Getting More Theatre For Your Bucks

My name is Carol. My name is Jennifer. I’m Terry. Hello, I’m Jo. My name is Rosie. My name is Tim. My name is Hilary My name is Tim. I live in London. I love visiting art galleries. I really enjoy playing tennis. I’m passionate about travel. I do quite a lot of voluntary work. I love gardening. I spend my summers in England, and I
spend my winters in Florida. The passionas in my live are my home, travel and cultures. [STIRRING PIANO AND STRINGS] The very first time I went was a revelation. I remember my first captioned performance was 10 years ago. I had been to one or two productions after I became hard of hearing and although I could hear some of it, a lot of it I got completely lost with. My hearing loss the words take a bit of a time to digest if I hear the words but if I don’t, I’ve got to guess. Captioning’s really been the cavalry to rescue me. I’ve always love the theatre, and… to find a way of going back was… was it was amazing. It was absolutely brilliant to have some help because I had been to a production with my husband and it was obviously very funny and everyone was laughing and I had no idea what they were laughing about and I was so frusterated that I practically cried. Tabitha from STAGETEXT: So this is how it works. A trained captioner prepares the text in a way that mirrors how the actors are going to sing or speak the lines. Character names are included so the audience can follow the action around the stage and descriptions of any music or sound
effects are given as these can really help you understand
the meaning or the emotion of the scene. Jennifer: I’ve been able to go to the theater and be confident that I would understand completely what the play was all about. Hey! I’m back in the theatre! And I know what’s going on! It was terrific. The problem is that somebody makes a joke and I don’t here it. and I sit there like a spare part. Everybody else is laughing. With captioning, you get it straightaway and you’re at one with them. The first time we saw Matilda, I couldn’t make out the story. I could
hear none of the words. I can understand every single word. It always appears at the right time. The second time we went was to see the captioned performance and I just thought it was one of the most wonderful pieces of theatre I’d ever seen in my life. It was marvellous. Hilary: It’s made a wonderful difference. Without the captioning I wouldn’t be able to attend the theatre at all, because I hadn’t been for over 10 years and the few theatre plays that Ihad visited it was a waste of time, if it was a
murderer or thriller or something like that I wouldn’t be able to hear why, the reason, why the murder was committed. Tim: With Shakespeare, where the words are so critical captioning enables you to grasp every word that is said and that makes the show wonderful because it gives a whole new dimension to it. Tabitha: The text is displayed on one or two boxes like this one whi are on, or to the side of the stage. The captioner is in the theatre on the night and cues the lines to appear just as the actors are speaking them. Rosie: On the occasions when I go I know that I’m going to be able to enjoy it. STAGETEXT has changed my life. I think captioning has made an enormous difference for both my life and my husband’s. Being able to go to to caption performances makes going to the theater an enjoyable, social, joined event not a solitary, rather intimidating, experience. Once again, we’re able to share things that we use to enjoy so much and were so limited before I knew about captioning. I think if captioning with no longer available, I wouldn’t be going to theatre anymore. It might seem a strange thing, but I can actually ‘hear’ better when I have the words to confirm and I don’t lose track of the plot and keep thinking “What’s he doing that for?” “Why has she said that?” I’m with it from start to finish. Tim: I would like to see more interest in captioning given by the theater community. I’d like them to realize how much it adds to the njoyment of people coming to the theatre. It must increase the public response to
theater and, at the end of day, the thing that matters most to all of us more ‘bums on seats’. If you want to use the captions for a
performance, then you should always tell the box
office when you book your tickets so that you can make sure you are seated in the right place. And then you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Carol: If you haven’t tried to captioned
performance I would say “Please, please, give it a go.” Go for it! You’ve got nothign to lose and you’ll certainly be very surprised. Try it! Really, that’s it! It benefits even people with good hearing. It’s a wonderful experience. It’s done so much for me. If anyone’s not tried captioning, I’d say “Do!” And probably, “What’s taken you so long?” Until you’ve seen it and experienced it you don’t know what you’re missing. Go and try it! The sooner, the better! What are you waiting for? Go! Get more theatre for your bucks! It makes me just feel young again! Instead of being 80. I’m back to being 30
and it’s wonderful.


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