Ghalati Episode 3 [Subtitle Eng] – Presented by Ariel – ARY Digital Drama 2nd Jan 2020

by the way, technically I shouldn’t have to give you the traditional gift of ‘face seeing after marriage’ because I’ve already seen your face..
right? Saad… this, side of the bed… are you leaving it for me? I want this only So,it is decided from today…
this side is mine this is cheating… good night Oh! listen… this… this is the ring in the name of traditional gift,
after marriage this is so beautiful… by the way… I wanted to take you abroad on the honeymoon, as a gift but your honeymoon is due on me why do you over think so much? you (informal way)? you (in respect) you look beautiful… thank you… alright… help me leave that… I’ll do it my God! I don’t believe this… thank you… thank you! look at the number of pins… after selling these pins, at least we can go to Murree (place in Pakistan) for the honeymoon though keep smiling like this you look so pretty… oh, man… this is the patience of you girls only, I swear! now we’ll travel by plane, not in train right? we shall sell this jewelry piece also listen to me promise me one thing yes we will start our new life with happiness in this house, together I promise… will you support me? yes? definitely… what are you looking at? I am looking at, that you are so beautiful… alright… it’s getting late,
leave me.. I’ve to go out Saad! it isn’t late or so… sit with me for sometime… Saad, aunty will be angry… I have to get ready,
what are you doing? have you seen the time? nobody will get angry… sit with me & discuss international politics both of them haven’t got up, yet? the door is closed, don’t know go.. and wake them up let them sleep, mom we are being so tired,
then just think it was their wedding furthermore, in such small rooms it is so difficult to sleep what rubbish I’m talking…
go & wake them up these dramas won’t be happening anymore,
Go! OK *door knocks* brother… wake up… mom is calling you, come out quickly Hi! mom… Hi! aunty… Hi! you wake up so late, my child we waited for you at the breakfast, but after getting tired we did the breakfast so it’s good, mom… that you did the breakfast what’s the need of such formalities, furthermore, it’s her uncle’s house & she isn’t any stranger and you already know, how much difficult it is for me,
to get up early in the morning so, child… change your habits now you have got married now your responsibilities have increased…
take care of them what are you talking about, mom? it seems you have become so tired after working so much, right? sister in law, uncle didn’t come? there is a tradition in which, the bride’s family brings the breakfast next morning right, mom? yes, it is a tradition Maira, what traditions you are talking about?
the world has changed so much and who does these traditions nowadays, furthermore uncle doesn’t lives here, so he’ll do all this work whatever he needs to do, he didn’t even did that anyways… I’m so tired… after they are done with the breakfast,
keep the vessels on it’s place I’ll be resting in my room aunty’s mood got upset, right… No, I think so… due to work pressure,
she has become tired anyways leave it, come on…
let’s do the breakfast, come there is a big difference between getting tired
or being upset, Shabbir you accept it or not,
not giving the house, has annoyed Zaitoon that’s why, yesterday at the wedding ceremony…
her mood was upset has she said anything to you? sometimes, words aren’t needed to define the emotions a person’s attitude, tells so many things and Zaitoon’s attitude… it was telling her inside condition by shouting… Shabbir I’m afraid, that it doesn’t affects our Zaira she is so innocent there isn’t any fault of hers I hope, Zaitoon doesn’t takes out her anger on her you are so strange it’s not been even 24 hours, that we had wed off our daughter, right? and you have started thinking bad about the daughter’s mother in law, while being like a typical mother I wish Zaitoon, was only the mother in law of my daughter, but not my sister in law two sided relations are two sided persecutions the time that I had spent with Zaitoon,
while being her elder sister in law I know very well, her habits… her attitude she doesn’t forgets the matters &
keeps grudge in her heart and I know this very well, if her wish is not fulfilled,
how bad her mood gets I know this very well why are you ruining the relations, mom? if you’ll keep bad attitude with Zaira, she will go & tell uncle about everything you know this, how favorite she is, of him the matter will get bad, uselessly the matter has already been bad,
how much more worse it will be? I was foolish, that I did the wedding ceremony, after coming in your talks I had already told the whole family, that Saad is getting the house as his marriage gift we didn’t get the house though,
and spectacle was made the whole family was waiting anxiously we have been insulted so much if I hadn’t done the wedding ceremony, then their daughter would have stayed in their home for life time is she would have been there, then also you won’t be able to get the house as if we have got it now,
as if we have got shifted into a palace now we are still in the same cage, right? however, we had to give a room to the princess mom, why don’t you ever think long term? if it’s not given in the marriage gift
but it can be given later on why will they give it, later on? their daughter got wed off, they have achieved their goal why will they worry now?
now it’s our concern, and we shall only know but they’ll be concern about their daughter, right? why don’t you forget this,
that their daughter is with you now in your control now, it depends upon you…
how you’ll use her who does bad with others,
they get insulted in the same way Oh! at night, sister’s face worth seeing it seems as if, all her blood has been sucked by someone I must say, whatever happened with her, is good…
she is capable for this Saad must be very happy his happiness is temporary, my child I know my sister very well she won’t let his happiness stay for longer who will know better than me, though…
yes? she isn’t going to forget her insult so easily you just wait & watch, she will made the life of Zaira a living hell why are you going so early?
you could have stayed with us for sometime what are you talking about? how will they live here? is this place to stay? here there isn’t any time for the electricity, nor about water… when it’s available & when not they are habitual of living in the big houses they won’t be able to live here No, no… it’s not the matter actually, some works need to be wind up in Dubai that’s why we are going, else it wasn’t a big problem alright, you tell me… are you happy… what happened, you are asking again & again, as if we have oppressed her so much within the night No, no… it’s nothing like that, I asked it, like that No, no.. else you can ask her, she had been sleeping till the noon, and I didn’t said anything to her although, whole neighborhood was sitting here in the line, in order to meet the bride I felt so guilty, while asking them to leave…
but what could I do? mom, what has happened to you? she is my wife, not a show piece…
that people are standing tin the line furthermore, people can see her later on,
as she is going to live here Saad.. why don’t you guys go somewhere on the honeymoon? I will arrange everything there is a friend of mine…. no, brother… please leave all this this honeymoon and all, they are the just the show offs of rich people only they aren’t for us you have restricted yourself from this house expenditures now, let him take care of the responsibility of this house if he went for an outing, or for the honeymoon,
then may be it’s possible he’ll lose his job it’s fine for us, we’ll live in any case…
how he’ll manage about his wife? we’ll do it afterwards, sometime…
honeymoon mom, what was the need to talk about such things in front of uncle? what will he be thinking about me? that I’m so irresponsible that I can’t make his daughter eat food, twice a day? the matter is not about food provided by you, the matter is about he taking care of this house I wanted to make brother in law, realize about his responsibility this won’t happen now, that after wedding off their daughter, he’ll stay in peace he should be knowing,
that one person is added in the house the expenditure will be increased leave it, mom I can see from his attitude,
that their mood is not to help us at all didn’t you see, how cleverly he took the house from us? he promised to gift the house on the wedding,
which he had broken as well I don’t think so, that you should be expecting anything from him however mom, you shouldn’t have to do this discussion in front of him whatever is your intention,
I got insulted what he must be thinking?
and what Zaira must be thinking? therefore, next time…you won’t ever talk about any such thing in front of Zaira, ever have you seen.. the tone has changed in just a day his tone has got changed only I know how to change the circumstances getting insulted! only those are respected…
who fulfill their responsibilities I’m sorry, Zaira…
I can’t take you to honeymoon I won’t be feeling good, but… what shall I do, there is a compulsion don’t be unhappy, Saad it’s very important for you to settle, now we’ll go abroad later on I’m not going anywhere but still, Zaira we recently got married there must be some dreams of yours it’s not necessary, that every dream comes true a lot has to be compromised in life, right? right now, your job is more important all life is there to travel, alright… you are very nice very understanding… thank you… Hey, Zaira! yes… since you have come here, and you are seeing that, whatever & however we are, we are in front of you your dad, knowing all this,
has wed you off in this house, happily so now, you also have to stay in the same manner,
as we are living, alright! I want that, now..
you take care of your husband’s responsibility to wash Saad’s clothes, to iron them, his breakfast,
his dinner… you’ll do all this my daughter’s have done so much now take care of your responsibilities,
alright? yes, OK… and yes… it’s not that, you did your husband’s work & then you shut yourself in your room you are the elder daughter in law of this house you have to take the responsibility of the house also from today on wards, you will take care of the kitchen alright? we shall also see, what brother in law has taught his daughter please sit you told Irfan, that your new house is getting constructed you will be shifting there after Saad’s wedding it will take some more days for completion,
so we thought to stay here for some days then you should taken a nice house, this is such a small one also the neighborhood is also a bit weird I just thought, what it is… as we don’t have to stay here forever this was our old house, that’s why oh, alright… introduce your daughter in law to me at that wedding day, I couldn’t meet her properly go & get her… sister in law, my mother in law has come…
she is calling you OK where are you going like this? go to your room & get ready a bit, at least my mother in law, notices a lot she is a very particular woman… oh yes…
do wear some gold jewelry from your dowry come in front of her, after getting dolled up she should know, how we keep our sister in law…
be quick, OK? yes, absolutely correct Hi! aunty Hi!… come child, sit yes, yes… sit by the grace of God,
your daughter in law is very beautiful what is it, child? you seem a bit upset Maira, was telling, that you were sleeping did you not sleep soundly? I understood you aren’t habitual of living in such a small house that’s why, your face seems so down No, no.. aunty.. it’s nothing like that what difference does the house makes,
there shall be space in the heart only your brother in law’s upbringing shall be appreciated she is the daughter of such a big house,
but not a single tantrum by the God’s grace.. you people are so fortunate to get such daughter in law else the girls of nowadays,
they don’t have any control on them I believe, we are betrayed they way they look, they aren’t like that all the game was of their brother in law’s money why are you saying like this? you can go & see their house you will get to know, that why am I saying this may be you have some misunderstanding they have shifted there for sometime, till the time their own house doesn’t get constructed you leave this this will never happen and this also, is the rumor spread by the mother & daughter if their uncle had to give the house then, they should have given it before their daughter’s marriage so that, she shouldn’t live in any problem I’ve seen her condition, from my own eyes why any affordable parents,
will wed off their daughter in such house? I believe, their uncle has really got bankrupt you just wait… I will be right they won’t ever shift I’m regretting by agreeing upon this proposal I never liked that girl from the day one you insisted me, so I got convinced as their living is as per our status & standards and now that is being done by anyone’s support but… now I got to know, that they don’t have any family background mamma please don’t jump onto any conclusion so fast wait for some days, may be Maira is telling right whatever your age is, my experience is far more than it and my assessment won’t be wrong Irfan…you just think, that this relation has ended I won’t ever make this girl, my daughter in law all the family members will laugh on me that they just had one son only,
couldn’t they find a good family? please mama, for me… wait for some time I promise… if whatever you say, will be right…
then I’ll do, as you say so OK then I’ll accept what you are saying but after that only that will happen, what I want what does your mother wants, Irfan? I live in a palace or in a cottage,
what is her concern with it? I’ve to come there, after getting married to you as if you are coming here after being wed off Maira please try to understand mama’s problem is very genuine in our families, social circle, financial status,
house & business… all matters and your family doesn’t meets any criteria as of ours also you people doesn’t have any rich background and after all this, you people just had that house only that your uncle gave you due to which, some respect was intact and I convinced my mama on this only, for this proposal but now, you people doesn’t have that house anymore then a lot of problem have arise for me mama won’t ever make any relation with such a family, who aren’t stable financially she takes care of her respect & her status so much that’s why, I’m making you understand as soon as possible, get shifted in the new house else this relation will get into danger if this relation gets ended,
I’m telling you mom, I’ll have poison how can this relation end so easily? is this a joke? this is a joke though…
it doesn’t make any difference to them, mom it makes difference to me,
I’m going into such a big house, after getting married they will find someone else if they want to find, then let them they shall go anywhere, in my opinion I won’t be getting black mailed mom, why aren’t you understanding the matter? they aren’t black mailing…
they are just concern about their respect how will they introduce us to their extended family? we don’t have any status it was just that house, because of which there was a bit respect, and now it’s not even there so, what shall I do know?
shall I go & hold the collar of brother in law? I shall hang him to death? sit peacefully sit in peace & watch the spectacle you have already got their daughter in this house right? after marriage and your own daughter will get old, by staying in this house for life time nobody has any concern for me *door knocks* Zaira… aunty, please come… keep relaxing, you must tired as you have been in the kitchen for so long I ask Maira to go in the kitchen & help her sister in law, but she is very stubborn… she doesn’t listen to me at all now, you don’t serve the dinner, OK?
Maira will do everything child Zaira.. I am very worried,
but I don’t know with whom shall I talk to? if I look towards Aliya, then she has got hundreds of issues at her in laws side presently Maira is a kid,
and only you are sensible in this house I thought to talk to you, but… but I’m afraid, that you’ll take me wrong No, aunty… you can share with me without any hesitation.. tell me Maira’s mother in law wants to end the engagement she doesn’t likes this house, as well as this neighborhood she doesn’t wants to get her son married in this poor house & neighborhood her value gets down and there, Maira is trying to kill herself I am so worried..
I don’t understand, what shall I do? Zaira, my child…
I don’t have the courage that I talk to brother in law please ask your father to get us a house,
my daughter will get married then yes aunty, I can understand…
this is very painful if I hadn’t known about the financial conditions of my dad, then I would have talked to him about it for sure you know, he is under so much debt & he is so worried don’t make excuses, while giving tons of gold to his own daughter, he doesn’t had any problem at that time neither he had any financial issues,
while sending both of you at the honeymoon if there are financial crisis, it only occurs while spending upon my children? I was mad, that I talked to you considering you as my own blood I had forgotten,
that you are also brother in law’s daughter you’ll show his colors only,
I was crazy that I came to talk to you… huh… whenever I had acted upon whatever you had said,
I’ve got insulted badly you keep your suggestion with you oh! mom… you are so impatient you need everything as per your desire,
but some work needs some time, mom I really don’t have the time, and there Irfan,
that scoundrel is provoking Maira day & night she is eating my brain here,
I’ve become fed up of you all alright, don’t say anything to Zaira now alright? whatever she said, it’s done…
but you continue your sweet attitude with her who knows, may be Zaira’s heart gets melt,
and she talks to uncle herself she & her father may go to hell
I won’t listen to no one whatever I’ll feel is right,
I’ll do that only, that’s it! look Zaira! mom is not bad at heart she is in tension due to Maira,
please don’t take her wrong I can understand her worries, Saad but presently, she should understand my dad’s problem don’t know whatever she keeps on saying to my dad,
I really don’t like it so, mom isn’t saying anything wrong though uncle always cries about financial issues & debts and still, he is living in the same house in Dubai..
and he has snatched the roof from our heads he gave you so many things in our wedding,
from where he got the money then? we can see everything Zaira,
but we are just quiet for his respect only this is so sad, Saad what not my dad didn’t do for you people, all his life and today, when he is worried and cannot help you people,
so your attitudes have changed alright, Zaira.. listen to me…
Zaira! I really don’t understand mom, why does she exaggerate the matter to other level Ouch! what’s the need to do all this? how many times, I have told you,
not to come inside the kitchen Jenny (maid) is here,
she’ll do it Saad.. Saad, wake up… it’s getting late for office I’m sorry… don’t know, what wrong I had said at night I’m saying sorry… forgive me now…
cheer up your mood alright, don’t cheer up I’ll keep lying by holding your hand like this,
will not go to office sometimes, you completely act like a kid then forgive me, by assuming me as a kid I’ve forgiven you, what you’ll remember but next time, if the same mistake happens…
then you won’t be forgiven No, no… it won’t happen
I promise absolutely not good boy… alright, get up… it’s getting late
& the breakfast is getting cold also you have prepared the breakfast? yes what was the need Zaira?
you could have said to Maira you works are not Maira’s, but my responisblity and I know, how to fulfill my responsibilities get up.. sister, that’s why I use to make you understand to bring that sort of daughter in law for your house, who can take care of this house responsibilities in a nice manner but don’t mind sister, don’t know…
in what prejudice you were in that you’ll get the servants & maids, etc.. etc… but see, nothing happened at all and in the name of the wedding gift,
they also cheated you Oh God… may God protect us… what is this era and brother in law! how he has disowned the expenditure of this house now Hi! aunty Hi! come …. I came here to ask you, what needs to be prepared for tonight’s dinner? prepare potatoes & spinach curry…
and listen! don’t put so many spices
food doesn’t gets tasty by putting ample stuff furthermore, the grocery in our house is used very carefully go now.. wow! sister … wow! you have the complete control over your daughter in law you did absolutely right, sister
absolutely right she must be of the rich background at her house,
but at in laws house, every girl has to do work yes, yes… Sameena… it’s alright look, I say everything truly & clearly,
whether someone likes it or not and pride hath fall always you can take the example of your mom how badly she got insulted what are you trying to say? don’t pretend to be such a kid, that you aren’t able to understand what I am saying your mother was so proud over her brother in law’s money, right? what is her condition today?
she was thrown out of the house rapidly this is the value of those people,
who gets proud on someone else’s money you are doing injustice, aunty I’m doing injustice? and, what you people did for the past many years? bride’s family always take care of all the desires of the daughter’s in laws family and there was your mother,
who use to show us her tantrums we just tolerated because of brother in law,
because he fixed this marriage don’t know about you people,
but we respect brother in law very much his respect or his wealth’s respect? you were also tolerating all this, because you were greedy about that wealth on which, you believe that my mother was proud you made me your daughter in law, because you knew… my uncle will fill your house with dowry things a person shall look upon itself,
before pointing fingers on others how her tongue is wagging like a scissor everything got ruined but her tantrums are still the same let Asad come today if I didn’t made her learn the lesson today,
then I’m not also my father’s child today, you took so long to come back in these private sectors, there is a fix time to go to the job, but no fixed timings for going back home by giving some thousands of money, they think they have bought a servant.. who will say “yes” every time for everything what happened, Saad? what not happened… something happened in the office? everyday, I get insulted on each & every small matter it was just a small mistake I sent a wrong file to the client, by mistake…
I didn’t do it intentionally and after that I personally said Sorry to the client,
but No these bosses, only wants a reason to insult their employees let it go Saad…
this happens in the corporate sector I’m sorry Zaira, it’s very easy for you to say this..
but it’s not easy for me to tolerate this I am not use to of these attitudes nobody has talked to me in a loud voice till date
and what not I tolerate there I get myself insulted in front of so many people there, this is so embarrassing for me I feel like quitting this job,
they shall keep their job with themselves where there isn’t any respect,
then what’s the benefit of doing a job there? Saad, what are you talking about?
you are the eldest son of this house on such a petty matter, a decision to quit the job is not right how, this house will run then? you are a bit angry now when you’ll be relaxed, we’ll talk on this topic then, everything will be fine, Saad you go & change your clothes,
let me bring coffee for you alright? what noises you are making…
Oh!… Oh! God!… my such an expensive shirt!…
what have you done? who will bring this now?
will your father bring this for me? No, aunty… I had kept the iron there yes, you kept the iron there, but it got dropped on the shirt itself… where is your focus? mom, the curry has also got burnt Oh God! now just say that, the curry itself got burnt your dad has imposed an inefficient girl on us, my brain wasn’t working.. that I got you here after marriage I’m telling the truth aunty, I didn’t burn it intentionally I know all, why are you showing this attitude & way of work you want that, no body says for any work to you & you can just sit & eat like a princess only as if we all are your servants who will pay for this loss? yes?
also, your father has left helping us now… madam, this is not your father’s house, where servants will be standing to take your command thanks to your dad, because of him…
we all have become servants here you also have to stay here like servants mom, stop it!
how much more you’ll blurt out your anger on her? stay quiet! you are always eager to show sympathy she has ruined everything of the house I’m sorry, sister in law one second, let me bring an ointment for your hand


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