Ghost Caught on Camera? │ Real Video Review │ Ghost Rewind #8

Last week, people commented that I caught
a ghost on camera. Today we’ll revisit the footage and decide if a real ghost was caught
on video. I’m Alejandro. I film paranormal activity. This is Ghost Rewind. Hey everybody
this is Alejandro. This week on Ghost Rewind I’m taking a look at some footage from last
week’s paranormal investigation video where people commented that they saw a spirit, a
full body apparition, in the video. Around the 2:23 mark I believe and this is actually
the raw video and if you look at it, it’s actually pretty dang cool. It almost does
look like a body appears and crosses me and disappears into these seats and so when people
commented on this I knew I had to go home and check out the raw video and I also thought
this was a really cool chance to kind of take people behind the scenes… You see it right
there? …of how I review video evidence. Either video evidence that I found or video
evidence people see on YouTube. So first things first. You got to kind of cover all your angles,
right? So I’m holding a camera, right here that’s the IR light, and so this is the video
of that camera. So I just want to know if there is any video, you know, that matches
what we saw in that infrared static cam. And just going through this, this is the exact
same moment, you know nothing, I’ll stop right there. There’s that camera. That’s where the
video, this video is coming from pointing at me. This is me pointing back at that camera
and you know there wasn’t anything caught. The next thing I want to do is, you know,
manipulate the lights. Here I’ve inverted brights and darkness, so that IR light from
earlier right there is now dark, and what was dark is obviously bright. So I’m basically
looking to see if by messing with these, you know lighting, if I see more to that image
and right you can actually see it. You see that? It’s the, it’s a dark spot. I’m going
to shrink a little because it’s almost to see better when it’s smaller. But there it
is. There’s that shadow and right here what you can do is invert the shadows and there
it is. You see it? It’s still there and I had to shrink it down because it’s actually
kind of hard to find. Let’s see. You see it? It’s right there. So another I can do is actually
add stylistic effects. Things that add, you know, patterns to physical objects that the
camera is pickings up. This is and the reason I do this is because I’m basically looking
to see if, if there’s an outline that we can’t see in the normal video footage that somehow
maybe we can see with these effects. And this one is actually a really cool one as you can
see. You know, I’m basically looking for something that looks like me. That there’s an outline
of a torso, a head, arms, legs, just anything to add a shape besides what we are seeing
in the original video because that original video, you know, with the lighting, there
it is, it’s kind of hard to see. I mean it does look like at times there’s a body manifesting
itself. A ghost caught on camera, huh? On one of the final things that I did was actually
brighten the brights and so this is the opposite effect of making the brights dark earlier.
Where we could see, you know, bright things in dark. In this case I wanted to make things
even brighter. So if you look at these chairs before. Where are we? Chair after. Chair before.
Chair after. It’s much and brighter and it’s this that you can see that here is our orb.
Here is our ghost caught on camera. So instead of it being a full body apparition that manifests
itself around, you know, in front of me. You can actually see that it goes across the stage,
I’m going to try to keep my mouse under it, and it goes into the audience or into the
seats. So now we are not dealing with a full body apparition, a ghost on camera, now we
are dealing with an orb and an orb is a pretty controversial thing in the paranormal community.
Now for me to kind get a feel for what, you know, where this orb is coming from I took
a look at some video of, you know, when I was breaking the camera apart later on that
night, you can see its much later. You can see that I’m kicking up a lot of dust and
there’s actually all types of orbs just flying across this. You can see one right here. Just,
I mean, it’s pretty blatantly obvious that I was kicking up dust breaking apart this
camera. So, you know, if you look at this, it doesn’t quite look the same as the dust
as I kicked up, but never the less, it’s basically the same principle. Something is reflecting
light, infrared light, back at the camera and you know, without getting, you know, a
shape like this messing with the effects. Without getting a shape, you know, although
this is very interesting that it still shows up inverting lights, without getting a shape
here it’s really hard for me to say I can say for certain that I caught a ghost. And
which is a shame, because I really would loved to have caught a ghost. And I think it’s really
really cool when you look at it, just in real time. Just let it go by real fast it does
like a ghost. It does look like a full body spirit got caught on camera that would have
been awesome. But basically the great part about sharing these videos on YouTube and
just capturing the real experiences, is that you know, that people will see things you
didn’t see or hear things you didn’t hear, and you know people get to make up their own
minds about, you know, whether or not I documented something that’s paranormal on video. That’s
why I call this Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos because I want to share what really
happens on a paranormal investigation and let people you know come along with me on
the investigation, watch the video, and decides for themselves what they are seeing, and I
think that’s pretty cool. So I appreciate you watching this episode of Ghost Rewind.
I’m just going to jump to the normal ending and I’ll have a new video next week. Talk
you later bye. Thank you for watching Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos. Please make
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