Get a sneak peek inside Fairchild’s newest cinema

We are on the home stretch. Over the last couple of days, we’ve had
dozens of people here working feverishly, so that we can pull it all together and
be open by Thursday morning. Our box office opens at 11:00 AM
people are able to come in and purchase tickets in person then. Until then, our tickets are on
sale at Fairchild, Our South Gate Cinema is very similar
to our Queens Gate Cinema, in that it has the reclining seats, we will be
serving alcohol and having food available. There is only 10 screens here,
where Queens Gate has 12. The difference in the screen
size though is great. In South Gate Cinemas, we have added an extra seven
feet to each of the auditoriums. And that means that we’ve
got more seats in there and our screen is actually larger. We also are using a new
projector this time. It is a laser projector versus
the projectors that we have at our other locations that use bulbs. We’re really excited for the public to see
just how fantastic these projectors are.

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