Ghalati Episode 4 [Subtitle Eng] – Presented by Ariel – ARY Digital Drama 9 Jan 2020

a girl’s marriage is not only done to the boy,
but with the whole family Saad must be thousand times better but… his mother’s attitude has made me worried, my child is it burning a lot Zaira? yes? Saad, aunty had scolded me so much she has insulted me a lot in front of everyone Saad, trust me…
I really don’t know how did the shirt got burnt… Zaira look… may be you had forgotten about it else, that shirt couldn’t get burnt itself look I know, you are not habitual to do all this work,
but whatever you are doing… I really appreciate it but try to ignore what mom says also, whenever she is in tension… she gets hyper you know, nowadays mom is so worried
due to Maira’s in laws so Saad, where am I at fault in this? why does she scold me at all times? after marriage, her attitude… has become so weird with me it seems, as if… she is taking revenge from me, about something what happened Zaira! there isn’t anything like that, it’s just your disbelief we haven’t did the marriage after running away, & being against her… so that she’ll do this to you yes? but Saad… Zaira, please I come very tired from the office I even want to take some rest, to unwind
& have some peace…. but you just like the typical wives, sits along with an open Pandora box of complaints alright, it’s too late now… also you aren’t well come, let’s sleep… good… get up be careful… what! why didn’t you wake me up at the same time?
I would have taken her to task how can she dare to provoke my own son, against me let me go & see her mom, wait for a second wait a bit you’ll go & make the spectacle uselessly,
it’s of no benefit let brother come… all this will happen in front of brother your madam daughter in law, will get to know that there isn’t any benefit now, to fill the ears of brother this is your house, mom here only your say will matter please don’t use your brain a lot the instructions which are given to you,
only follow them.. that’s it! but sir… I thought the suggestions that
I had given were more better Mr. Saad are you the owner of the company or I am? I know this very well, what’s good for the company & what’s not you keep your suggestions to you you may leave now, please are you listening… he is being insulted a lot…
this was suppose to happen Hi! Hi! Hi! mom make your wife understand, Saad I won’t tolerate her antics anymore this is my house, not her father’s house I understand all, what game she is trying to play she wants to create dis accord between you & me, so that she can take you from this house & live separately and this is the planning of her father also that’s why he didn’t gave us the house he wants to give the house to her daughter,
so that she doesn’t lives with her in laws mom, there is nothing like that…
what kind of things you are saying? Beware!..
do not patronage your wife in front of me these girls of nowadays, I know their dramas very well aunty, you are my own blood you are taking me wrong why will I create distances in between you all? I don’t know why will you create a dis accord,
& what’s the planning going on of you & your father… why are you exaggerating the matter? no one is doing any planning against you,
remove this madness from your mind… great! now you feel your mother’s talks
as the madness of her brain? wow! you should be ashamed, that in just 2 days the matter has come to this extent you are getting appeased by your wife’s talks in front of your mother’s talks? Oh God! why didn’t I died before seeing this day… I won’t be able to tolerate this attitude of my young child better than this, may God make me die… instead of dieing tomorrow, I shall die today mom, why are you exaggerating the matter? the matter is already exaggerated, Saad…
it’s already done the day since this inauspicious girl has came to our house, from that day she is trying to create dis accord between you & me she has destroyed the peace & harmony,
everything of this house there were blindfolds on my mind, that I got this bone of contention married to my house for God’s sake mom, stop it now! why shall I stop? I also want to talk to you sometimes a person comes tired from work, and then cater such spectacle in the house I also get’s tired… I get crazy also
but I want to say this this girl has ruined our lives I also want some peace, but you keep on saying stuff…
Saad.. I what do you want? how will you get happy?
shall I leave her? No, when did I said this?, Saad
shall I divorce her? alright, if you want this….
I divorce her Saad, listen to me… Saad Saad! how will you get happy, shall I leave her, divorce her?
No, No.. Saad alright, if you want this….
I divorce her alright, if you want this….
I divorce her what was the need to say all this brother?
you know, how emotional he is now look at the result always point my mistakes only, don’t say anything to your sister in law the one, who provokes my son day & night furthermore, I haven’t asked him to give a divorce I never knew.. I just had a conversation only Saad, my child… where have you been? Saad, I was so worried about you where have you been? listen to me, what have you done? why you got so emotional? what does it mean, what I did? there are a lot of office tensions & these house issues, never gets resolved a mistake has been done by me mistake?
brother… you’ve divorced sister in law alright, enough… he is saying it, that he did a mistake it happens in the tension, something up & down is uttered from the mouth while being worried no one divorce anybody being in tension, do you people even realize what sister in law must be going through? Sohail please I’m not in the mood of any argument this is mine & my wife’s personal matter we’ll handle it our self you people don’t have to interfere, thank you so much what was the need to talk to him, all of a sudden? let me do my work.. Zaira! Zaira, please open the door go & check Zaira, this is not the way…
I accept my mistake that I got hyper I shouldn’t have got hyper, nor have been angry…
but it’s done now now please, open the door Zaira please, open the damn door… please Zaira! sister in law must be in shock now, give her some time talk tomorrow… come with me come what has Saad done! I had never expected this stupidity from Saad and mom, what was the need to make him so angry? you know,if this matter got spread..
then what will happen? whatever has to happen may happen…
I don’t have any concern that’s the problem, that you don’t understand every time we can’t decide emotionally,
sometimes we have to be wise every time, the results aren’t as per our desire sometimes, the circumstances do get reversed we have to show some patience and should wait for our turn just stop it, Alia… stop this philosophy of yours I’m already having a headache you won’t ever understand mom, Zaira doesn’t belongs to
any lower middle class family to whom you can insult & misbehave at any time,
and nobody will ask she is the only daughter of Shabbir Ahmed that Shabbir Ahmed, whose every single family members respects if this matter leaks out, only you’ll be disrespected no one will say anything to uncle whoever wants to say anything, can say my sandal doesn’t even care and why will anyone say anything to mom? he has given the divorce himself,
mom hasn’t asked him to give listen to me, you stay quiet don’t say anything in this matter,
all this happened because of you if you had heard something, then couldn’t you keep it till yourself? was it important to put the oil in the fire? I haven’t flamed the fire anywhere, I had just told, whatever the truth was how much you are the goddess of truth,
I know this very well but listen to me carefully, Maira if Zaira went from this house,
then forget about your marriage therefore, it’s better if you keep your relations
good with Zaira why you are favoring her so much in the sympathy? what’s your benefit? that’s the problem, you aren’t understanding it’s not just mu benefit, mom… it’s the benefit of all of us she is that blank cheque, to which you can get en-cashed as per your requirement huh… this cheque can never get en-cashed… brother has shown the red flag he won’t be doing any of our help, ever look mom, please please… Zaira is uncle’s daughter by using her you can pressurize uncle if she goes from here, then how you’ll get her married? what do you even have?
yes? anyways, leave this… tell me, where is Zaira? she must be in her room, mourning… I’m going to her for the benefit of our self, we need to think with politics A hen that lays the golden eggs,
shouldn’t be slaughtered I’m going to meet her she only knows all the politicos… ill-mannered you also stay in your limits she is your elder sister *door knocks* Zaira *door knocks* Zaira, please open the door alright, listen to me for once *door knocks* Zaira! Zaira what have you turned yourself into? by sitting in the room like this, will you get the solution of the problem? yes? Zaira, I know such an injustice is done to you Saad did so wrong to you but nothing will happen,
by keeping yourself locked in the room come eat something I don’t want to eat I want to go to my house have you gone crazy? pity fights do happen in every house, Zaira it doesn’t means that the woman leaves her house understand! which house? a house, where divorce in given on small matters… I don’t want to stay in that house divorce hasn’t happened Saad has uttered that word, just once from his mouth there is still, the way for reconciliation Saad loves you a lot, Zaira he can never even think about leaving you I know he doesn’t have any control on his anger whatever comes to his mouth, he just says but he is also regretting the way you are locked in this room he is also wandering around, in the bad condition he also hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday if both of you, will do like this… then how will this issue gets resolved?, tell me husband & wife together keeps
the basic stone of the house in order to make the house (family),
a woman has to take decisions wisely have to tolerate so much just, look at me if a man does any mistake world forgets it but woman if there is or not any mistake of a woman the world puts the stamp of a bad woman on her Zaira look whatever happened, forget it bury it in your heart please, don’t discuss this matter in front of anyone even not in front of your parents you know, if this matter got leaked
out from this house, then both of you will get insulted both of you won’t be respected anywhere you are getting, what I’m saying? good… wipe your tears wash your face quickly, OK? come with me come Zaira, at least wash your face…
come come… I know, you’ll appease what I’m saying..
come quickly… come come… anger is the worst enemy of a person a person does those actions in anger,
which he doesn’t even think of doing at all that’s why anger is prohibited the person who doesn’t have any control on it’s anger is the weakest of all since the word “divorce” is pronounced just once, therefore there is still the way for reconciliation listen one thing very carefully, Saad
& do remember this always it is very easy to make the relationships, but..
to maintain them is so difficult now go & apologize to her tell her how much you are regretting
and won’t ever do this mistake ever Zaira, I want to talk to you about something Zaira.. what happened, everything alright? yes? Zaira is in a problem… she need us nothing has happened to Zaira go to sleep No, Shabbir please call her now my heart is being so restless, may be she is really in some problem have you gone crazy, is this the time to call her? that innocent girl will get scared in her dreams now call her in the morning but Shabbir… no ifs or bust, sleep well… please it’s all your disbelief sleep now, call her in the morning sleep now, please Saad, have you done the breakfast my child? yes OK… alright son… may you go safely bye… *phone ringing* *phone ringing* Zaira… child, how are you?
you are fine, right? I’m fine, how about you? Zaira, are you crying? No, No… last night I had an ice cream, so just suffering from some flu, that’s why the voice is a bit heavy how are you and dad? we are fine…
we both miss you so much I also miss both of you a lot do visit… child, I really want to come but your father is occupied with some problems as soon as we get some chance, we’ll visit for sure tell me more, how is Saad? how his job is going on? Saad is absolutely fine, & his job is also going good Zaira, Zaitoon’s attitude is fine with you? don’t know why, I’m so worried about you from the past few days last night, I also saw a dream I found you worried there tell me, everything is fine, right? there isn’t any matter to get worried upon? No, there isn’t anything… all is fine everyone takes good care of me aunty also loves me so much & Maira.. she has become my best friend… all is fine, mom I don’t miss anybody, please don’t get worried if you say so, I accept this.. but I don’t have good expectations from them take care of yourself..
bye! alright child…
bye! don’t know, when the power will come whenever they wish they open it & close it may these power supply people rot in hell hey sister, actually you are now habitual to stay in the AC that’s why you are feeling very hot,
look at me… I am not feeling hot you haven’t seen the luxuries,
that’s why you aren’t habitual you are comfortable in all circumstances, either there isn’t the power supply or the mosquitoes bites you alright leave it, tell me… why there is so much silence in the house? no one is there? the boys have gone to their jobs & Maira has gone to her friend’s house and you daughter in law? she is also not in the house? where will she go?
she must be licked in her room, mourning… mourning! for what? it’s the house matter since you are my sister, that’s why I’m telling you but listen, don’t tell this to anybody hey sister, I won’t say it to anyone…
tell me what’s the matter? Saad has divorced Zaira… Oh… you know what happened at sister’s house today? what happened? something which shouldn’t happened has happened, Guriya Saad has divorced Zaira… what are you saying? yes… sister has tole me herself so, Zaira has gone back? No, she hasn’t gone back.. since the word “divorce” was pronounced once, therefore reconciliation is done that’s what I was thinking…
how can my luck can be so grateful on me, like this hey child, your luck will get better too…
just have some patience it’s just 2 months, & the matter has gone to this extent… I can’t see their relationship survival for longer time Saad is also emotional & full of anger also, she belongs to a very rich family, why will she tolerate someone’s tantrums? this marriage won’t survive for longer, yes… till when you’ll stay upset? I’ve hurt you so much I made a mistake..
mistake! for you, this is just a mistake only but for me it’s a SIN… sin… I’m sorry Zaira… I was annoyed by mother’s talks by being upset on mother’s talks,
does onee divorces her wife? lowers her value?
No Saad… God has created men as the protector of the woman, not the lord of the woman… whatever & however needs to be done, is done you made my spectacle you didn’t left me to face myself as well my presence is so worthless, in your eyes… that you’ll remove me from your life, if said by anyone is our relationship so weak? alright if our relationship is that weak, then it should break have you become crazy, Zaira? what sort of talks you are doing?
what has happened to you? after seeing so many dreams I entered in your life…
in this house you have broken my pride & trust, everything I’m sorry… you’ve ruined everything… I’m sorry.. I know I’ve hurt you so much.. just once, forgive me… I will.. I promise you that next time, this mistake won’t happen even by mistake I’ve got hurt, Saad Hi! how are you? Hi! I’m fine.. these are very beautiful flowers… for whom? I’ve got them for my wife…
for Zaira really?
but I’ve heard something else what you’ve heard? that you have divorced Zaira… who has told you this? tell me…
from where have you heard this? No, nobody said to me… I just heard it,
I don’t remember from where… Sorry! are you seeing these flowers?
yes! the fragrance of these flowers can never get separated from them, alright? even if they withers, then also
its fragrance won’t get off from it… mine & Zaira’s realtion is also the same no power in this world can separate us, remember this… OK? how many times I’ve told you, not to enter in the kitchen take these, your things… sister in law in such a hot weather,
sister in law is working alone in the kitchen so what shall I do? Now, in this age, shall I cook & make the daughter in law eat? so, mom.. Maira can go & help her, right? why shall I help her? she is the daughter in law of this house…it’s her responsibility she is also a human, and doing all the work alone..
if you’ll help her it won’t lessen your respect he is being so sympathetic to sister in law because you always use your phone,
so a person will assume that you are free you are also scolding me everyone in this house has got problem with me you take aside, I will wash them you? why? have I done any joke?
what’s there to laugh at? leave it do you know, how to wash the dishes? I don’t know, but I can try leave them, I’ll wash Oh, Oh!… you have been working since the morning… now, I’ll wash them… you must be tired…
this is not a rocket science, I’m sure I can do this take off your watch, it will get wet Oho.. you take it off, till then let me work you just stand with me, alright… and guide me… very good this is such a tiring work though Saad.. yes mom, you had called me yes try to sit with your mother for some time, as soon as you come from the office, you go inside your room mom, there is so much pressure of work in the office,
I get tired really!… and you don’t get tired,
while roaming around your wife? I don’t like the way you roam around
your wife at all times there is a young mature girl in the house,
this is such a bad act then mom, it’s also the the responsibility of the young mature girl to help in the house chores Zaira has not taken the responsibility of all and I don’t roam around her, I help her in the house chores, because nobody has any concern for her she looks more like a maid of this house,
than the daughter in law now, you’ll make your sister stand in competition with your wife? I’m not doing any competition, mom…
I’m just telling the reality so what shall I do? she is the guest here for some days, shall I ask her to do the work? alright then, don’t make her work… not at all
I really don’t have any problem but if she won’t work, then Zaira won’t work also and if I help Zaira in the house chores, there isn’t anything bad in this and if Maira is your daughter, then Zaira is also somebody’s daughter.. just think this only she is not habitual to do these works there was a line of servants in her house,
besides this she is doing all this work just to make you happy but it doesn’t mean,
that we take undue advantage of this from tomorrow, either Maira will also do the house chores, else Zaira will also not touch any work of this house she is my wife, not the servant of this house


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