Getting to the Theater (TDF Autism Friendly Performances – Social Narrative)

♪ (upbeat guitar music) ♪ Hi! My name’s Mark, and I’ll
be your tour guide today. We’re going to the theater to see a show,
and I’m here to give you some tips. Let’s start with getting to the theater. Now, some people might
take a car, or a taxi. And some people might take the subway. And some people may walk. But let’s start with the subway. (subway noises) The subway station can be a little loud, so it’s okay if I need to cover
my ears with headphones, like this. (sighs) There are also a lot of people in the
station, and I don’t want to get lost. So it’s very important that I
hold my parent or teacher’s hand, as we’re walking around. As we walk to the theater, it’s important that I still hold my
parent or teacher’s hand. – There are a lot of bright
and colorful things in New York, but I should keep walking
and stay with my group, so that other people don’t walk into me. ♪ I may see characters from
movies and TV shows that I know. I should not approach them. And I should stay with my group. If I’m ever scared,
or things are too loud, it’s okay to tell my
group that I need a break, or that I need to use my headphones. (upbeat music and traffic sounds) ♪ Going to the theater can be a lot of fun. I may need some help getting there,
but that’s okay. Because when I do get there,
there will be friends waiting for me. – Hey, welcome to the show. – Would you like a fidget and a star? Now I’m ready to see a show. ♪

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