center to open in
the fall of 1993 we were given a list of candidates by the then four high schools
for worse the public high schools and sent a letter to the prospective
students to let it begin by saying congratulations you have been chosen to
return to the Wisla public schools and earn your high school diploma it gave
the specifics of a place and times it gave a phone number to call and a time
to visit the school at 7:30 was Boylston Street it ended with a challenge help
yourself for life by earning your diploma well
dr. Gabby from that first year in 1993-94 when the Burgos sisters Sandra
and yoanne Yolanda were the first to to cross the stage until today when de Jean
would had crosses the stage 2714 graduates will have helped themselves by
earning their diplomas dr. Garvey miss Fernanda mr. Waylan
staff and students congratulations on a job well done but these students have
done more than just help themselves the greatest joy that I get is to be in
the community and meet former students Yolanda works at the courthouse steve is
a Wisla fireman Lewis is a Robin fireman Priscilla is a
social worker Denise runs the doctor’s office ron is
president of the Schwartz Little League Jimmy is a leading real estate agent and
Andrew is a teacher in the Worcester public schools and is finishing her
doctorate degree it is apparent that these former students and the files and
others have helped themselves and the whiskered community at that first
graduation I read the final stanza of a poem by Massachusetts poet laureate
Robert Frost titled the road not taken’ it reads I shall be telling this with a
sigh somewhere ages and ages hence two roads diverged in a wood and I I took
the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference
this poem is appropriate because you have taken the road less traveled to
achieve your goals I congratulate you on that but I would also like to test you
because you are again at a fork in the road you are now on the path to your
future you now have to make life’s decisions as adults your generation has
also already given notice that they are ready to be heard in the recent match of
our lives in Washington DC your generation made it clear that you
will not stand by and let people make decisions for you you will participate
and have your voices heard when it comes to forging your future in 1961 in his
inauguration speech President John F Kennedy declared let the word go forth
from this time in place to friend and foe alike
that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans born in this
century this speech fits today’s graduates perfectly because you are the
first graduating class born in this new century of the 2000s you now have the
torch of opportunity and the responsibility to help help make for a
better community city country and world for your generation past generations and
future generations to come I’m sure you will make the right
decisions I would be remiss and not taking this opportunity to congratulate
the staff also and to recognize people like mr. Juneau who has been here for
all 25 years mrs. Heinz and mrs. Regan both came in
together in the second year mrs. Heinz was soul influenced a skill center by
putting up all the computers and getting everything ready for a successful
computer program mr. Weiland mr. Waylan came in as a science teacher and did a
terrific job and when he took over he has made the skill center even better of course he had Dory to lead the way so
he he was able to do that very easily and all the teachers are there now I
thank you for carrying on the tradition of the general crema Sena and I also would like to congratulate
the class of 2018 to 25th graduating class school committee woman Miss Molly
McCullough will now deliver the commencement address good morning it’s certainly going to be
difficult to top any of those speeches that went before me and it’s certainly
an honor for me to be here today and to be a part of this amazing celebration
and on the stage with people who are so committed to making sure our students
got the second chance that they deserved congratulations on the successful
completion of your studies at the Gerald F creamer Center you may be asking
yourselves how did I do it how did I ever get to this important milestone
time has gone by so quickly and you may have faced challenges and obstacles
along the way well I think I may have the answer and the answer should guide
you in your future practice and persistence for most people success does
not happen magically suddenly without preparation or without guidance success
is usually earned and not easily so becoming an all star athlete a gold
medal winner a superstar performer a world-class chef a famous author or the
CEO of a company takes more than good luck connections or being in the right
place at the right time just ask Tom Brady Serena Williams Bobby Flay JK
Rowling or Bill Gates how they got to excel in their fields they will tell you
that they failed many times and faced roadblocks along the way but they kept
at it they will Tec tell you that it takes practice and persistence and this
means repeating what you do but getting better at it by studying your mistakes
and trying new strategies and giving more effort each time it is not doing
the same thing in the same way over and over again it’s learning how to improve
as you go you can ask mr. creamer the first director of this wonderful school
who began the development of the creamer Center 25 years ago well in high school
mr. creamer was a three-sport all-star athlete in basketball baseball and
football in addition to being a top honor roll student looking back he would
proudly tell you that he loved playing sports that his family encouraged him
but that he had to sometimes walk long distances to his practices in game
many times in bad weather and that his parents probably sacrificed to buy him
good equipment good equipment when necessary and he had some great coaches
in some ways he was lucky that’s for sure but it was mr. creamer
who made his way to those practices and games it was mr. creamer who learned
from his mistakes and it was mr. creamer who kept practicing in order to get
better after each game and each practice did he ever make mistakes
did he ever fail did he ever get discouraged of course he did just like
we all do but he knew he could get back up on top with practice and persistence
sometimes we cannot avoid the setbacks and loss in life but we can recover
because we know how to as I look at these graduates before us today I see a
group of young people who have already learned the value of practice and
persistence you have been fortunate that you have extraordinary teachers the
support of friends and family and the tools necessary for success all of you
here today have the opportunity for success in whatever you choose to do so
as you go out into the world I encourage you to remember that you have already
learned one of the most important lessons that has prepared you for the
rest of your life despite obstacles success is possible
get out there and show the world that would practice and persistence anything
is possible congratulations and best wishes to the
graduating class of 2018 director of the Gerald Kramer Center mr.
Timothy Whalen will now present a few special recognitions it’s with great pride and special thanks
for for everything that was created here 25 years ago that we look at the people
who set the foundation so mrs. Quinn devoted advocate with great appreciation
for your continued support from the students of the comprehensive skill
sauna and the Gerald cream sauna and I think back in 1993 I think I was a
long-term sub and what’s the public schools I set a record I think it was
about six years before I ever got ID as a regular teacher but in that time 1992
I was at Sullivan middle school as a science teacher in a 1993 when dr. Gavi
had come in I was you know in a cup you know maybe my second year there and he
had come in and he you know we talked and on a couple of occasions but his
vision has always been a great vision you know because people do need a second
chance they always have by myself and gut second chance is probably about
third or fourth or fifth chances but his vision it was so profound that we have
inked with great appreciation for your exceptional educational vision this is
from the students of the copy up to skill Santa and the Java cream asana and
we’d like to thank you for that vision and the last gift I have is a little bit
of a surprise because when we talk to the recipient he didn’t want anything
but he never does so the best thing would be to get him something mr. crema is a great mentor to a lot of
both teachers students he was mr. funeral and my coach yet South High
School and I think he walked through the gym one day and the only player he
actually had on the team was mr. junuh and then he had to build up from that
point and say okay well we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna work on all these
little drill stations and we’re gonna work at the fundamentals so that we can
become better at the game well lo and behold we became better at the game
individuals got better the team got better and it was because he motivated
you and he wanted you to be better he wasn’t gonna accept that you couldn’t do
something so I just look at and saying great appreciation because I can’t thank
him enough even the things that he’s done for me in my own life but from the
staff in the of the students of the comprehensive skill center of the Joe
crema sauna we would like to thank mr. Joe crema for his unwavering leadership
and compassion for his 14 years as the director of the comprehensive skills Thank You mr. Whelan mr. Whelan is a
much better director than he was a basketball player and it was a good
basketball player but these are the heaviest pakis I’ve ever felt mr. Whelan thank you very much
the like I said before the best gift will be to bump into some of you down
the road and you’re telling me like just coming in today seeing some of the
former graduates and tell me what they’re doing that makes me so proud
makes us all so proud so keep up the good work and continue on thank you mr. David Juno will now present the
Gerald Cramer Center achievement awards presented to students who have
demonstrated outstanding achievement and effort these awards will be performed by the
presentation of the diplomas the Gerald Kramer Center outstanding achievement
award for math goes to Christian Rosario the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award for technology goes to Jacob Warren the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award for English goes to Amanda McCarthy the Gerald Kramer Center outstanding
achievement award for social studies is presented to single a Sandara the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award versus science is presented to Michael Lombardi the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award for Spanish is presented to Nairobi Ortiz the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award for most improved student is presented to Lewis qunari Oh the Gerald Cramer Center outstanding
achievement award for perseverance is presented to Abdullah Abdullah the
Gerald Kramer Center directors award awarded for outstanding academic
dedication leadership and performance is presented to shantel Miranda Sanchez the Gerald Cramer Center evening program
faculty award awarded for outstanding academic dedication leadership and
performance is presented to URI Rivera Sierra we will now begin presenting the class
of 2018 diplomas Natalia Felix Abdullah Abdullah Edwyn a cro Keisha Acevedo Edwyn Acosta in a ball Adorno zineb I’ll take Sarah Bailey Oscar Ferreira Angelis Bauza Diaz Matthew annoyed Nathan Benson Roberto Bonilla Ramos Noel
Bustamante Daniel Cabrera Jonathan called the run George Canales luis Canario Carmen
Claudio Sanchez Jermel Collins Nathan dancer Oh angel de Paz Lopez David de Paz Lopez Sean del Valle de
pomme de Marie our Trull Ewing Wendy Flores Osiris
Franco crystal Galvan Jonathan Garcia Jason Goodrich Jayda Hargrove hi Zara Huerta’s Denis Johnson Dejan Johnston Josiah Jones bangali Kamara Veronica Casper’s ik Jacob even Jordan Kim Joseph nor mason lab’ Tatyana LeBron Nelson LeBron Padilla JD NamUs Mario Linares sénèque EO Kevin Livesay Michael Lombardi ami mater Alejandro Maldonado Tanisha Maldonado
DeJesus curtisha marcano Amanda McCarthy daily metallic Chantal Miranda Sanchez Ali Mohammed Johanna mareas Samira
Moreira Louis Nascimento Andrew new end arabela novia iris Ortega cos ASCO Nairobi Ortiz Kaitlyn bizarro foster plan Haley Fung Natalie Ramos nefi Emil Rios Miriam Rivera max Rodriguez Felix
Roman Italia Roman Cologne Christian Rosario Marc Anthony Saez jadynn Samuels pyaara pyaara Sanchez William Sanchez Chiara Lee santiana leg de Santiago I’ve IANA Santos Jennifer Santos concepción Felix Sierra Rios Carlos senecio Iglesias single a Sandara Olivia Susa Ryland Sullivan johani Tejada Alberto Torres Genesis Torres Marco trot Oh Joshua
Velazquez Felix Vieira Melanie Villarosa Jakob Warren Jared West Dejan Woodard we will now present the diplomas to the
Gerald Kramer Center evening graduates Justitia Bain Brande Bellaire Dustin Bergeron diamond hoes Kenneth Cintron Sean Donahue Jonathan
dumain arson finito Natalia Gonzales Bobby Bobby Hasani hunt Yanni’s Kaiser Donna Jo leprae Sara Lopes Savannah Lynn jessalyn Maldonado jaylen Marte Raven Matthews Justin Mercado Alisa Munez Masiello Yaya Nagi rose Navarro Gustavo Nunez yari Rivera Sierra Isiah Santiago Esperanza Santos Maya
Saran Ariana Scofield one Sepulveda Valentin Jimmy tah Johnny Torres job Jana
Vasquez Matthew Velazquez crews kalenna believe
on Marcus albino Gentiles Angela Jada Dufresne zekiel Falcon shehram our Figueroa Elizabeth mallet Katya Salinas Hernandez Caitlyn from tema yarny it is my honor to be the first to say
congratulations to the class of 2018 you

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