Getting Married Legally at San Francisco City Hall | Taiwan Destination Wedding Vlog

So today we got legally married however
Robin would tell you that is not the most exciting thing happening today. I don’t know I slept okay I mean I slept
right away it wasn’t like, I definitely feel a lot
less nervous about this then the actual thing. Today should be fun I don’t know
what the experience is going to be like Did this work? I tried that eye mask thing for the first time where it’s supposed to I put it in the refrigerator and
everything and it’s supposed to de-puff your eyes. I think it worked a little! Oh I am right? Mm-hmm oh here goes nothing What’s happening today? I’m stretching
right now. What are you stretching, your toe? How do you feel about your last time
as a single man I’m not single but legally you’re single It feels the same Are you excited? Yeah…I have the whole Monday off Walking to City Hall beautiful flowers by Audrey my photographer, Melissa We did our marriage license appointment right before the ceremony so our license
appointment was at nine o’clock and our ceremony was at 9:30 and so we went at
nine o’clock and there is not really anyone on Monday morning which I think
we picked a great time so we got to take a lot of like photos ahead of time which
was good because it was empty at that time but anyways we had to like hold our
right hand up and say that we solemnly swear the information was correct and so
that felt kind of serious so that part was just in the office and then you need to
check in again at 9:30 for your ceremony and first you check in, your witnesses there check-in as well and they have to sign your marriage certificate so for
the ceremony usually it happens under the rotunda so at the top of those main
stairs but we actually lucked out and there was a couple before us that had
requested to get married on the 4th floor balcony where there’s a ton of
natural light coming in and I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to get
married but when it is emptier you can make requests like that. A lot of couples are
happening at the same time like the Commissioner is going like back to back
to back and they take like probably like seven minutes tops for each one It’s nice upstairs.
How many do you do a day? Well I’m only on for an hour I’m supposed do six. I
think I’m gonna make it if my watch is right and then we do 42 all day long, 42
on the calendar by virtue of authority vested in me
as deputy marriage commissioner by the state of California I now pronounce you
husband and wife Congratulations So we just got married and we changed
into some comfy clothes and now we are going to brunch at Outerlands We’re outside Andytown I’m trying their matcha plover for the first time, duh And they’re using a paper straw which I’m a huge fan of. San Francisco is gonna be plastic free free soon, they’re banning straws. I like it you don’t like it huh So we are back at Land’s End Mile Rock
Beach the last time we came here was September 11th I remember it was the day after
September 11th 2016 it was the day after Kenny and Becky’s wedding and it was our
very first date I wondering if you were gonna hold my hand. Were you thinking about it? That’s good… now we’re here two years
later Like afterwards is just not really any
like you didn’t really like feel really different or whatever but just I
guess throughout the day kind of setting in that like we are like legit married
now which is pretty crazy and so I think we’ll have another two weeks for that set in
and then the real wedding’s gonna happen so today we got legally married
however Robin would tell you that is not the most exciting thing happening today
I think. So, what’s going to happen today is Robin and I have been talking about getting a
dog, a greyhound specifically, for several months now and we are getting a home
visit today it feels like it’s gonna be an interview but essentially they want
to see your space to approve you before letting you adopt. I just wanna say
thank you to everyone that congratulated us and for those of you that are coming
to the wedding we are so excited to see you in Taiwan. So make
sure to like and comment and subscribe and continue on this wedding journey
with us I know no one cares as much about this countdown as much as I do but
it is almost over and yeah there’s some pretty exciting, big things coming so
super excited I’ll see you next time!


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